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Jean yawned as she poured herself a glass of water. She cracked her neck and looked like she hadn't slept for weeks. In reality, she was just exhausted from a day of training in the danger room.

She picked up her glass of water and trudged lazily up the stairs to her room. As she walked down the hallway, she could hear a noise coming from within one of the rooms. 'Who would be up at this hour?' Jean glanced at the clock on the wall which read 2 am.

A loud slam caused Jean to take a step back, suddenly waking up and becoming rather worried. 'It's coming from that hall.' Jean placed her water safely on a table beside the door to her room, and creeped into a nearby hallway. The sounds were coming from the very last room on the right. 'Kurt?'

Jean heard a strangled cry from inside the room as she walked up to it. Deciding not to take any chances, she flung open the door and looked around for an attacker, her telekinesis ready to go. But she couldn't see anyone. No one at all. The bed inside was empty, the sheets and covers twisted and thrown off the bed.

"Kurt?" Jean whispered, taking another step inside the room.

:::Bamf::: Jean whirled around but was too slow to stop the foot from slamming into her face. She spun in the air before landing hard on the floor.

She looked up and saw Nightcrawler standing in the doorway. He was hunched over and breathing hard, his tail thrashing wildly back and forth. But his eyes weren't looking at her. They were glowing a bright yellow, and half lidded, he stared up at the ceiling.

"AHHHHH!" Kurt let out a frightening scream before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

"Wait Kurt!" Jean stood up, but felt dizzy from the kick to her head and swayed for a moment. All the students in that hall darted out of their rooms, in states of undress, looking around and firing questions.

"Who screamed?"

"What's going on?"

"Are we being attacked?"

"Jean!" Scott ran over and helped to steady Jean as she finally found her balance again.

"It's Kurt. He kicked me, then he ported somewhere." Jean concentrated, but couldn't get a grasp on where the teleporter was.

"We have to find him Scott. There was something very wrong with him." Scott nodded and let Jean stand on her own, but remained close enough just in case.

"Alright everyone, spread and search. We have to make sure Nightcrawler is okay." The students nodded and ran down the hallway, calling out to Kurt and waking up anyone who missed the scream. Wolfsbane transformed and sniffed the air with her sensitive nose. She motioned to Cannonball and began to gallop towards the other wing of rooms.

"Come on guys. She's got his scent."

Kitty lay in her bed, halfway between being awake and asleep. She could hear noises somewhere, but it felt too early to be time to get up for school. Pulling the covers down from over her head, she sat up and groggily wiped the sleep from her eyes.

Kurt's two feet planted themselves on the sides of Kitty's legs and the girl let out a surprised yelp.

"Kurt! What are you doing, get out!?!" Kitty's fury faded as she saw that Nightcrawler has his sharp teeth bared, and that his vacant eyes were glowing gold. His arms were held tightly at his side and his head was held up. 'He isn't even looking at me.'

"Kurt? Hey, are you, like, okay?" Kitty went to reach out to her friend, but his head suddenly snapped down and he stared with his glowing eyes right at her. The blue mutant spun around and whipped his wicked tail straight at Kitty's head.

Closing her eyes she phased through the attack, and sat in shock as Kurt ported out of her room, the smell of sulfur lingering. With her whole body shaking, the girl turned to look at the headstand of her bed. There was a thick gash in the wood running parallel to her eyes, carved in by the point of Nightcrawler's tail.

Logan leapt into the foyer of the mansion, sniffing the air and holding his claws ready for action. He could faintly smell sulfur, which meant Kurt had ported again.

"He isn't up there!" Evan yelled as he ran down from one side of the staircase.

"Kurt was just in my room. What's going on?" Kitty ran in from the other side of the stairs, panting and pale. Wolfsbane and Cannonball were with her, the wolf with her nose to the ground, trying to pick up Nightcrawler's scent.

"That's what I want to know half-pint." Wolverine looked around, straining his hypersensitive hearing to it's limits, but Kurt wasn't close enough or loud enough to alert him to his presence.

The X-Men slowly came together in the foyer of the mansion and stood together, prepared with their powers to apprehend the Nightcrawler.

"We don't want to hurt him, but we have to make him stop." The X-Men nodded to their leader, but were still edgy waiting for their quarry's next move. Logan and Wolfsbane lifted their heads into the air, their eyes closed. Then Logan's eyes flew open and he roared as he leapt towards the dark ceiling of the mansion.

