The loss of the hero of the Lylat system could mean that the entire system is easy prey to any kind of enemy out there that has the intention to rule the galaxy. That was the Tod's main thought ever since he cheated death and managed to remain under the radar. There could be a time where he will have no other choice but to come out of hiding to protect the system once again. Something else that was starting to chew away at him while he was on his balcony, overlooking the beautiful open spaces of Corneria was last night. Even when he was away from the insane asylum. He was still hearing exactly the same sounds that burrowed into his ears during the explore.

"Even when I am nowhere near that place. Those same screams are still in my head. What the hell is going on?" Fox's mind has been all over the place. Filled to the brim with questions. Divided from what will he do if the Lylat System gets attacked? How can he get these voices out of his head? And what happened to everyone else ever since he was declared dead? But something that Fox was also thinking about also yesterday was his "sighting: yesterday. He has been in hiding ever since his final moments in his Arwing. He remembered constantly seeing on the Cornerian news of massive search parties out in the middle of nowhere with one goal in mind. To return Fox McCloud, dead or alive.

But even with the massive amounts of search parties that were set up all over the Lylat System and how hard they had searched; they could not find a single trace of the Vulpine. All that could be found was his wrecked Arwing. But it was not until nearly a week later when they were able to send out a team to recover the wrecked fighter ship was when they noticed that it also vanished into thin air. It resulted in numerous rumors that Fox McCloud was still alive. Or whether Star Wolf nabbed it and destroyed it. Every citizen was aware of Krystal betraying StarFox. They believed that she was the one who stole the Arwing. But Fox also recalled her confessing to one of the other Star Wolf members shooting the arwing down. But she never remembered them ever recovering it.

Fox decided to stay back to let the Lylat System continue its rounds. He knows that it will be safe for the continued time to come. With the sun rising over the fields, it gave him enough motivation to jump into one of his most recently restored vehicles and take it out for a little spin. Right before he takes one good look at the Arwing that was stored inside of the Barn along with another vehicle that is being worked on.

"Once that Arwing is back up and running. I know that there are going to be lots of places to explore on the other planets. I look forward to exploring Sauria the most." Fox said to himself while jumping into his recently restored vehicle. Which was a Ford Mustang with still the original 5.0-liter eight-cylinder engine.

Even though the driveway was a dirt road, it did not stop Fox from putting the pedal to the floor. The pure and raw power of the Mustang was more than enough to clear his mind and put a smile on his face. Despite being born way past the time the production of these vehicles was slowing down significantly. He always remembered being in his dads Challenger Hellcat. James McCloud was one of the many few citizens of Corneria who still owned a car rather than a fancy hovercraft like most of the citizens of Corneria. He remembered being in the passenger seat as he jumped onto the main roads and laid the gas pedal all the way to the floor. He remembered looking out the front window and seeing nothing but a blue. The Hellcat even left multiple hovercrafts in the dust. It was something that Fox has always cherished the most about his father. It was what sparked his love for cars. Being able to work on older vehicles and get them back up and running. Fox loved driving them the most.

"Now this is what I call a Mustang." And then the Vulpine started to drive over to an old drag strip. It was time to test what kind of power this Mustang has.

But in the city, The Blue Avian of StarFox was being called to meet up with Peppy Hare. Slippy,Katt, Miyu and Fara were also being called in as well. Any other member of the Starfox team was being called in as well. They were expected to meet Peppy back at The Great Fox. The ship was still being on maintenance just in case that Starfox is needed ever again. As of right now, was now mainly being used as a second home for the rest of the members. But they all know; it may never be the same without Fox.

Twenty minutes pass. Slippy and Falco were the first to arrive.

"I honestly never thought I would see this ship again." Slippy was the first one to speak.

"You know, after such a long time, don't you think it would be in the scrapyard by now?" Falco asked his former teammate.

"Well, this ship has saved the system more times than once so most likely it would be place into a museum rather than being broken down for scrap." Slippy answered back while the two started to enter back into the large ship.

Inside the ship, Peppy was in the main control room and overlooking the rest of the base that the Great Fox was being held in. The old hare was given a clear view of all the people he called into the meeting. He could see Miyu, Katt and Fara step out of their vehicles. With also Fay being right behind them. Peppy just finished up his meeting with General Pepper on his recent reports of Fox McCloud. There was a recent sighting of him. He was last spotted in a restaurant ordering some food in a car. This had taken Peppy by surprise. He remembers James being into cars himself. But he never knew that Fox had a love for it. Despite never showing it. He was last seen at not only at a restaurant. But also evading the paparazzi on the main roads across Corneria. He was also seen taking off on the roads at such a high rate of speed.

