1 Father-Son Dinner

Starling City

Thanks to William's forgiveness the boy was not too angry with Oliver for being late. He even laughed as Oliver recounted his nap in the office and the awakening he got through Quentin.

William and Oliver had cooked their belated meal together, all the while William teased his father about sleeping at the job even going as far as asking him if he also slept in school. To that Oliver only smiled, but did not answer. As they were setting the table he teased him so long until Oliver exclaimed, "when will you let it go?"

William answered, a teasing smile on his lips, "probably ... never. You have to admit it's funny."

"Yeah it is, but there's only so much one's pride can take in one evening, buddy."

When they were finally sitting on the table and eating, it was William, who continued their conversation.

"So how was our day in the office, other than sleeping there?"

"Should that not be my line. Ask you what you did in school today and speak over things I have long forgotten, the works?", Oliver asked slightly confused an eyebrow raised.

William just gave him a look and exclaimed, "come on, we aren't exactly normal!", whereupon both started to chuckle like they shared an inside joke.

2 Final Fight in the Fortress

Temple Room, Nanda Parbat

Al 'iiesar smiled, "here goes nothing."

He was surrounded by assassins and the way to the Lazarus Pit completely blocked. Al 'iiesar wasted no time, instead he sheathed the swords and started throwing the rest of the knives at the assassins in one fluid motion. He used it as a distraction to somersault over the heads of the assassins in front of him, all the while drawing his swords. He knocked out two of his opponents with the pommel of his swords, rolled through the legs of the next only to hit them from behind with his elbows. Then he started to spin again, so none of the attackers could get into too close proximity, additionally was he fast enough to avoid the arrows shot in his way and the spears that were thrown at him. He was so fast that after just thirty seconds he stood with his back to the Lazarus Pit. He made a backflip, so he stood atop the stones around the Pit a seemingly genuine grin etched on his lips.

"I win. Without even killing anyone. I won the bet, Ra's."

Ra's appeared out of nowhere and looked with a stony and unwavering gaze at the assassins.

"To think you lot call yourselves assassins", He shook his head like he could not believe it, "You got beaten by only one man. Shame on you and begone. Training starts in five hours."

He turned back to Al 'iiesar, "They are not really rusty, but they are still not on the same level as before."

Al 'iiesar shrugged, "then we have a lot of work to do."


3 Flashback 07: During the Dream

Temple Room, Nanda Parbat

The fight had ultimately taken its toll on Percy, in consequence, he fainted, toppling over backwards right into the pool behind him.

The priestess, who had just shortly entered the room, looked shocked from one man to the other. One was the ghost of the former Ra's, who stood there becoming more translucent by the minute, the other man, the one she had found, was lying unconscious in the Lazarus Pit. Fortunately, he did not seem to drown, but breathing in the water should have been impossible, yet so should be the ghost, standing there.

The priestess was speechless, not only was the old Ra's back, but he also stabbed another man, who obviously did not die. The former Head of the Demon apparently noticed just now the strange situation he was in and despite the probable shock he was in, he managed to ask her very calmly, "what is happening? Did Al Sah-him not kill me or was that just a dream of my future, priestess?"

Then he became aware of the tall man laying in the Lazarus Pit.

"What happened? Where are the assassins and Al Sah-him? And how does he come here?, Ra's asked again pointing a finger in Percy's direction

The priestess overcame her shock and answered calmly, "You should be dead and him I picked up in the front yard after a hurricane and a spiritual light."

4 Sickbed visit № 2

Infirmary, Nanda Parbat

Al 'iiesar stepped inside the infirmary, carrying one of the injured assassins over his shoulder.

"Sorry, but I think you have to treat some knife wounds and concussions, priestess."

He let the man fall on one of the 'beds', turned to the priestess and noticed the awakened Malcolm Merlyn

"Oh, so our sleeping beauty is awake", he exclaimed amused, "when did this happen?"

"Shortly before you started the training exercise", the priestess answered, already tending the assassin, "and that you are here and nobody is really celebrating indicates you won the training exercise."

"You are correct, they underestimated me, although they knew I could take on ten men on my own and can hold myself against Ra's, they were prideful enough to think I could not beat the whole League. Their fatal mistake. But back to our magical patient", he turned slightly and looked directly into Malcolm's face, who had watched the exchange silently gathering information on the new player, nearly missing Al 'iiesar's question.

"How are you feeling, Mr Merlyn?"

"Something between ran over by a truck and death warmed over, considered I survived an exploding island I'd rather tend to the latter", he answered possibly with a light tone of gallows humour.

"Well, when Ra's found you, you weren't far from gone and even after tending to your injuries the priestess wasn't sure you would make it. So welcome back to life."

All the while trough Al 'iiesar's explanation, Malcolm paled significantly, remembering Ra's again after he repressed that fact somehow.

"Yes, about that, how is he alive? I saw to it myself that his body was burned." After all, he had been Ra's after he received the Ring from Oliver.

Al 'iiesar seemed amused, indicated by his genuine smile, "Oh, I think there is a little misunderstanding. He is not really 'alive'. I dragged his spirit out of the Lazarus Pit by chance, so the assassins started to call him Al 'rwh 'The Spirit'. He thinks even himself it is more appropriate than calling him Ra's since he technically is dead and all that jazz, but the priestess and I somehow call him still Ra's. But enough about that", in a matter of seconds Al 'iiesar took a turn from joyful to seriously.

"I am here to speak to you."

AN: First, روح = rwh is spoken something like [ruːᴐːoxᴐːn] (Sorry, if it is wrong, but I am not that good with the IPA).

Second, these are trying and crazy times. The corona-virus is among us, going around invisible like a ghost, it is hard to comprehend that some still think of it as nothing more dangerous than the flu, but they are wrong. The numbers show clearly how deadly this virus is. I can only hope that none of you has fatal cases in their family or is in any other way threatened by the consequences of this pandemic. It saddens me that so many political apparently never heart of the sentence, "Economy can be built up again, a lost human life not."
It is also terrifying that in our time and age, we still have problems with the equality of all humans. It is horrifying to see what prejudice, hate and systematic racism lead to.
Personally, I think, that if you asked all of the world's population, if they wanted freedom, peace and equality, the majority would answer with "yes". So why aren't we there yet? It has so many reasons, so let's all work together to make their number smaller and one day, we may find ourselves in a better world.
Now, after these sombre words, I hope you enjoyed the new chapter.
Have a good time, stay safe and healthy
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