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Emergency Return

One year has passed since the incident on the island of Gamarket. Peace roamed through out the island since Arfoire was defeated and the castle was buried underneath the mountains forever. The CPUs maintain thier influence and many of the generals who were hailed as heroes swore their allegiances to thier preferred CPUs whilst others watch over thier own cities with a mind of independence from time to time.

Of course, there was one guy who was with them all the way. That one guy is me...Randy Peters. It was hard to believe that a year ago, I once traveled to that island for a vacation. I had often dreamt of going back there, but my own goals and responsibilities would force to push it back several times. Life back home was as peaceful as I knew it would be since Leon the bounty hunter was killed by Arfoire.

Since then, I had bagged myself a job as an assistant for a PC office company due to my experience as a secretary when I was with Noire. I had a few colleagues that worked with the business but I wouldn't exactly call them as close friends since they all had important matters to deal with. But enough about my work life, my fun life was something that I was beginning to miss a lot.

It was on one late afternoon that I received a letter, after coming home to my apartment from another day at work. When I looked at the back, I saw a seal that looked like a butterfly in a chalk outline style, I somehow recognize it.

"Well, this is odd." I said to myself. "Why would I be receiving a letter from Histy?"

I could only guess that it must be something important if it's not a letter from Saori that I get once a month. Yeah, she was still fond of me. Go figure...

Dear Randy Peters, I'm hoping that you are doing well for yourself. There is very little time for me to write this, but I'm afraid something horrible has happened over here. An unforeseen situation has fallen on Gamarket. The cities have been destroyed, citizens are running scared, the CPUs have been captured and the Generals have gone missing. Please, travel to Gamarket as soon as you can, I will inform you of the details once you arrive. You may very well be the island's last hope, just as before.

PS: Find me near the southern part of where Lastation is, you might be surprised to see my new appearance.


Well, this seemed a bit on the vague side, but I guess the details can wait until later. Knowing that Gamarket is in trouble again, I knew that I couldn't leave this any longer. I grabbed what I needed around my apartment and made a beeline for the city's port and got on a small cruise ship. In the year that passed, I learnt that travelling between this city and Gamarket was made possible thanks to a private contract that allowed a ship to be built that was made exclusive to travel between the two.

"Hmm, seems the weather is picking up." I hummed as I put my hood up. "Maybe getting a boat ride during an evening rain wasn't a good idea."

Since I was more or less a hero in Gamarket, I was granted free travel thanks to a lifetime pass card I received from Histoire. As I traveled along the ocean, I began to see the island of Gamarket in the distance...or what should be Gamarket, but instead, it was a collection of smaller islands surrounding the more bigger one in the middle. As the ship continued approaching, the water began to move a little rough and the currents were getting somewhat strong.

"Woah! I know there's a thing called the iceberg, but what is with this weather?!" I exclaimed as I tried to hold onto the handlebars whilst looking at the view.

A siren went off around the ship.

Ladies and gentleman, we're experiencing severe weather conditions tonight! Please remain indoors until we have reached our destination! Thank you for listening!

It didn't work out from my perspective cause no sooner the ship was near one of the small islands, it started veering off to the south part of Gamarket where there was a giant dock that looked empty. Then a tidal wave came along and it pushed the ship at a high speed until it crashed into the docking bay. Unfortunately, I did not follow the guidelines since I was standing on the front side of the ship and when it crashed, I flew out of the ship and landed hard on the ground.

A few moments later...

"Ugh...ngh..." I groaned before slowly opening my eyes and getting up.

I looked behind me to see the front part of the cruise ship completely wrecked.

"Damn! There goes my boat ride back home. That thing ain't going anywhere for a while." I then turned back to the rest of the port and it was worse than before. "This place looks even worse than it was before. I guess Histy wasn't joking, this place is like a war zone. Good thing she gave me instructions on where to find her."

I left the dock on foot since there was no taxi for me to call this time. If I remember, there would be a small city not far from Lastation, it was where I and the CPUs found Resta that long ago. It was a long walk, but I was used to those due to all the traveling I had with the CPUs and generals, I hoped that they were alright. When I arrived at what seemed to be Resta's little city, I was in complete shock.

