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In the few weeks since Kuki's new life began, Mew had taken the time to teach Kuki how to master her all-new abilities. The first thing Kuki had to learn was the various forms of telekinesis, and she came up with a good training exercise to help Kuki get the hang of it.

Kuki was hovering rings through a number of twisted poles. Her task was to make sure none of the rings touched their poles even once while she moved them from one end of the poles to the other, else she'd have to start the exercise over from the beginning. The exercise had been fairly difficult the first couple times. Mangled poles and rings were strewn about the courtyard from her previous attempts in the past week.

'Almost there, Kuki!' Mew cheered from the sidelines while Kuki stiffened her face in concentration.

Kuki's body radiated a faint blue glow while she steadily moved the rings through the poles. They trembled, and occasionally she stopped to take a break. It wouldn't have been so difficult if the poles weren't varied in length and shape, and Kuki had to get all the rings on the other side at the same time.

'Aaaalmost there… keep going!' Mew cheered again in a whisper. Kuki was really thankful for that, because she felt like her focus would collapse if Mew had raised her voice any higher.

With pursed lips, she pulled the rings further along. Using telekinesis was still so bizarre. It was as if she had several invisible arms floating around her at all times.

Finally, Kuki led the rings down the pole ends. They fell into place at the same time with a harmonious clang.

"I did it…" Kuki exhaled deeply. She slumped her shoulders and rubbed her forehead. "I finally did it! Oh yeah!" Kuki finished with triumphant flips in midair.

'I knew today would be the day you finally did it!' Mew chimed, clapping her paws.

"Really?" Kuki asked with a head tilt. She hovered down to the grass bed after a mild headache started tugging at her mind.

'Yup! I'm so proud of you, Kuki! Your abilities are progressing very well.' Mew circled around her with a smile. She doused Kuki with a yellow light and Kuki's headache vanished almost instantly.

"Are we gonna do more training?" Kuki asked, a hit of reluctance in her voice.

'Nuh-uh, you've earned a break for now,' Mew replied with an apologetic smile.

Kuki smiled in relief and threw a paw up. "Yay! Learning telekinesis was so hard… I'm glad I don't have to do it anymore."

'Things will only get easier from here, but there's still a lot you need to learn,' Mew said with a wink.

"When will I be like you, Mew?" Kuki asked with a groan.

'Well… You still have a long way to go,' Mew said, nodding with folded arms. 'But with how quickly you're learning, I think it should take you about… ten years to be as good as me!'

Kuki deflated and groaned even harder. "That looong?! I'm gonna be..." she counted on her digits then gasped. "I'll be more than twenty years old by then!"

'Time doesn't mean a thing to us, Kuki. Whether it takes a century, a millennium or even a million years, we'll have all the time in the world to do all kinds of stuff. I look forward to it,' Mew said with a reminiscent look in her eyes.

"A million years! How even old are you, Mew?!" Kuki asked, slack-jawed.

Mew giggled and waved her paw. 'Come on, I lost count ages ago. Just know that I've been around for a very long time.'

"Whoa…," Kuki said with starry eyes. "You're like… super ancient!"

'You could say that,' she said with a nervous laugh.

"Does that mean you're a super old granny?"

'What?! No! I'm not that kind of old old!'

Kuki stared blankly at her and then laughed. "I really don't get it, but I think it's cool."

'You don't really have to think about it much,' Mew said with a huff. She then turned towards the mangled poles and rings from Kuki's earlier training sessions. 'Time to tidy this place up now that we won't be needing these anymore,' Mew said, levitating a pole and teleporting it away. Probably to a random cave somewhere, or a trash heap.

Kuki stared at her work without saying anything. She wasn't really sure what to do next. Should she go downstairs and wait, or…?

'I'll take care of this quickly. Head down to the room, okay?' Mew said, glancing at Kuki over her shoulder.

Kuki nodded and twirled around to make her leave.


