This is a challenge made by Kezmann1993 where when Minato and Kushina seal the Kyuubi inside Naruto, they don't die but are teleported to the One Piece Universe and then, after the 4th great ninja war, Naruto appears in the east blue and meets Luffy and joins his crew.

Chapter 3: Entrance to the Grand Line

It had been weeks since Naruto joined the crew. Now the recently named 'Straw-Hat Pirates' were sailing towards Loguetown, the Island closest to the grand line and the place of both birth and death of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

During this time, they gained new members of the pirate crew. First was Usopp, the crew's sniper. After the Crew reached his Island, they ended up fighting the Black Cat Pirates, under their captain, Kuro who faked his death years prior and posed as a butler in the village. After they saved their village, the girl who Kuro was working for while undercover gave them a Ship they named the Going Merry.

Then there was Sanji, who they met the sea restaurant Baratie, which was in the middle of the ocean. While there, a man who had one of the highest bounties in the east blue arrived, Don Krieg. Don Krieg had been in the grand line when all his ships were destroyed by one man, Hawk Eyes Mihawk. Zoro challenged and lost to Hawk Eyes, and Luffy defeated Don Krieg. After this Luffy, Naruto, one of two former bounty hunter friends of Zoro's, Yosaku, and Sanji, who became their cook, went after Nami who had stolen the Going Merry. (Usopp, Zoro, Johnny, and Yosaku had gone ahead but Yosasku got sent back to Baratie because a giant fish nearly swallowed him and brought him there.)

They find out the Nami is heading towards Conami Islands, where the person with the highest bounty in the East Blue rules. Arlong was his name and he and his crew were all Fishmen. They later found out that Nami joined the Arlong Pirates in order to protect her village. Luffy kicks Arlong's ass and Naruto beats up a corrupt marine captain by the name of Nezumi because he took bribes from Arlong and tried to steal Nami's money.

They now find themselves on board the going merry. Nami has just gotten the weekly news coo to find a great surprise. Both Luffy and Naruto have gotten a bounty! Luffy, of course, has a higher bounty as he is the captain. Luffy got a 30,000,000 bounty and Naruto 25,000,000.

They finally got to Louguetown. Zoro had gone to replace his two broken swords from his fight from Mihawk, Sanji was taking part in a cooking competition, Usopp went to go shopping for sniping equipment, Nami went clothes shopping and Luffy went to explore and see the place the pirate king was executed but not before Nami warned both Luffy and Naruto to be careful since there were Marines all over the place. Naruto went with Nami as he had to buy new clothes as well.

She dragged him into many clothes stores, After hours of searching and fitting clothes, Naruto is now wearing black sweatpants and a black vest which he had open down the middle. Over it, he wears a Black and Red Haori(similar to the one during Pein fight). He also wears wooden sandals. They were now looking for the rest of the crew so they looked for Usopp first, who they found challenging a marine sniper for some goggles which he won.

When they went into the city center, they noticed that there seemed to be something happening. They looked up to the same stand that the pirate king died to see their captain trapped and about to be executed by… Buggy? They also saw that there were pirates all around the stand cheering for their captain. Naruto was scared for his captain so he did a quick shunshin behind Luffy and blocked the sword from slicing his head off.

"Buggy the Clown, how long has it been? Come for another ass-kicking, Red Nose?" He asked.


"Really? Well mine is 25 million and Luffy's is 30 million so suck it."


"But not for long," said a new voice. The looked to see a man with white hair and a marine captain jacket. The most prominent features are the two cigars he has in his mouth and the Jitte strapped on his back. "Neither of you will leave this island alive."

"Umm… who are you?" Both Luffy and Buggy ask at the same time.

"I am Captain Smoker, I make sure pirates like you don't get into the grand line"

"Well you can't stop us," Naruto says

"Hmm… and you are Fox Demon Naruto"

"So?" Naruto then frees Luffy and jumps off the stand and started to run towards their ship, beating up marines on the way. They meet up with the others. Zoro has two new swords and Sanji is carrying a large fish, but they notice something there is a cloud of smoke chasing them. Luffy squints his eyes and sees it's Smoker. Naruto tells them to go on ahead and that he'll catch up. They refuse until a large gale of wind forced them to go on ahead.

Naruto faces Smoker, he has his katana out. It was a white blade with two lines on each side of the blade, being red and yellow. The handle was black with an orange line and had a gold guard in the shape of a dragon chasing its tail. This Sword was called Homukora (1). Naruto and Smoker face off. Naruto dashes forward and slashes his blade, but when the blade came in contact with Smoker, the blade somehow passes through him. This baffles Naruto as he thought he was fighting another Obito. That is until Smoker explains.

"You can't beat me. I'm a smoke-man. I can control, manipulate, and become smoke." Smoker said.

"Huh, I've seen cooler stuff" Naruto then gets an idea, he has no idea if it will work or not. He puts chakra into his sword and blitzes towards Smoker. Smoker stands there thinking the attack will phase through him but to his surprise, he finds a large cut on the right side of his torso. He falls onto one knee and goes unconscious. The Marines go to save their captain while Naruto runs back to the Merry.

Noone noticed two cloaked figures standing on top of the building.

"WOW! Our sons working together dragon!" The first one said happily. This was Kushina.

"Yeah, I can tell they will work well together." Dragon said.

"Now we just need to make sure they get away without the marines chasing them."

(1) Homukura- Home Caller, given to him by Haku before the war.

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