"What the?! It's all gone to hell..." I shook my head. "Where is everyone? I guess I should look in that small castle in the town centre, that's where Resta moved her home to, so she could be closer to her own people."

I entered inside the small castle and even on the inside, the place was damaged but I could feel a faint presence of someone nearby. I walked up to the top and when I saw the presence, I gasped in surprise. There was a familiar book that Histy would ride on so she could float, but sitting on the floor with her head down and looking much bigger than the last time I saw her...was the tome of Gamarket.

"Histoire..." I whispered with my jaw ready to hit the floor. "...what happened to you?"

I slowly walked over to her and I could now see that she was not the small and cute fairy, she was now in human size, her attire was battered and her face was bruised.

"Randy...is that you?" She asked, the cute tone in her voice was almost gone.

"Yeah, it's really me." I nodded before holding my hand out. "Sorry to keep you waiting, but I've come back."

She suddenly sniffed and was on the verge of tearing up, I did what I thought was right by helping her up and pulled her in for a comforting hug, she needed it. As she accepted in hugging me back and almost in a tight-like grip, she lightly wailed as tears fell down her cheeks. For Histy to cry like this, the situation has to be far more serious than I thought. What the hell has happened to Gamarket and what could've caused this to happen?

After a few moments past, Histoire finally calmed down and wiped her eyes.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that." She apologized. "It's wonderful to see you, Randy. It may not be much right now, but welcome back to Gamarket."

i rubbed my head. "Yeah...it's been a very long time."

"Yes, I can also see how much you've changed and grown."

"Well, just a little bit. I'm still kinda cheeky and flirty cause that's who I am." I then cleared my throat. "But all joking aside, you weren't kidding when you said that Gamarket was looking pretty bad."

Histoire lost her smile. "Yes, I'm afraid we're in a situation that no one ever saw coming and all of our primary source of power is gone missing."

"What about the citizens and the sharicite crystal for that matter?"

"It would be best if we discuss this at a safe haven, there isn't much time."

I nodded and followed Histy out of the castle, but no sooner had we left the town centre, I began to hear the sounds of something metal stomping the grounds coming from the right. I looked to see a squad of small weird looking bunnies holding bombs, but that wasn't the worst thing. Behind them was a giant peeled banana that looked mean and ready to stomp just about anything.

"Okay, I know random things happen in Gamarket, but what the hell?! What the actual hell?!"

It suddenly looked at me and roared in a mechanical tone, good to know that it's made of metal and not like an actual banana.

"Watch out, Randy!" Histoire warned. "That's a bomb squad, they have caused so much chaos and you cannot fight that giant banana either. We have to run!"

"Run away, eh?" I responded before picking up Histoire on my back. "In that case, time to zoom out of here."

I ran out of the small city as fast as I could, not even once think to look back.

As we ran into the forest and then towards a secluded beach area, things were quiet again.

"Phew, I think we're safe now." I sighed. "You okay on my back?"

"Yes, I am quite alright." Histoire replied. "That was some quick thinking there."

"Well, I have gotten better in thinking smart since I was last here. You okay to walk now?"

She nodded and I put her down on her feet. I had to admit, it was still kinda weird to see her in normal human size.

"So, where do we go from here, cause now I'm beginning to see how horrible this land has gotten, but we need some kind of comeback."

"Agreed. If we are ever going to restore Gamarket, we will need to do this right." She hummed for a moment. "We will need a base of operations, a safe zone if you will."

I nodded in agreement. "Sounds like a good place to start, but where can we find one?"

"According to my knowledge, there is a walkway that leads to a small island with a giant mansion. It used to be the home of one of the wealthiest citizens in Gamarket, but after the sudden attack, it was been left abandoned and now it's become a haven for monsters."

A secluded mansion, how come this is the first time I'm hearing about this?

"If we were to eliminate the monsters there, we could use what little sharicite power I have to restore the mansion and it's surroundings."

"Right, well it's a good thing I maintained my strength, just in case I ever came back." I got out my small gauntlets. "I should be strong enough to take them all on."