As soon as she arrived in the room, Kuki plopped herself over the bed and cooed. Though it'd been weeks since she changed, she wasn't yet fully used to being so much smaller than her old bed. Anyone would feel weird if they could fit on top of their pillow while only taking half the space on it.

Kuki turned to lay on her back and yawned. She flicked her tail up and down while humming a tune to herself. The tv was sitting on the other side of the room, and she stared at it vacantly. It reminded her of the many times she'd lie on her bed watching different shows until she fell asleep. One time Mew had to take the TV away because Kuki had spent two days watching nonstop while Mew was gone for an errand that took that long.

Kuki closed her eyes and smiled. It felt as if she was recalling a distant memory, yet it probably happened not long before she became a pokemon…

'Lunch time!' Mew said. A leavanny-woven sack full of berries levitated into the room. Mew hovered over the center of the carpet and then opened up the bag to reveal the ripened berries of several colors and sizes within. 'Come on and let's eat, Kuki.'

"Not hungry…," Kuki replied with a groan.

'Come now Kuki, I already told you. Even if you don't get hungry anymore, nothing stops you from eating whenever you want anyway,' Mew said, hovering to her and poking her cheek.

"But it still feels weeeeird!" Kuki said with an exaggerated groan. She shook her face away from Mew's prodding and sat up to face her. It only felt stranger the more she let her mind dwell on it. She placed a paw over her stomach and grimaced. Kuki never felt hunger anymore, but she never felt full either. The only upside is that she could keep eating food endlessly without actually needed to stop for any reason. She and Mew were more like snorlax in that regard.

"Just… weird."

'You'll get used to it sooner or later. Come on, the food isn't gonna eat itself, Kuki,' Mew said with a giggle, hovering an oran in front of Kuki's face to tease her.

"I suppose I could take one or two," Kuki said with a smile.

They hovered to the berry stash and sat on opposite ends of it. Kuki's mouth watered from smelling the berry nectar up close. Their fragrance was so pleasant that she could almost taste it. Perhaps she'd be taking a berry or two more than she thought.

'Bon appetit!' Mew said, hoisting up a rindo.


'Isn't that what you used to say before eating? I've missed hearing you say stuff like that,' Mew replied.

"I stopped saying that ages ago," Kuki said with flushed cheeks.

'How about doing it one more time for old times' sake? Please, Kuki?' Mew said, lightly tossing her berry between her paws.

"Alright, alright. I'll say it." She grabbed a nanab berry in her paws and stared at it for a moment. "Bon appetit!"

Mew smiled gleefully when Kuki said it, and the two then proceeded to dig into the berry pile. Within minutes, there weren't any berries left. In the past, their meals had ended whenever Kuki felt full, and since that couldn't happen anymore…

"Whoa, it's all gone… Happens every time now," Kuki said, holding the last nanab berry in her paw. She shrugged and downed it in a single swallow. "A single bag used to last us a whole week, too."

'And you said you weren't hungry,' Mew said with a smirk.

"I really wasn't!" Kuki retorted with a pout.

'I know. Just teasing. Still, I'm starting to get used to having to gather more food after every meal we have now,' Mew said with a chuckle. She lickedthe berry juices off her paw then disposed of the now empty berry sack by teleporting it away.

Kuki perked up her ears when Mew implied she was about to head out.

"Can I come with you this time? Pretty please?!" Kuki sprang towards Mew, held her paws and even gave her a puppy eyes look.

Mew smiled wryly at her and freed her paw from Kuki's grasp. 'Sorry, Kuki. You should just stay here, okay?'

"But I wanna come with you! I promise I won't cause any trouble! I can just stay put and no one will notice I'm even there!"

'I know you want to come with me, Kuki, but…,' Mew began, petting Kuki softly. 'You've only gotten a hang of telekinesis lately, and there's a whole lot more you have to learn to handle yourself on your own. I can't take you with me because things are different now.'

"I can take care of myself! If anything happens, I'll just hide like I said!"

