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A new Mafiaward story. With the release of all this new material on 'Dior Man' I decided to use it for input. I will have a group where I will post pics to go with the story.

Now, on with the story.



Chapter 1

The sun was just showing itself to Seattle. It was going to be a beautiful day, and hopefully one I could spend some time doing some hunting of the perfect place, perfect setting to do some drawing. I am so in need of some inspiration. I need to catch a muse to produce quite a few paintings for an upcoming art show in about six months.

I have quite a few already, but they are hoping to get about twenty of my paintings. This is going to be one of the biggest art showings this year, with lots of prominent people, too.

I need to finish the work room at the warehouse I bought. I just finished the apartment, but got the second floor totally for me to do my work.

I need to have a section partitioned off as a developing room for my film. I take a few cameras with me, along with my sketch pads to capture a scene, a setting to transfer to a canvas.

My current interest is in the warehouse district on the Duwamish Waterway, and the ocean front. I know there is work being done on Duwamish, trying to remove the pollution. There are a lot of vacant old warehouses, which is close to where I found the one for my home. I bought a deserted warehouse, and converted the top floor into my apartment, and working on the second floor for my work room. The lighting is absolutely wonderful day, and night. I work all hours of the day, and some nights if the mood hangs on.

I started this interest in my art, and painting when I got hurt in high school. I got hit by a van on icy roads in the school parking lot. I ended up with some extensive injuries that left me in bed for long periods of time. I got severe fractures to my spinal vertebrae (L3-4-5), and my tailbone (S1-2). It left me with a permanent loss of feeling in my legs, and the use of arm brace crutches the rest of my life. If I wake up in bad pain, I am sometimes delegated to the use of a wheelchair.

I hated those days.

I also had modifications made to a Toyota FJ Cruiser 4 door. I had them remove one seat in behind the drivers to make room for my wheelchair. There were also hand grips overhead, and beside the door. I loved my SUV.

I also had two companions; a long haired chihuahua named, Princess Peach Swan, and a Cane Corso, as my bodyguard, named Nik Cane Swan. I called her Peach, and him Cane. I had someone come in daily to walk them, and to take Cane once a week to the bottom floor to exercise, and sometimes to Golden Garden Park, which has a no leash area. Other days, they just take him on one of the wooded walk trails. Cane is very well-tempered being trained since he was a puppy in obedience, and protecting me.

I loved my dogs. Some of the best company I've had in years.

Now, it's time to go do some research. I grab my dog sling for Peach's, and slap a leash on Cane. I give Cane to his trainer-walker, I grab my camera bag, sketch pads, pencils, some chalk, sun-glasses, sweater, and a small cooler with water, and juices. It is almost a small production to go anywhere, but well worth it.

My helpers name is Angela Weber. She went to Ross University to train in veterinarian school. She was having a hard time finding a job, and I offered her one, with an apartment on the second floor of my warehouse. We worked together, and made her a very nice apartment.

We were going to go to Pike Place Market afterwards to do some grocery shopping. I was wanting some fresh seafood to make some gumbo, and wanted some fresh fruit. I figured a couple hours sitting taking some pictures, and sketching while Angela took Cane for a run was long enough.

We found a picnic table right next to the walkway, and I got set up to do some work. I sat Peach's up on the table with a small blanket, and she laid out on it like she was sun bathing. To cute!

I liked the area as it had a good bit of the warehouse district, but there were quite a few in one area that were really rundown. It had the Duwamish Waterway, and parts of the ocean in the background. I pulled out my camera, setting everything up, and started taking pictures.

I set up a tripod on the table so I could sit, and take pics. I was getting some good ones, but wanted to get more at different times of the day. I wanted some just as dusk was coming in, and then some as the sun sets.

I guess I'd have to come back at a different time.

Across the way in one of the old warehouses owned by the Cullen-Masen family there was a meeting of sorts going on. There seems to have been an individual trying to confiscate a shipment of guns. The bad thing was they belonged to the Cullen-Masen Family, and you were surely signing your death warrent to go against any fashion.

The Italian Calabrese Family was headed by Aro Calabrese, along with his brothers, Marcus, and Caius. They dealt in drugs, human trafficking, and stolen art. They had no respect for anything, or anyone.

The Cullen-Masen Family lived by the belief that women, and children were 'Untouchable.' Nothing else to it. If you crossed that line, it meant war. Now, they had been trying to take over Seattle, Washington because of the waterways, and a lot more ease to receive, or send out merchandise.

It was not happening. Why we were having a little meeting in our warehouse right now. They thought they would come in, and try to take our shipment of guns. We had people wanting this merchandise, so it meant someone had to pay for all the trouble.

We had a few people that had remarkable abilities to interrogate people, and get information. Jasper Whitlock was one of the most deadliest, and scary men I have ever met. Thank God he worked for us. He had no mercy for anyone when it came to fucking with our family.

We had caught about ten men trying to move our weapons to a truck, and I'm happy to say we managed to catch them in the act. We left about three of them alive for interrogation, and Jasper was having to much fun with it. He managed to discover the Calabrese Families plans, and now we had to send them a message.

I do believe a chain saw is involved. The end results will be delivered right to their doorsteps.

I was ready to leave it in Jasper's hands, along with a crew of men to clean things up. I had a family dinner to attend, and I was never late. As we leave the building I look across the waterway, and I notice someone taking pictures with what looked like a telephoto lens. People didn't get pictures of me except at public events, and I couldn't afford for someone to take them of me leaving this warehouse.

I got Sean McGregor to check it out, and try to get the memory card. I just didn't want to take any chances. I also wanted information on who it was taking the pictures.

Sean took off in his car to check it out, while I climbed into mine, and told my driver to take me home. I needed a shower, and a new suit before I headed to my parents home for dinner.

I hoped it didn't result in a problem. I just wanted a break. I got a lot of things I needed to handle, and didn't need to add another one. I am looking for another place to live, and now I've been informed as of last night I need to find a wife...and apparently it needs to be within a year. Just lovely.

Alright, I believe I'll leave this right here. I'm not looking to post an update except one chapter a week...possibly on Sunday. I need to finish my other story first, & then work more on this one.

Please let me know what ya'll think. If it's worth the effort.

Thanks muches...