Leon discovered the dress-clad woman hanging tied up in the air. He threw his knife with perfect aim to cut her down.

His focus turned to Osmund Saddler, who was slowly deviating further from a human state. With low grunts, the Los Illuminados authoritarian shed himself of his robes, now sprouting several massive spider-like legs. The giant monster stomped towards him with newly-formed blades and blood-shot auburn eyes.

Leon pulled out his most powerful semi-auto rifle and precisely shot at each of the exposed eyes. He shot the joints of Saddler's legs down until the monster buckled from beneath itself. Jumping onto the primary eye, Leon pulled out his spare knife and stabbed it down.

The monster roared out into the air; it was getting impatient. Knocking pillars over and whatever else was in its way, Saddler stomped around into multiple barriers, hurling them in Leon's path.

Leon was resourceful and made good use of his surroundings. He used whatever method he could to take the tyrant down.

A rocket launcher was suddenly thrown in his direction. He caught it. Leon looked up from the gift to see Ada from afar again.

"Use this!" she ordered.

He knelt down to position the tall missile and aimed the scope in Saddler's range of sight.

'I can't miss this shot,' he worried, kneeling down.

Waiting for the right moment, Saddler's squirming head finally aligned with the crosshairs of the scope. Taking the shot, the fired missile curved slightly to collide with Saddler's face, and then eventually his entire body.

It was done. The main threat that had been tormenting Leon for days had been eliminated. Running over to the shattered corpse, he saw two vials of purple liquid that rolled out. The Las Plagas sample. He held them up in his hands. This was proof of his success. He was finally saved. Or so he thought.

He felt the muzzle of a handgun press up against his back.

"Sorry Leon, hand them over."

Rotating around to see Ada again, he slowly did as he was told.

She theatrically leapt from the edge of the site they were standing on to land inside a well-timed levitating helicopter. Clutched at her chest was a silver briefcase holding the stolen samples.

Another present from Ada, a cluster of keys, was tossed into his hand. He gripped it firmly, intensely glaring at her. What was she planning to do now?

"I don't get it," Leon called out to her, "Why would I need this? Just take us with you!"

"Sorry. No can do, lover boy; I've got my own matters to attend to," she spoke with a hint of disdain.

He shook his head at her and scoffed in dissatisfaction. "Cut it out. Don't you see things would be much easier if we just worked together? Stop the bullshit."

She paused in a brief silence, looking the opposite direction and crossing her arms. But she ignored him.

"You might want to leave this island before you're blown to pieces. Don't die," she taunted. He'd heard that phrase from her once before. With a waving motion, she flew off for good.

So this was their final goodbye…

Turning one of the plush keychains over, he saw an attached digital timer. "Shit! Only two minutes?"

How harsh.

Leon sprinted off and made his way down the elevator. "Ashley, we've gotta hurry, now!" he shouted, pulling her hand. "This island's going to blow!"

"What?!" Her eyes went wide as he dragged her along.

"No time to explain. Run!"

They found a jetski sitting next to a small dock in the caves. Leon twisted his keys in the ignition. "Hang on, sweetheart!"

She blushed at the term of endearment. Gripping his torso tightly, they sped off before being chased by a torrent of large waves.

He could see the literal light at the end of the tunnel. They've got this. They were going to make it.

"Hold on tight!" he shouted. In the nick of time, they flew out of the exploding cave. She screamed as they jetted through the air. Landing roughly, Leon transitioned onto another wave as he resumed taking off.

"Mission accomplished, Leon!" Ashley squealed as she hugged him from behind.

"Not quite. I still have to get you home."

"You mean get us home."


He looked back to check on her. She had a light and joyous expression on her face. He smiled. That's what he liked to see.

"I could totally use a vacation right now," she announced.

"Tell me about it."

His device beeped a signal as he continued to sail through the bouncing waves. He was surprised to see an incoming call as he hadn't gotten one in a while. He held the transceiver to his face while using his other hand to steer. He saw his assistant's face on the other side.

"Hunnigan? You're back."

"Leon, we saw the explosion just now. We found your location through our satellite signal. Head to the next island on your map. The chopper's waiting for you."

"Thanks, we'll be there soon." He signed out. "We're close, Ashley. "


Silence fell between them. The hum of the motor buzzed in the background.

"So, who was that woman before? Do you know her?" Ashley inquired. She bit her lip.

"Yeah. Ada Wong; she was one of the agents I mentioned to you before."

"Who is she to you? A friend?"

He didn't know how to answer that question. He stumbled for an answer.

