A/N: Nothing is mine except my OC Nick.


Name: Nick Brown

Sex? No please. nah im just kidding ok imma shut up now: Male

Age: 19

Height: 190 cm

Eye/Hair/Skin color: Deep Brown/Black/fair

Clothes: Plain Blue T-shirt, Jeans, White Cap, Black finger-less gloves, Timber boots

Weight: 80 Kg


Well shit.

Didn't expect to wake up in the middle of some random forest that's for sure.

I mean yeah I passed out last night from exhaustion because I played Dauntless waaaaayyyy too much but that doesn't explain why I'm here.


Hmm... no reply seems like I'm all alone in this forest.

Suddenly I hear a noise.


"WHOA what the heck was that noise! It sounded like somebody pounding meat with a BIG hammer! Better go check it out!" I think as I run towards the noise.

The closer I get the louder it gets until I finally get out of the small forest.


My eyes widen in awe as I see what looks to be a human male Shooting a projectile out of a hammer into a monsters head.

I hide in the bushes as I observe the two fight.


The monster slams its tail into its opponent as he is sent flying away from it. He gets up right away like nothing happened and drinks a potion as he glows green. he then rushes into the monster before riding on the hammer and shooting it. He flies up into the air then he uses his hammer mid-air to slam it on head. 'why does that move look familiar?' I think to myself before getting back to the fight. The monster is staggered and falls into its side. it tries to get back up but the human didn't allow it. he reloads all his bullets before he charges them all up into his hammer and fires at the monster.


The monster Roars as It dies.

I watch as the Human male suddenly stops moving Before disappearing completely.

"What?" I Question out loud.

I Step outside the bushes to take a look at the monster before it dissipates.

As I examine the monster a familiar feeling washes over me.

"huh? wait a minute... green skin? Check... Fins? Check... weird eyes? Check... and finally aether remains? Che... NO WAY!" I then remember why the hammer move was so familiar to me, then I finally conclude:



I know I'm not the best author there is, my first language isn't even English. But I do hope some of you found it enjoyable to read I will try to update it but no promises.