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Chapter 47: Internal Conflict

Yesterday, a fight broke out between a small group of heroes and a random mud villain. The mud villain seemed to have some sort of personal grudge against Demon Slayer and his Classmate Katsuki Bakugo. The three fought and it was quite clear the villain had no chance of winning but this fight was suddenly interrupted by the sudden arrival of a new villain named Kokushibo. This mysterious villain appeared out of nowhere and seemed to have some sort of connection with Demon Slayer the leading theory he is a villain Demon Slayer fought in the past, one that was clearly a threat enough to attack first, though unfortunately it proved to be unhelpful as the villain was able to wound him greatly, the other heroes on sight rushed to help but were unsuccessful in stopping the villain, two heroes that were in the top ten were unable to stop this man. Only with the combined efforts from the UA students were they able to land a single attack on the man but this proved to be unable to stop Kokushibo. Soon confusion on the battlefield with the appearance of a young man in a white Kimono seemed to stop the villain and talk to the man. This is where some of the confusion comes from as the witnesses on the scene claimed the two knew each other over a hundred years ago at the dawn of quirks. This is unconfirmed but remember this for later as the situation turned once more with the sudden appearance of All Might, The Hero Killer Stain and several smaller villains that caused problems for other heroes a while ago. In the end Stain used his quirk on Kokushibo confusing the law enforcement and the heroes but this did nothing to stop the villain as he then proceeded to slice a building in two. All Might and the other heroes rushed to the building to save the office workers, due to the angle of slice six office workers all had their legs cut clean off, we of course can't show you any of the footage of the mutilated office workers but we are happy to report that none of them have died. The young man from before in the white Kimono jumped in and saved the office workers with the help of a woman that had a similar quirk to Hawks, this woman hasn't been identified but might be related to the number three hero. The two together were able to save each person and from what I've just been told the two have been successful in reattaching all the severed limbs, it is clear that these two have some sort of medical background. As for the building that was cut in two, it was mostly saved, not only thanks to the efforts of the heroes but also thanks to the villains, the spider children. As All Might held the building in place, the three siblings jumped in and used their webs to hold the building in place, giving the heroes enough time to save everyone.

The tv then paused as Shigaraki turned to the three spider children, "Well, what the hell happened."

"We are not siblings." stated Yura, slightly annoyed.

Riura leaned towards the screen, "Ugh..they could have gotten a better angle, my hair is all over the place."

"That's not the damn point," yelled Shigaraki as he pointed at Rui, "Rui! Why did you help the heroes?"

Rui blinked for a moment, "You're joking right?"

For a moment Shigaraki thought Rui was fucking with him until he realized that Rui was being serious, "Explain Rui."

"There's quite a few reasons why I asked Yura and Riura to help, the main reason is just in case."

"Just in case what?"

"Just in case you fail."


In the end the events of yesterday with the new swordsman overshadowed the end of the sports fe-

Katsuki turned off the TV, in the hospital room. "Izuku, who was that asshole?"

Izuku just stared up at the ceiling as he breathed in slowly, his mind still replaying the events of yesterday. 'That man wasn't even trying to fight us, he cut a whole building in half with a single slice, if he wanted to he could have killed us the second he showed up.' He looked over next to the window against the wall was his sword and on the table was his earring, 'Did you have to fight monsters like that Tanjiro?'

Katsuki saw how Izuku looked over at the earrings, since they had awoken in the hospital beds, Izuku had barely spoken and hadn't responded to Katsuki questions except for one. "That guy, Kokushibo, he has something to do with that fucker with chains when we were in your head."

Izuku turned his head to Katsuki, "How'd you know?"

"So that got you talking," Katsuki looked at Izuku, "When we were in your head, I saw your memories, I wasn't able to see all of them but I did see a few drawings, also that guy with the chains on his arms and legs, he was standing there between the memories. Who was he?"

Izuku sat up and looked at Katsuki, "I've known you for a long time Katsuki and I know you want a rematch with Kokushibo."

"Damn straight I do," said Katsuki knowing he would have to train hard but the next time they meet, it won't be the same as last time. "So did they work together or something?"

"It's a bit more complicated than that, but to answer your question, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone else his name."

Katsuki raised an eyebrow, "What why?"

"Katsuki." Izuku gave him a look and said this with absolute seriousness.

"Okay, I promise."

"That man you saw in the mental world, he's an incredibly powerful villain who is trapped there and we can't let him out, his name is Muzan."


