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I was initially planning on making this a oneshot but it wasn't really working. I've worked on several writing projects just to release news on my game progress, which I will talk about in a bit, but everything seemed lackluster. In total I started and stopped four other stories, some with over 10,000 words. Anyways, my plans were to keep on releasing oneshots to talk about the game but that wasn't really working. Good ideas are hard to come by. I do like absurdist comedy, but I was putting out too much of it.

Anyways, that's why I'm starting this story. I've wanted to do another Yandere story for awhile and had Lucy in mind. I've only viewed a few sisters as serious yandere potential and she is one of the highest. So I don't know how long this story will be. There's more avenues I can take with it in chapter structure. Expect more along side my more tame rom/comfort story Changing Hearts. Trying to get a nice dichotomy again.

About my Parody Game - Kind at a tough spot. I recently played a game I thought was similar to what I was trying to achieve: rpg maker, rich heroines, and erotica. But what I realized was… it was boring as all heck. No seriously. Super boring. It came to a lack of game play and long cut scenes. Really turned me off. The game only had three heroines, mine was going to have 10. Setting myself up for disaster. I really only had prepared sprites, character design, and branch elements but, looking at it all, it kind of sucks. So I'm going back to square one. Planning on a much faster paced game and smaller world. There's also the issue of being in my last semester and trying to find a job with my degree that I'm unsure if I want anymore. Either way, don't know if I want a company doing a background check and finding this crap about me. It's unlikely but still hikes up my paranoia. Anyways, I'm still doing stuff with it but very slowly. Don't expect major breakthroughs anytime soon.

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Lincoln Loud looked at the guest room with a pit in his stomach. One large queen sized bed sat as the centerpiece of the entire room. The sheets were clean and pillows fluffed, ready to welcome the incoming guest.

"Here's the towels." A slender Hispanic woman with a frizzy bun entered carrying a set of light blue towels. The spare towels were set on the corner of the bed. "Are we forgetting anything?" Lincoln glanced over to his wife.

"N-no." The white haired man's eyes went back to the bed. "That's everything." His fist balled to hide his sweaty palms.

"Well good." Ronnie Anne Loud Santiago approached her husband and kissed his cheek. "It's nice of Lucy to use her vacation time to visit us. It was such a disappointment when she couldn't come to the wedding."

Without looking at her, Lincoln wrapped his arms around Ronnie Anne. His eyes stayed firmly on the bed. "Y-yeah."

The woman rubbed his chest lovingly as she spoke. "You used to be so close." Her words stung, even if she didn't know it. "What's it been? Six? Seven years?"

"Life gets in the way." He tried to sate the conversation into stopping.

"Heh, maybe." The slender woman slid out of the hug and walked into the hallway. She continued to yell down the hall as she went to the kitchen. "Hey! Want to hear something funny?"

"What?" Lincoln's eyes stayed on the bed even as he left the room. His footfalls signaled to his wife of his following.

"Well, it's funny now." Ronnie Anne started from the counter as she plugged in an electric kettle. Their starter home was minimally supplied and their small kitchen overlooked their living room that Lincoln sat down in.

The white haired man voice was dull but its tone was ignored. "What happened?"

"Well," Ronnie Anne chuckled and giddily tiptoed as if to drop some juicy gossip. She quickly made her way to sit next to an ignorant Lincoln. "Okay, okay. So when we first started dating in college. Lucy went total overprotective little sister for you."

Lincoln's fist tightened. "What she do?"

"Oh man, she took me aside and was all like," Ronnie Anne postured herself in a joking manner that didn't fit the individual she was mocking. "You don't deserve to date Lincoln you two-bit Tijuana hooker. I bet you can't even handle half of his dick in that shallow end you call a pussy." Her hand snapped in tune with more of a valley girl than a goth teen. She held it for a second before losing the ability to contain herself. "Pfft! Haha, like what the fuck is that supposed to mean?!"

Ronnie Anne's laughter continued as the urge to throw up crept into Lincoln's throat. "It was so ridiculous how legitimately angry she was. She was so pissed that we were together. She was really ripping into me, it was hilarious!"

Lincoln's eyes diverted. "Why didn't you tell me about that?"

"Oh come on, Lame-o." His wife nudged his shoulder jokingly. "I'm not some delicate flower who can't take shit like that." The woman shrugged. "I just told her it's a good thing we don't always use my pussy then."

"Fuck, you didn't." The white haired man tried to scold.

"I tell it like it is." She snickered. "That really pissed her off. It almost looked like she was going to jump me."

"That's not funny." Lincoln folded his arms.

"Oh, lighten up." Their electric kettle played a song to signal its readiness. The woman's ass swayed as she went back to the kitchen. "Want some tea?"

"...No, thank you."

"Suit yourself." Ronnie Anne opened their cabinets to search through their selection.

In the living room, Lincoln stewed. Behind him he could hear his wife of two months pouring a cup for herself. His hands intertwined and tucked underneath his chin.

Lucy was coming.

"We shouldn't have done that." Lincoln's ears could pick up on the gentle rumbling of his family below them, unaware of what had happened in the attic above. A cool hand wrapped around his chest and he could feel her naked body press against his back.