"I don't really know. Just a part of me that I can't let go."

Ashley furrowed her brows in confusion. Can't 'let go'? In what way? She wanted to know more, but she kept quiet.

Leon looked down at the passing tides as they cruised along.

Leon had to admit his disappointment. Just when he thought he had Ada all figured out, she would go in and change his views about her all over again. What was her agenda? Who did she work for? Did she not work for anyone?

His head hurt with all the questions. All he knew was that he was getting played with like a toy. Bailed out by her one minute, thrown to the wolves the next. If she wanted him alive, she didn't have to unnecessarily put him though more danger. Did she think this was all part of some sick game? Whatever the case was, it was fucked up. And as long as he continued to chase her, he would stay stuck in the middle of her convoluted ploys.

The icing on top was that she now had the imposing power of the virus in her hands— she could do nearly whatever she wanted.

'I can't trust that woman,' he thought to himself. His loyalty to her was wavering.

The couple pulled into shore. A helicopter hovered over the ground, spinning its blades. They walked further in the middle of the small island to see two rows of Secret Service agents lined in a parallel path. Leon led Ashley behind him and saluted to the guards. She clutched his arm as she trailed him.

Leon came to stop in front of the chopper and saluted the Lieutenant.

"Agent Kennedy," the man nodded, "Orders to extract directly from Mr. President. Come this way." He led the two of them inside. They fastened their seats and put on headsets. The chopper lifted and took off.

After a few minutes of peaceful flying, Leon called out to the pilot.

"Hey, mind if we get two minutes of privacy back here?"

The helmeted pilot nodded and waved his fingers, switching his headset off.

Leon turned to face Ashley.

"You know, we have to address… what happened between us," he uncomfortably mentioned. He brought his gloved hand up to clear his throat.

It had to be done. They had to establish where they each stood from that night. Clear things over, in a way.

"I don't regret anything, if that's what you mean," she earnestly spoke, facing him. "Um… do you?"

He thought carefully before choosing his words. He knew he stood on the thin, breakable glass of Ashley's feelings.

"It's not about whether or not I do. I don't think your dad would be too happy if he learned about us."

"But we don't have to tell him, right?"

"I can't exactly get honored and saluted by your dad without him knowing the truth. Wouldn't sit right with me."

She pondered for a bit. She put her hands on her knees.

There was know way her father could know. It would be impossible.

"It's too risky. I can't sacrifice your job!" she declared.

"I'm prepared to handle it if that's what goes over."

She felt terrible. Imagining Leon having his identity, and essentially everything he had, taken away from him? She could hardly bear it. He had been so gracious and selfless to her. No way.

"It was my choice, Leon. I'm responsible for it, so I will bear it. Please don't mention anything to him. For me, please," she begged.

If that's what made her happy, then he would do it. Not without guilt, of course.

"Alright; it'll be our secret."

She kissed his cheek. Uh-oh. That was something they couldn't publicly do.

"But we should be careful of how we display ourselves around each other, alright?" he asked. Now that the Plagas was out, he knew he didn't have anything to worry about self-control— he was mostly speaking for her sake.

"Alright," she agreed. "I never asked you before, and I feel like it would be unfair to ask how you feel about me now, but… do you think we could continue things sometime? From where we left off?"

He was glad to be spared of the feelings question. But he did have a logical answer for her other request that would satisfy them both.

"Tell you what—why don't we take things slow? See how everything goes."

She rejoiced.


Never in a million years did she think Leon would even remotely accept her advances. She was just happy to hear that he would be with her again. To think that he would actually take a chance on her seemed out of this world.

"That sounds awesome, Leon. I'd like that."

Leon felt a genuine intention behind his words. There was no obligation behind them. The only obligation he felt was to see that she gets to a hospital— pronto. Then, he could truly relax knowing everything was going to be alright.

He leaned his head back onto the metal panel. He rested his eyes, reflecting on a job well done. Mission success.

The helicopter zoomed off through the horizon and vanished into the distance.


Author's note: Resident Evil 4 is one of the best video games of all time. Its beautiful atmosphere, action, and storyline all came together into one grand masterpiece. That being said, the ending cutscene of the game didn't click for me. In fact, it didn't work at all. Ashley's line about "overtime" was just cringy, weird, and out of place considering that she and Leon hardly had any close interactions throughout the game. A lot of people interpreted her flirtation as a sexual one. Therefore, I believe that bit of dialogue should have been omitted completely since their relationship never took a romantic route. Speaking of that, I wanted to shed some light on what a possibility between them would look like. I hope you liked my story. Thanks for reading.