Chapter Five

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The apprentice exited the cell, letting the door behind them. They then turned around towards the door and took their mask off. They put their ear to the door, listening to Ezra, hoping to hear something.

There was nothing but silence. The apprentice sighed and put their mask back on. They then continued to walk to down the hall. They had to clear up some things in their mind.

Should they have kept talking to Ezra? The fact of the matter was that they learned nothing from him. Maybe they should have had a friendly chat with him, in the hopes of him spilling some secrets. Ezra was a unique person, and they knew that. They knew that their master wouldn't be happy with the lack of knowledge gathered, but in the end it doesn't matter. Ezra's in the Empire's hands, and his crew would probably come and try to save him at any time. The apprentice just hoped it wasn't soon.

Turning the corner, they ran straight into the Inquisitor.

"Apprentice, what an unexpected surprise! I would of thought that you would still be talking the boy."

"Hello Master, I thought that you were dealing with some matters?"

"Are you questioning me, child? I surely hope not. I am disappointed to see that you are done so soon with the interrogation."

"I am very sorry master. I did not mean to disappoint you. It will not happen again. He didn't seem to want to talk anyways."

"My apprentice walk with me," the Inquisitor says with a voice of a father about to give a life lesson, " We need to get him to crack. He needs him to tell us everything he knows about the Rebels. He's our best chance to find out this information. I told you the way to get him to crack. Use the girl. You say her name once and he will tell us anything we want to know if he thinks that she is in danger. Am I clear?"

"Yes sir. I will report to you afterwards with any of my discoveries,"

And with that, the apprentice turned on their heel and walked back to Ezra's cell. As they walked, people stopped and stared with a hint of fear in their face. That was good. One thing that the Inquisitor always pressed his apprentice on was that they need to be intimidating.

Intimidation is key to power. If people fear you, no one will stand in your way.

Those words were burned in the mind of the apprentice. Only recently had people started to really become afraid. Sometimes it felt good knowing that when you walked down a crowded hallway, people will split the sea for you or that when you are mad, people will leave you alone. Nobody would stop your power and stand in your way of anything.

That rule also applies to the Apprentice though, as the Inquisitor didn't want his little apprentice to become too powerful. This often happened in these kinds of things. The Inquisitor liked to remind his apprentice that he was not to be messed with. His apprentice liked to stretch the limits sometimes. However, the apprentice never crossed the line and always did what was asked, even if it took some convincing.

The apprentice snapped out of those thoughts. They had reached the door to the cell. The apprentice lifted their hand to the door's keypad. But they quickly lowered it. Something didn't feel right. The force around the person shifted. They felt a new presence. The apprentice closed their eyes and focused on that presence. Its signature felt somewhat comforting and didn't have to dark shadow that the Inquisitor's force signature had. Then suddenly the apprentice felt the presence form a word: Abby.

Ezra felt something in the force. He quickly got into a meditative position and reached out into the force. He felt lots of people in the area, running around with everyday tasks. He felt the humming of the walls. He also felt a strong force signature outside of his door. It was partially dark partially light. It had happiness and sadness surrounding it.

Suddenly he felt the strong presence of Kanan. He quickly tried to reach out into the force and lower his barriers to let his master's presence enter. Ezra tried to connect and let his master know where he was, but Kanan's presence was suddenly gone and was replaced by the one outside his door.

Ezra opened his eyes and jumped up. Not a moment passed, and then his door opened. It was the Inquisitor's apprentice. And they looked angry.

"What were you doing?" they barked while advancing.

"Hey! Woah! I was just meditating."

"Listen here, you better watch yourself."

"Well I didn't realize that meditating was a crime."

"I will not let you speak to me like that. Your top priority should be to keep out of trouble. There's no use in playing games with me."

"Oh, I see, since you are the bad guy you can do whatever."

"Bad guy? I am doing what I need to do to survive."

"Serving the Empire is not what you were meant to do. I know there's a glimmer of light in you."

"You don't know anything about me! I am trying to stay on the right side of this fight."

"But you don't have to be that way. I know who you are, you are a child who didn't get a chance at a real childhood. The empire probably took it from you. And guess what, they ruined my childhood too! But, by ruining me that introduced me to the crew on the Ghost, and now they are my family. Maybe, I am the person you are to meet. The person that you would not have met if the empire didn't take your childhood. I don't know the real you, but I bet you that we would be good friends if you just help me out of here. And then you can come and join the rebellion and live on the Ghost with me. And Kanan can help you use the force for good. And we can do so many things together! I mean you're right; I know nothing about you! But I do know that the rebellion has a place for you! I promise! They will give you a home."

Ezra decided to cut himself off. Why did he just say all that? The apprenticed cleared their throat.

"Aren't I supposed to be the one trying to get you to join my side. Either way I appreciate the offer, but I am happy here. My master is nice to me, well at times, and your friends would just lock me up at a moment's notice. You lie and say they won't, but we both know the truth. I however feel no shame in saying that if your friends were to come here, we would lock them up. At least I can face the truth. We aren't that different Ezra. All of our friends do the same thing. They demand that you follow them, or you die. You may think that only the Empire is like this but think about it. What do your rebel friends do to supporters of the Empire? They take them down. Just remember Ezra that the Empire was here first. Your friends caused chaos in the Empire's calm rule. We wouldn't be in this situation if they would have just behaved. They should have peacefully followed the Empire, but they had to start a rebellion. And you say that the Empire ruined both of our childhoods, but they made mine better. My life was going nowhere as a young child, and the Empire helped me realize my potential. They made me realize that I have power. The same power you have. Let the Empire help you realize your potential! They will help you much more than that Jedi ever could."

Ezra sat down on his bed. His head throbbing with all the thoughts running through it.

"Ezra, why are you debating this? Do you need convincing? Do you want a bedtime story about a person whose life got better because of the Empire? How about the story of your friend Abby?"

Ezra froze.

"What did you just say? You know Abby?"

"Well of course! She used to be a part of me. But she kept getting in the way of my training, so I had to let her influence go. Sometimes I see her come out of the shadows. Sometimes she comes out and plays with my head. She makes me question things. When I first saw you the other day, I felt something that I haven't felt for a long time. She used to bring out the best in me, but now she brings out the worst. Ezra, Abby isn't the same girl she was all those years ago."

Ezra didn't know what to say. His head was spinning. Was Abby here? Is she alright? Why did she never come back for him? Ezra thought back to the last time he saw her. She had told him that the Empire wanted her. That she had some kind of special gift that needed to be refined. She could have said no, but she said that she couldn't give up such an opportunity, and so she left him. It tore his heart out, and he never really got over it. He had thought to mention it to the crew, but he felt like he never could. He felt that it wasn't something that you couldn't just say, Hey guys! Do you want to hear the story of my best friend leaving to help the empire the same day my parents were taken?

Ezra shook his head and stared at the person before him.

"Who are you? Why do you know so much about me? And about Abby?"

The person shook their head and said, "I know everything you've ever told me."