"Wow!" exclaimed Milo. "Look at all the shows and movies represented here!"

Milo, Melissa and Zack were walking through Googolplex Mall's exhibition called "Meet your favorite creators". Milo grabbed a safety pin from the Horse in a Bookcase/Redbox stand next to him. Then he took off his backpack, pulled out the four-leaf clover he had picked up just minutes ago, and pinned it to his sweater vest.

Milo then stopped. His eyes grew wide as he recognized the man at the booth on the far end of the exhibition.

"Oh my gosh guys! Look!" he exclaimed. Zack and Melissa looked across to where Milo was pointing, and they too saw him. The three friends wove their way through the crowd to the Dr. Zone booth where Orton Mahlson was chatting with a fan dressed as a trash-can-droid.

"Funny story, actually," said Orton, "The second episode is the story of how I created Dr. Zone... with a few changes. For example, when I met Professor Time, he didn't cast a spell on me to make me immortal. Instead we sang a song together about how we were both under tremendous pressure." He paused long enough to look up "Oh, hello, Milo!" He turned back to the fan in the costume. "This young man right here helped me come up with ideas for other episodes," he said.

"I also starred in the lost pilot episode," said Milo.

"What lost pilot episode?" asked the costumed fan.

"Well you know the first scene of the original series premiere, from 1965?"

"Yeah, when Dr. Zone left his job as a zoning commissioner?"

"Uh… no… when he's trying to figure out how to get the clock off of Time Ape's head."

"There was no episode like that."

"I'm sorry, Milo, he's right. I don't remember making an episode like that," Orton chimed in. "Oh, but that reminds me. I do remember receiving a present from Dakota, which he said to give to you today." Orton pulled out a small jar filled with some kind of glowing green powder from under the table and handed it to Milo.

"Chemical absorbent?" asked a confused Milo. "Why would he want me to have this?"

"What?" asked Orton. "No, he said it's pistachio fertilizer from the future!"

There was a long pause as Milo registered what he had just heard. "Ohhhhhhh, now it's all clicking into place," he said. "That must have caused the sentient blob… somehow, and some of it must have also gotten outside to keep that pistachio plant alive!"

"Uh, yeah, I'm… just gonna… head out now," said the fan dressed as a trash-can-droid. Milo and Orton continued their conversation, with Milo barely registering this. "Reggie, I think Orton Mahlson is a little cuckoo," he told his friend as they walked away.

"What are you talking about?" asked Orton, who was starting to feel like getting up and walking out himself.

"That's how the pistachion uprising started," Milo said.

Now Orton paused for a long second. "Ohhhhhhh!" he said. "Anyway, Dakota said you might want to use it on your clover there." He pointed to Milo's shirt.

"Oh!" said Milo. "But... how would he have known?"

"Well he is a time traveler. Maybe he'll see you later today and find out?"

"No, he and Cavendish got fired."

"Oh. Well, I don't know then."

Milo took out a cotton swab from his backpack. He opened the jar and took a small amount of the fertilizer. Then he looked down to apply it to the clover.

Just then, Bradley brushed by Milo. Milo accidentally wiped the fertilizer on Bradley's plant arm. Bradley turned to Milo, angry.

"What was that for?" he asked threateningly.

But Milo didn't have time to respond because at that very moment, Bradley grew an extra inch. He looked down at Milo in surprise.

"Give me that!" Bradley exclaimed, swiping the jar from Milo.

"Hey! That's mine!" Milo said. Bradley wasn't listening. Or rather, he was listening, but he didn't care. He ran away from the exhibition with the jar, holding it upside down over his arm and laughing maniacally as he went.

"Hey! Come back here!" Milo yelled after Bradley. But he was too far gone. Dakota looked up from picking up trash.

Milo went back to his friends disappointed. "Come on guys," he said. "Let's go get some pistachios."

The three friends walked up to a pistachio stand near the entrance. Milo noticed Dakota and Cavendish cleaning up trash around the stand.

"Hey Cavendish! Dakota!" said Milo.

"Hey Milo!" said Dakota.

"Hello Murphy!" Cavendish said at the same time. Then the three walked up to the stand.

"Hello children! What brings you here?" Brick asked the group.

"Hey, aren't you..." Melissa started.

"We'd like some pistachios, please!" requested Milo, unaware that his friends knew these guys.

Dakota looked up. "Uh, Cavendish? I gotta go to the bathroom again."

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