'I know you said that, but you won't even be able to blend in with people and crowds since you're not a human anymore. Sure, I could probably spin a few illusions to keep you from prying eyes, but I don't think you're ready to go into the world like this. At least not until I can be absolutely sure I can keep you safe. The old tricks won't work anymore, and I don't want you getting hurt.'

Kuki wasn't entirely convinced and only sulked harder. Mew sighed and held Kuki's paw in hers. Kuki's expression softened when she saw the look in Mew's eyes, and she listened to her continue. 'Some humans… sometimes even pokemon, can be terrible. The more special a pokemon is, the more they'd want to reach and hold onto them all for themselves.'

"What do you mean?" Kuki asked, tilting her head slightly.

'You and I are both a very, very special kind of pokemon, Kuki.' Mew paused and placed her other paw on Kuki's cheek. Only the whirring of the ceiling fan filled the void of silence during her brief pause. 'If you're not careful out there in the world, something terrible could happen to you. And I may not always be able to protect you. I already failed once…'

Kuki furrowed her brows at her, but at least she had accepted what Mew was trying to convey.

'Just stay put here, okay? I promise I won't be out for too long.'


'That's my Kuki!' Mew said, hugging her tightly. Then she glowed her eyes and hovered in preparation to leave.

"Mew, wait!"

'Huh?' Mew asked, tilting her head.

"I… I don't really want more berries."


"I want to eat sweets, or some chocolate. Maybe even ice cream or something! How about jello, I haven't had that in forever… I think. Since I can't go with you, I can have some snacks at least, right?" Kuki asked, rubbing her elbow while avoiding Mew's gaze.

Mew huffed with a smile. 'Okay then, I'll get those snacks for you then. Anything else?'

Kuki shook her head and grinned.

Alright. Be on your best behavior before I get back.' Mew gave her a wink, and then she vanished without a trace.


Silence befell Kuki upon Mew's departure. That was just the usual, wasn't it? Before Kuki developed her strange sickness, she almost never left the island. Mew always had her stay in the lighthouse before then, and Kuki had never questioned it. And just when she thought she could be going out whenever she wanted, too…

Kuki stretched out on the carpet and sighed. What should she do in her free time while she waited for Mew to return? All she'd done since she had become a pokemon was train with Mew, or on her own whenever Mew went out foraging. She furrowed her brows and juggled a few ideas in her mind.

"Oh, I know what to do!" Kuki raised her head in excitement. When was the last time she'd made a new script for their plays? It felt like forever. She'd been so occupied with other stuff that she'd completely forgotten.

Kuki swished her long tail behind her with a grin. What kind of play should she write? It can't just be something random. Something she could relate to would work. Well, she'd been asleep for over a year until a few weeks ago… Maybe she could write about someone in a dream. Not just that, it should be someone who could move between dreams! She held her paws together and smiled to herself. With a base concept to work with, all she had to do was work on the script, create new costumes and decide which roles to play.

Not wanting to lose grasp of the idea she'd just thought up, Kuki was compelled to write it down somewhere. She narrowed her eyes and scanned the room. Where did she leave her notebooks and pencils again? Oh, right. They should still be in one of the mirror drawers, so long as Mew hadn't rearranged Kuki's stuff while she was dormant in her orb.

Kuki leapt towards the mirror and landed with a soft thud. She peeked over the edge at the drawer handles and fixed her eyes on the lowest one. It was a good thing she'd gotten a good grasp of her telekinesis, and what better time to make good use of it for that matter? Kuki gave the bottom drawer a mental nudge, and it slid open without delay.

"Yes! I did it!" Kuki said to herself with a clenched paw.

Much to her relief, everything in the drawer had been left intact just the way she'd remembered it, if she overlooked the built up dust. Her old pink hardcover notebook was sitting in the left corner, just as always. It was the first notebook she'd finished. So many memories resided within it. There were also her various stationeries and crayons all huddled up on the opposite side.