"Shouldn't we head back to the elder?" asked Jam "Maybe he can help with..." he trailed off as they all looked at Hibiki who was hugging her legs in the foetal position.

"What the fuck happened to her?" asked Riff.

"I don't know," said Woodwind as he had a small plate of food for Hibiki, "but we don't go back until she says so."

Though not even he knew how long that would be, after they had escaped from UA, Hibiki absolutely refused to go back home, she didn't say why or couldn't. They found a small beach house that was unoccupied and made themselves at home, during that time Hibiki had barely done anything. This was highly unusual for her as she would always have something to say or do. The most she's done in the time they've been hiding was to give her squirrels a proper burial as they had died due to whatever happened to Hibiki.

"Here," Woodwind put the plate of food in front of Hibiki, "I know curry rice ain't the best but it was the best I could find around here." He expected some response but nothing it was as if she was a million miles away. "Hibiki you should really eat something, this rice is quite lean, you won't get fat." No reaction. Woodwind was now getting really worried.

"Come on fatty, say something." shouted Riff.

"Riff!" yelled Riff and Woodwind.

"What? We need to get something out of her."

"Maybe we should try something else," suggested Jam as he readied his guitar, "How about a ballad."

Woodwind and Riff gave him a flat look, "No!"

"We can't go back."

All three of them turned to Hibiki, surprised as they heard her speak, "What do you mean Hibiki?" asked Woodwind.

Hibiki turned to her cousins, "We can never go back to the family, if we do, it will give that thing a chance to escape."

"Thing?" repeated Riff.

"What thing?" asked Jam.

"The thing that killed me a thousand times, a thousand different ways." she shuddered at the memories, "If we go back, they'll start asking questions, those questions will lead to more questions and the answer to those questions will lead back to him...and he will kill them all."

Woodwind looked at the others who were as confused as he was. "Who?"

Hibiki took a deep breath as she felt her blood begin to freeze, and quietly spoke, "Muzan."


Katsuki was cold, 'What the hell...All Izuku said was a simple name and yet...' Katsuki felt his arms moving, 'Am I shaking? What the hell is going on?' Katsuki looked over at Izuku who still had a serious look in his eyes. Katsuki could tell there was something more to this but it was clear that there was something more to this. "This is something big isn't it?"

Izuku gave him a nod, "It is."

Katsuki was silent for a moment before speaking in a calm voice. "Izuku, just what the hell is going on?"

Before Izuku could respond the door to their hospital room was flung open. "Izuku/Katsuki!"

The two looked over as they saw several of their classmates enter the room, including Jack and Kendo of class b, followed by a small speedy figure that landed on Izuku's chest. "Ahh, ERI!?" yelped Izuku in surprise as he saw the crying little girl on his chest.

"Eri, be careful," said Melissa as she pulled Eri back a little bit. "He's injured."

"I'm sorry," said Eri through tears, "Are you okay?"

Izuku gave her a smile and patted her head, "Don't worry I'm going to be doing just fine." He then looked up to see Ochako and Yuki giving him a look of concern before he felt Yae grabbing his hospital shirt and bringing him uncomfortably close to her face, "Yae?!" his face turning beat red.

"What the hell Izuku, who the hell said that you could die, I sure as hell didn't give you permission at all, so what the hell!" yelled Yae, "You can't die, I won't allow it, not until I have my rematch and not until I say so got it." as Yae got done yelling Izuku saw tiny tears build up in the corners of her eyes. "After today I don't want to see you in the hospital again."

"Yae." Izuku was touched and gave her a determined look. "I won't."

"Oh for fuck sakes," groaned Katsuki.

This caused Kirishima to chuckle, "How's it going man?" as he held his fist out to Katsuki.

Katsuki gave him a fist bump, "Not too bad, but I suddenly feel that I might need to get a different room." as he glanced over at Izuku and his little group.

"Which one I wonder," mused Jirou.

"Lucky bastard." growled Mineta as he started crying tears of blood.

"The fuck is up with your eyes?" asked Jack noticing Mineta's eyes.

"Don't worry about that," said Denki, not showing any concern whatsoever. "Perfectly natural for him."

"There is nothing natural about that." pointed Kendo.

"The perv aside, how'd the sports festival go?" asked Katsuki his question causing the room to go silent and then cold.

