Chapter One


"Go and shower. They'll be home soon." Rosalie gestured to the bathroom door to the left and then sat up and slipped off the right side of the bed almost silently.

I rolled off too, noting the happy warm feeling still in my body, and walked the few steps to the ensuite.

Behind me there was a rustle as the bedding was removed and tossed into a pile on the floor. This was a well executed routine after six months of orchestrating an affair that was - almost miraculously - still a secret.

The door swung shut with the help of a gentle tap as I passed through and headed to the shower.

With well-practiced ease I set the water to a pleasantly hot temperature stepped under to let the spray collide with the front of my head and quickly cascade down to saturate my entire body.

Rose had been almost suspiciously pleasant today. Don't get me wrong, she was nice sometimes. Even qualifying as sweet if I got her on a good day. But when time was this limited like it was this afternoon with the rest of the Cullen's only being away for the day in Seattle it was typical for her to be short tempered and very much pushing to get to the end goal.

I backtracked in my mind a little to the adjective sweet and felt my face pull into an involuntary smirk.

Six months ago we had been at what I would classify as the peak of our conflicts with each other there wasn't a chance in hell I would have ever believed there would ever be a time where I'd think there was anything sweet or even just tolerable about her.

In hindsight it was probably that tension and genuine disregard for each other where we couldn't so much as muster basic courtesy when we did have to talk that enabled this to happen at all.




As agreed with Nessie, I turned up at the house at nine o'clock in my wolf form and phased back before crossing the river so I could dress again.

The house was unusually dark and quiet considering none of the occupants besides Nessie were capable of sleep, but I continued to approach nonetheless. It crossed my mind that perhaps she'd managed to get us the place to ourselves, and my pace quickened at that prospect since - if it were true - it might mean she was open to something other than a heavy make out session and dry humping.

A guy can dream, right?

"Ness?" I called out when I reach the stairs to the patio.

No response.

As usual, the doors to the house were unlocked and I let myself in. There was still a very apparent absence of sounds from any of the three floors and it wasn't until I looked over to the couch and actually saw Rosalie that I realized she was there sitting cross legged in one corner.

Great. One to one with Blondie.

From the way she was staring vacantly at the air in front of her, it was pretty clear she had not registered my presence, despite how loud and open I had been about my arrival.

"Nessie's not here?" I asked, though already knew the answer.

She didn't respond or so much as flick a glance in my direction. Definitely weird.

I spoke again, raising my voice. "Hey! Have you lost the ability to speak now as well as think?"

This time she blinked rapidly for a moment and then looked to me.

"They're not here, dog," she snapped in a quiet but clearly displeased tone. "Bella and Edward took Nessie to San Francisco for the weekend. Alice and Jasper have gone with Emmett to do security checks on a few of our other properties. Carlisle and Esme are in Seattle. There's nothing for you here, so feel free to leave."

"She's gone to California and, what, neglected to mention it?" I said, almost in disbelief.

Her eyes darkened and her expression tighter. "The trip was a surprise from her parents. What she does and doesn't tell you is not of any concern to me. Your reason for coming is not here, so I see no point in you continuing to assault me with your odor."

In mere seconds I could hear my pulse in my ears and feel it thrumming in my neck as my blood pressure skyrocketed. Just the sound of her voice made me want to explode sometimes. Pair that with her constant bitchy attitude and it was a miracle each time we spent even a few minutes together without some kind of blow up.

"Right," I muttered and let out a dry laugh under my breath. If she wanted to be petty, I could be petty. "Well at least it wasn't a totally wasted trip then. Got to make you unhappy, which is always a great time for me."

Her gold eyes rolled behind her heavily make up coated eyelids. "Mission accomplished. Now get out; no mutts allowed in the house."

If there was one thing on earth that was almost guaranteed to make me not do something, it was to have someone repeatedly try to push me into it.

"I think I'll wait for her." I fixed my gaze on her face and stared, unblinking, in a wordless invitation for her to take this plainly obvious bait.

Her eyes darkened and a little thrill rushed through my body to see it working.

"Get. Out." She snarled menacingly with deep lines cutting into her normally flawless face. "Or I will remove you in pieces."

After so many years I knew precisely how to bother her the most… I smiled and laughed.


Faster than I could see she was off the couch and standing in front of me. She paused just long enough for me to process that first change of location before she grabbed me by the throat with one hand and effortlessly lifted me off the ground despite almost a foot of difference in height. We were at the door just a fraction of a second later and at the same moment she opened it I grabbed hold of her wrist. This happened to be the moment she had attempted to throw me from the house, but instead the force resulted in us both falling to the ground just outside the door.

