Chapter 1-Tragic Turns

It was the beginning of their fifth year when it started to happen. Ron and Hermione were the first to notice the change, and it was they who informed Sirius and Remus along with the headmaster, and their revelation caused worry among all of the adults alike, but none did anything to change what was happening, they all thought he would return to normal, but they were wrong, and they would come to dread the decisions they had made.

Ever since the events of the third task of the triwizard tournament, Harry Potter became a boy that no one really knew anymore. He cut himself off from his friends, his headmaster, and his godfather, and was never seen in the presence of any other students while he was at school. No one had received any word from during the summer before his fifth year, but they all believed that his relatives were preventing him from communicating with the wizarding world like they had done in the past, and they blamed his shift in personality on the events of the previous year, not even thinking it could be anything else but that. During the entirety of his fifth and sixth years alike, Ron and Hermione had tried all they could think of to get their friend back to normal, but nothing worked, and even the headmaster was having no luck. Sirius stayed at the castle for periods of time between missions and tried to speak to his godson as well, but he too failed, and eventually, they all began to give up hope, and by the end of his sixth year, Harry Potter was completely alone, as everyone thought that the only person who could help him out of his drastic change was himself. Their decision, however, caused another thing to happen instead, and Harry Potter did the last thing anyone ever expected of him, a thing that caused the entire wizarding world more pain and suffering than anything in the past had ever done, they lost their hero. Rumors began to spread when Harry didn't return to the school for his seventh year, and no one was able to track him down until just before Halloween of that year.

Snape had returned from one of his meetings with the dark lord and other death eaters and went immediately to the headmasters office where he knew a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix was being held, and without even knocking on the door, he burst in and found himself the object of attention of the eleven other members of the circle. Lupin and Black were both there, as well as the two eldest Weasley sons and their parents, Arabella Figg and Mundungus Fletcher, Minerva McGonagall, Mad Eyed Moody, and the headmaster.

"Severus, what is it?" asked the older man in concern when he had taken in the potions masters anxious expression

"I was called, Voldemort was marking his new recruits" began Snape hesitantly, his usual sneer missing as his eyes flickered momentarily to those of his one time rivals, the remaining two marauders.

"Who has joined?" asked Dumbledore, although it appeared that he already knew the answer

"Crabbe, Goyle, several graduates of Durmstrung, Malfoy, and.Potter" answered Snape quietly as he locked his eyes with the headmaster

"Are you sure?" asked Sirius after several minutes of stunned silence had passed

"Yes, the dark lord said that Potter was to be his heir, his second in command, and Potter looked all to willing and happy about this" he responded and upon hearing the words, the ex convict dropped his head heavily into his hands

"Could he have been under the imperious curse?" asked Charlie Weasley, but it was Remus who answered

"Unlikely, he has been able to throw it off since he was in his fourth year"

"How could Harry, of all people, join him?" asked Sirius in disbelief

"Unfortunately, Sirius, as you know, Harry has changed a great deal in the past couple of years, no one has been able to reach him no matter what we tried. We are still uncertain as to what exactly happened to him in that graveyard, but whatever it was caused him to change his perspective on this war" said Dumbledore sadly

"What does this mean, though, Albus? How will we defeat both Harry and you- know-who? They are both incredibly strong wizards, we need an advantage over them, but what?" asked McGonagall once the shock had worn off for her

"I'm afraid that this means that our only advantage over Voldemort is now our enemy" said the headmaster finally after several minutes of deep thought, and the other members of the order, sensing the utter hopelessness of the situation all fell into silence as well, each lost in their own thoughts about the savior of the wizarding world joining forces with those who wished to destroy it.

Within mere weeks of Snape's announcement, the entire wizarding world had found out about the betrayal of the boy-who-lived, mainly due to the fact that Harry lead all of the death eater strikes, the only one brave enough to attack without his face masked from view. In addition to this, it was he who fired the killing curse at the minister of magic in front of over a thousand ministry workers during one of his speeches, smiling the entire time before he vanished with a pop.

