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Inuyasha Fanfic by Kyokosakuras a.k.a. Dora Ng/ Fujimiya Mitsuki

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Inuyasha jumps off the trees while following the insect, "Damn nit…"

He blinks and looks up and down to make sure he doesn't fun into anything, when suddenly he recognizes a familiar figure in red and white… he stops and breathes heavily, Kagome?

Kagome, on the ground has her arrow prepared and glancing around for the youkai that was recently chasing her… She closes her eyes, come on wherever you are, I'll be a step ahead of you youkai… The youkai comes at her from behind when out of the blue, she sees a figure in red slicing the youkai… Inuyasha shouts, "Sankontetsuo!" The youkai disintegrates and Kagome stares at the hanyou, he looks at her and makes a step towards her, "Kagome…"

Kagome makes a small gasp and directs her arrow at him, "Who are you."

Inuyasha stops in his tracks and looks dumbfounded at her, "What?!?"

Inuyasha Fanfic by Kyokosakuras/pandabear234

Life Just Really Sucks

Chapter 5: Better? You would only wish...

"Houshi-sama, there's something different about this one… do you think this is some sort of a trap to separate Inuyasha and us?"

Miroku stares intently at the insect, "Sango, we destroyed Naraku before haven't we? My Kazana has disappeared, you saw my right hand."

Sango looks down at his hand, "Yes, but Kohaku is still missing." She looks back at the insect, "Does it look like it's going somewhere?"

Miroku shakes his head when a ting of pain starts in his right hand, "Argh… this feeling…"

Sango sees the pain in his face and throws Hiraikotsu at the insect and says, "Kirara, fly us down to that river over there!"

Kagome aims the arrow at the speechless hanyou, "Who are you to call me that?"

Inuyasha stares at her when he blinks and suddenly remembers that horrifying dream, "Kagome… why? What is this?"

Kagome shoots the arrow and he dodges it by moving to the right… it flies by cuts him on his right cheek. He widens his eyes, "When did your accuracy improve this much?"

Kagome gives him another cold glance, "That was the first warning… I'm waiting… who are you to call me by that name?"

Inuyasha stutters back while feeling a slight chill, "It's Inuyasha! How can you forget me?!?

Kagome pulls another arrow back from the bag behind her, "Forget? I don't even remember forgetting your name…"

Inuyasha feels this pain inside his chest, "What? It can't be true… EXPLAIN THIS!"

Kagome looks intently at him with cold eyes and holds the arrow by the end, "you seem to be confused… I am Kagome, the Miko of the wolf tribe…" suddenly Inuyasha makes a quick move up to her…


Kagome pauses dropping the arrow when arms surround her and giving her a new warmth that seemed familiar to her, what is this? This feeling…

She drops the bow with her shaking hands and closes her eyes.

Inuyasha holds her tighter, "I'm sorry Kagome… I left you alone…"

"Kagome?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!?"

Kagome's eyes pop open and she starts to pull from Inuyasha's arms… Inuyasha looks down at her refusing to let go when he sees a familiar tornado coming his way… The blur dissolves revealing our wolf prince…

Koga looks at the two with wild eyes, "Kagome! INU-KORO! Why do you have your paws on my Kagome?!?"

Inuyasha glares at him, "YOUR Kagome?!? Since when was she yours?"

Kagome continues to push Inuyasha from her, "Koga-kun! I was going to shoot my arrow at him… but… he was just too fast! Uh… please let me go hanyou!"