"Let go of me!" she shrieked and landed a punch with her left hand into my chest. It knocked the wind out of me and felt as if she'd reached into my lung itself.

"Fuck! Stop!" I quickly grabbed her left hand by the wrist in my right, now gripping both, and quickly flipped us over so she was on her back beneath me and I was sitting across her hips. "Enough. You're actually fucking crazy."

The fury in her eyes was impossible to not notice, and I could see how tense her jaw was when she spoke. "Leave when you're told to."

"Fine. 's done. Agree?"

Her face was like stone looking up at me. Not a single muscle moved and she didn't seem to be breathing.

"Fine. Just go."

I let go of her wrists then and stood in the same moment before quickly stepping to one side so I wasn't over the top of her.

After a big breath to start to calm myself I began walking towards the stairs that lead down to the yard again. I only made it about two steps though before I found myself falling and then staring up at the stars with a dull throbbing in my back and head.

A pain in my ankle told me my fall had been facilitated by a strike to that spot that had obviously been too fast for me to process at the moment it occurred.

Bare feet walked across the wood of the deck and then I heard the door click shut a few feet away.

In mere seconds my rage swelled and exploded inside my head.

I'm going to fucking kill her!

With a hard jerk I whipped myself up to my feet and stormed back inside the house.

She wasn't in the lower level living room anymore and so I leapt up the stairs three at a time until I reached the next landing and…

Crack! Something hard as rock collided with my face and I stumbled.

When I looked up I saw her black eyes glaring at me with clenched fists by her sides.

"Do you have a death wish, mongrel?" she growled.

I grabbed her by the throat before she could stop me with both hands and dug my thumbs into her trachea in preparation to very literally rip her head off. "Just yours."

"Do it." She mouthed the words with only a slight creaking to be heard under the pressure of my fingers.

My hands squeezed tighter, but even in this moment I knew if I killed her I'd be as good as dead too. Emmett would not stop until he pulled my still-beating heart from my chest. And then there would be the rest of the family…

"I'm so fucking sick of this shit!" I yelled straight in her face. "Seven years and you can't for even one second control yourself and just be civil. All you had to say was that she was gone for the weekend and leave it at that. But you can't help yourself, can you? You don't have the ability to hold back from your bitchy comments and insults."

In a rough and sudden movement I released my grip on her neck.

Neither of us moved.

"There will never be any peace between us, will there? Not whilever you're still living or whatever it is you do."

In some stupid optimism I hoped she'd contribute something useful if I waited for an actual response.

Needless to say, I was mistaken.

The silence rang on for nearly twenty seconds before I gave up and dropped my gaze to the floor.

"Just… don't talk to me again. At all. And I won't talk to yo-"

My mouth was covered with her icy cold lips and my nose burned with the close proximity to her disgustingly strong stink.

I jerked my head back. "What the fuck?!"

She blatantly sighed and rolled her noticeably lighter eyes. "Do you want to fuck? Or not?"

In a total cliche, my jaw literally dropped and I scoffed. "You've got to be joking."

"Well I know you're the only one in the state not getting any from Nessie, so I thought maybe you'd appreciate the offer…"

If it were possible for my chin to legitimately hit the floor I'm quite positive it would have in that moment.

Her cheeks dimpled as she smirked at my obviously shocked expression.

"You really didn't know," she mused. "I guess she's pretty good at playing dumb after all."

The only one in the state not getting any from Nessie… I thought the words over again and tried to get them to sink in.

Whatever way I looked at it, the fact she was supposedly sleeping with numerous other people was not at all positive or flattering for our relationship.

"Right…" I whispered, my tone clearly showing how stunned I was. "Well, thanks for the offer, but I'm just going to go."

Rosalie laughed once. "At least we know she's not depriving you of something you desperately want."

"Don't flatter yourself," I retorted. "I'd accept the offer from millions of other people. Just not you."

"Run along then." She looked to the stairs pointedly.

Just get out of here, a wise voice somewhere deep in my mind said, and I listened to it for once.

Without another word I spun around and walked down the stairs feeling a bit numb with shock still. I reached the bottom and headed straight for the door, then down the stairs from the deck to the grass, and continued at a brisk pace across the yard until I neared the river.

My mind whirled with all that had happened in the last 30 minute and how differently I'd anticipated this visit being.

Should have fucked her, another voice which was much more familiar said in my head.

My cock would probably fall off if I put it in her. Or maybe I'd get poisoned from contact with whatever fluids lubricated her cold, dead pussy. If any…?

