(Mrs. Lovett's Pov)

Another sleepless night, I probably could sleep if I tried. But constant worry made the task very difficult.

My shop wasn't doing so well, My ex husband Albert left me with little money after he died. And life was terribly lonely after that. Lonely for a great number of years, but I now had something that gave my miserable life meaning.

And that something was a beautiful 6 month old baby girl I had recently adopted.

Poor thing was just left in an alley to die. Lord knows the number of unwed mothers who get pregnant in London these days.

Anyways all that mess aside, I got out of bed and walked into the next room to check on my girl.

I smiled down at her as she slept peacefully in her little baby bassinet.Wrapped in a cozy pink floral blanket and clutching onto a soft brown teddy bear.

Giving her a small kiss on her forhead, I went back into my room to get ready for the day.

After changing into a back and red dress, and putting up my brown messy hair into two pigtails. I slipped on a pair of my favorite gloves and walked into the front of the pie shop.

I sighed as I got thethe dough ready and lit a fire in the oven.

I rarely ever got any customers,so I often wondered what was the point of baking these damn pies anyways.

But it was a living, and I had to feed my baby girl somehow so I kept this wretched shop open.

I was so busy chopping up the dough with one of my knives that I didn't notice that someone had walked Into my shop...