"Falco, Slippy. Thank you for coming in on short notice." Peppy greeted the two when he entered the main room.

"Well, we're here now Peppy. Why did you bring us here again? This place is a battleship, not a business office." Falco said in his very usual tone.

"I will explain as to why I brought you all back here once we have everybody here." The old hare responded back in a bit of a serious tone.

"Well, it better be worth it." If there was one thing that the blue avian did not like was his time being wasted. Peppy could easily know that he was still trying to recover from the Anglar Blitz. And even worse, it was from the time when Krystal betrayed the team and nearly gets him along with the rest of the team killed.

Three minutes later, the rest of the team was able to arrive back into the Great Fox once again. It felt like a family reunion to the hare. But now this was business. And it was time to start the meeting.

"I'm glad everybody was able to arrive today. I thought none of you would have come to this job." Pepper said with a very pleasing look on his face.

"I feel kind of better to be able to come back inside this ship Peppy. I was wondering why did you call us in for this meeting." Katt responded back.

"Well. I called everyone back in because there have been sightings of Fox McCloud." Everybody then started to have a bit of a confused look on their faces. And it was a bit shocking to know that after more than a year of his last sighting, the vulpine comes back into the light again.

"Fox McCloud? Another sighting? I thought he was dead." Falco yelled out. And in response, everyone looked at him with a scolding look.

"What. Did they not shoot him down?" Falco also yelled out. Katt was quick to respond back.

"Well, there was no body found at the crash site. So most likely he survived."

"Katt does have a point there Falco. Maybe Fox was able to get back on his feet and run to go get help." Fara also backed up Katts point.

"That is a strong possibility. But there was not a single hospital report of Fox checking in. He was never seen taking cover in any of the other bases too." Peppy informed to the rest of the team.

"Well, there has been two reports of the sighting of Fox McCloud. One was him going through a restaurant drive thru. The second being him flying through traffic and evading multiple other vehicles as well." Peppy informed the team.

"Do they at least have a description of the vehicle? Maybe I can send out a small squad to his last known location to search for the vehicle." Katt's suggestion was a very notable one. But Peppy knew by now that Fox may be long gone. Wherever he is now.

"That would be a good idea Katt. I know Fox is still out there. And we need to bring him home. Katt, he was last seen heading out into the open fields of Corneria. It was said he was driving a Gray Dodge Charger." Peppy then passes over a file filled with photos of the suspected vehicle that Fox was driving.

"A Dodge Charger? Dad. Didn't they stop making those vehicles a very long time ago?" Lucy asked Peppy in complete confusion. Everyone else had their own set of confusion as well. Those types of vehicles halted production nearly two decades ago. Ford was the last company to produce the final car before the hovercraft started to take over.

"James McCloud used to drive cars rather than the hovercraft. And it was something that Fox McCloud grew up with. I always knew that he wanted to be in an Arwing one day. But I never thought that he would be in love with cars." Peppy looked towards the end of the table as he remembered all the times that James McCloud would put his shades on before peeling away in one of his many cars. His personal favorite was always his Chevy Corvette Z06. And in the passenger seat, the once young Fox McCloud having such a blast when his father would slam the gas pedal to the floor.

"Wow. Fox has never mentioned that before. I bet James had a lot of vehicles during that time did he." Fara complimented the vulpine's favorite hobby of owning cars.

"He probably works on them too. And depending on what vehicles he has. We need to keep an eye out for any cars that are still on the roads." Slippy knew that this could easily dwindle down what vehicle he is in. There has been more hovercraft produced than cars that are still on the roads. But the cars, especially the muscle cars, have been well known to leave hovercrafts in the dust with very little effort.

"Well Peppy. We will make sure we keep a lookout for the cars." Fara told the hare himself. "But what about you?" She also added. Peppy knew that the next news that he was going to tell them might not be very pleasing to hear.

"I'm going to go talk to Krystal. Ask her if she is willing to help us find Fox." Peppy feared that his choice was going to get him scolded from the rest of the others. It partly did as they all gave him the look of anger and disbelief. The vixen that betrayed Fox and the team, caused Fox to go missing and also nearly getting the rest of the team killed. And Peppy is going to ask her for help?

"Okay First off. Why the hell are you going back to her? And Second off. She is with Star Wolf now." Falco was clearly the more pissed off than everybody else when Peppy made his choice of action. In many ways, Peppy could not blame him.

"Because we don't know if he had gone back to Krystal or not. Or they might have seen him too. We might still be trusted again Falco." Peppy responded back.

"Seriously? We are going to trust that pain in the tail again to help find Fox? In case you didn't forget already. Krystal is the reason we are all in this mess right now. She betrayed us, kills Fox, and nearly gets the rest of us killed. So, what in the hell makes you think that I will ever trust her again?" the Blue Avian yelled out in front of everybody.