I knew with a great deal of certainty that they all had a lot of sex, but prior to now I'd not considered the specifics.

Why am I now? I asked myself, and then shook my head and tried to put the topic out of my mind.

With well practiced ease I pulled my shirt off over my head and was reaching for my waist band when something seemed to snap inside me.

Renesmee was fucking everyone else in the state, and yet I was here being some pillar of patience and understanding for her apparent desire to "wait for marriage".

Absolute bullshit.

Why shouldn't I do the same? I turned on the spot and headed back to the house with a mix of anger and frustration primarily fueling my quick pace.

When I reached the deck I could see Rosalie coming downstairs through the glass she reached the back of the couch at the moment I yanked the door open.

"Fine." I said.

Her head tilted a fraction. "Fine?"

"Let's do it." I still half didn't believe myself, but I also knew there was no way I'd stop given what I now knew. "You don't have venom in your pussy?"

She chuckled. "Ah, no. Although that would be a very… creative… way to turn somebody."

I chucked my shirt onto the floor by the door and looked at her very directly. "Do you have a preferred location?"

"Here works." She gestured to the couch. "Wouldn't have to explain any of the associated smells either, or why they'd be mingled in one place."

"Right." I hadn't even considered that we'd need to explain certain things to the rest of the Cullen's.

I closed the distance to the couch as she walked around it to the front. We both paused awkwardly for a long moment where we seemed to almost be assessing the other again, then she began to sit down and I followed her lead.

"First time?" she enquired.

There was no point lying. It would be kind of obvious in a few minutes.


She slid across until our legs were touching and already the coldness of her skin was reaching mine.

I wondered briefly if it would be problematic and have the same effect as a cold shower.

"We'll keep it pretty basic then," she decided.

She reached a hand out and curved it over my shoulder gently to pull me forward and down until our lips met again. I automatically flinched when her fingers made contact with me, but she ignored it and after a few seconds I felt my muscles relax as my brain processed that this wasn't an attack, for once.

Her lips moved on mine slowly and I picked up her style and rhythm almost instantly. If I didn't think about it too much it was a lot like kissing Nessie, only perhaps a bit softer, which was surprising.

My hands reached across to hold her after a minute or two, taking up a spot on her waist with my left hand and the nape of her neck right my right.

When she hummed softly as my fingers combed through her hair and across her scalp it surprised me a little and I felt myself suddenly harden in my shorts.

She leaned into me more and her left hand came to rest on my right shoulder now like the other hand already was.

Despite this being extreme unnatural, it was progressing very smoothly.

I moved my right hand down from her hair to her waist as well and then without pausing pulled her up to straddle my lap and put some pressure on my now rock hard cock.

When she felt it under her she very deliberately positioned herself right against the bulge and rocked her hips, causing me to groan this time.

Both her hands brushed up my neck in tandem to bury in my hair and then suddenly she grabbed two fists full and pulled backwards until the kiss broke and her lips found a new spot against my throat.

My heart started slamming in my chest at both the wonderful sensation, and the concern she'd sink her fangs into me and I'd be done for.

"You don't taste as bad as you smell." She commented casually between wet kisses.

I laughed. "Neither do you."

Her hold on my hair released and I straightened my neck so we could see each other.

Her eyes were back to a dark golden colour now and for once she wasn't scowling at me.

Who knew we just needed to fuck around in order to stop fighting?

"Ready?" Her eyes made a pointed look between our bodies to the prominent outline in my pants.

"I think so." The corners of my lips rose a little.

Rosalie slipped off my lap backwards until she was standing and began taking off her clothes. I took the cue and lifted my ass off the couch to slide my shorts down. When my cock sprang free I caught her eyebrows raise for just a moment in surprise, but then the mask returned to veil her emotions again and she stepped out of her pants while she waited for me to do the same.

Once we were both undressed she climbed back on my lap and wrapped her fingers around my shaft to stroke it firmly. It took a minute or so to adjust to the temperature change, though her hands were definitely warmer after being against my shoulders.

"Last chance to change your mind," she said with a hint of teasing in her tone.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed her hips tightly to lift her up so she could guide me inside her.

Needing no further invitation Rosalie pressed tip of my cock against her very wet entrance and began lowering herself down.

It wasn't until this moment that it fully processed what we were doing. But as I watched inch after inch slide inside her until nothing more would fit I truly hit me that not only was I fucking Rosalie, but I was undeniably cheating on Nessie.

Most startling of all… I didn't care.

"Fuck, it's so hot inside me," Rosalie shuddered, eyelids half closing as she ever so slightly rocked her hips.

