The drive down to Swansea, Wales took place in Stephen Hunt's other car - a sebring red and black Ford Escort Mexico MK1 with a caravan towed on the back, another Ford close to the Gene Genie's heart; it explains why Gene would drive his future Ford cars like he'd nicked them and ended up doing handbrake turns on an industrial estate after a suspect in a red Ford Mondeo Titanium X, for him policing is: it's all about being a boy racer on the right side of the law and doing awesome doughnut spins. Gene as a grown up police officer became loud and lairy when it came to arresting the suspects and bossing people around on the personal computers. But it's back to the reality of 1976 Wales, with a bump.

"and unless you want a thick ear— stop arguing over I-Spy!" yelled Stephen Hunt beeping the horn impatiently at slow drivers in front of his Escort Mexico, Now just, take it in turns, boys otherwise I'll get that tenner off you later, pocket money docked for this week."

At last they reach the caravan park in Llangennith, ready to meet the relatives and then go down to the seafront.

The younger boy, Stu is trying to get out of the caravan. Stephen Hunt pushes Gene's younger brother back inside.

"Say sorry, Stu." instructed Denise Hunt after the four year old boy was intercepted kicking and destroying his cousin Alison's sandcastle.

Stu fights it but gives in.

"Good." said Stephen Hunt as the Hunt family have a week's holiday in Wales with relatives, Stephen's wife has Welsh ancestors on her side of the family all hailing from around Swansea's Gower area. "Now play nicely with cousin Alison." Stu nodded. "Good boy."

The Hunt brothers mother was born there and lived there until the age of three when her parents moved to London, but she's always remained fiercely Welsh.

In fact, Stu's most abiding memory growing up was his family all sitting around the telly on rugby international days and Mummy screaming her head off as she cheered on the likes of JPR Williams and Phil Bennett.

Stephen Hunt and his wife would invariably take him and his brother Gene (later known as DCI Gene Hunt) there for their childhood holidays. It's funny, Gene and Stu's Mum may have left Wales when she was little but she was evacuated back there during the Second World War - despite Swansea being bombed the hell out by the Germans. It was a favourite destination whenever the Hunt clan took the caravan to Llangennith to see their relatives.

During a BBC News interview years from now in 1976, DCI Gene Hunt sports a sky-blue shirt that exactly matches his eyes, carries a stylish man bag and greets the newscaster with a cheery "hi!" as part of his investigation in Metropolitan Police on corruption cases "Yes, police corruption, media corruption, government corruption – and I'm sure hacked phones and computers are probably in there somewhere." implying it would take place in 2010-2011 with the city riots and a breakdown of democracy with a coalition government… "I know exactly how to play this case, how to pitch it." 'It's rock star time for the grown up Gene Genie.

Given his connections to the BBC include family ties, a fully grown Gene says the interviews feel like coming back home as some of his future policing interviews take place at TV Centre. "I love this building. The first time I came here I was about nine in 1972 or 1973. The Blue Peter studio was the first one on the left, then Doctor Who was where Strictly is. Usually it was a birthday treat for me and my best friend. I was fascinated by it all, I knew quite early on it wasn't particularly glamorous; so from then on I wanted to be a policeman."

When the Gene Genie was at primary school implying his first ever school play takes place in 1969 or 1970, he played George in George and the Dragon. He had the chainmail – a sack painted silver, head cut out and the cross; it was as straightforward as getting his pick of the girls in his six year old logic. At eight or nine in 1972 Gene took part in an assembly dressed as an Egyptian and very nearly fluffed up his lines.

Gene waved the sword around and all these little girls are going, 'George! Kill the dragon!' and the cute but gorgeously blue eyed, dark haired six year old boy is thinking, 'Yeah!' taking place when he was just six. Gene thinks he was born with a lazy gene. At that age the Gene Genie never really planned anything, which is a far cry from his later days as a Detective Chief Inspector in 21st Century Manchester and London.