"I won," said Shoto by the door in a clearly irritated tone. "After the four people I wanted to fight left, there was no one really to challenge me." His voice clearly said he was not happy that he won so easily.

"Well sorry for not living up to your expectations." came a voice behind Shoto revealing Shinso with some of class c behind him. "Though admittedly I'm a little disappointed as well, I kind of wanted to watch the four of them fight."

"Wait four?" muttered Izuku as he looked at the group and saw Melissa look down and blush slightly, "Melissa?"

Melissa kept blushing and fidgeting a little, "I kind of left the stadium when I saw you fighting that guy on the news."

"What?! You dropped out of the tournament!" Izuku was quite surprised about this news, "But-"

"She was worried," interjected Ochako, "We all were worried and after we saw that guy sent you flying with his attack, we wanted to help you."

Yuki nodded in agreement, "We might have even been able to make it but Mr. Yushiro already left with Tomo and our other idea was well..." she trailed off.

"Was stopped thanks to bunny butt." finished Yae in a very annoyed tone.

"Bunny butt?" said the room as they were all confused and too afraid to ask.

"She means Miriko," said Shinso, "Yae had a stupid idea to use my quirk to 'convince' Ryuku to give her a ride to you guys but before I could even say no she grabbed me and dragged me half way down the hall before Miriko showed up and stopped her."

"Yae!" yelped Izuku.

"What, I was just trying to help so you wouldn't end up here." huffed Yae.

Izuku sighed before smiling, "Thanks Yae, but next time please don't fight other heroes."

"Wait a second," said Katsuki, "Why was she even trying to stop you? She's not a UA teacher and I doubt she would really care if you guys left."

"Ryuku asked her for help because someone left first." said Kendo as she looked at Jack. "And I still haven't got a good reason why?"

"And she won't leave me alone for it either," Jack sighed before looking at Izuku with a serious look, "I left the second I saw him on the screen, that was Kokushibo wasn't it."

Izuku nodded, "Yeah that was him."

"Fuck." said Jack just loud enough for everyone to hear him.

"Wait, you know that guy?" asked Kendo. "How do you two know him, was he a villain you guys fought?"

Jack and Izuku looked at each other for a moment as they had a silent conversation. "It's quite a bit more complicated than that," said Izuku.

"Indeed it is." They all turned to see Yushiro and All Might standing in the doorway. "Hello children."

"Mr. Yushiro, All Might!"

"Greetings everyone." waved All Might, "Young Midoriya, Young Bakugo, how are you two feeling today?"

Katsuki moved his limbs, "My arms and legs are fine, but my chest and shoulder sting a bit but I think I should be fine by the end of the week."

"Same here," said Izuku as he tested his movements, "A lot of the cuts kind of sting but I think I should be healed by the end of the week."

"What!" yelled Momo, "That's impossible, I saw the footage on the news, those cuts were deep and everywhere," she then turned to Bakugo, "And you had a blade that had clearly sliced all the way through your shoulder, your clavicle and scapula should be in pieces right now."

Katsuki turned to Yushiro, "What'd you do to us?"

Yushiro smirked, "Shortened your hospital stay. As you both know not everyone has access to someone with a healing quirk so I've been working on a solution to that problem."

"The Tea." said Melissa as she realized what Yushiro had done. "The tea you made out of those beans you got from China."

"Correct Melissa," said Yushiro, "Thanks to a friend I found a rare quirked plant that produces beans that speed of the recover of anyone who eats them, the only problem is that the beans grow so slowly that it takes years to get a decent amount, I've discovered way of stretching out the effects by turning it into tea but the tea doesn't last for more than a day. What I gave you two was a watered down version but can be stored for months and the doses I gave you both was about a quarter of a bean. With just that amount it looks like you two will be able to leave by tomorrow or the next day."

"Oh thank you, Sensei," said Izuku, grateful.

"Thanks." was all Katsuki said before looking at his teachers, "Did you find the place off of Nabu?"

Yushiro and All Might's expressions turned grim, "That is a conversation for later."

"That's a yes." said Katsuki as their expressions confirmed everything.

"Nabu?" asked Ochako, confused.

Yae scratched her head, "Isn't that an island south of Japan?"

"Wait, does this have something to do with Hibiki?" Ten said, causing all eyes to shift to her, she quickly put a hand over mouth. "Ah I'm sorry forg-"

"Yeah it does," said Katsuki not noticing Yushiro and All Might flinch as he was getting angry. "That bitch, the next time I see her, I'm blowing her sky high."

