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Flashback continued...

"Here ya go, Kiddette!" Sprx smiled as he casually dropped a large white box in front of Jinmay.

Jinmay just blinked. "What's this Sprx?"

"The new outfit Nova picked out for ya, what else?" Sparx stated and leaned against the wall casually.

"Already? Wow, I didn't expect for her to finish and be back so quickly." Jinmay raised a suspicious eyebrow at him.

Sprx waved off her confused look easily. "Well you know Nova, she's not exactly the girly girlish type to take her sweet time in a mall."

"Hm, that's true..." Jinmay nodded with a wince, remembering how Nova used to always complain about how long Jinmay would take to "window shop" in one store alone, in which she'd return the complaints about not being able to make Nova wear the cute dresses she'd find during her window shopping time, thus why she would take so long. But eventually they came to the compromise and enjoyed the time at the mall together without taking up the whole day and bonded even closer as the only females on the team.

Jinmay opened the box to look inside only for her eyes to widen even more in confusion with a clear flush enhancing her already blushed cheeks.

"Umm...Are you sure Nova picked this out?" She slowly pulled out a sleek yet tiny sized fabric out of the box and unfolded it to reveal a white cut-off the shoulder-long sleeved mini dress that had bright orange stripes that formed familiar sun ray shapes in the front of the dress.

Her eyebrow furrowed in confusion as she pulled out a pair of black shiny strap stilettos, while still eyeing the dress suspiciously.

"Why does it look like that really short formal dress Aurora Six wore at the war's end celebration? You know the one where everyone kept staring at her and made the guys act all...weird?"

Sprx avoided eye contact but shrugged her off coolly and hid his smirk. "Hey, beats me! It's not like I picked it out or anything. Now are ya gonna sit there all day or put it on? I'm sure everyone's dying to see how you look. Especially the kid."

Sprx shot her a wink that made her blush darken for a moment before she cleared her throat and held up the little dress once more.

Her eyes then narrowed with determination. "W-well, if Nova picked it out then it's gotta be good! I trust her judgement more than anything!"

"That's the spirit, Kid! I'll leave ya to it then!" Sprx gave her a thumbs up before casually walking out the lab, shooting off down the hallway sporting a mischievous grin.

"Geez. He's still at it?" Sprx raised an eyebrow to see Gibson and Otto in their respective sitting pods once he entered the command center as they watched Chiro solely focus on mashing buttons on his game controller and occasionally murmuring into his gaming headset.

Gibson just nodded dejectedly in response. "I'm afraid so...it's as if his consciousness has been warped completely. I fear that Antuari's patience has finally reached its limits. After he finishes his meditation I am most certain that gadget you and Nova gifted Chiro will unfortunately be no more."

"Yep! But no worries, I've got my tool box all ready to go for when his game console goes kablamo!" Otto smiled as he made his hands mimic an explosion.

"Honestly Sprx, I must say it is quite a shame for yours and Nova's present to go to waste in such a short amount of time. Perhaps next time you will be wiser in your gifting selection and opt for something more educational; say for instance, enlightening books on arithmetic, physics, or even the dictionary. That would be far much more worthwhile than some brainless video game." Gibson wrinkled his nose at his brother.

Sprx scoffed in reply. " Hah, and bore the kid to death? Last I checked it was called happy BIRTHday for a reason, not happy DEATHday, Brainstrain. But hey, maybe you should save that idea for the kid's funeral or somethin'."

Gibson glared daggers at the monkey pilot which made Sprx smile in victory. "Anyways, don't count our gift out just yet, if anyone can make the kid take a break, it's Jinmay."

"Oh yeah! Where is Jinmay? I haven't seen her come out yet since we finished the A.A.G.E.R. project thingy on her. Is she ok?" Otto asked curiously.

"Oh, she's just fine." Sprx reassured. "Unlike how I'm gonna be probably...but meh it'll be worth it..." Sprx added mentally before continuing. "She should be out at any moment now..."

