The famed ship, the 2-Twentyone-bee, is resting at a launchpad in the Bak-r system. Inside, Shamus (An Ex-Mando) and Waitkins (A retired rebellion pilot with experience in the medical field) are resting in wait for an assignment. Suddenly, their Medical Droid "Hud-s3n" enters the room. "Informative: There is someone here to see you, sirs." she said "Warning: He is wearing a mask". "Thank you Hud-s3n." Shamus replied, "Send him in". The masked man entered and said "Greetings, my name is Luke Von Crabbs, I am a general for King Zahah of Naboo. I come in much urgency if you can't help me, well, let's just say, Naboo won't stay a common vacation spot". Shamus was still for a minute, then said: "Tell me the problem, your Majesty". The man turned red with embarrassment, "It is true," he replied, "But how did you know"? "Simple" Shamus replied, "I could tell from the second you came through the door. But enough about that, tell me what is the problem", and then the king told us.