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Chapter 1 - I: Starting Anew

1 Restoring the League

Somewhere beneath the Hindu Kush

In the headquarters of the disbanded League of Assassins, Nanda Parbat, one could hear the clanking of swords through the abandoned halls. In the scanty illuminated throne room, Ra's Al Ghul crossed blades with a lean man with black hair, who wielded his swords as graceful as the Demon's Head. They traded a few more blows until the nearly six-foot-tall man got around the other one's defence, disarmed him and held his regal blades crossed in front of Ra's Al Ghul's throat, one, a long ancient bronze xiphos, the other a katana decorated with an ocean blue aquamarine on the hilt.

"And you have won again, Al 'iiesar."

The victor of the sparring match relaxed his stance and put his blades in a slightly screeching tone away.

"Even before I trained you, you had great knowledge and talent in combat and stealth, but you adapted even more and now you are the best", Ra's Al Ghul praised his student, who had sheathed his swords.

"I think you overestimate me, there is always someone better out there in the world", the in assassin's gear clothed student replied.

"You didn't see much of the world, after your arrival here.", Ra's pointed out as he retrieved his sword.

"You very well know, I didn't, I cherished the seclusion even with Black's erratic visits. Your stories and those of the priestess were certainly entertaining enough to hold me here, as well as our sparring matches. But ... one thing the priestess told me ... got me thinking. Your daughter disbanded the League. There are thousand trained assassins out there on the loose. They are a possible danger when uncontrolled. Then they could kill anyone they want or work as mercenaries. So I was thinking, we should gather them, to minimize the body count and possible world ending situations."

Ra's Al Ghul laughed, "And how do you plan on finding them all? Men and women trained to be figuratively invisible?"

Al 'iiesar smirked. "I won't be the one to find them. You will", he replied amusement lacing his voice, "because you know them. They were your men, your soldiers, and who is better than a ghost to find them all?"

"You are hard to argue with", the mentor replied, "so who shall I seek first:

Nyssa, Al Sa-her or Al Sah-him."

"How about we first find the footsoldiers and then the generals? So nobody vouches for the men loyal to only them."

"You are wise. I taught you the way of the League and you think already like it's leader. You are the one, who gathers them, maybe you shall become the League's leader."

"Why should I? I look for someone with the right morals and if the person is fit and overcomes their trials, I will grant them a chance for leadership."

"I think it is your fate to lead the League."

Al 'iiesar's ever-changing green eyes flashed dangerously.

"Don't say another word. The day is too beautiful to be tainted with words concerning prophesies and fate"

"As you wish, Al 'iiesar. But some day, some day soon, you shall listen, Perseus", replied the Ghost of Ra's Al Ghul and faded out of sight.

2 After Lian Yu

Starling City

Oliver Queen woke up from another nightmare, where his friends died on Lian Yu, only to reassure himself, that they got from the island, it was a narrow escape, but they made it. His friends, his sister, his beloved, his son. Only Samantha did not survive and they had no news concerning Malcom. In the end, Prometheus may have destroyed Lian Yu, but he could not destroy the spirit, that held them together. They came back, stronger than before. They were wet, cold and exhausted, but they were alive (even if Thea was in a coma).

Oliver tried to push the memories in the back of his mind as he sat up. He went through the apartment, got a glass and filled it at the kitchen counter with water.

He was mayor, the Green Arrow, a father and Oliver Queen at the same time. And it was exhausting.

3 Flashback 01

Nanda Parbat

The wind blew restlessly through the valley of Nanda Parbat. It gathered sand only to dissipate it again. The deserted headquarters of the League of Assassins was only lightened by the full moon, but in front of the building, the wind slowly started to form a sandstorm. It got faster and faster, and it looked like the moon rays were pulled into the sand tornado, so the tornado glowed silvery and golden from within. Suddenly the storm exploded in that golden light and there was silence. The wind was a light breeze and the sand was on the ground again. Nothing had changed from before except the bodies lying in the middle of the grounds of Nanda Parbat. They belonged to a tall man whose forearms were completely covered in golden bracelets and a stallion so black, it was nearly invisible in the night. Both were lying motionless in the sand, where the priestess, the last inhabitant of Nanda Parbat, found them in the morning.

4 Gathering

Nanda Parbat

Al 'iiesar looked calmly out of the open window of Nanda Parbat. He could see through the valley and felt the heat of the midday.

"May I know, what you wish?", Al 'iiesar asked suddenly and turned around to face the priestess who stood in the shadows at the end of the room and looked directly into her eyes.

"I wanted to thank you."

"Why should you thank me?", questioned the man irritated.

"You will bring back life to my home. It is my duty as priestess to interpret prophecies and read destinies. Yours, however, is very special. You could make the League prosper or destroy it as if it was nothing. Yet you chose to rebuild it, for that I am grateful."

"You don't need to thank me, I am merely doing what I think is the best", Al 'iiesar replied.

"You may not deem yourself important, but I realize your importance."

"What importance, priestess? I know who and what I am. A soul damned to walk the earth until the end of time. You know nothing."

"On the contrary I believe, you are here to deal with one of the League's oldest enemies."

Al 'iiesar frowned and stared into the priestess' eyes.

"Which enemy are you talking about?"

She answered with a sly grin: "I'm deeply sorry, but that knowledge is classified, exclusive to the priestess of the league and Ra's al Ghul."

With this she walked away, leaving a torn Al 'iiesar behind.

5 Flashback 02

Nanda Parbat

The priestess was clueless as to how the man and the horse got in the grounds of Nanda Parbat, but nonetheless, she hoisted the man up and dragged him inside the monastery like building. She laid him in one of the nearest beds. She didn't know why she took him in, only that her intuition made her do it. As she looked at him, she scrutinized the man: he was muscled, but lean, his hair was long to his shoulders. His sleep wasn't peaceful and the priestess realized he had a powerful aura like that of a warrior around him. The priestess stopped her musings and tried to wake him up.

Even after numerous tries, the priestess was not able to wake the man she had found. He was a restless, but deep sleeper. And it looked like he had a nightmare, a bad one at that.

Just as the priestess wanted to give up and went out of the room the man suddenly woke up, chest heaving and a startled look in his eyes.

"Who are you? Where am I?", he asked, frantically looking around. The priestess tried to reassure him and spoke in a low tone:

"Calm down. You are in Nanda Parbat, boy, and I am the priestess here. I do not know how or why you are here, but I am sure there is a reason", she told him, because she believed there had to be a reason this man appeared in Nanda Parbat.

She wanted to question him, as she noticed he was already asleep again.

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