"Well why don't you see the bigger picture Falco. If Peppy still believes that Fox is still out there. And if Krystal has any information on his last sighting, then it is a chance we will have to take." Fara knew that Peppy was right about Fox still being alive. And every sighting could mean them getting closer to finding the whereabouts of Fox McCloud.

"Well fine. Tell that two-facing vixen that if she even thinks about double-crossing us again, I will ensure that she endures the same suffrage that she made us go through." Falco yelled out once again.

"You can tell her that yourself Falco. You talk such a big game but you never show it through your actions." Katt responded back. It was able to silence the avian as he just responded with a scoff and his arms crossing.

"Well. Let's go find Fox. I'll try to get a squad out to his last known location." Katt stands up and leaves the room along with everybody else going out, determined to find the missing hero of the Lylat System.

The Vulpine started to become fully aware about the lylat system starting to report more sightings of him. He had to stay out in the fields. He could not risk being caught in the city once again. It seemed that the pure peace and silence of not having the paparazzi or all of lylat being on his back must have been an addiction for him ever since he was declared M.I.A. All that he has been doing was rebuilding old cars and exploring abandoned places with Cobalt. Fox's Arwing was close to being back up and running again after getting shot down during the Anglar Blitz. He still remembers it like it was yesterday.

"Do you think that there will be any good places on Fichina?" Fox asked his husky friend.

"There are some places that need to be explored on that planet. That is if you wanna freeze your ass off on that planet." Cobalt teased Fox. He knew that Fox would probably freeze faster than him. And Fox knew that himself too.

"Okay Cobalt. Just because you're a husky don't mean that I can withstand the cold myself." The Vulpine decided to respond back with his own little teasing voice. Just before Cobalt jumps off the arwing.

"I think that should be it. If we test it out today. We can start the expeditions tomorrow. There are some places to explore here. But I have also located multiple other places on some uncharted planets just outside of the system too." Cobalt told his friend. His research was a bit of an eye opener for Fox. He thought he was going to explore places within the system. But it seems that there are some planets outside of the system that needed to be explored as well.

"I think we should start our expeditions on the unknown planets first. I would like to explore outside of the Lylat System for once." A very fair answer that Cobalt knew he was going to hear after all the stuff Fox had been through in this system. He believed that Fox was trying to turn over a new leaf in his life. Get over everything that happened within his entire life.

"Then I recommend that we test this ship out before moving onto those other places." Cobalt advised his friend. Last thing that was needed was the arwing malfunctioning in the middle of nowhere in space.

"Know any open fields we can take it too. This feels a bit too close to the city right now." The Vulpine was not going to take any chances right now. But both of them knew that the only answer to that question was into space. And that meant having to also get past the security measures that Coneria has.

"If the arwing can get you past the ships in low orbit. Then that means this ship is working well." Cobalt said.

"So, I guess we start our first expedition outside of the system today huh?" Fox didn't like the idea of having to take a freshly repaired ship out without testing it first. But in this situation, it was either stay grounded on Corneria or be able to explore new places and earn more credits needed to be able to stay under the radar.

"If you're up for it Fox. If you don't want to. I can call off this expedition and give it to another one of my clients." This was something that Fox has never done ever since he was shot down. His piloting skills may be rusty. But Fox knew that he would have to break this rust off eventually. So, he was going to do it.

"No. I'm going to do this." Fox said, determined to explore these new places.

"Good. I'll fill you in once you take off. The first objective is getting you past the ships in low orbit." Cobalt said.

"If there are any out there. The Cornerian forces have been pulled back ever since the Angler Empire was defeated. Chances are, I may not have to deal with any resistance up there." Fox added.

"Ah. Good point. They did pull back their forces from orbit in every planet in the system. But we need to be prepared for the worst Fox." Cobalt also responded back with his own point. Either way. It was time to get this arwing back into the sky.

"Let's do this." Fox jumped into the ship as everything started to power back up after so long of being stored in the barn.

"Just like old times" Fox made sure that every single component of his arwing was working perfectly before putting back on his old headset.

"Radio check. This is your best friend Cobalt." Fox Chuckled at his way of making sure the comms was working properly.

"I hear you loud and clear Cobalt. Let's get this show into space." Fox teased once more before starting to take off towards the atmosphere.

"I have been able to gain access to the Cornerian Forces radars. Avoid being detected by the radar or any ships up there." Cobalt informed his vulpine friend.

"Copy that. I'll see you up in outer space." Fox responded back.

"Good luck Fox. Cobalt out." The comms cut out and now it was time for Fox to get out of Corneria and ready to explore these desolated planets.