"Why, what did Hibiki do to you?" asked Kendo before she recalled something, "Wait a minute, Hibiki went missing after her fight, did you do something to her?"

Katsuki got a tick mark on his forehead, "No but I'm gonna. Bitch tries to kill me, you bet your ass I'm going to punch her in the face."

"Tried to kill you, what?" his words leaving Kendo confused.

Yushiro face palmed while All Might sighed and put his hand on the door to close it, "Okay how about we all squeeze together and have a brief conversation," said All Might as he was shutting the door," about what happen-" All Might then felt something pull on the door, "Eh?" he turned to see the face of pure motherly angry staring right back at him, through the crack in the door. "AH!"

"KATSUKIIII!" yelled Mitsuki as she pushed open the door.

"Fuck." muttered Katsuki in annoyance.

"IZUKU!" came the wailing tears of Inko.

"MOM!" shouted Izuku in surprise as his mom weaved through his classmates toward him, "Hey mom."

"Izuku, sweetie, are you okay," asked his crying mother. "I saw the bad man hurt you, are you okay?"

"I'm fine mom, don't worry about it, Sensei Yushiro patched me up, I should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow or the next day." said Izuku trying to comfort his mother.

"Seriously Katsuki, this is the second time I've had to rush to the hospital to find your dumbass stuck in bed," said Mitsuki in a raised voice, "What hell happened to being number 1, kicking ass and taking names."

"Oh giving me a fucking break, you hag." yelled back Katsuki.

The rest of their schoolmates watched the two families. On one hand you have the standard worried mother for her son and on the other hand you had...the Bakugos. 'This explains so much.' they all thought.

Mitsuki then hit her son on top of the head, "In any case it's good to see you alive, what the hell did that Hibiki girl do to you? She's the one that sent you to Nabu right?"

"Yeah that bitch's pet snake sent me all the way to Nabu to her dumping spot." said Katsuki

"Dumping spot?" repeated Kendo who was now getting nervous, "What are you talking about?"

Yushiro sighed, "All Might please call Nezu, he'll want to hear about this. I will try and explain what happened." All Might nodded and exited the room but made sure to stay near the door so no one tries to enter at the moment.

Though Katsuki didn't wait, "Here's what happened that bitch Hibiki is a murderer and almost killed me and Izuku."

"WHAT!" shouted Kendo, "Whoa, whoa hold on a sec, Hibiki might be a little off, but-"

"She dumped me at the bottom of the ocean, chained to a fucking rock to die surrounded by the remains of her other victims." said Katsuki in a serious voice. "She's no hero, ain't that right teach."

All eyes turned once more to Yushiro. "I'd wish you wouldn't have brought this up so soon but yes, it would seem that Hibiki was a spy working for some sort of criminal organisation." His words shocked most of the people in the room, "We don't know all the details yet so we are asking everyone to remain quiet about this just for now, we are still trying to get as much information as we can until then please keep things quiet."

"What about the dump site?" asked Bakugo.

"After Tomo came back after dropping you off to fight that clay villain, Nezu made a few calls and several people were dispatched, an aquatic hero named Selkie along with two agents, Mr. and . As of this morning they have discovered several remains, at least two dozen people that were all drowned to death caught in those chains that you managed to escape from, by the way how did you do that?"

Katsuki thought for a moment, "I used a new trick that I had been working on for a while and it was able to shoot me to the surface." explained Katsuki, 'I probably shouldn't mention I had a near death experience and might have seen my dead ancestor who helped me stay on this side, not yet anyway.' Katsuki then looked up at the group, "Hey Ponytail, you're good with chemical reactions right, I need to pick your brain later."

Momo blinked for a second as she realized he was talking to her, her eyebrow twitched, "While that's better than my last nickname, my name is Momo Yaoyorozu."

Katsuki was about to ignore that but decided to accept it, "Momo, you help me and I help you."

Momo raised an eyebrow somewhat curious, "Help me with what?"

"Kick Yae's ass." as he Jabbed a thumb over at Yae.

Yae got a tic mark on her head, "Excuse me?"

"Deal!" agreed Momo immediately.

Yae was cracking her knuckles, "Why I out ta-"

Ochako placed a hand on Yae's shoulder, "Hey now how about we slow down, we are in a hospital after all."