At first, it was hard for his friends to believe he could betray them so terribly, until they saw him with their own eyes torturing a family of muggles. Ron and Hermione had both joined the war efforts immediately after their graduation and were often sent out on missions together and were well known as some of the best fighters on the light side, but even their combined efforts couldn't stop their one time best friend when he was on a rampage and they were barely able to dodge the unforgivable curses he sent in their direction when they were unlucky enough to meet him on the battle field. Harry killed and tortured without remorse, no matter who his victim was, no one was out of his reach.

Under the dark lords tutoring, he became even more powerful than his parents had been, and he was quick in surpassing the level of all of the other death eaters and it was obvious that he could be a very powerful wizard once he reached his full potential, but he wasn't quite there yet, and all those fighting him prayed he would never reach that level.

For the next three years, bloodshed was a common sight all over the English countryside, with no end of the war in sight, but one dark night, things turned in favor of the light with the most unpredictable of circumstances, Harry became lazy and overly confident.

Sirius, Remus, and Snape had been alerted to a plan to attack a small muggle town on the coast and left with a dozen aurors to stop the atatck. None of them had seen any sign of death eaters for a little over a week and were dreading the intense battle that they knew was about to take place, but they weren't prepared for the small group of dark wizards that showed up, expecting many more. Due to the advantage of surprise, it took mere minutes for them to stun the six wizards, but the shock was yet to come when Harry stepped out of the shadows, creeping toward a house on the corner, completely unaware of the fact that he was now alone and completely out numbered. He had succeeded in placing a muggle man under the cruciatus curse when Sirius managed to sneak up behind him, his wand pointed right at his godson's head and his heart beating wildly in his throat at the knowledge that only one of them was going to leave alive.

"Drop the wand, Harry" he ordered calmly, though his eyes betrayed the sadness that he felt

Slowly, the nineteen year old turned to face his godfather, but he kept his wand on the screaming man "Why should I?" he asked conversationally, his face an impassive mask and his brow furrowed in confusion, but there was something strange about his expression.

All in all, Sirius had only seen his godson up close a few dozen times, all of them before Harry had joined Voldemort, and Sirius had been pardoned, but he had seen James so much, and he had looked so similar to his son that it was easy to place them as family. Harry, though, looked slightly different than Sirius had expected him to. His physical features were exactly as he had imagined them to be, but as he looked deep into his eyes, he saw a touch of something he had never seen before, but before he could place it, Harry had turned to face him more fully, but kept his wand on the muggle man.

"Because if you don't, I will not hesitate to kill you" answered Sirius tersely

"You would never be able to follow through with it, so let me save you the trouble, Black" he said as he turned his wand on the older man, his attention completely off the muggle now.

What happened next was hard to say, Harry fired the killing curse at his godfather, but Sirius jumped out of the way and the green beam of light hit the mirror he was standing in front of and an instant later, Harry Potter was lying still on the ground, his once brilliant emerald eyes wide and his face frozen in complete shock. Just then, Remus and Snape entered the house and their eyes went wide when they took in the sight before them.

"Is he.?" asked Remus finally

"Yes" answered Sirius, his angry eyes starring straight at his godson "Let's get out of here, I can't stand looking at him after everything he has done" he said as he turned his back on all that remained of his best friend, the son who betrayed them all and caused more than a thousand deaths in the last two years alone. Mutely, Remus followed his best friend out, levitating the muggle behind him so that his memory could be modified and his injuries tended to while Snape levitated the body of the boy-who- lived into the street where he cast a burning spell on it to prevent the remains from being found and used by the dark lord.

Minutes later, they had all apparated away with the six stunned death eaters. Word spread quickly through the wizarding world about the death of Harry Potter, and many took the opportunity to celebrate, seeing this as the turn of the tides in favor of the light side, but several had heavy hearts with the death of one they had called a friend for so long.


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