"Did you not enjoy it?" Her monotone voice was soft in the darkness of the attic.

"That's not it." The white haired boy did not look back at her. Lit by a candle stick, Lincoln and Lucy laid together covered only by a thin white sheet that once protected the queen size bed from attic dust.

"Then what is it?" His little sister laid a kiss onto his shoulder blade.

"Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Lucy... please." His voice begged. In the distance, his eyes caught glimmers of light shining through the edges of the trap door leading to the second floor.

"Lincoln," the pain in her voice caused him to squeeze his eyes tight, to prevent tears. "Did this mean nothing to you?"

"Dang it, Lucy." He felt her fingers curl on his back, tugging on a shirt that wasn't there. "It means everything. We shouldn't have done this."

"Why not?" Lucy asked her brother. "Do you feel guilty?"


"Were you the one who snuck up here to masturbate?"


"Did your moans accidentally call her brother to witness her shameful act?"


"Lincoln, I love you."

"And I love you too." Twisting his body, he faced his pale sister. "But I shouldn't have d-"

"Say it Lincoln."

"I shouldn't have had sex with you."

"Well, I don't regret it." The girl squeezed in and began kissing the boy on the lips. He let her continue for a second but then pulled back.

"Lucy, stop."

"No." Her hand dipped down and found a wet patch between her legs. Bringing it back up, she showed him her fingers painted in a deep crimson. "Does this mean nothing to you?"

Lincoln looked at the blood in silence.

He did this.

And he couldn't take it back.

"Well, big brother?" Her harsh whispers churned his stomach.

"I'm sor-"

"Don't you fucking dare!" She screamed out.

"Huh?" A muffled voice asked from below them. It sounded gruff, and Lincoln knew how strong the punch from the athlete it came from could be. He froze. "Spooky? You okay up there?" Lynn Jr.'s shouts were directly below the embraced pair.

In an act of desperation, Lincoln's hand went to cover his sisters mouth, but she fought back. A struggle ensued but a quick bite caused his palm to reel back.

"Shit," he managed to contain his outcry into a harsh whisper. "Lucy, don't!"

"Yes!" The goth girl sat up full exposed. "And Lincoln's up here too!"

"Linc?" The junior asked the trap door. "What are you guys doing up there?"

"Lucy, please!" He begged silently.

"Did you enjoy it?" Lucy looked down in rage but kept it quiet.

"What?!" His eyes dilated as he cowered beneath her.

"You enjoyed it!" The black haired girl leaned right into his face. A single crazed eye peered out from behind messy bangs. "Didn't you?!"

He a cold shiver went up his spine, the sounds of his other sister's voice becoming static in the background.

"Didn't you?!"

"Yes, fine!" He put his hands together and begged. "I loved it! Please, Lucy!"

The goth girl's lips curled into a smile.

"Good." She looked up into the darkness. "We were just playing with a spirit board! I dropped the planchet and stubbed my toe looking for it!"

"Oh," Lynn Jr. sounded sated. "You two have fun with your ghost shit. I'm going to the gym." The sound of descending feet calmed Lincoln's pumping heart.

"Will do!" Lucy's voice sounded almost bright under its monotone. With a grin she looked down at her brother, a joyful grin marking her features. "Shall we make it official?"

"Lucy…" His fist clenched but he did not fight back. "Okay."

"Then as I have offered my life blood," Lincoln watched as her hands hugged herself and slide down her developing curves. Her hands reached between her thighs and opened them to reveal her deflowered womanhood. Lincoln felt despair as he began reacting to Lucy's movements. "You shall as well."

Her pale form rolled like fog on a cold night as she moved to straddle her prey. She could feel trembles of excitement as she positioned herself above her brother's nude frame. Licking her lips, her head dipped down to just below his navel. She gave the area a soft kiss that sent a shock up the white haired boy's body. She went higher and gave a kiss to his stomach. Then to his lower peck, then the collar bone. His breath was hiking even in his discomfort and, what he wanted to believe was a natural response to touch, his erection was preparing itself once more.

Lucy's steamy breath hovered around where his nape met his shoulder.

"And with this." She opened her mouth. "We are bonded."

Lucy's teeth pierced her brother's flesh.

Lincoln shot up in bed, covered in sweat and breathing heavily. The dark room around him was still visible from the soft glow of a night light in the master bathroom. Next to him stirred his loving wife, unaware of her awake partner. He looked at her as she blissfully snoozed to her heart's content.

His hand was grasping the old scar on his neck.

He removed his hand and looked at it. In his palm, memories best forgotten. Lincoln tightened his fist upon them and laid back down

The ceiling fan stood still above him. His eyes traced along the shape of its blades. Beyond it was a blank slate of bumps and ripples of plaster. Much different from the wooden beams of the attic of his childhood home.

It still bothered him.

He flipped to his side.

Shimmying over, he held Ronnie Anne in his arms. His lover purred from the incoming warmth. Pushing the oncoming day out of his mind, Lincoln returned to a very unrestful sleep.

