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Chapter 2

It's currently 9:27am and Robin has just woken up, waking up early was normal for Robin. He opened his eyes to see a sleeping Starfire in his arms, he remembered the tension last night and he felt a deep feeling of love in his chest. He pulled her closer never wanting this moment to end. That one movement made Starfire switch her laying position, still close to Robin, she turned the opposite way arcing her back and pushing herself closer to Robin.

o m g

Robin didn't know how to react Starfires backside was now pushed against his growing excitement, he wanted to move but at the same time he didn't. What he really wanted to do was push pull her small tank top down, play with her tits, and kiss her from her shoulders to her lips. But he couldn't and it drove him crazy. He wrapped his arms right below her chest and pushed her closer onto him, he buried his face onto the back of her neck. He couldn't help it he had to, he started softly kissing the back of her neck. Her skin was so smooth, she felt so good up against him like this he wanted this every day. He was satisfied with this position and laid there never wanting it to end. Starfire then moved again, this time she laid on her back causing Robins hand to touch her left boob.

she was awake and she knew what she was doing

His half opened eyes opened widely because of the position of his hand.

like he wasn't already hard

He didn't know if he should move his hand or if he should let it stay, even though the smart think to do would to remove his hand and back away from her, Fighting his urges he moved his hand off of her braless, flawless breast.

this upset Statfire

Robin decided to get up and take a shower

a cold shower

Carefully moving so he doesn't wake up the already awoken teen. As Robin got out of the shower he realized he forgot his boxers (trying to get away from Star) Robin face palmed at his stupid mistake. He heard Starfire moving around in the room so he knows she's awake which just makes this extremely harder.

"Robin are you done with your shower?" Starfire asked outside of the bathroom door.

"Uhh yeah Star i'll be out soon"

just tell her to give you your bag you dumb fuck

"Hey Star?" he called to her

"Yes Robin"

"Can you bring me my bag please? i left it out there before i got in"

Starfire flew to get his bag and then back to the bathroom door. She knocked on it gently. Robin opened the door slightly and she smiled and handed him his bag.

"Thanks Star"

"You are welcome Robin" she walked away back to her own bag picking out an outfit for today. Robin came out the bathroom in basketball shorts and a red tee. Starfire was disappointed to see his mask covering his beautiful eyes. Thinking about last night made her blush, and thinking about what she felt this morning made her cover her face slightly in embarrassment.

"Is everything ok Star?" he asked while putting his clothes in another bag.

"Everything is fine Robin I am excited about the activities we will partake in today" she said smiling sitting crisscross on the bed. Her tank top was so small her tits jiggled with every movement she made.

thank god i wear a mask

Robin looked at the time, it was only 10:30am. "Hey Star wanna get some breakfast downstairs since we're both awake? Starfire nooded her head and slid on her slippers.


At the cafe

Robin watched as Starfire ate her waffles, she told him about things she did on her home planet with her yep siblings. Robin could listen to Starfire talk all day, he loved how she spoke so properly and innocently it fit her so well. He loved everything about her to be honest Her prefect green eyes, her long silky hair, the happiness and innocence in her eyes when she smiled, all of it. She's perfect in every way possible.. strong, beautiful, sexy, petite, loving, caring the list could go on for miles. Robin wanted her to be his and all his forever, he wanted it more than anything especially after last night and this morning. He never asked her out because not only was he afraid of rejection, he was afraid that Starfire wouldn't feel the same way and ruin their friendship. She's his best friend and as long as she's single he's ok with it. Robins thoughts were cut short by the vibration of his communicator. He reached into his pocket and flipped it up, Cyborg appeared on the small screen with Raven and Beastboy right behind.

"Man where are you?" he asked looking around at Robins location.

"Me and Star woke up early so we headed to the cafe downstairs"

"So like a morning date?" Beastboy asked mockingly causing Star to giggle.

"It's not a date" Robin said quickly feeling his heart beat quicken.

"I mean you two slept in the same room last night, did you sleep in the same bed too?" Beastboy was teasing Robin. He just like all the others knew Robin and Starfire liked each other. They're the only ones who doesn't know how the other feels.

"What Beastboy is trying to say.." Raven slapped Beastboy upside the head "When are we meeting up"

Robin looked over at Starfire starring at him lovingly making him blush slightly.

