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Chapter one - Kai's evil plan

"Honey..." Tyson said seductively.

"No Tyson, no more..." Kai heard Ray from inside Tyson's room.


'Grr... I can't take it anymore!' Kai stomped away jealously, 'keep up those activities and I'll make you pay!'

"Tyson, no more. You're going to get on sugar-high."

"Ray! One more chocolate! Please?" Tyson said pleadingly.

"Aww, alright!" Ray said, giving up to those huge innocent eyes


Kai's POV

"Just how am I going to make Ray pay?"

Hmm... I looked through some old books.

"Hmm... this should work!"

I read the title. The book is all dusty and yellowish. The page was ripped but luckily, I had no trouble reading it. I picked up the book and told it, "I knew I could count on you."

I walked back to outside of Tyson's room, quietly listening.

"Tyson, the hole is too small, I can't fit mine in!"

"Try harder. Come on, push it in. It can't be THAT big can it?"

"Ty, I told you. It is big!"

"Let me see? Oh yea, it's huge!!!"

I just can't stand it! The jealousy inside just makes me... it makes me furious. That's it, I'm sticking to the plan! I walked back to my room, smirking. 'Soon Tyson...'


Tyson's POV

"Go find more keys" I said as I held a key to my boyfriend. I think I lost it; the key to my wardrobe. 'Oh man, Dragoon is still in there.' All of Ray's keys don't work as well. I looked under the bed and found a silver key.

"Ray, lookie. I think this is the one."

I tired to poke it through the hole. It worked. 'Now Tyson, just twist and you'll find out if it is or isn't.' I twisted it clockwise...

"Oh no..." I let go of the key.

Ray laughed and said, "Honey, it's the other way around. Here." He turned it anti-clockwise and...


All of my stuff fell out of the wardrobe. It was very very over-crowded. I laughed nervously and gave out an "uh oh..."

"Don't worry koi, I'll help you clean it up."

"Thanks Ray!"

We spent the whole half hour cleaning up the mess. I'm kind of hungry... not to mention tired as well. I walked out and saw Kai, sitting on the couch. He looked at me lovingly.

Yea, that's right, lovingly.

I know he has a crush on me but... he told me a bit too late since I was with Ray secretly. That all happened after Max and Kenny went for the holiday to America. The three of us just stayed here. Anyway, ice-cold Kai has a crush on me. To admit it, I do kind of like him as well.

"Hey... Kai... What's... up...? I said, panting. I guess I'm still tired after cleaning the whole mess. As I mentioned, it was a really really big mess.

"Hmm... nothing. And why are you so tired?"

"Umm, well, me and Ray made a big mess so we took half an hour cleaning it up." I sweat dropped.


Kai's POV

'He even admitted that they were doing activities... grrrrr... soon Tyson!' I noticed a strand of midnight blue hair on his shirt. It was clearly his hair. Carefully, without him noticing, I picked the strand of hair and hid it in my pocket.

"Oh well, it's getting late, I'm heading to bed!" I started to walk off but saw a messy Ray walking out of Tyson's room. I casted him a death glare, but I think he missed it.

"Hey Kai." Ray acknowledged me. I merely let out a 'hn' before walking off. He shrugged and headed to Tyson to sit with him. I looked around to where the love birds and heard Tyson saying, "well, you're messy." with a friendly push.

"And it's your entire fault!"

"Not my fault! You're the one who wants to do it!

I walked in my bedroom. Ignoring the urge to kill Ray, I looked at the fully torn book once again. I held Tyson's hair and threw it in the test tube (that came with this book my grandfather left me). I put it in my draw.

"When I have the chance..."

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