The last notebook she had was sitting atop the others, and merely glancing at its black covering with the silvery ink that was used for the book's title filled her with a dose of nostalgia. Though she preferred her other more colorful notebooks, Kuki insisted on having the black-covered one since it looked more professional, according to her. At least that's what all the cool adults on TV used. Like Secret Agent Emma!

Kuki pulled the notebook to herself and placed it next to her. She blew the dust coating away with a puff and opened it with a smile. As she flipped through the pages, she recounted some of the plays she'd written in the last few years. There was of course The Explorer of Stuffs and Things, Northwind Witch and her best work so far which she named Theresia and The Earth Golem.

They were mostly inspired by the shows she watched on TV, but Kuki always made an effort to mix in her own twists and occasional original ideas in there just to keep things exciting. Mew was also a great help and assisted her in coming up with Northwind Witch's story.

Kuki closed her eyes and recalled the time they were performing Northwind Witch. Mew had set up a snowy landscape illusion, and Kuki played a witch on a journey to bring the last flame to her people so they could have warmth again.

Odd. Kuki couldn't remember what her witch outfit during the play was, and she'd also forgotten what happened after the witch brought the last flame home. She shrugged then turned her face back to the notebook.

Almost half of its pages were still empty, even after all the stuff she'd written in it. That was great. It meant she could get right back to creating more scripts without having to wait for Mew to get her a new notebook.

Kuki peered over the edge of the drawer again and hovered a pen to her paw. Now all that awaited was to write her story and immortalize it.

"Here we go!" Kuki declared with a smile.

However, Kuki's paw froze right as she raised the pen. Her arm was a bit… short. Her paw was even less dexterous than an infant's hand, even when she tried to keep a firm grip on the pen. Kuki bit her lip and frowned.

Perhaps even if she couldn't comfortably hold a pen up with one hand anymore, she could at least use both paws to hold it up, right? Kuki held her breath. It looked like she could at least bring the pen down onto the paper without dropping it. In the end it was hardly a solution because every letter she wrote as slow and crooked.

After a botched attempt at writing a sentence, Kuki stopped.

It wasn't really working…

What should she do now? Kuki pondered that while holding the pen tightly against her body. Her nose crinkled at the scent of ink wafting up from the page. Such a bothersome, sensitive nose. She never would've noticed the irritating scent in the past unless she had her face right up on the book.

A thought occurred to her right then. How about using telekinesis to control the pen?

"… It won't hurt to try," Kuki whispered to herself in a shaky voice.

Kuki took a deep breath and concentrated. The pen glowed a faint blue, her psychic powers engulfing it as she focused her will onto it. She hovered it freely above the paper and lowered it gently. With furrowed brows, Kuki proceeded to try writing with it.

It didn't work out as well as she'd hoped. Even with all the training she'd done to hone her psionics, guiding a pen tip with enough precision to write small letters was far beyond what she was capable of doing at the time. She needed more practice. More work needed to be done.

Kuki frowned at the page she'd ruined with a series of illegible squiggly lines and released her psychic hold on the pen, letting it roll to the side. She rubbed her temples and groaned loudly, trying to come up with what to do next. If she couldn't even write down her own scripts, then she might forget about them later. There had to be something she could do, right? But what had she not tried yet? Kuki stared down at the wooden surface of the drawer and clenched her paws.

What if she tried transforming? It made sense. If she could somehow turn back to normal, into a human, she'd be able to write much more comfortably. Kuki felt silly it wasn't the first thing that came to her mind. She had become just like Mew, so she could probably shapeshift just like her as well, right? At least she hoped so, but there was only one way to know for sure. How did shapeshifting even work, though?

Kuki rubbed her chin. She swished her tail back and forth while thinking of any clues. Even though she could just wait for Mew to come back and ask her directly, Kuki was far too impatient at the time.

There was at least one occasion when Kuki asked Mew how her shape-shifting worked. It was a pretty mundane conversation, one which Kuki had thought very little of at the time.