"Not to mention I think we should get back to what Mr. Yushrio was saying." suggested Yuki

Yushiro cleared his throat "Yes, well right now it is still an ongoing investigation, right now they have Nabu island on lock down for the next few days, I'll keep you updated as the situation progress and yes, Katsuki I'll tell you if we find any information on Hibiki." This caused Katsuki to get an evil grin. "With that I believe I suggest everyone to wait for Nezu to arrive, I'm sure he has more to say on the situation."

"Yes I do," the door then opened to reveal Nezu riding on Aizawa, along with Vlad King and Present Mic. "Greetings children."

"Principle Nezu." as some of the students greeted the principle.

"Now from what I've gathered all of you here have heard about Hibiki," Several of the students nodded, "Now before we move forward I want to make clear we aren't trying to sweep this under the rug or anything of the sort, I ask you all to remain quiet about this due to the fact we lack details on the situation, mainly the why. It pains me to say this but this isn't the first time UA has had to deal with something like this, many villains have tried to blackmail and manipulate the students of UA for their own personal gain before, though this time it seems different. Though I believe we can discuss this further in a separate room, to give the Midoriya's and Bakugo's a chance for themselves, we the teachers will come and talk to them later."

Yushiro nodded, in agreement, "Yes that would be wise." He then blinked as a question struck him, "Wait a second, what took you guys so long to come up here in the first place and how were you kids able to get in here so quick?"

The question confused the students but made Mitsuki realize something, "Oh yeah, now that you mention it the hospital staff was having some issues letting us up, I was about ready to start knocking some heads."

"Really," said Sero, surprised, "They didn't stop us at all."

"We simply asked the front desk and they let us up with no issues." explained Shoji.

"What why?" asked Yushiro, confused.

"Because of you," said Vlad King as he pointed down at Yushiro.


"According to the staff, a kid from UA started giving orders to the doctors and upper staff of the hospital, with All Might and government agents backing him they couldn't say no. So they let you do as you please and apparently the same goes for them." as he pointed at the students.

"Oh oops."

"Which, speaking of Yushiro," spoke up Present Mic, "A lot of people are asking about you since you confronted that villain, especially reporters, what are we going to tell them?"

"The truth," said Yushiro, his face grimaced , "In my two hundred years of life I never thought I would say this but, I'm going to need to do a TV interview." as he said the last part with dread.


Shigaraki sat at the bar looking at his laptop as he thought of what had happened earlier.

(A bit earlier)

"What do you mean in case I fail?" asked Shigaraki, his voice failing to had his anger.

Rui looked at Shigaraki unafraid of him, "Shigaraki, I thank you for reviving us, but in the long term they are my priority, your goals on the other hand are not."

Shigaraki kept his eyes on Rui, "And do the rest of you agree with him?"

"Pretty much." said Kumori while Churin just nodded, "Boys?"

"Yeah, I'll take my chances with Rui," said Puta who was playing a game with Nagio, "Nagio the point of the game is to cover the most area, not to kill the opponents."

"We can't win if these a holes keep inking us," said Nagio, "But yeah I'm with Rui, don't get me wrong I like a good fight but what exactly is the plan here?"

"Rui is looking out for us," said Riura, "We wouldn't be back if it wasn't for him."

"While it pains me to agree with the one that stabbed me in the back, but Rui is looking out for us this time and I don't really see a lot of benefits with this whole mindless villainy plan of yours," said Yura. "To be honest we are only here because you brought us back but that doesn't mean we will follow you mindlessly."

Shigaraki was getting pissed and realising he was losing control over his own forces. "You all do realize that All For One was the one that brought you all back, right." said a voice as they all turned to Overhaul that was sitting not too far away at the bar. "If he wanted to he could kill you all in a second. Your all resurrected demons thanks to the bodies of the living, if the government ever captured you guys you would be experimented on, to either a learn how to reverse engineer your revival so they can do the same or b they actually try to be noble and bring back the people whose bodies you've taken. Whether you like it or not, your stuck here."

"You're one to talk," all eyes then shifted past Rui to Churan, "You a renowned Yakuza leader who had hundreds of loyal followers for your cause all vanished after the military took out your sites, only a handful still follow you and your big project that was going to change Japan is now being protected by several heroes and government agencies. If anyone can't leave it's you, a washed up Yakuza with the whole country aiming for your ass, thanks to Rui we might be able to worm out of it but you," He pointed at Overhaul, "They won't hesitate to shoot you. At this point you're nothing more than a fifthly lap dog for the league."

