"Boarding school!" Mina and Rei yelled at the same time.

"Think of it this way, at least you won't be in jail anymore." Setsuna frowned at the two girls.

"Not my fault." Mina held up her hands in defense.

"What! You were the one who just had to have that car!" Rei turned and glared at her friend.

"How was I supposed to know the alarm would be that loud!" Mina shot back.

"I thought you were good at hot-wiring cars!" Rei shoved Mina, who, sitting on a chair, was knocked backwards but used the momentum to do a somersault and landed on her hands and knees.

"I didn't set the officer on fire!" Mina jumped over the chair and did a roundhouse kick, throwing Rei against the wall. Before either could do anything else, Setsuna transported the three of them to the Time Gates.

"I wish the best for both of you. I'll be dropping you off in front of the academy. Don't worry; I'll have everything ready for when the two of you get there. Also, the others will be joining you shortly after their time in jail is up." Setsuna was standing there, with her staff in hand.

"Hey! Now we'll have clean records!" Mina grinned.

"No. They need to know how big of troublemakers the two of you are." Setsuna hugged the two girls as a portal opened next to them. "Have fun!" With that said, she ushered the two into the portal.


"Oww!" Mina groaned as she climbed off of Rei.

"Stop complaining!" Rei tackled Mina, who flipped her friend over her head.

"Catch me if you can!" Mina blew a raspberry at Rei before racing up the steps and into the school, with her friend close behind. Entering the school, Rei caught a glimpse of blonde hair disappearing around a corner and took off running after it.

Around the corner was a set of stairs, but that didn't stop Rei as she jumped the entire set to the landing below."Mina!"

"What is going on here!" A girl, about the same age as Rei and Mina, with light blonde hair came out of a room, glaring at the two running towards her. As Mina darted past the girl, she reached out and grabbed a fistful of Mina's hair, causing her to whirl around in surprise. Rei grinned before she tackled both blondes, the one with shorter hair screaming her head off. Rei sat on top of the two girls, grinning as she held them both pinned underneath herself.

"Rei you cheated!" Mina whined as she struggled in vain to escape the grip her friend had on her.

"No I didn't and you know it." Rei got off the two and held her hand out to help Mina up.

"Do you even know who I am!" The other blonde demanded angrily as she got up. "I am Princess Relena Peacecraft, soon to be Queen of the World!"

"Yeah, and Serena's Princess of the Universe." Rei smiled and shook her head at the thought and Mina just laughed. Relena looked the two of them up and down and suddenly paled.

Rei wore a short black tank top and tight blue jeans that hugged her hips and showed off the red dragon tattoo on her low back. Her sneakers were covered in safety pins and her long black hair had violet highlights in it. Mina on the other hand wore a black tank top with blue shorts and black sneakers similar to the ones Rei wore. Her long blonde hair was left down with black ribbons intertwined in it.

"Mouse got your tongue?" Mina grinned before getting smacked by Rei.

"It's cat not mouse." Rei growled.

"Can we just get our schedules already? Good Lord! I'm starting to miss being in prison." Mina muttered and Rei nodded.

"F-Follow me." Relena was still pale and shook slightly, not used to having to deal with such delinquents on her own. The two followed the Princess to her office and once inside it, Mina immediately went and sat in Relena's chair behind the desk.

"Ohh! Comfy!" Mina grinned as she spun around in it once.

"Idiot! That isn't your chair!" Rei yelled while kicking her friend out of it. Relena half sat half fell into her previously occupied chair, shaking even more then before. 'I must be strong! I won't let them scare me!' Relena gathered up her lost confidence and dug through a pile of papers before finding the ones she wanted.

"Here you go, your schedules. Ms. Setsuna has informed me that you two shouldn't be in a room together. Classes begin at seven thirty tomorrow morning, and uniforms have already been placed in your room. You can't wear casual clothes except on the weekends. Sometimes a class will be scheduled for the weekend and in that case you will need to wear your uniform. Also, if a teacher feels that you are lagging behind in their class they will assign you classes over the weekend so you can catch up." Relena droned on and Mina tuned her out, waiting for when they could leave.