Inuyasha's arms loosen up and he releases her shaking from the word that truly hurt his heart, "Kagome… you never called me that…"

Kagome looks at him, I never called him that? …What is it with those eyes? They're so familiar, and yet I can't pinpoint why… his eyes are so mesmerizing

Koga puts his arm around her when she suddenly shudders and holds her head crying, "What is this? This jolting pain that I feel!" Koga stops staring while Inuyasha does the same with surprised looks… Kagome falls to her knees, "… no… please stop this…"

Koga hugs her tightly, "It's okay Kagome… I'm here for you…"

Inuyasha watches her feeling that it should be him soothing her pain when he feels a familiar presence… he turns around and sees the red and white dressed woman that he once felt anxious to see before, "Kikyou…"

Kikyou stops in her tracks and eyes Koga… Koga sees the look and nods and then immediately picks up Kagome whisking her off in his tornado… Inuyasha grits his teeth, "Kagome!!!"
Kikyou watches the pissed-off dog-demon, he's so unsettled…this is not him… something's wrong with my Inuyasha… "Inuyasha…"

Inuyasha's ears twitches and he turns his face towards the woman, "Kikyou… what did you do to Kagome?"

Kikyou's eyes widen as she remembers, "are you accusing me of a crime?"

Inuyasha makes a disappointed face, "you are different… something's not right…" I really should've trailed that baka okami… I need to help Kagome… but Kikyouu…

Kikyou's grip on her bow tightens, "Inuyasha, you think everything's wrong don't you?"

Inuyasha shakes his head and continues to watch the miko, "Kaede-ba said that the only one who was looking for the special forgetfulness herbs were you."

Kikyouu shudders hearing such and shouts at him, "You are accusing me! That was because-" a sudden jolt of pain comes and she clutches her chest, shmatte… the cursed shard… I have really gone weak…

Inuyasha watches her kneeling down, "Oi… Kikyou, you okay?"

Kikyou grits her teeth, "Curse you Naraku…"

Inuyasha's ears twitch again hearing the cursed name, "Naraku? I destroyed him already!"

Kikyou narrows her eyes at him, she tries to continue but the pain jabs at her insides, "Mou ii!"

She closes her eyes and whispers words, "come and take me away…" Her soul-catchers surround her and she disappears into thin air…

Inuyasha shouts, "KIKYOU! COME BACK AND EXPLAIN!!"

A voice comes from the wind, "I'm sorry… kuroshi… it's painful to…"

Kagome… Kagome! Let me protect you! I'll save you! I won't leave you! These are the words of that Inuyasha… they are so comforting and familiar…

"Kagome… are you feeling better?"

Kagome, taking little breaths answers opening her eyes to see the wolf demon, "not really… Koga-kun, I'm not just a Miko aren't I?"

Koga places another wet-cloth over her forehead, "what are you asking about?"

Kagome looks at him with questioning eyes, "I am not who you claim I was… but I had a relationship with that hanyou, Inuyasha didn't I?"

Koga looks away and turns around… Kagome seeing the motion sighs understandingly…


Inuyasha turns around and shouts back, "Sango! Miroku! Did you follow that stupid bug?"

Sango and Miroku fly down with Kirara… Miroku gets off, "It was a fake. Where did yours lead?"

Inuyasha holds up the arrow he recently picked up, "Kagome."

The two's eyes light up, Sango takes the arrow and examines, "Then where is she now…"

Inuyasha folds his arms up, "with Koga."

The two now look back at him with widened eyes, "What?"

Inuyasha continues, "She attempted to shoot me with this arrow and called me Hanyou… she didn't even remember who I was."

Miroku glances around the forest, "It was the forgetfulness herb's doing…"

Inuyasha nods and then asks Sango, "Sango, is there a herb that can counter that?"

Sango makes the thinking face and then shakes her head sadly, "The memory one has ceased to exist… only Mikos have access to such forbidden herbs… These are the ones that cause pain and suffering, I actually really can't believe that the forgetfulness herb still exists…"

Miroku starts, "But, the side effects are that if they start to remember their past; there will be pain and stress on her mind."

Inuyasha shudders hearing the word pain, "No! I don't want Kagome to be hurt."

Miroku shakes his head, "However, Kagome is the reincarnation of a Miko… she should be able to regain her memory… these herbs don't last long if one has purifying powers…"

Inuyasha's face relax a bit, "That's good…"

Sango smiles, "Yea… Kagome is quite powerful… Inuyasha, did anything else happen with you and Kagome?"