Everyone heard a bamf and returned to their attack positions as Logan was left hanging by the chandelier in a cloud of blue smoke. Kurt reappeared in the center of the group, crouched down and his head twitching madly back and forth.

"Kurt, what the hell do you think you're doin?" Rogue jumped forward, ready to suck some of the power out of Nightcrawler when he ported out of the way. She fell face down onto the carpet before he reappeared and landed on her. Hard.

Scott fired at Kurt, but again he hit nothing but blue smoke. For a tense moment, the mutant didn't reappear, but when he did it was across the room.

Wolverine leapt down from the chandelier and swiped at Nightcrawler. The mutant looked at him with unearthly eyes before flipping over him and wrapping his tail around Wolverine's neck. Nightcrawler clung to Wolverine's back as he strangled him slowly, the whole time dodging the sharp claws that were attempting to scrape him of.

Jean raised her hand and used all her powers to uncurl the powerful tail and flung Kurt across the room. He was about to hit the far wall when he ported again and ended up in front of Jean. He swung his foot, but was knocked away by a powerful hit from Cannonball.

Kurt lay on the floor, motionless for a few seconds, before he once again stood up, and began to charge the whole group of X-Men, full speed and with teeth bared.

Magma took a step forward and transformed, fire and lava consuming her as she formed a ball of fire in her hand.

Nightcrawler skidded to a stop, his eyes glowing and widened. He began to back up and started to shake uncontrollably. After a few seconds the blue mutant fell to his knees, wrapping his tail and arms around himself, still trembling.

"I-I didn't mean to, I'm sorry." Magma began apologizing profusely, and let all the fire around her fall away. Bobby put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"You didn't do it, Amara. It wasn't your fault." The attention turned back to Kurt, who had settled down slightly. Everyone stood where they were, not wanting to spook the teleporter.

"Jean." Scott nodded to her and she carefully walked forward, giving his mind a gentle feel. 'He's terrified. But at least now I can sense Kurt again.'

"Kurt. It's alright, it's just me. You're safe now Kurt. Just relax, please don't run away."

Kurt finally lifted his head and looked at Jean. His eyes were back to their strange white, and his pupils were back. He looked around frightened for a second, before standing up. His chest was rapidly heaving as he tried to calm himself down.

"Don't." He gritted through his teeth.

"Don't what Kurt?" Jean said in a soft voice, no longer coming closer to the boy who was a few feet away.

"Don't read my mind. Either of you." Kurt looked pleadingly to Professor X, who had been quietly observing.

"We can help-"

"DON'T!" Kurt yelled out, wrapping his arms around himself again. "If you have any respect for me, please, don't ask and don't read my mind."

"Okay, everyone back to bed." Scott began to herd the students back to bed, quite a few looking uneasily towards Nightcrawler. They were all worried about him, and wanted to help, but they feared the golden eyed creature that attacked them so coldly.

Jean laid her hand on Kurt's shoulder but he flinched away. She looked slightly hurt, but walked back to her room as well, to try and get sleep for the next day. Kitty reached out to touch Kurt, but changed her mind at the last second, considering how he had reacted to Jean.

"If you need to talk, I'm like always here for you Kurt." Kitty smiled innocently at him, but when he looked up he seemed more hurt than he had been before.

"Thanks....." Everyone departed and Nightcrawler walked slowly up the stairs, his mind a million miles away.

"Kurt. If this happens again, we may have to find a way to deal with it."

"I know professor."

"Go to sleep. You'll need the rest for tomorrow, elf." Logan walked away from where the students were heading, to his own room, in a hall by the other teachers.

As Kurt was about to disappear down the hallway to his room, Professor Xavier shouted out to him. "Kurt, I'd like you to some see me tomorrow morning before going to the danger room."

"Yes professor." The mutant muttered as he went into his room and lay on his bed.

'You can't be there for me Kitty. And the others can't help me.' He felt a shudder go through his body that made his fur stand on end. 'Why would that happen now, after so long?' Kurt sighed and tried to untangle the sheets that had bound him while he slept. Memories of the dream came back to him in flashes.

Ropes, so tight they were digging into his skin. People, screaming and cursing. Things being thrown at him, striking him in the face.

Kurt finally reorganized his bed and curled up on himself, intent on keeping the nightmares away.

Fire. The smell of burning. Pain. So much pain. Then...a boy.

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