"A commendable option, but we must be cautious. There's no telling what could happen to you, since you and I are the only ones who still have freedom."

"What about you? Since you're like that now, do you have experience in combat?"

"I'm afraid that my magic is severely limited due to the loss of the sharicite powers. I will explain more once we have a safe haven."

"Alright, then show me the way and we'll go."

I followed Histoire to the shoreline and then noticed a long steel walkway that crossed over the ocean and to a large island where the mansion and some other buildings were just in view. It was the start of the evening and things were still quiet, except for the noise of the wind and the waters. Once we got to the gates, I began to hear the sounds of dogoos bouncing around before one of them noticed us and it bounced away quickly.

"Damn! Looks like we're spotted." I sighed. "So much for sneaking around."

"It's okay, if this secluded island has only dogoos, then it shouldn't be a problem." Histoire assured.

We entered through the giant gates and we could see the mansion grounds surrounding the giant home.

"Wow! This must be worth a fortune to live there and it seems we found a good place for me to get back into shape in."

"It seems the number of dogoos is quite staggering." Histoire added. "This must be some kind of nest."

"Well then, time for a little target practice, lemme at 'em!" I then posed like a hero. "But first, we need some battle music. Hit it!"

BGM: Fire Emblem: Three Houses OST - Chasing Daybreak

"Let's go monster hunting, but not after the big ones." I declared. "We're not ready for that yet."

I rushed through the gates and punched the first dogoo into pixels. Histy followed from behind, casting a small fireball that engulfed a second dogoo until it pixelated away. Some of the dogoos nearby were now aware they were being attacked. Few more turned up which meant more opportunities for me to get back into fighting. The entrance gate was now cleared. We moved to the left field and the colour of the dogoos had changed, I was so used to seeing the blue ones, I forgot about the red, green and grey ones.

As we cleared out the fields, I heard Histy call me for attention.

"Randy! I just felt a familiar presence nearby, it appears that we're not alone."

"Huh? You mean there's someone else here?" I asked.

"There is, but somehow, I believe that it is a good sign." Histoire smiled. "A good sign that I have not witnessed for a long while."

"In that case, let's just focus on where we need to clear next."

As we left the field, I thought I heard a voice from nearby.

"So the rumors of him returning were true. Then as an honorable member of Team Planeptune, I will deliver a swift performance against the monsters!"

My mind paused for a moment, was that Blossom?

Our next stop was a small area used for shops and vendor stalls with a small docking area, it had room for just one boat. We cleared out of the dogoos over there and all the while, I could feel Histy's power getting stronger, but only in tiny amounts, she was still limited in what she can do. Once the area was clear, we moved on to what looked like a giant garden with some big flowers. Suddenly, a dogoo was about to strike Histy from behind, but it was struck down by a ranged attack from somewhere.

"Well, not sure where that came from, but we should keep going." I said, believing that someone else is here too.

"Oh my, I've never seen so many dogoos...wait, is that Randy?"

It was a cute voice as well...could that have been Resta?

The last part of the outdoor area was a large park with a playground area, most likely used for the children that lived here. It was run over by more of those dogoos that had to be cleared out. By now, I saw the lights in the mansion switching on, looks like whoever is in charge here has finally woken up. We ran towards the entrance whilst I swore I heard yet another familiar voice.

"Aw yeah! Time for me to go beat up those meany monsters!"

Meany monsters she says...that's gotta be Moru.

We rushed to the entrance to see the doors being opened and loads more dogoos before a giant one came bouncing out.

"What the?! Is that a golden one?!" I exclaimed.

"A golden dogoo? This must be thier king." Histy answered. "To think that a golden dogoo exists, but still, we must clear this island."

"Sure, but it'll be difficult with just the two of us. I wish we had the generals with us right now."

The dogoo king attacked, but a sudden strike stunned it, then I saw a spell being casted where giant bananas rained down and then it turned into a pile of goo before shattering away. Suddenly, all was silent, there were no dogoos left, this whole island with the mansion was now secure and ours for the taking, mission accomplished.

End of BGM

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Next time! Histoire explains the situation and Randy, Blossom, Resta and Moru go to the first island to find and restore the Temple of Earth.