The sounds of various crashing and glass breaking then pierced into the monkeys' ears, making them turn their heads towards the hallway, except for Gibson who shrieked in reply. "By the stars! Why did that sound like my exclusive chemical beaker collection meeting a horrible fate of destruction?!"

Sounds of grunts and struggling then joined the consistent glass breaking noises.

"S-sorry! My bad! Total accident here! It's just- ugh!"

Gibson paled as the others blinked when they heard Jinmay's struggle.

"It's-It's really hard to walk in these things, b-but I think I got the hang of it! Let me just-whoops!" Jinmay voice grunted.

Another crashing sound made Gibson's eye twitch.

"Ugh! How do girls even move in these-ugh!" She grunted then squeaked at the sound of something heavy crash against the floor.

"My lab!" Gibson finally shrieked as he ran at top speed down the hallway.

"Ho boy...Looks like you're gonna come in handy after all Mr. tool box!" Otto sweat-dropped as he happily pat his toolbox and chased after Gibson.

Sprx was ready to follow them until he saw Jinmay finally make her way to the command center in the dress and heels.

He then smirked darkly and hid behind the nearest corner.

Once Jinmay was able to somewhat gain her balance in the constricting barriers that were known as her shoes, she paused as she entered the main room to see Chiro completely focused on his game.

She watched him tilt his head slightly to the side to prevent his long raven bangs from blocking his line of vision.

His bright blue eyes were sharp and ardent as they remained directly on the big screen, the flashing lights from the monitor making his eyes reflect a fervid sparkle that made her feel warm.

"He's so concentrated..." Jinmay mused to herself, "I've seen that look before when he's determined to win in a battle...It's really passionate. But...I wonder...w-would he look at me in that same fashion...now that I'm...different?"

She put a hand to her now larger chest and unconsciously played with the hem of her mini dress skirt as her blush deepened at the thought of such a possibility.

"I-I guess there's only one way to find out..." She murmured as she sucked in a breath, gathered up her courage, and walked up slowly behind him, taking a moment to squat down slightly since the heels made her a bit taller.

"I need a med kit! I'm down! Ugh! Can someone revive me here?! I'm tired of carrying these noobs!" Chiro grunted in frustration before a soft tapping on his shoulder interrupted his current rant.

Fear struck him as he froze with eyes widened and he gulped without turning around, knowing that he probably went past the time agreed on his schedule of how long he was allowed to play the game per his agreement with Antauri.

He panicked, just knowing for a fact that the current tapping on his shoulder was actually the sensation of a familiar ghost claw that was ready to tear his console intro shreds without mercy.

Without thinking he immediately whipped his head around, ready to beg for his gaming console's life before his face hit something soft and slightly bouncy instead.

Colors of white and orange filled his vision, while the sensation of something squishy and round hit his cheeks.

Feeling clueless, he blinked.

It felt nice...almost like a pillow.

He then had the certain urge to cuddle against it.

The thought made him bury his face in a little further until a light squeaky gasp hit his ears, triggering his brain to function.

The colors then registered in his mind, connecting them to the familiarity of the Sun Riders' design.

His eyes darted down taking in the design that was imprinted on the fabric and smooth, long legs that were connected to it.

He concluded it was a dress.

He thought about the softness his face was currently squished in and immediately turned red, panicking and backpedaling when he put two and two together.

"Ah! Aurora Six! I-I'm sorry! So sorry! I didn't know-I didn't mean to-I mean-" he paused when instead of expecting to see long black colored hair, it was pink instead.

So was the skin complexion now that he thought about it...

He blinked once more and tilted his gaze up to meet two widened yet striking seafoam emerald eyes and a very reddened face that was frozen and flushed in shock along with full parted pink lips that looked like they wanted to say something but was stunned to a flustered silence..until they started moving...

"Um...Ch-Chiro...a-are you okay?"

