Jagged Amber

Card Captor Sakura

Chapter One


summary: He was a blind martial artist , cold and unfeeling....she was a girl searching for her true self....this is a tale describing how these two fell in love...at second sight. R&R!


It was white , everything , pure white. The smell was stifling , the cries of pain , happiness , sorrow filled the hallways. Screams seemed to choke any happiness that may have lingered in the life saving drapes that hung over each bed.

Suddenly , yelling was heard at the entrance of the hospital and everyone looked up. A stretcher was being rolled as fast as they could , a white cloth draped over a lifeless body , blood already soaking the cloth, spreading fast.

Another stretcher was raced down right after the first one , a smaller figure laid on the bed.

Three doctors were running beside it , one of them inserting a needle into his arm , another checking his blood pressure and another leading them through the crowd.

Another doctor ran up to them. " What happened?"

One of them pulled of his mask and replied , " He's in critical condition. We have to get him to the emergency room, fast!"

The doctor nodded and yelled out , " Get him to the EMERGENCY ROOM! We need three doctors now , to Room 114 , and two nurses. Someone , contact his family , another check up his medical files. NOW!"

As people hurried to do his bidding , two figure raced down the hallway as fast as their feet could take them. One of them was a tall stiff looking man dressed in a suit. The other was an elegant woman, with a beaded dress and jewellery hanging on her wrists, a worried expression clear in her eyes.

Both of them rushed down the hallway , searching for something , someone. Finally, Yelan spotted a doctor in the emergency hallway.

" Where's my husband? Where's my son?"she gasped at the doctor , halting in front of him.

" Your son is in critical condition and is being treated to right now. But your husband..."

Yelan grabbed the doctor by his shoulders, surprising them both. " What happened to my husband??"

The doctor looked down. " He...He passed away."

Yelan stumbled back , her eyes wide and shocked. Wei sank into a chair , his eyes filling with tears.

" My husband....dead?" Yelan whispered , her heart skipping beats , before wilting away , like a rose. An empty hole replaced her heart and she wanted to scream out the shock , the pain that flowed through her body.

Wei put his head in his hands and his shoulders shook with tears. Yelan could not believe it. Her husband...dead. Her son...in critical condition.

A tear flowed down her cheek. Oh, my love. Why did you leave me?


" Mrs. Yelan Li?" A nurse called.

Yelan leaped up. " Yes?"

The nurse looked at her carefully, a look of apprehension in her eyes. " Come with me."

This was the fourth day at the hospital. All of Yelan's daughters had visited the hospital and Yelan knew the pain they were going through. Their brother was hurt and their father was dead...but Yelan couldn't conjure much sympathy. All that ran through her head was thoughts of her husband...

Day in and day out she was at the hospital, leaving her work even though the elders advised against it. She was going to be there when her son finally recovered.

The nurse led her through the crowd , to a room clearly labelled 114. She opened the door and swung open the curtains.

There , laid in a cocoon of blankets was her son, her precious son...the future leader of the Li Clan.

" Mother?" the boy asked. His eyes were closed and his chestnut hair hung limp on his forehead. His small hands reached for Yelan and with tears in her eyes ,Yelan gripped his hand and reached a hand for his face.

" Xio-lang?" she whispered , her voice shaking with emotion.

" Mother..." Syaoran sighed , a hint of relief in his voice.

Yelan cracked the first smile in days. " My son....Xio-Lang....I am so happy that you lived.... "

The boy opened his eyes. The shocking amber colour wasn't what made Yelan's insides twist with fear. It was the fact that his eyes...his eyes were unfocused, searching as if...as if..

" Mother...Where are you?"

Yelan froze. His heart beat stopped and his blood ran cold.

" Wh-a-at?" Yelan choked out , gripping his hand as tight as she could. " Syaoran, what are you talking about?"

Syaoran smiled , a soft , childish smile. " Mother , don't worry. I'll wake up soon. I just want to know why my eyes are open and I can't see anything."


It was on the fateful day of May 17 , that Syaoran and his father were driving down a busy Hong Kong city street.

Syaoran's father was going to bring Syaoran to the beach. Syaoran had never seen the lake before and his sisters always talked about it. He had begged his father over and over, if he could take time off training and go see the beach. His father laughingly agreed.

Yet as they were driving around a corner , another black car was spinning of course. It was a drunk driver , one who was reckless and crashed straight into their car.

Mr. Li was not lucky , he died from the impact.

Syaoran lived , however he would never see the light of day again. A shard of jagged glass and embedded itself in his eye and with surgery , the doctors had taken it out , yet it had taken his sight away from him.

He was blind.

The doctors didn't know if his sight would ever come back and they were sure that he was going to be blind for the rest of his life. He was only ten years old , and he was destined to a life without sight.

Everyone in Hong Kong were heartbroken. Syaoran's father was such a strong man, magic pouring through his veins like fire and his eyes, so warm and wise....no one could believe he was dead. And it only added to the misery that Syaoran was blind...their future leader, without sight.

Syaoran Li lived his life determinedly. Yelan knew he blamed himself for his father's death, and worked hard to overcome his disability. He was home schooled and his tutor taught him how to read Braille and how to train his other senses to be stronger.

He was cut off from the outside world and all he ever did was train. His tutor was a relentless teacher and soon, he was able to feel, hear and smell when an enemy was coming, what he was doing, how he was striking. He could fight hard and strong and soon, could beat every martial artist his age and even older.

Yet his mother was worried. His face always cold and commanding, lines appearing around his mouth and a tension on his shoulders that no sixteen year old should carry. She knew he needed friends his age but she didn't know how one could last under his penetrating glare and his cold, ruthless remarks.

But soon, one girl was going to get past that cold outer layer. One girl would do what no other could do....go under all that toughness and cold exterior and reach for the inner boy within.

Her name?

Sakura Kinomoto.

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