Chapter 17: A Rescue Mission

At the stroke of midnight, Rin and I left our houses to launch a midnight raid on Mayu. We probably should have done more research since we don't know what Mayu is capable of, but surely she isn't capable of anything truly threatening.

Though, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little scared what we might get into. Hopefully nothing too awful, but given Mayu's personal vendetta against me—who knows? Well, I'm exaggerating a bit by saying she has a vendetta against me, but my point still stands.

"Time to kick some ass," Rin said, pounding her first into her palm as we approached the warehouse.

"Remember, let's try not to get violent about things… but if she hurts Len-kun I will eviscerate her," I said, trying to bite back my anger.

"Oh, hell yeah. I will kick her fucking ass if she hurts my brother," Rin agreed.

We stealthily approached the warehouse, exercising the utmost caution—though, something told me no amount of caution would ever be enough.

.:Mayu's POV:.

"Well, would you look at that? The lovesick fool managed to track you down after all~" I said, turning to face the captive boy.

"Of course she would. You should have known that she would find me," Len said, looking me dead in the eyes. "Also, I don't think she's the lovesick one around here. Tei is an angel."

Ugh. That freak? An angel? They're both so disgusting—I can't stand their foolishness.

"Well, your weak little girlfriend had better watch out. We've already got plans for how to deal with her," I spat.

His eyes went wide with horror.

"You're not going to hurt her, are you?!" He said, voice full of panic.

"Oh, but of course not~!" I said, changing to a sugary sweet tone. "No. If she tries anything funny, Merli is going to cast a spell on her to send her into a universe of her dreams~ she'll never want to come back here after being somewhere she's loved and accepted."

"But, of course she would, she—"

"Why would she come back here when she could live out all of her ultimate fantasies and dreams? One where she could be treated like the princess she oh-so desires to be."

"But Tei would realize she's happier with her real friends!"

I waltzed over to him and squeezed his cheeks. "We shall see about that."

.:Tei's POV:.

Rin and I cautiously made our way into the warehouse, hoping that Mayu wouldn't see us. Things seemed alright so far, at least, but it was still incredibly unnerving—knowing that any second she could strike us from anywhere…

Something about the atmosphere was very eerie, making my skin crawl. It was just slightly damp around probably due to rain from last night, and the air was chilly. Didn't help there was a slight breeze, making us even colder.

"So, where do you think Mayu is hiding Len-kun?" I wondered aloud.

"Dunno. Maybe in that room you tried to lock everyone in…?"

"Yeah, mayb—WAUGH—"

I suddenly found myself pinned to the ground unable to move, but I couldn't see who my opponent was. It was all misty out and not to mention whoever pinned me down had effectively made it difficult for me to move my head.

They were right on top of my back, and had both my arms pulled back behind me as well as having my neck in a vice grip—effectively rendering me helpless.

"Tei!" Rin shrieked, running over as if to help me.

She couldn't help me, though. Since she was the only one still mobile, she needed to get to Len and rescue him since I was out of commission.

"Rin! Go on without me—go find Len-kun and get him out of here!"

"No way! I can't just leave you—you're my friend, and we're a team!" She protested.

And almost immediately after I felt like a weight had been lifted—literally, I could actually move now, so Rin must have taken out our opponent.

Perfect. Seems we were going to have a fight… Teiru wanted me to resolve things peacefully, but it seems push has come to shove. I'm still going to try my best to avoid conflict, but…

In the brief few moments I had while my opponent was out of sorts, I reached into my boot where I had been hiding a knife. One of my most well kept secrets is that I keep a concealed knife in my boots—and it's a secret for two reasons. One: if someone knows I have means of self-defense, I lose the element of surprise in the event something happens. And two: everyone would just call me a psycho yandere for having one even though it's exclusively for self-defense. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being me.

"Oh, dang. You brought a knife—you got something I can borrow to defend myself with?" Rin asked, eyes darting around as she kept watch on our opponent.

I nodded and removed the brass knuckles I'd been wearing under my sleeves and handed them to Rin.

"Sweet. Now I can kick some ass!" Rin said, putting on the brass knuckles and breaking into a somewhat concerning mischievous grin.

Honestly, I don't think giving those to Rin was a good idea—she's an absolute hellraiser, but hey, we don't know what we're up against so might as well give her an extra means of self-defense.

That being said, this was going to be a bit of a challenge given we're fighting in the dark with little to no light. I mean, how are we supposed to properly fight and/or escape an opponent we can't actually see? Plus, it seems our enemy was likely wearing dark clothes because they were very hard to see.

I knew I should have brought my night vision goggles…

The best thing I could do is rely on my ears because by the sound of their footsteps whoever we were up against was wearing… heels? An odd choice for combat, that's for sure. I'd be lying if I said playing this waiting game didn't make my skin crawl.

I just stood ready and waiting for my opponent to make a move, and then as soon as they came in close, I took a nice swipe at them with my knife—nothing that would be severe, but enough to at least make them flinch.

"My hair!" They shrieked.

Wait a damn minute. I know that voice—

"Tei, let's go! No time to waste!" Rin said, grabbing me by the arm and breaking into a run.

She was right—Mayu, or at least I assume that was Mayu, will probably be back on her feet any moment now. Rescuing Len-kun was our top priority, even if I'd love to give Mayu a piece of my mind.

After stepping in a lot of mud, old oil, and other nastiness, we finally found the entrance. I yanked open the doors and we carefully made our way in, so as to not cause a fuss—a plan that immediately went down the drain the instant Len-kun spotted us.

"You guys! I can't believe you found me!" He said, overjoyed.

Len-kun, sweetie, I love you and I'm glad we found you, too—but for goodness sake, you couldn't have waited until we made it out of here with you to get all happy?

I urgently held a finger up to my lip to silently tell him to shush.

He blushed sheepishly and fell silent. Haaaa… he's so cute when he's all sheepish and bashful. AH—but that's besides the point.

Gosh darn it, Tei! Don't get distracted by how cute he is. I scolded myself mentally.

As much as I wanted to fawn and gush over how cute Len-kun is, now was not the time for that. We had to recuse him first and then I can gush over how darn precious he is.

We made our way to where Len was being held—a small cell nearby us. We could make it there if we just made a break for it!

"Rin, I think we can make it if we just run for it, and we can have him out of here in no time!

"I dunno… don't you think you're being a li'l hasty?"

"Come on! I'm a master of stealth, so we should be fine!"

And like a dumbass, I just rushed out without even thinking. So much for being a master of stealth…

I heard Len call out in a high-pitched shriek and felt my blood run cold as I was blinded by a sudden flash of light.