Coming Home A/N this is my first so please be kind but also honest, thanks

"But what if they don't like me?" Colleen asked for about the tenth time since the plane landed in the Detroit airport.
"They're going to love you." Randy sighed taking her hand in his own. "Besides, they'll be so happy to see me they won't even notice you." He joked.
"Very funny. But seriously, they won't mind that you're bringing someone home after being in Costa Rica over a year?" She stopped him at the end of the terminal.
"I told them I met someone and they're thrilled. They know you're coming to stay with us." He reassured her. "Okay? Can we go find them now?"
"Yea let's go." She let out a sigh as they continued to the baggage claim. They grabbed their things and quickly headed to the spot where they were to meet Randy's family.
"Randy! Randy over here!" Jill, Randy's mom yelled as best she could over the crowd. Randy squeezed Colleen's hand slightly to reassure her. Once they'd made their way threw the crowd, Randy dropped his bag and her hand to embrace his family. Colleen felt rather uncomfortable standing off to the side so she made herself look busy with her fingernails, bitten back very short. The family finally released from their and Randy introduced Colleen to everyone.
"This is my brother Mark,"
"Hi." Mark greeted her.
"Nice to meet you." She relied smiling.
"my mom Jill," Randy continued.
"We're so happy you're here." Jill hugged her.
"Thanks for having me."
"and my dad Tim, Brad's not here."
"It's great to finally meet everyone."
"Ho ho ho ho." Tim grunted, "Any friend of Randy's is a welcome in the Taylor home."
Tim, Jill, and Mark helped the two carry their bags out to the car. Colleen stopped dead when she saw the hotrod. It was by far the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. Randy noticed her expression and became worried.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"My God, where did you get this car?" she asked flustered.
"Brad, Mark, Dad and I built it." Randy told her.
"You're kidding."
"Nope." Tim chimed in, "6 inch cylinder even, this baby purrs like a kitten. You like cars Colleen?"
"Do I." She smiled wide.
"A girl after my own heart." Tim dramatically stated putting his hand on his chest. Everyone laughed as they crowded into the car and began the drive home. Colleen was feel more at ease every minute.