up(Sweeney's POV)

"There's the fruit stand Mr. T, I'll go purchase the strawberries for mum. Would you like anything? Some more fresh fruit?..Another bottle of Gin maybe?' Toby asked with a goofy hopeful grin on his face.

"Yes that's fine lad" I said not really caring about what he was asking anyways.

After Toby took off, Sweeney began to look around the market.

Many shop owners greeted him and offered him speacils on the items they were selling.

But Sweeney just shook his head and kept to himself.

But as he walked, he did notice a few stands that were selling beautiful items for women.

Such as dresses, jewlrey, shoes and..Hair clips.

"..I know she may not forgive me for braking that damn thing. But I'm sure she'd appreciate if I bought her another one...am I'm sure..my other girls will appreciate a gift as well."With a sigh, Sweeney approached the cart and looked over each item.

He chose a beautiful purple and silver jeweled hair clip for Johanna. A headband with little pink and white roses on it for Pipa. And for Mrs. Lovett he bought something he never thought he would get another woman again.

"If I give her this she'll know I'm serious" Sweeney thought as he payed for each gift.

Just as Sweeney was about to walk away from the stand, he noticed Toby standing on the sidewalk, looking down an alleyway he looked...pale...and very frightened.

"Toby? Lad what's the problem?' Sweeney asked as he approached the boy.

Toby Shushed him and pulled him back against the wall.

"It's the Judge' he whispered.

Sweeney's eyebrows perked up and slowly looked around the corner once again.

Standing there was Turpin along with Antony and a crying Kimberly.

"Please, I cant do this anymore" Kimberly sobbed.

"Shut it girl, or you'll continue your miserable life on the street like the insufferable whore you are" Turpin snapped.

"Our plan seems to be working very well my lord. Johanna will be back under your roof very soon' Antony said with a smirk.

"Excellent, she will be right back where she belongs. My dear Johanna will soon be married to me. I'll be sure no other man lays eyes on her again. You include sailor."

Antony looked down but nodded in agreement at what Turpin had said.

"But what about the baby? What about Johanns family?" Kimberly asked wiping away more tears.

"Oh you worry to much my dear Kimberly. Johanna dose not need a family,she needs a wealthy man such as myself to protect her from the evils of this world.

As for that bastard of a child,..well she'll continue to be the key to my master plan. And once I have succeeded, that family will no longer be around to cause us anymore issues.'

With every word that was spoken, Sweeney could feel his heart racing and his face burning red with anger.

Without a second thought, Sweeney quickly moved Toby away from the wall. And ran a fast as he could with him back to the pie shop.

He had to inform everyone of the Information he had just recieved. In that instant he knew he had to protect his family. No matter the cost.