Chapter 1

Devon and Scott walked into their house. Devon wore a tomato costume while Scott wore his scout uniform.

"Did you have to pick me up from my meeting dressed as a vegetable?" Scott asked.

"A tomato is a fruit," Devon said. "Plus, Mom's visiting Aunt Janice in Sacramento and your meeting ended literally ten minutes after the show. I didn't have time to change."

The doorbell rang and Devon opened the door to see a deliveryman holding an envelope.

"Special delivery for Devon Randall," the deliveryman said.

"That would be me," Devon said.

Devon took the envelope and the deliveryman walked off.

"What is it?" Scott asked.

Devon opened the envelope and got out a letter.

"Dear, Devon Randall," Devon read aloud. "We are happy to announce that you have ben nominated for a Young Actor Award for your role on So Random!"

"You've been nominated for an award?" Scott asked.

"And the award show is tomorrow in Long Beach!" Devon cheered.

"So are you going to take your friends?" Scott asked.


Devon, Zora, Tawni, Nico, and Grady stood at the red carpet. A female reporter and a cameraman walked over to them.

"I'm Tara Gerard from NewStar TV," the reporter said "Looks like the cast of So Random is here at the Young Actor Awards! So Devon? How does it feel to be nominated?"

"Well, Tara," Devon said. "It's…."

"Look at me!" Tawni cheered. "I'm so pretty! Get my good side! Me, me, me!"

Nico and Grady grabbed Devon.

"This guy loves his chicken wings!" Grady cheered.

"Yeah," Nico said. "He can really go through those wings!"

"Guys," Devon said.

"And stay away from my man!" Zora shouted. "I'm talking to you, Tara!"

Chad suddenly ran over to them.

"I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, and be sure to watch Mackenzie Falls," Chad said. "Saturday nights at 8:00."


Devon looked at Scott.

"Exactly that is going to happen," Devon said. "So I'll just take you."

"How are you going to keep them from finding out and showing up?" Scott asked.

The next day, Zora, Tawni, Nico, Grady, and Chad arrived at a spa in the mountains.

"Wow," Tawni said. "It was nice of Devon's cousin to let us stay in his spa and resort for the weekend."