This is a challenge made by Kezmann1993 where when Minato and Kushina seal the Kyuubi inside Naruto, they don't die but are teleported to the One Piece Universe and then, after the 4th great ninja war, Naruto appears in the east blue and meets Luffy and joins his crew. I won't do the pseudo-Japanese people used (e.g " The Shodaime Hokage was powerful") with the exceptions being stuff like Fuinjutsu or Kenjustu and some jutsu like Rasengan and Chidori


He also has 4 chakra natures: Wind, Lightning, Water, and Earth, knows a few fire jutsu as well

He is a seal master and a kenjutsu master (can beat Zoro with one sword and two swords but will lose against Zoro with three swords)

Has near-perfect Chakra Control

Still, has Kurama sealed into him and has parts of the other tailed beasts in him as well.

Unlocked Rinnegan during the 4th Shinobi war

Has Wood Release

Well, enjoy the show!

Also, I don't own Naruto or One Piece(I'll call it OP from now on)

You can skip this chapter if you want. It is MOSTLY just a recap with some changes. No Dialogue in this chapter as it is recap.

Chapter 1: How it all came to be

If you could describe the life of Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, one could say unusual or mysterious. You see on the day he was born, a beast known as the Kyuubi attacked the village. This was because it was ripped out of the seal of the previous Jinchuriki and wife the Fourth Hokage, Kushina Uzumaki by a masked man claiming to be Madara Uchiha. After he ripped it out, he used a genjutsu on the Kyuubi to make it attack the village. The Fourth Hokage ended fighting it but had to seal it in his own son at the cost of his own life in the hopes that he would be viewed as a hero by the village. His son, Naruto ended up an orphan on the day of his birth. The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi witnessed the sealing and vowed that Naruto would be safe. He announced to the village that Naruto was the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi after he retook the position of Hokage. Let's just say the citizens of Konoha didn't take it well and wanted the buy to be killed. Hiruzen made a law that stated that no one could tell the younger generation of Naruto being the Jinchuriki in order for Naruto to have a kind of normal childhood

[12 years later]

During the past 12 years, Naruto's life wasn't best. Children would tell their children to stay away from him, People would overprice him for groceries, people kept breaking into his house and stealing stuff from him.

Naruto Uzumaki was on his way to the Academy in order to take the final exam. Naruto stood at 167 cm tall and had short, spiky blond hair. He had sky blue eyes and three peculiar whisker marks on each cheek. His outfit consisted of black sandals, black pants with a kunai pouch strapped to his right leg. He wore a black jacket with orange vertical stripes on the side. On the back was a red spiral.

He was an above-average student with the only challenge being Sasuke Uchiha. He had had problems with the clone jutsu so one of his friends, Anko Mitarashi, taught him a substitute for it. The Shadow Clone Jutsu. He had ran into her by the Dango Store when he was returning home from the Academy. She could relate to him being hated as she used to be Orochimaru's student before he betrayed her. She ended up teaching him Taijutsu and they ended up becoming his mentor along with his friends Kakashi, who taught him chakra control and jutsu, and Asuma Sarutobi, who taught him how to use Kunai and Shuriken. He also taught him wind release. He himself is currently self-teaching himself Fuinjutsu but wants to learn Kenjutsu from someone, he just doesn't know who.

He ended up passing with flying colors. And as congratulations, Iruka was going to go with for some Ramen.

The next day they had to come back for the team selection. Naruto ended up with Sasuke and Sakura, for some weird reason while Hinata, Kiba, and Shino got placed together as well as Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino. He had no problems with his teammates, while he looked at Sasuke as his rival, Sakura was annoying.

It came as surprise to him when their sensei ended up being Kakashi. He gave them the bell test, which they passed, and then spent months doing D-Rank missions, which were basically chores.

However, when Naruto got fed up and demanded a C-Rank, Hiruzen gave them the mission of escorting and protecting a bridge-builder to the Land of Waves. It ended up becoming an A-Rank when one of the seven ninja swordsmen, Zabuza Momochi on the orders of a man named Gato, who controlled the Land of Waves and forced them into poverty.

During their first fight, Kakashi won after the teamwork of Naruto and Sasuke got him out of a jutsu which trapped in a sphere of water. However, before Kakashi could actually kill him, a hunter-nin from the mist village claimed the body. They came to the conclusion that he/she was working with Zabuza but not after Kakashi suffered from chakra exhaustion.

It had been days since they came to the Land of Waves. Kakashi was doing better and had taught them Tree Walking. Currently, Naruto was exhausted from training on his wood release, which he found out a few weeks ago, then he fell asleep. When he woke he met a beautiful girl named Haku. they talked for a while about what strength means and how to become stronger.

