The big day was finally here. Michael was finally going to marry Stevie Mason, the love of his life. He had loved her since he was engaged to her as Michael Long. This day was several years overdue, in his opinion. He had been ecstatic when Stevie had accepted his marriage proposal, even if she didn't realize that it was her former fiance, who she thought was dead, asking her for the second time.

As Michael stood before the mirror in the dressing room, Devon helped him with his bow tie. RC was outside putting the finishing touches on Kitt.

"Stop fidgeting, Michael. There is no need to be nervous. It's not every day you get married, you know."

"Yes, Devon, I know."

"So what's wrong? Pre-wedding jitters? Cold feet?"

"No. Well, maybe. I can't help but feel like I have forgotten something."

"Like what? Bonnie did all the wedding planning for you as her wedding gift to you. Knowing her, she left no stone unturned. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Today is a happy, joyous day, so let's focus on that, dear boy."

"Yeah, you know what? You're right." But Michael still had that thought niggling at the back of his mind. What was it that he had forgotten?

"I am going to go and check on your bride."

"All right, Devon. Thanks for helping me with my tie."

"Seriously, RC, is all of this really necessary?"

"Relax, Kitt. You are the honeymoon getaway car, my man! It's tradition that the groomsmen always decorate the getaway car," RC answered as he tied the last tin can to Kitt's bumper. "All right, that's done. Now for the finishing touch!" RC pulled a bottle of liquid white shoe polish out from his pants pocket as he stood up.

If Kitt had eyes he would have rolled them skyward. "The things I do for my family..." he thought as RC began to write on his back windshield...

Bonnie was putting the veil on Stevie's head when someone knocked on the door. "Unless it's Michael, come on in!" Bonnie called out.

"No, it's just me," Devon said as he walked in. "Stevie, you look positively radiant, my dear." Devon smiled as he lightly kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you, Devon."

"All right, one more bobby pin, and we are done!"

"Thank you, Bonnie. I don't know how I could have done all of this without you," said Stevie as Bonnie pulled the veil over her face.

"I'm glad to help. What are friends for, after all?" Bonnie smiled as she wrapped her arms around Stevie, giving her a hug.

Another knock on the door, and RC poked his head in. "It's time!"

As Michael and RC walked out to the gardens following the justice of the peace, Michael still couldn't shake the feeling that he had forgotten something. However, he consciously decided to set his doubts aside. After all, as Devon had said, it was the happiest day of his life. Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it? As Devon and Stevie walked down the aisle towards him, the realization hit Michael like a ton of bricks. He had forgotten to remind Kitt to keep his scanners peeled for any signs of trouble! The people who had shot him, and then tried again to kill him while he was recovering in the hospital, were still after him. Ugh, he should have realized it when the remote control airplane bomb had blown up the beach house the same day he and Stevie had gotten engaged!

But he couldn't focus on that now. His bride was standing beside him...