"I think Stats finished so we can meet up now"

"Great, we're coming down now"

The other titans met their two friends in the cafe part of the hotel. Some time has passed and it was now 12:38pm and the titans decided to slip into their beach wear and head to the beach. All of the titans were dressed. Beastboy wore black swim trunks and slippers, Raven wore a dark purple bikini Starfire had picked out for her along with a long lace beach kimono and a hat to keep the sun out of her face, Robin wore red swim trunks and a white tank top, and Cyborg wore Cyborg. All that was left was Starfire who was taking longer due to the fact she had misplaced her swim suit.

"Where's Starfire" Raven asked noticing she hadn't walked down with Robin like she usually does.

"She said she'll join us a little later because she lost her swimsuit" Robin said being disappointed he has to wait to see Star half naked... well... more half naked than usual.

"Well what are we waiting for let's get this day started!" Beastboy chanted as he ran out of the door, the others followed behind him shaking third heard and talking about random stuff.


At the beach

Raven sat on a table with an umbrella and started reading a random book while Robin, Beastboy, and Cyborg began playing a game of extreme volleyball. They added 'extreme' because they have 'extra abilities.' Robin ran to the side cuffed his fists and hit the ball so high into the air that the other two couldn't even see it coming down.

"Hey that's no fair! we can't see the.." Beastboy stopped and screamed as the ball quickly came down from the sky. Beastboy quickly shape shifted into a gorilla and smacked the ball to Robins and Cyborgs side. Robin stood wide eyed as the ball came full force towards him. Robins vision soon changed as Cyborg ran in front of him and punched the ball back to Beastboy's side, putting on extra force than that before. Now Robins, Beastboys, and Cyborgs strength was put into this ball making whoever hit by it not lucky at all and Beastboy seemed to be that unlucky one. Beastboy shape shifted into a chicken dodging the ball, but someone was walking behind him as he did that.

"Star look out!" Robin called to her

In fear Starfire squealed and shot a starbolt at the ball, and with that the ball turned into dust.

"Well there goes that game" Cyborg said smiling awkwardly rubbing his head.

"Are you ok Star?" Robin asked walking over to her

"I am fine but i think i may have ruined your game" she giggled innnocently. "I apologize."

"It's ok Star it was a reflex" he assured her.

Starfire had on a gown similar to the one Raven had on which was covering her entire body. She wore her hair in a high ponytail and she was carrying a picnic basket.

"Sweet Star brought food" Star walked over to the table Raven was sitting at and sat the basket down. As soon as she did that beastboy stuck his hand in and grabbed a drink. The boys decided to play football since Star destroyed their volleyball. Starfire cheered on as the boys threw the ball at each other. Soon they got bored and stopped playing.. Well they stopped playing after Cyborg won.

"You guys wanna see something funny?" Beastboy said as he narrowed his eyes at Raven who was sitting down eating an apple and reading her book. Beastboy walked over to a 'beach island' stand a got a water gun. He filled it with water and tip toed behind Raven. The others watched carefully as Beastboy was about to get killed. Beastboy lifted the water gun and squired Raven down her back making her jump with fear. He then circled her and squirted Raven in the face until he ran out of water. Everyone laughed along with Beastboy before Raven stood up.

he's finna get it

Raven used her powers to bring a children's pool filled with pee and ocean water and dumped it all on top of Beastboy

"EW!" he screamed in disgust smelling the urin on his shirtless chest. "Rae that's no fair!" he shouted while running into the ocean to get the pee off of him. The others were rolling on the ground laughing as hard as they could. Due to the fact that Raven was wet, she decided to take off her cover ups exposing her half naked pale body. Ravens hourglass figure attracted many eyes as she dried her body off. Beastboy turned around walking out of the water to get a perfect image of Raven bending over wiping the chair she was sitting in.

Raven is thicc as fuck!

Robin looked over at Beastboy and followed his eyes. He shook his head realizing what his greens friend was getting stiff over. Sure Raven was a gothicc bae, but Robin had his eyes on someone else.


Starfire walked over to Raven who was unknowingly drawing a lot of unwanted attention to herself.

"Umm... friend Raven?"


"You seem to have put on quite the show" She said pointing at the group of guys dog whistling over her.

Raven turned to the direction Starfire was pointing too.

