Ryou_Grrl: ^-^ this is gonna be funky.

Ami: **cocks head**

Ryou_Grrl: **snickers evilly**

Ami: /Uh oh.. This isn't gonna be pretty./

Ryou_Grrl: This is my own character, Ami. Ami, say his to everyone.

Ami: But I don't..........

Ryou_Grrl: NOW!

Ami: Hi everyone.

Everyone: Yo.

Ryou_Grrl: ^-^

---------------------------------------Chapter one; ---------------

Ami was in her playroom. She was 16 years old and a big fan of the legend of Zelda. Her favorite character was Malon. She always acted out the parts like whenever Link saw Malon he said something romantic.

Ami sketched pictures of Malon and Link together, all the time. She thought of what it would be like to be Malon.

"You are so lucky, Malon." Ami sighed and fell asleep in her bed.

"..what in tarnation!! Malon gets yourself outta bed!!!!!!!!"

"Wha?" She rose out of her covers and looked at her room. "Kelly.......this isn't funny."

She looked at her surroundings. This wasn't her room! "Kelly, where are we?!" Her eyes opened more and she didn't see Kelly, her little sister, but a fat man, that was wearing long overalls and had a little mustache like Mario's.

"Who is Kelly?"

Ami's eyes widened. She was about to say, ' Talon?' but she remembered, now. This is Malons room. "I'll be down in 7 dad."

Talon looked at Ami. "I reckon you'd better. You got a guest."

Ami looked confused. She ran to the mirror. Her brunet hair wasn't there, now it was orange. She was Malon.

Of course, being her favorite character, she knew what she had to do for herself.

She brushed her hair out, and then wrapped her bandana around her neck. She wore her nice working dress, since she had a visitor.


Ami walked downstairs. Her dad left the room. She ran down the stairs and bowed respectfully. "Hello, can I help you?"

The man nodded. "I need a horse."

Malon smiled. When she opened her eyes though,

She saw..........him.

Of course she had to act calm, or she would totally ruin her dream of Malon and Link, so she kept quiet.


She looked up. Link looked surprised to see her. He hugged her. "Malon! So good to see you!"

Malon hugged back. "How you doing, Link?"

"Well, I am doing okay." Malon walked outside and got on Epona. "Link! Come on!!"

Link smiled and ran outside. There was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Malon looked so beautiful riding on Epona.

Link knew his responsibilities as the Hero of Time and said in a more grown up voice. "What's this one's name?"

Ami looked down at the one she was riding. "This is Epona. She is actually pretty nice to me, but no one else could tame her."

Link smirked. "Let me take a go."

Ryou_Grrl: ^-^ this is gonna be a great story.

Ami: I like being Malon.

Ryou_Grrl: Doesn't everybody?

Everybody: YES

Some random guy from the audience: No

Ryou_Grrl: GET HIM!!!!

Everybody: **gets him**


Ryou_Grrl: ^-^

Ami: **peeks over the side** is- is he gonna be okay?

Ryou_Grrl: He just dissed the coolest girl in LOZ!! Course not!!

Ami: **gulps**

Ryou_Grrl: BYE Now!! R&R