That soft yet hesitant voice...that was not Aurora Six.

In fact, it sounded like Jinmay's...

Wait. WHAT?!

Chiro's eyes then dilated as realization struck him hard.

He then dared to look up at her again as he took in her full appearance and figured out what the squishy sensation his face was connected to earlier and finally reacted.

He let out an unholy high-pitched scream and fell backwards into unconsciousness.


Giving up on trying to comfort Gibson over his now messed up laboratory despite him reassuring that he could fix it, Otto skipped down the hallway until an alert sounded that someone was at the door.

He smiled widely at the visitor when he answered it. "Oh! Hiya Aurora! Whatcha doing here?"

"Greetings lovable and oblivious green monkey of the Hyperforce! I am sorry to intrude, but I just remembered that I left my formal attire here in the guest room after the war's end party and wanted to retrieve it since I was in town." Aurora explained with a smile.

Otto scratched his helmet in reply. "Huh. That's weird, I don't remember seeing anything, but you can have a look see around if ya need to!"

Aurora Six pat his cheek affectionately in thanks, making the monkey giggle.

Before he could walk with her to help her with the search, a high-pitched scream sounded in their ears.

They rushed towards the main room and paused to see a passed out Chiro and frantic Jinmay hovering over him until she saw Otto.

"Ah! Otto! Help! I-I don't know what happened! Ch-Chiro just fainted out of nowhere!" Jinmay exclaimed with worry. "Oh no! Get Gibson! I think he's hurt! His nose just started bleeding a lot for no reason! Oh my gosh is he gonna be alright?! Chiro! Please! Speak to me!" She then started shaking him, but to no avail, the leader was still out cold.

"That's MY dress!" Aurora nearly shouted once she snapped out of her shock!

Jinmay blinked and turned towards the fuming beautiful older woman."W-what?"

"You heard me robot girl! That is my formal attire I have been searching for and I demand to know why you are wearing it!" She folded her arms.

Jinmay's eyes narrowed at the accusation. "Hold on, that can't be right! I'll have you know that Nova picked out this outfit just for me!"

"Uh, no I didn't."

Jinmay and Aurora turned their heads towards the incredulous voice as Nova walked into the main room with a raised eyebrow, pulling out a light sea green t-shirt with a pink heart in the center and light blue jeans out of a shopping bag. "This was the outfit I picked out for you to wear."

Jinmay started sputtering in confusion. "B-but...but then...why did...I mean, Sprx said-"

Everyone paused to hear the sound of uncontrollable laughter and sputtering around the corner of the room.

"Oh-ho-ho my gosh! Monkey doodle that was priceless! I'm gonna-I'm gonna soil my circuitry! The kid couldn't take it! What a pervert! Oh man this was gold! Chalk this up to the BEST idea I've had yet!" Sprx laughed heartily as he rolled around the floor,held his stomach,and wiped tears form his eyes.

His laughter stopped abruptly as he suddenly looked up to see three shadows hovering over him.

He gulped as he felt the life threatening "intent to kill" aura that circled around the three individual females that were now standing over him with fiery glares.

"Oh, haha. I bet you think you're real funny huh, Sprx?" Jinmay growled darkly.

Sprx winced as he witnessed her new metallic battle mode form.

Her pigtails were much pointier and sharper than he remembered, the now longer length of them almost resembled a pair of swords and her eyes at the moment were a deadly glowing red as laser beams heated in her irises ready to fire.

"Hmm, it would appear that a certain little red monkey with an ill sense of humor needs to be taught a lesson." Aurora purred dangerously as Sprx heard the sound of her loading her sun gun and pointing it directly in his face.

He shrunk, feeling smaller as the females' deadly aura grew.

However, it was the exasperated sigh that made him tremble in absolute fear.

"Alright Sparky. How ya wanna die today?" Nova droned as Sprx watched her fist transformers shift form a preparation of a flame fist fury to a lady tomahawk move.

