Author's note: I'm back in the fandom! My writing improved a bit, having those gen ed courses about literature and all. But then again, I can't say I write that good.. well at least for now.

Anyway, most of the people in the Frozen fandom are disappointed with how out of place Kristoff's proposal is. I know I am as well, and I can't help but think of alternate ways that scene could've been. This is one of those. It's a short read, but I hope y'all like it.

Kristoff observes Sven as the reindeer roams around, celebrating with those who are seeing the sun and the sky for the first time in their lives. The mountain man couldn't keep the smile off his face, hearing the Northuldra chattering among themselves happily. This had been quite an adventure, and saying it is a unique one would be an understatement. What other way would make this moment more heartening other than kneeling down on one knee and pulling a ring out to propose?

As soon as he pulls out the accessory, he panicked a bit as he realize that Anna isn't beside him anymore. "Anna?" his eyes searched the surroundings, finally landing on Sven as the reindeer called out to him, pointing down and indicating that someone is there. He ran towards his bestfriend and saw not only Anna, but Elsa as well.

"And we will continue to do this together" Elsa said, as her forehead met Anna's, whom repeated the last word. Upon going down, Kristoff feels something about Elsa that is different, and it's not the new, angel-like outfit made of ice she is wearing. It's more like Elsa became an angel herself. He can't quite explain the aura he's receiving, but seeing Anna grip Elsa's hand like there's no tomorrow is enough for him to know that something big had happened. And so he didn't question anything. "Elsa!", he called out as he rush towards the sisters, "you're okay!"

As soon as he reached them, he is welcomed by Elsa with open arms, and he embraced her tight. "You look different. Did you cut your hair or something?" he mused. Elsa smiled as she holds Anna's hand that is now placed on her shoulder. "Or something" she replied. "Oh" was all Kristoff could muster before the elder sister turned to Anna.

It took him moments to realize that Olaf is there with them now. He and his bestfriend looked at him with smiles on their faces, and hugged Olaf. "I love happy endings!" the magical snowman exclaimed.

Happy endings.

Kristoff thought of that. A happy ending with Anna. He looked at the trio as Sven nudges his hand. The reindeer sent him a thoughtful look, and he knows that they share the same idea.

This is it! Propose to her!

He holds the engagement ring, and looked at Anna. Gorgeous, funny, brave, and brilliant Anna. She looked beautiful. Full of life. And Elsa complimented this, with the pair shining and spreading feelings of warmth into their surroundings. They looked as if they were reborn.

And after all those attempts he made trying to propose to her, he couldn't help but think he was rushing things a bit. He realize that there are sides of Anna that he still doesn't know, and feeling the warmth the she is spreading along with her sister, he knows that this is one of those. The sisters' love for each other is pretty obvious from the moment he met the pair, but now he is seeing something different this time.

Kristoff smiled. "You know what? I love her with all my might," he sat beside the reindeer, shoving the ring back into his vest,

"but maybe I'll do this on some other night."