The war is over. And the StarFox team has been disbanded for less than a year now. Everyone has separated after the Angler Blitz. And the Lylat War ended. But it was not going well for one of the members. Still saddened over the fact that he lost the only vixen he loved ever since he put eyes on her. It feels as if his life was over. Or more like, it was over. There was no other reason to live. But when he went out to explore an abandoned temple.

His Whole Life Has Changed.

"What is this?"

An Orange Vulpine looked down to a very strange device he possessed in his hands. The handle of the sword. But there was no blade at the end. It was just the handle.

"Where did he go?"

After leaving Star Wolf to get back with the love of her life. She realizes that he is not there. And now worries starts to fill up inside of her. Where did he go? Is he too late? Or worst of all. Is he dead?

"Hmmm. I sense the force within you. You're a Jedi, it is."

A Green and short ghost figure said. And the Vulpine froze in shock and gasped. He just yelled in the complete shock.

"WHAT?! HOW!?"

The massive shock of realizing what the Vulpine really was has felt like he was frozen in time. But when he picked up the mysterious object. It started to suddenly start to get a little attachment to him.

"I… I have never wielded this weapon before."

The Vulpine continues to observe his new weapon for action.

"Young one. Teach you how, we will."