He whimpered helplessly as they closed in on him.

One of the downsides of being fully robotic was the inability to enjoy certain sensations such as sipping calming herbal tea that did wonders for irritable nerves when he was organic, but Antauri made due anyways as he closed his cobalt blue eyes for a moment and focused on remaining calm, which was almost a difficult task once he saw the commotion in the robot.

After a few moments of silence, he dragged out a long, deep sigh with arms folded.

"I believe that there is a reasonable explanation for all of this; one that needs to be further elaborated to me. Right now. So, with that being said, status report?"

Gibson rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Yes, well, fortunately the damages to the lab were not as severe as I er...surmised earlier and with Otto's assistance, I should have everything back up and running within the next day or so..."

Antauri gave a sharp nod before pointing over to Sprx who was currently passed out on the med table, completely wrapped in bandages as if he were a mummy.

"And of Sprx's condition?"

The blue and green monkeys winced.

"Well...he'll live...He'll kind of have to take it easy for the next er...week or so when it comes to battles, flying, patrolling and...Gibson said he maybe has to eat through a straw temporarily, but it's nothin' life threatening bad, bad! He'll be all better in no time!" Otto finished with a thumbs up while Gibson resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"And where is Nova?" Antuari continued.

"Helping Jinmay with her new clothes and totally not trying to avoid the scolding lectures you're gonna give them like you just gave us!" Otto replied, not missing a beat as a he smiled uneasily.

Antuari's eyes narrowed for a moment before he sighed again and looked over to another med table.

"...And Chiro?"

"He's perfectly fine Antauri, not to worry." Gibson smiled as he noted the concern in the wise monkey's voice. "I'm sure all the birthday excitement and lack of adequate rest from that mindless contraption just got to him and his reaction was simply overstimulated."

Otto scratched his helmet in confusion. "Oh was that it? I thought it was because he was being a pervert like Sprx said when he was laughing his head off earlier...Oh yeah! That reminds me! Hey Gibson, what's a pervert?" Otto smiled innocently.

Gibson visibly paled.

"I-er...O-Otto! G-go put this smelling salt away in its proper place, would you please? Chiro should be waking up any moment now!" Gibson rushed as he threw the smelling salt at Otto, hoping it would distract him.

"But you didn't answer my question!" Otto whined.

"Just go!" Gibson nearly shouted and pushed him out the door.

Before he could shake his head, a light groaning caught Antauri's attention.

"Oh man...what happened? That was...that one crazy dream..." Chiro groaned as he regained consciousness.

"I'm afraid it was no dream, Chiro." Antuari stated calmly as he ran his silver metallic hand through Chiro's hair. "Although I am relieved to see that you're alright, I'd like for you to explain what happened and how you ended up in such a state."

Chiro rubbed his eyes. "Huh? Wh-what state?"

"According to the others, you were practically out cold with blood running down your nostrils." Antuari explained.

Chiro's eyes widened and blinked, trying to recall what happened until certain images flashed in his mind, turning him a beet shade of red as he slapped his hands over his face and whimpered in a muffled tone.

"N-no way! it was real?! That means...Jinmay-!"

"-Ah, so this occurrence is related to Jinmay?" Antauri stared at him knowingly, a very faint smile visible on his face. "Could it be that you were possibly caught off guard by her new upgraded format and features?"

Chiro's blush remained as he tried not to stutter. "C-come on Antauri! I-I mean I didn't know she even had a new upgrade, so of course I was caught of guard!"

"Oh? I was told that you were the one who authorized her request for a change." Antauri raised an eye ridge in confusion.

"I didn't-!" Chiro paused as he vaguely remembered Otto's request from earlier when he was wrapped up in his game. "Oh wait...I guess-I guess I did..." He frowned.

Antauri put a hand on the teen's shoulder. "You seem to be troubled suddenly Chiro. Is something wrong?"