The room went silent as all everyone looked between the two, Overhaul slowly stood up from his chair as he glared at Churin, "You know maybe I should clean up this place, starting with you." He took a single step before feeling something sharp on his neck as he looked down and saw a thin white line in front of him.

"I suggest you chill for a moment before you lose your head." said Kumori holding the thread in her hand.

"Well I guess I missed something interesting," they all turned their heads to the door to see Kokishibo walking in with his sword drawn in one hand and in the other the body of Stain. He then threw Stain's body at Shigaraki's feet, "That one entertained me longer than I expected."

"Did you kill him?" asked Shigaraki as he nudged the hero killer with his foot.

"No he still clings to life, barley." said Kokushibo as he sheathed his blade. He looked between the two groups in the room as he saw the thread from Kumori, his eyes then landed on Kurogiri, "Did I miss that much?"

Kurogiri gave a slight nod, "Yeah, things have gotten heated."

"I see." said Kokushibo, not really sounding all that interested.

"Kokushibo," Shigaraki got the man's attention, "Why did you leave like that?"

Kokushibo tilted his head at the question as he thought it over, "I was bored mainly, I wake up get a quick detailed description from that doc and crazy man-"


"Then I'm told to stay put and when I replied that I wasn't just going to take orders from two morons I just met, the doc then laughed and left along with...what did you say his name was?"


"Twice and left me some weird freaky meat puppets to watch me."

"Those are Nomu."

"Well they're dead."

"I know."

"And afterwards he sent more of them and I killed those as well."

"Yeah I got that already."

"Then he summoned something called a High end and I killed that as well."

"I...didn't know that part." said a surprised Shigaraki while Overhaul and Kurogiri started sweating.

'This fucker killed a HIGH END!' thought Kurogiri as he was the only one who really knew the true strength of those monsters.

'I don't know how strong a High-end is, but he was able to cut a building in two while being restricted by a quirk,' thought Overhaul, 'This man's speed and strength is not to be trifled with.'

'He did all that after waking up,' Thought Rui, 'I practically had to re-learn how to walk and this guy was running straight out of the gate.'

"After that the Doc fainted and the Nomu kind of just stopped, I left and ran into an angry biker, who I convinced to hand over his belongings, which I think this light leather jacket of his suits me well." as he gestured to his new outfit. "After that I used my new found cash to get a bit to eat, after that I went to a pawn shop where I found my current blade, though the owner didn't like me touching the sword before I bought it, we got into a slight argument and he now needs new windows and maybe surgery."


"That's when this one here started following me," as he gestured to Stain, "He apparently was interested in my breathing style, though I think curiosity got the best of him as he ran into the others here, after that you saw everything else on the news."

"So Kokushibo, I have a question for you, will you join the league of villains?" asked Shigaraki.

Kokushibo looked right at Shigaraki, "I owe you for bringing me back, so I will lend you my blade, but I will not join a cause I don't believe in."

"I see," said Shigaraki quietly before shocking everyone, "That will be all for now, you all may leave."

Everyone was shocked with how calm Shigaraki was, that none of them moved immediately, they all waited for Kokushibo to leave first before following his lead.

"Why did you let them leave?" asked Overhaul as he had expected Shigaraki to trun them to dust.

"You can leave as well, Overhaul," said Shigaraki, "Just fix him up before you go." as he gestured to Stain.

Overhaul hesitated for a moment but reached down and deconstructed before reconstructing Stain. "He's all yours." was all he said before leaving.

Shigaraki looked down at Stain who was still passed out, "Kurogiri, could you please go and bring me my laptop."

Kurogiri did as he was asked and brought him his laptop, "May ask Shigaraki why your sudden change in mood."

Shigaraki opened his laptop, "This game is complicated, I keep getting new players but I keep failing to win them over, I was never good at games that required high moral stats or dating sims, I need a different approach."

(Back to the Present)

Shigaraki was busy looking through his computer when he heard a groan from the sturing Stain, "Ah you're awake."

Stain groaned as he slowly stood up on his feet, "How am I alive?"

"Overhaul fixed you at my request, we're not done with you yet." said Shigaraki as he heard the sound of Stain pulling one of his blades out. "How about you put that away and sit. We have much to talk about."

"Talk?" repeated the hero killer confused.

"Yes talk."


Rui looked up at the man, "You wanted to speak with me Kokushibo?"

The undead swordsman smiled, "Yes I do."

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