Inuyasha's muscle tighten back up, "Kikyou came, and she cursed Naraku… I don't think our fight is over…Sango, we haven't found Kohaku yet and Miroku…"

Miroku grits his teeth when clutches his right wrist, "Kazana has returned."

Inuyasha's eyes widen looking at his hand, "What? This means?"

Sango and Miroku nod, "he's alive."

"Jishou… why and how did this cursed shard get inside of me?"

Kikyou leans onto the tree and takes in deep breaths, "Curse you Naraku…" She then sees a waterfall and finds comfort on the cliff… when she feels an evil presence, "What do you want?"

Naraku's body appears in front of her, "Your life."

Kikyou feels the familiar chills go up her back, "Naraku, you have changed… you no longer have the heart of Onigumo inside of you."

Naraku smirks and nods, "Of course, my body is now special from all the transforming that I have done. That pathetic fool's heart is now in safe place that you will not find… Now Kikyou, I have someone special to introduce…"

Kikyou gives him passive eyes, "…"

Naraku raises his arm as a sign and a black could appears… A young boy with grayish white hair comes from the darkness dressed in white and smirks, "Naraku, this is the Kikyou that fell victim to you before?"

Kikyou glares at him now sensing the shouki coming from his body, "…"

Naraku chuckles looking at the now trembling miko, "Dearest Kikyou, you seem to be upset… now, this boy is Hakudoushi."

Kikyou glances away into the water, "Now why should I care about this new creation of yours?"

Naraku makes an evil smile and stares at her, "you should know the one that will take Inuyasha's life."

Kikyou smirks at him, "Inuyasha won't fall to the arms of one of your silly experiments."

Naraku raises his arm and it stretches into a vine… Kikyou feels the vine pierce her chest and cut the familiar spot, "Nngh… kisama… you bastard " The vine pulls out the cursed black shard…

Naraku absorbs the vine back shaping it back into his hand, "Kikyou, you were a great help to me, breaking that Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship into so many pieces."

Kikyou glares at him trying to hold her place, he continues his torture, "Kikyou, you also couldn't purify my precious shard because of one thing… I poisoned that one shard with my darkest shouki, it also means that you are no longer the powerful miko you once were…"

Kikyou holds her shoulder and struggles to pull out an arrow from her case on her back, "Damare… Silence "

She raises her bow and tries to aim at Naraku, "You are pathetic falling for the same trick all over again… Hakudoushi, finish her."

Hakudoushi smirks and in a amazing speed pushes her with the tip of his finger into the river that was now dark and poisoned with Naraku's shouki that he had released while Kikyou didn't notice… Kikyou falls over the waterfall as her eyes flutter from the surprise, Inuyasha… forgive me… I couldn't stop him after all… my powers have dwindled to this… I must be purified

Naraku smiles watching the miko, "She should melt as time goes by. My poison will now circulate you… Tsk tsk Kikyou. You are weak and now so beautiful when distraught. Living as a doll must suck, you pathetic fool."

He looks at Hakudoushi, "Now is the time we move on to our next plan… Kagura."

Kagura appears from the shadows, "Hai."

Naraku motions towards Hakudoushi, "You watch over Hakudoushi, and follow him."

Kagura reluctantly nods and folds her fan together, "Whatever." She pulls a feather out of her hair and it enlarges, she glances at Hakudoushi, "get on."

Hakudoushi steps on and they fly up and away towards the mountains…

Naraku watches them fly into the distance when he calls on another name, "Kanna, Kohaku."

A girl in white with a mirror at hand appears next to a boy… "You two will protect my heart…"

Kanna and Kohaku nod and they disappear into the darkness…

Wolf Cave…


Koga looks at her wide-eyed, "Huh?"

Kagome lifts her head up from her knees revealing a small smile, "It's okay…"

Koga sits down next to her on the bear-skin covered bed, while she continued to use the wall for support, "What do you mean by it's okay?"

