Author's Note: Insanity hits again! This is what happens when Cloud van Dyk is watching TV and listening to music the same time: she has insane ideas -_-()

Disclaimer: Haruka and Michiru are not mine. Chibi Shakira and Chibi Ally are…sorta mine ^^;

Muse Chaos

Scene: Cloud is sitting in front of her computer, bawling her eyes out after writing the end of Perfect World. Chibi Shakira is sitting on her shoulder, bawling too.

Cloud: I can't believe I killed Haruka! Look at what you made me do, Shak! ;_;

Chibi Shakira: Aww, stop bawling. It'll be okay ^_^

Cloud: No it won't! All my fans will hate and kill me! You are an evil muse, Shak!

Mysterious Voice: She is right.

Cloud & Chibi Shakira: O_o?

Chibi Ally: *jumps out of nowhere* And that's why you need a new muse, Cloud!

Cloud: It's Ally! *o*

Chibi Shakira: _ Who are you?

Chibi Ally: I'm Chibi Ally! And I'll be Clouds new muse!

Chibi Shakira: That's what you think! I'm the one and only Cloud muse! Ask Haruka and Michiru!

Haruka: *pops out of nowhere*

Michiru: *ditto*

Cloud: O_O GAH! *falls off her chair in shock*

Haruka: You asked for us?

Chibi Shakira: Yes! Tell that Chibi Ally person that I'm the best muse Cloud can get!

Cloud: …

Chibi Ally: …

Haruka: …

Michiru: …well…you did give Cloud a lot of evil ideas lately…

Chibi Shakira: Huh? o_o?

Haruka: For example, killing me off in Perfect World! *whacks Cloud over the head*

Cloud: @_@

Chibi Ally: O_O Cloud!! *starts fussing all over Cloud*

Michiru: Another example, making me dream of Harukas horrid death in Rock My Life! I still have nightmares from that one!

Chibi Shakira: What do you want to say with that?

Haruka: That maybe Cloud does need a new muse!

Chibi Shakira: O_O …. *lip starts to quiver* … ;_; *starts bawling REALLY loud*

Cloud: *****_***** My ears! Shakira, calm down!

Chibi Shakira: But you don't want me as your muse anymore!

Chibi Ally: Serves ya right =P

Michiru: Aww, poor Shakira! Hey, why don't you two be Clouds muses? Both of you?

Cloud: I don't know if this is such a good idea…

Haruka: Of course it is! That way, you'll have more ideas, and thus can write more fics ^_^

Cloud: Yeah, and I will be @_@ all day when those two fight!

Chibi Ally & Chibi Shakira: We won't fight! ^_^

Cloud: Promise?

Chibi Ally & Chibi Shakira: ^_^v Yes!

Cloud: …ok…I'll have two muses then…

Haruka: Great :)

Michiru: Anyway, we gotta go now…*grabs Haruka, and they vanish*

Cloud: That was quick! *looks around* Huh? Where'd my muses go? O_o?

Chibi Ally: *sitting in the breast pocket of Clouds shirt!* I'm here!

Chibi Shakira: *sitting on Clouds shoulder!* I'm here!

They both start yelling their ideas into Clouds ears!!

Cloud: @_@ Gaaaaah!! *falls over*  I knew that this wasn't a good idea!

The muses continue shouting while Cloud lies twitching on the floor…please…somebody…help….

THE END!!! ^^