Lincoln tapped his phone screen causing the time to flash briefly before turning dark. Once away, he hit it again repeating a cycle he had started nearly thirty minutes ago. In a small parking lot a mile off from the airport, he sat in the silence of his car interrupted by the roar of a plane taking off above him every six minutes or so.

Taking a half day, his wife was not with him. Ronnie Anne was spending her time at the clinic rushing through a quota of patients she had to make up for to have her small break. She would join them later in the afternoon, meaning he had to pick up his sister… alone.

Lincoln tapped on his phone again.

"Why can't she just rent a car?" He grumbled to no one. His phone went dark but as he went to tap it, the screen lit up on it's own. His finger froze in place as he waited.

The screen flashed with a message…

Retrieved my bag. Will meet you at the East pick up point.

It was from Lucy…

He sighed. His palms came up and clasped his face before dragging down his jowls. His eyes lazily looked around the lot and followed leading arrows to an exit. At a far off intersection he could just make out the letters: East - Up - P - nt.

Lincoln started up his car and backed out of the space. Signalling to no one, he turned through the maze of cars till he made it to the sign pointing towards the pick up point. The mile seemed short even at his lazy speed, perhaps it was the lack of cars going to this puddle jump airport. Getting off the road and edging closer to the meet up area, Lincoln scanned the crowd.

On this bright day, she still found the darkest corner to stand in. Wearing a black turtleneck, that barely held back her F cup breasts, and light grey jeans, stood Lucy Loud. She was shapely and on the sexier side of plump. Her hair was as it ever was, short and obscuring her eyes. Her bangs framed her pale lips, glossed with a very smokey shade of black.

She was just as she was six years ago.

The car crept up slowly to the curb as she spotted it. Her expressionless face did not alter even as hazard lights turned on and the driver side door opened. Ducking out of the car, Lincoln Loud stood up and looked to Lucy.

They stood in silence, feeling where they stood with each other.

"..." Lincoln stood firm, his mouth not frowning but not nothing.

"...Greetings, brother." Lucy paused again as the words hung in the air. "You look well."


"May I ask for a hug?" The goth woman asked.


"I see…" She raised her duffle bag. It was black and bursting at the seams, much like her clothing. Lincoln's eyes darted down to look at it. Without a word, he pressed a button and the sound of the trunk unlatching was heard. "Thank you, Lincoln."

Lucy made her way to the trunk, her swaying hips nearly drawing his attention down but he fought it. She disappeared for a moment as the trunk obscured his sight of her. A thud of her dropping the bag in confirmed her continuing existence.

Lincoln ducked back into the car and grasped the steering wheel. His fingers lightly tapped in succession as he waited for the trunk to close and the passenger door to open. Not looking over, he felt the car's weight tip before resettling as the new occupant sat down. The sound of the buckle was followed by a monotone voice.

"Okay," Lucy spoke softly. "I'm ready." Not commenting, Lincoln turned off his hazards and pulled away.

Leaving him to focus on his driving, Lucy bided her time by examining her brother's face. He looked tired but still handsome. He sported a beard with no mustache that suited his white hair very well. She liked it.

As they signaled to merge onto a highway, the pale woman began the conversation. "How's the second location?" She watched as the scenery passed behind the white haired man.

"...Fine." Lincoln finally spoke up.

"That's good." She smiled to herself, not that he looked. "I'm glad the family business is doing well. Does Father split his time between them?"

"No," Lincoln glanced at his rear view mirror. "He's the head chef at the Royal Woods location. He trained someone else for the second location I manage for him."

"And Lori is preparing the third location in the city?"


"Mmm, I see." Lucy took the information to heart. Finally establishing a connection she felt no need to stare and looked forward. "How is Ronnie Anne?"

Lincoln waited to respond again. "...Ask her yourself."

"Aw yes," the woman hummed. "I guess we will have ample time to talk these coming days."

"...Yes, you wi-"

"It was cruel, you know?" Lincoln finally glanced over. Her head was turned towards him with an unnerving grin. "You don't call, don't email, then suddenly." His fingers gripped tightened around the wheel. "I received a save the date."


"I could have come." Her eyes looked forward again. She watched as the dashed highway lines passed. "To the wedding that is." Lincoln's car was roomy, but he never felt so trapped in it. "But I couldn't bear it. Seeing you with her. No, I couldn't."

"I didn't send it." He told her as if it would help him.

"I figured as much." Lucy nodded with understanding. "Of course, why would you invite your shame to your wedding?" Lincoln's heart was beating at a rate he had not experienced since his time in the family home. "After all the years of gluttonous sex, you discarded her. Abandoned her."

Lincoln's teeth grinded as he bite down. A choke breath or two whistling through his teeth. Sweat was building on his palms forcing him to take them off the wheel briefly to cool.

"But I forgive you." She was still smiling but it did not feel safe. "I'm your little sister and she's your childhood crush. Of course you'd choose her." Her nostrils flared as she took a deep breath. "Sigh. I guess that's how the world works… against me."


"How much longer?" She asked with a chipper tone.

"Tw-" Lincoln cleared his throat. "Twenty minutes."

"Oh good." She placed her hands together. "Plenty of time to talk."

Lincoln felt like crying.