Chiro went silent for a moment, contemplating. Although he could not deny that he didn't expect such a surprise and even more so the way his girlfriend looked. He remembered briefly her stating that she had a surprise for him on their stroll from earlier before those fan crazed citizens interrupted her.

Their subject of their opinions and assumptions of her were rather touchy and though Jinmay reassured him that she wouldn't let what they said bother her, the next thing he knew was she looked to be around if not exactly his age with the features he didn't even know was possible for her to have.

It stirred up feelings in his gut that both elated him yet made him feel...uneasy...to put it lightly.

Antauri watched him in silence as the leader's blush deepened. He couldn't help but feel the feelings of fatherly pride swell deep within his metallic core as he stared at him with a rather nostalgic look.

He remembered the days when the young man in front of him was a mere curious yet reserved boy who was so unsure of many things in life without the reassurance of a family to be there for him.

What started as necessary hospitality for training the chosen one, turned into nurturing not only a strong and powerful leader, but an unbreakable bond between a father and a son that went beyond any familial ties of blood which was the norm.

And Antuari cherished that role wholeheartedly, but even he could sense that the boy was transforming into a man and therefore, was treading in certain dangerous waters that he never dared to counter before.

The war wouldn't let him.

His destiny as a leader and savior of the universe didn't let him.

But that didn't change the fact that in the end, he was a growing human male going through certain...things. Things that he wondered if he was ready for...or even if he could help him since it was unknown territory for them both...

But as his father figure he decided he would try anyways.

"Chiro? You didn't answer my question. Is something wrong?"

Chiro looked at the silver monkey for a moment, perplexed. Honestly, it wasn't like there was any harm with Jinmay's new look. Far from it. But the fact that the change was initiated after she told him that the encounter with the citizens didn't get to her, bothered him.

What if it did bother her?

But then why would she say it didn't?

Girls were complicated...

Chiro shook his head, debating if he should tell the wise silver monkey what was on his mind since surely he wouldn't understand and it would be pointless trying to explain certain aspects of a relationship to the mechanical silver primate but he knew it was hard to lie to Antauri and get away with it so he told him anyways.

Antuari just nodded in understanding. "I see, and did you ever talk to her directly about this situation?"

Chiro blinked and then rubbed the back of his head as he smiled uneasily. "Uh...well I didn't really get the chance to since I was kind of...occupied?"

He could tell by the way Antuari's stoic face dropped a little that he was in for a lecture that would only confirm what he needed to do, so he held his hands up in defense and quickly sputtered, "B-but I'm gonna fix that! Yeah! Right now! Since I totally should have been doing that instead of playing on my game all day of course."

Antauri hummed and gave him a little smile that was almost like a smirk. "Hmm that would be the wisest thing to do. Just as communication is a valuable and crucial asset to have in teamwork, so it also even more valuable in an intimate relationship. Remember the importance of looking past the surface if you know something does not feel right with someone you care about."

"R-right. It's amazing how you always know what to say, ya know Antuari?" Chiro nodded with a sincere smile of adoration.

Of course Antauri knew the right advice to give, it was Antauri after all.

Antauri smiled while putting a hand on the teen's shoulder. "But while we are on the subject, I believe that now would be a good time to have a certain...talk now that you are of the proper age.

And just that quick, Chiro's smile of admiration vanished as he paled significantly, turning red.

"Oh! W-wow would you look at the time! I-it's getting pretty late! Let's rain-check on that since I gotta still go talk to Jinmay and stuff and sort things out with her properly and all, and make ou-UP with her you know since there's a misunderstanding and stuff and just-yeah, we'll continue this later, much MUCH later, ok? Thanks Antauri! you're the best! bye!" Chiro sputtered as he backed away from his second-in-command slowly at first until it turned into a full dash into his orange transport pod.

Antauri blinked as he scratched his helmet in confusion.

It was apparent that the team leader that was like a son to him had many interesting challenges ahead of him to face indeed.

To be Continued...