Kagome pulls her knees closer to her, "I don't remember everything, but I know that that Inuyasha means something to me…"

Koga makes a disappointed looking away, "Yes… but Inu-koro couldn't take care of you…" why… I suppose that herb wasn't strong enough to bear Kagome's purifying powers… I'm such a moron to use such low tactics and making that deal with that Miko was definitely a mistake…

Kagome lowers her chin to her knees, "No… Inuyasha probably did… demo… watashi ha hontoni tsukareta…" but… I'm really tired

Koga turns his head back to face her, "Tsukareta?"

Kagome gives a slight nod, "Just because I have part of my memory back now… I don't want to go back to Inuyasha just yet… I'm tired of being second…" she looks at him in the eye, "may I just stay with you for now?"

Koga's eyes widen and he nods hugging her, "Yea…"

Kagome glances at her bow, this should be good… gomen ne Inuyasha…

Inuyasha jumps up to the upper branches of the tree, Sango sighs and then turns to Miroku, "Houshi-sama, I'm know that there must be an herb to counteract Inuyasha's problem… I'm going to return to the Taijiya village to see…"

Miroku nods and looks down at his covered hand, "Yes, it may be good to go now… Sango…"

Sango looks back at him on top of Kirara, "Hai Houshi-sama?"

Miroku makes a fist out of the cursed hand, "This may be the reason why we haven't found Kohaku…"

Sango nods sadly feeling the pain jolted inside her heart and memories, "Kohaku…" She shakes her head, "Okay, I'm going on… keep an eye on Inuyasha…"

Miroku nods waving, "Later then…"

Sango and Kirara fly off into the distance towards the village. He turns back around and walks into Kaede's hut, I just hope Kohaku is still alive…


"Koga-kun… may I go out for a bit?"

Koga looks at Kagome with a concerned look, "Uh… I'll come with you."

Kagome nods and they walk by the riverside, "Thanks." Moments fly by as they enjoy nature's beauty and a couple of obnoxious demons, Kagome stops, "Koga-kun… I sense a evil presence…"

Koga's eyes widen when he sniffs the air, "Naraku no nioi… the bastard's still alive?" He take Kagome in his arms and then runs trying to track down the scent… they stop when Koga growls, "There's a barrier… I can't get through…"

Kagome taps Koga as a sign to put her down, "Let me see…" She waves her hand and realizes it opens for her. She turns back to Koga with her bow's grip tightened, "I'll go in alone."

Koga retorts back, "No! I smell Naraku's scent from there, I'm not letting you go alone!"

Kagome takes a step into the barrier, "I'm not helpless. I'll be fine."

Koga makes a move to grab her arm, "Kagome!"

Kagome fades from his sight, "Sorry, but this barrier only allows me through…"

Kagome shakes off her fear after leaving Koga, "Gomen ne Koga-kun, there is one reason why this barrier would let me through…" She arrives at a waterfall and sees the purple mist shrouding over the waters, "Strong jyaki… none other than Naraku's…" this can't be right, I guess that evil being has hidden himself well yet again… that annoying pest… she stops looking over the water and seeing a familiar figure, A Miko that looks like me? That can't be good! She's going to drown! Kagome drops her bow and arrows and sandals in a hurried pace and then jumps in… She swims down to the red and white figure and blinks, huh? She has a crack in her shoulder… this jyaki is in her body? I'm going to purify it… Kagome places her hand on top of the area, when a piercing light blinds her revealing images…

Inuyasha… Onigumo… Kaede… Naraku… Shikon no Tama… Kagome gasps when she opens her eyes again, what was that? Images… I remember zenbu… zenbu!"

She looks at the mirror-version of herself, "Kikyo…" The crack in her Kikyo's body started to come together and closing… Kagome blinks and then starts to swim up pulling Kikyo up with her… She surfaces and then makes blinks curiously again at two girls staring at her…

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