When the day that Zabuza would return came, a lot happened. First, two guys that worked for Gato tried to attack the daughter and grandson of the bridge builder, but before they managed to do so, Naruto intervened and kicked their asses. When he got to the bridge he saw Kakashi fighting Zabuza, with Sasuke fighting the hunter-nin in an ice dome. Seeing he would only get in the way of Kakashi, he went into the dome to help Sasuke. After a while, the hunter-nin had had enough. He/She launched a flurry of senbon at them but for some reason, Sasuke blocked them all. Thinking his teammate was dead, red chakra started forming around him, his features becoming wilder. His speed now outmatched the hunter-nin, he landed a devastating blow to the head, breaking the mask.

When he looked at who was under the mask and saw Haku. she explained her story to him, how her father killed her mother because she possessed a bloodline limit. Her story was interrupted when they heard a chirping sound. They looked up to see Kakashi charging at Zabuza with his hand and arm covered in lightning. Haku tried to get up in order to take it but was too late. Zabuza managed to give her his last few words. He also told her to take his sword and go with team 7 to Konoha. Moments later, Gato along with his men arrived and ordered them to take every woman and to kill every man and child. However, before they could do this, branches came out of the ground and wrapped around their bodies. Before any of them could try to counter it, however, Haku came charging at them with Zabuza's massive blade in her hand. She slaughtered them all before they could even scream in fear.

After the fight in turned out that Sasuke didn't die because they were senbon needles. They stayed in the village for a week or two as the bridge builder finished the bridge. After that, team 7 along with Haku set their sights on Konoha.

[Time Skip: Chunin Exams, End of Part 1 of Naruto]

The Chunin exams were hell on Earth (first two exams end up the same, Haku was given chunin rank when she was tested in order to join Konoha) During the month-long training, he trained his ass off with his new mentor Jiraiya who gave him the Toad Summoning Contract. He also trained in his Earth jutsu as Jiraiya had that affinity. During the month, he also asked Haku out which she accepted.

During the battle between Sasuke and a guy from the Sand Village, there was an invasion on Konoha, Orochimaru killed the Third Hokage but failed to destroy the Leaf. Naruto defeated Gaara and was given the rank of Chuunin by the new Hokage, Tsunade. He also learned the Rasengan.

Sasuke left the village to go to Orochimaru. Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, and Neji went after him but had to fight through 4 elite sound ninja. Naruto went after Sasuke while the others took care of the sound ninja. However, Naruto lost against Sasuke and nearly died. After which Jiraiya decided to take Naruto on a three-year training trip, as an organization called the Akatsuki is planning on collecting all the Bijuu.

[Time Skip: 4th Shinobi World War]

After he got back from the training trip, his relationship with Haku blossomed and they fell in love. They also had to do a lot of stuff, like rescuing the Kazekage, who turned out to be Gaara. Gaara had had the Ichibi, which was now ripped out of him as Akatsuki had gotten him. Jiraiya died at the hands of Pein, the supposed leader of the Akatsuki. After this, Naruto went with the toad to Mt. Myoboku to learn sage mode. Then Pein attacked the Leaf searching for Naruto, killing Haku in the process. When Naruto returned after the toads got the message that the village was being attacked. Naruto beat them all up and talked to Nagato. Moved by his words, Nagato revives everyone he killed during his assault on the Leaf, including Haku.

Tsunade calls for a Kage Summit to talk about the problem that is the Akatsuki. During the meeting, a masked man claiming to be Madara Uchiha declares war on the nations. Naruto goes to an island with the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, Killer Bee in order to master the Kyuubi chakra. When he does master it, he finds out the war is happening and he and Killer Bee break out in order to fight with them.

During the final battle, it is revealed the Masked man is Obito Uchiha, an ex-teammate of Kakashi's and his left is the one that Kakashi has. During the Battle, he and a revived Madara Uchiha unleash the Ten-Tails on the world. An attack that was meant for Naruto was blocked by the woman he loved. Haku died in front of him. This caused him to awaken the Rinnegan, turning the scale of the battle in their favor. They fought Obito after he became the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. After they extracted it from Obito is was Madara who ended up taking it and severely wounding both Naruto and Sasuke. During this, the Sage of six paths gave them both powers that would be useful in their fight.

When they awoke they ended up wrecking Madara's ass only for him to transform into a… Woman? Yes, the mother of the Sage of Six Paths and the founder of Chakra. They ended up sealing her away in a different dimension but at the cost of Sasuke's life. The Sage of Six Paths gives him an option, stay and continue protecting this world from danger or go to another world that is in need of saving. He accepts not only because he can help but also because he doesn't have much reason to stay in this world.

That concludes this chapter of the story. It was pretty shit I will admit but then again it's just a recap.

Chapter 2 will come out whenever I finish it.