This is my take on the challenge presented by Willy E Cayote. This is a BNHA and SDS crossover. It will have no pairings seeing as I prefer Slash, and I do bot ship Izuku with any of the females in either Anime. You don't like it, then deal with it or leave. This will have Bashing *cough*Mineta*cough*

I have decided what Mentor he will choose, and will write other stories with him choosing the others two. Izuku will learn Magic from the other sins, as it is allowed.

I will take both flames and positive criticism. And I will retaliate accordingly. If you do not like it, oh well, ain't my fault yall are haters.

This is basically just an Authors Note, saying I'm starting the challenge. The first chapter will come out soon. And remember I do not have a schedule. My stories will come out when they come out.

Please RR. I hope you like the story. First chapter will be out soon, I promise you that.