Minutes later they came out of the room and began to wander down the halls trying to find their dorms. "I wish we didn't have separate dorms." Rei groaned knowing that the two wouldn't be able to plan pranks together. "It's a good thing it's Saturday, we don't have any classes this weekend and we don't have to wear the uniforms either." Rei stopped in front of a door and waited patiently for Mina to pull out the key she was given and unlock it.

"And I said, that's not my mom, that's my dad!" Duo laughed at the lame joke by himself. Quatre was currently in the process of banging his head repeatedly on the table to forget the jokes, Wufei was pulling out his katana, Trowa was making a cup of tea, and Heero was typing away on his computer. All five froze as the door was unlocked and opened, accompanied by two female voices.

"I can't wait till I shower! It feels like forever since I last did so. Besides, I want to wash away the pris-" They stopped as they found three guns pointed at them. Duo grinned at the two of them and Quatre sat there blushing furiously because of what the two girls wore.

"I didn't know you had a room mate Mi-chan!" Rei smiled as she shoved her friend into the room before following her in. Mina glared at Rei before turning her attention back to the guys.

"Um...hi?" She smiled a bit nervously at having the guns pointed at her and Rei.

"Put those toys away." Rei said as she stretched her arms up over her head. The safety on one clicked off.

"Who are you?" Heero asked in his usual monotone voice.

"Aino Minako!" The blonde replied cheerfully.

"Hino Rei." The raven haired one stood there, glaring back at Heero.

"Which one of you is Trowa? Cause you're my room mate, or so the Princess says." Mina frowned at the idea of Relena.

"I am." The tall one said quietly as he set his cup of tea down on the table.

"Ohh! Cutie!" Mina grinned and winked at the tall boy.

"Whichever of you are Heero Yuy, the Princess wants to see you." Rei stretched again before plopping down onto the couch. The boy with short messy chocolate colored hair closed his laptop and left. Mina went into her room and jumped back in the hall a minute later screaming in surprise.

"Ar-Ar-ARTEMIS!" Mina was pressed up against the wall and by the look on her face, she wished she was anywhere but there. The four guys looked to see a white cat walk out of her room, looking annoyed...that is if cats could look annoyed.

"Hey! Cute kitty!" Duo went over and picked up Artemis and began to pet him, who surprised both Mina and Rei by starting to purr.

"Why are you scared of the cat?" Quatre asked as he looked at Mina curiously.

"Ah...hahahaha...Me scared of Artemis?" Mina laughed nervously as she went over to where Rei was laying on the couch. "Let's go to your dorm, I wanna see who your room mate is." Rei just tossed her the keys and rolled over on the couch.

"I'm tired, you go find out who lives there." Mina just blinked before leaving the dorm. Wandering down the hall, she stopped in front of the door 217 and unlocked it. She gasped as she saw it decorated with Chinese things.

"WOW! Rei! Come look!" Mina's voice drifted down the hall and into the open dorm room. "Hey! What a cool looking sword!" Wufei stood up suddenly at realizing she was in his dorm.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY KATANA COLLECTION!" He roared as he ran down the hallway towards his dorm. Duo, Quatre, and Trowa went after their friend, having a feeling they'd have to protect the blonde from Wufei.

"Engarde!" Wufei jumped out of the room with his katana raised to block off an attack from the blonde who was holding a katana.

"Onna! Give me back my katana!" Wufei growled at her. Mina just smiled at him as she raised the katana to attack again. Wufei blocked it, and was about to move forward to attack, when a second katana appeared in her hand.

"Wow! Look at her go!" Duo grinned as he watched her fight Wufei.

"She seems really good." Quatre murmured and Trowa silently agreed.

"She's just playing around, she's much better then that." Rei was standing in the doorway, watching her friend fight the Chinese man.

"Hey Rei! Looks like Wuffie here is your room mate!" Mina grinned while blocking another attack from Wufei.