'And behold, now I'm a pidove!' Mew declared, perching atop Kuki's head.

Kuki clapped her hands with a gleeful smile. She reached up to grab Mew, and Mew hopped out of reach to transform into a Jigglypuff.

"Jigglypuff! Yay, are you gonna sing for me now?" Kuki asked, watching Mew bounce up and down.

'Only when it's bedtime,' Mew said. She giggled and reverted back to her base form. Kuki followed Mew's gaze while she twirled around her.

"Mew, Mew. How do you do that? Can all pokemon transform like that?" Kuki asked, because Mew was the only pokemon she'd known at the time.

'Nope, I'm the only pokemon in the world that can become whatever she wants!' Mew bragged with a wink.

"I wanna transform, too! Show me, please!" Kuki said, her eyes bright and starry.

Mew chuckled. 'It's easy Kuki. You just have to focus on an image of what you want to become, and then will yourself to become it,' Mew explained, transforming into an eevee and flicking her tail at Kuki. 'See? It's not that hard!'

Kuki blinked twice and tilted her head. "I dun get it."

'Don't worry about it, Kuki. I'm sure if you keep trying, one day you'll be able to become whoever you want in your own way.'

After recalling that memory, Kuki couldn't help but smile. How long ago had it even been?

It was in their same old room, that much she knew. Was Kuki's movie shelf even there before?

How long ago had it been? Kuki furrowed her brows. She couldn't quite tell, nor how old she even was at the time.

Kuki shook her head and focused back on her current task. That's right, Kuki now knew how Mew transformed… According to her confusing explanation, anyway. Focus on an image and then will herself to become it? What exactly did that even mean? Whatever, that was the only explanation she had to go off of. Knowing Mew, she'd probably just repeat those exact same words if she asked her again…

To begin her experiment, Kuki decided to keep things simple by transforming into a pokemon she was already familiar with. What if she turns into Mew? No, that'd be pretty redundant. She already was one. Then how about a pidove? Mew turned into that before, and it might be fun becoming a pudgy bird for once, right? Kuki chuckled, then closed her eyes and fell into a deep concentration.

Kuki furrowed her brows and pursed her lips. "Focus… focus on the image of a bird," she whispered to herself.

A solid minute passed, but not a speck of change occurred within her, even though she kept repeating those words to herself. Kuki opened her eyes and frowned, then she turned around to face her reflection in the mirror. Staring back at her was the blue, fuzzy face she was still getting used to. Though, she was hardly weirded out by her appearance anymore.

Maybe there was more to transformation than just focusing on an image, but what exactly was she doing wrong? Kuki tried to concentrate again even more than before, just for good measure. The ticking of the wall clock made her twitch her eyes in annoyance, and her second transformation attempt was a fruitless effort yet again.

Kuki groaned and leaned her back against the mirror. It wasn't working. It seemed she'd really have to wait for Mew to get back before she could learn how to transform, which sucked… but what if there was some kind of clue she'd overlooked in the memory she'd recalled earlier? Kuki brought a paw to her chin and began to think. It might have something to do with Mew's body language, her words, or perhaps something unseen?

No. She couldn't figure out any clues in those after all, none that stuck out to her as obvious anyway. Kuki swept her tail back and forth in irritation. Something fell over, and the sound tore her from her thoughts. Kuki groaned upon realizing she'd pushed her journal off the mirror drawer by accident.

"Gosh darn it," Kuki muttered, hovering down to recover the book.

After picking it back up, she noticed it had landed on a particular page. It was from a play based on The Lotus Prince, one she'd completely forgotten about. Nine Ringed Fox was what she had titled the play. It was centered around a character who was once the prince's enemy. She copied a person's element to disguise and trick others. Kuki was so inspired by the episode the fox first appeared in that she just had to become just like her.