"This is not a show!" Raven teller hissing at the group of boys fawning over her. The boys got the message and continued doing what they were doing.

"Looks like Raven has admirers" joked Cyborg pointing at Beastboy

"I don't want to be admired i want to be valued" she said as she turned around, but as soon as she turned she began blushing at the thought of Beastboy thinking she's attractive.

A little while later Beastboy and Cyborg were eating sandwiches playing rock paper scissors to see who gets buried in the sand. Starfire watched her friends play this game until Robin asked her is she wanted to swim.

Starfire looked embarrassed

"Is that a no?" he asked confusingly

"I do not know how to do the swimming" She confessed

(ik she knows how to swim in the original but shh)

"I can teach you" he said confidently. "No need to feel ashamed for not knowing how to swim"

She smiled at him and nooded her head, she stood up and began stripping off her cover ups until Robin stopped her.

"Maybe we should go somewhere more private for you to take off your cover ups" he said not wanting Star to get the attention Raven got. She agreed and they walked over further away from everyone. Starfire began taking off her coverups. Robin watched her lovingly awaiting her pink or purple bikini-

that isn't purple or pink

Robins eyes widen and he blushed seeing Starfire in a red bikini.

"I tried something different" she smiled and twirled around letting Robin see her from all angles. "Please my appearance is appealing?" she stopped and bartered her eyes at Robin.

"You look great Star"

she looked more than great she looked sexy as fuck in that red bikini. The way it shows off her curves, the way the triangle bra only covers a small part of her full breast, how perfectly the bottom of the bikini looked on her hips showing off her figure completely.. imagine her without the-

Robin stopped his thoughts and cleared his throat. He then walked over to her and grabbed her hand leading her into the wate.

"This water is very cold Robin" she said watching her body sink into the water the further they walked.

"Your body just has to get used to it" he said leading her deeper into the water until she couldn't stand, but Robin could. Starfire began panicking not being able to feel any ground under her, she sunked down and grabbed onto Robins neck to boost herself up. Robin held her close keeping her small body afloat. Losing her balance on Robins body, Starfire began sinking again completely jumping onto Robin in pure fear. She tightly wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed him closer to her than ever.

"I do not wish to partake in the swimming any longer Robin" she said in fear.

Robin was unable to focus, Starfires parts were touching his with only thin pieces of fabric stopping their skin from touching in those areas.

"ROBIN!" Starfire screamed still panicking.

Getting out of his trance he saw that he and Star were sinking. He got back his blance and in a quick act pushed Star up more on to him so she wouldn't panic as much. Not realizing where his hands were at the moment.

wait are my hands-

Robin had unknowing lifted Star up from her ass and pushed her onto him. Pushed her onto him. Pushed her onto him. Trying his hardest to NOT focus on that, he tiptoed a little closer to where Starfire can feel the dirt beneath her.

"Ok maybe bringing you so deep in was a mistake" he confessed awkwardly.

"Yes i agree" she said lifting her head up to meet Robins masked face. And like that their faces were inches apart. Starfires arms were wrapped around his neck as her legs were still wrapped around his waist. Robins held her by her ass, she arched her back unknowingly to Robin so she can be closer to him. Starfire put her hands on his slowly taking off his mask. He nooded in approvable and she continued to take off his mask once again exposing his blue eyes. Starfire smiled at the sight of Robins eyes, she giggled and how similar his eyes were to the water they were in. Robin joined in Stars laughing and placed his forhead against hers.

"Maybe the swimming is not so bad after all" she said as she looked into his eyes.

"You're not even swimming" he said jokingly

"You are also not swimming Robin" she giggled

Starfire closed her eyes and Robin looked down forgetting how close they were to each other, he was starring at her breast coved by her small red bikini top. Her chest had water dripping down into the covered part of her breast. Robin had no choice but to control himself which would've been worse if he wasn't in cold water. Robin and Starfire stood there embracing each other. Both looked up at each other at the same time faces moving closer and closer each second. Starfire closed her eyes once more and Robin did the same, taking one of his hands off her ass putting his hand in her hair pushing her head closer to his.

this is it

this is it

this is it

this is your only chance

Their lips were about to touch when all of a sudden



I hope you enjoyed this chapter. And once again i'm sorry for any grammar errors or misspelling... Idk if the scenes are changing too fast or not let me know anything (besides grammar) that i need to improve on.