Her words and her heavy breathing made my cock throb and I automatically thrust up into her, making her gasp.

The coolness of her wasn't as severe as I thought it would be from her skin temperature. It was certainly not warm inside, but it wasn't so cold I couldn't stay hard. And as with her hands, my heat was warming her more and more.

We both started moving at the same time, slowly at first, until we hit a pretty fast pace. Her muscles clenched around me each time she lifted herself up a few inches before sliding back down again and the sensation was so incredible made my head foggy.

"I need you to fuck me harder." She struggled to say without the words turning to moans with each thrust.

Obviously I was quiet willing to oblige and used my hold on her hips to make each thrust harder and sharper.

She shook her head and rose until she was off my cock. "No, fuck me from behind. Really hard."

Rosalie stood and I did the same, though my legs felt like jelly, and she turned her back to me before reaching back to grab my hands and put them on her hips again.

"Spread your feet apart so you can get low enough." She instructed, obviously having had to figure that out with Emmett as well.

I adjusted my stance as needed and thrust back into her in one smooth action that made her suck in a sharp breath and then moan. This time only the bottom inch or so wouldn't fit in.

"Good?" I asked.

"Yeah." Her blonde hair swayed as she nodded.

With that I started thrusting into her again at the same pace we'd reached on the couch and she bent further forward giving me easier access. My grip tightened on her hips the faster I got and before long she was so wet it was leaking down my balls and seemed to be incapable of being quiet.

"Fuckkkkkkk!" She was somewhere between a scream and a growl and for some reason it was nearly making me cum just hearing her.

I slowed down for a minute for both a change of pace and to let me catch my breath. Rosalie took the opportunity to stand up straighter for a minute and put her hands over mine on her hips then guided them up to her firm breasts. I rubbed and massaged them somewhat absentmindedly and let my fingertips brush across the little points of her nipples.

"I'm surprised you haven't cum," she remarked.

"So am I to be honest." I admitted. "Been close a few times."

Her head turned and she looked over my shoulder at me for just a few seconds and seemed to almost smile. "I can tell. You start throbbing."

I laughed. "I think I've been throbbing this whole time."

"Harder," she clarified.

I dropped my hands from her tits to her hips and slammed into her roughly which generated a scream.

"Harder?" I asked cheekily.

"Yes." She panted.

I repeated the action and felt her twitch and shake.

I smiled. "Harder than that?"

"Same as that, over and over."

Without any warning I launched into a fast pace of deep, rough thrusts that caused our skin to loudly smack together and fill the room with that sound. And the sound of us both panting and her screaming in the back of her throat regularly.

I could feel how close I was to finishing, but knew as soon as I did it would be over and there was no guarantee we'd ever do this again.

Rosalie wasn't making it easy to hold back though. Whether she could tell her the sounds she was making or the way she kept clenching tight around me was doing or not, she was very effectively pushing me to the edge.

"Pull my hair," she suddenly asked. "Grab all of it and just pull."

It wasn't the easiest thing to gather all her hair with one hand while still slamming into her, but I managed to get most of it in a ponytail in my fist and then pulled backwards firmly.

Another moan resulted and she got dramatically wetter in that instant to the point it was starting to smear across my thighs.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum!" Her fingers started brushing against my cock as it was going into her when she reached down and rubbed her pussy.

A moment later she got even tighter and started clenching rhythmically as if to milk my cum out of my cock.

That put me past breaking point and I came insanely hard while buried fully inside her and pulling her backwards by her hair.




My eyes snapped back into focus as the memory faded off from the forefront of my mind again.

The past six months had been unbelievable in a lot of ways. I'd proposed to Nessie a few weeks after Rose and I had started fucking (perhaps not for the most wholesome of reasons - I was trying to corner her - but that was a thing now regardless of the motivation). On the contrary to that act though, I'd quite quickly and almost entirely lost interest in her.

I still pretended, of course. Quite successfully I might add. And made sure to control my mind around Edward - also a rather well executed venture so far. The majority of the reason why I bothered to do that was to continue to have regular access to Rose without it being too suspicious or risky.

Not too long ago I'd have said that pigs had a greater chance of flying than the possibility of me ever doing anything to enable more time for Rosalie and I.

I laughed once under my breath, and then started actually washing myself at last.

A few minutes passed and I was just rinsing the coconut scented body wash off my shoulders and back when I caught movement outside the floor-to-ceiling windows that made up the whole side wall of the bathroom.

It took a second to get my eyes to focus on the figure, but when it did my heart sank into my stomach.


And he had definitely seen me.