What if Kuki could borrow the idea behind Fox's powers so she could also transform. However, she'd have to know what it even meant to copy something's element first. In the show, Fox could literally see a person's element and then bend hers to imitate it… Well, she'd just have to see what to make of that.

Kuki snapped out of her thoughts and hummed. She wanted to transform into a pidove, but what could she consider a pidove's element? Pidove were flying types, that much was obvious, right? They also had wings, a beak and feathers. Could that be the clue she needed? Kuki recalled a saying that goes as 'it takes one to know one', so maybe she needed to be a pidove to be a pidove…

It absolutely sounded dumb, but Kuki didn't have much else to go off on. She heaved a sigh and closed her eyes to concentrate once more, using her new line of thinking as a guide. Be a bird, become one with its element, become one with the skies itself. Kuki repeated those words to herself almost like a prayer. A few seconds passed, and then…

A gasp escaped Kuki when she felt a pressure rising from deep within her. Her heart quickened, but she couldn't feel her arms at all when she reached to clutch her chest. Kuki opened her eyes quickly, or at least she thought she did. Even though she could clearly see what was happening to her, she couldn't actually feel her eyes.

Kuki's body had melted into a faint glowing shape. Just when she began to wonder what was going on, her body began rapidly shifting in form again. In a few seconds, everything settled. Kuki could feel herself again. However, it was immediately apparent that she had transformed after all. For one thing, she noticed a bizarrely wider range of vision, and she couldn't feel her lips, but instead something tough and rigid where they should have been.

"Whoa… it worked!" Kuki chirped, ogling her feathered wing with starry eyes. Even more surprising was how natural she felt as a pidove even though it was her first time being one. There was no unease or anything offputting about the experience. Kuki immediately knew how to beat her wings and jump to fly back to the top of the drawer, and even how to fold them back into place properly. Her new set of instincts had already taken over.

"This is so cool! I can't believe I actually did it! I can't wait to see the look on Mew's face when she gets back. Oh, what should I become next?" Kuki said with a little dance. "I know! I should turn into a vulpix!"

Having decided on her next form, Kuki fell into concentration again. To her surprise, the transformation process kicked off instantly. It was almost scary how quickly it happened. But who cares? Kuki had six tails! And they were all fluffy when she hugged them together in her paws.

Kuki leapt off the drawer and landed gracefully next to the notebook. She had completed the first step of her plan. The only thing left to do was to try and turn back to a human. Kuki could already turn into other pokemon now, so it shouldn't be all that hard to become human, right? Focusing on the image of a human and becoming one with their element should be easy enough since she'd been human for the past thirteen years, not including the time she spent dormant of course.

With a huff, Kuki closed her eyes to transform again.

In a few seconds, she should be back to how she was before everything changed.


Kuki's mind drew a complete blank in a way she struggled to make sense of. There was simply no reaction or even a sense of anticipation that it could work, even moreso than when she merely didn't know what she was doing earlier.

"Wha—" Kuki muttered, opening her eyes with a frown.

… No, something wasn't right. Maybe she needed to start off with something simple, like picturing herself when she was a human, and then work her way up from there. And so, Kuki closed her eyes and scoured her memories from the past…

Anything would've been fine. Whether it was a memory from when she was much younger, or even just a memory of one of her plays. Anything!

Kuki opened her eyes again in alarm and her body trembled uncontrollably.

What was going on? She sort of felt it before, but it was like all of her memories were shrouded in a blurred out filter. She could recall whole events, but it was as if she herself was never in any of them. Even when Kuki tried remembering her own face, nothing surfaced in her mind. It was like imagining a color that doesn't exist.

"This is… What's going on?" Kuki asked in a shaky voice. Her heart drummed in her chest and her throat felt dry. She could no longer maintain her vulpix form in her panic, and so her body reverted back to a mew.

Kuki stared down at her paws. Why… Why did it feel like her mind was telling her that was what she must be?

Those words Mew spoke earlier echoed in her mind, and Kuki's heart coiled up in dread.

You're not a human anymore.

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