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Silence was all that could be heard since the words left Syaroan's mouth. It seemed to echo around the room and everyone's eyes stared at their new leader, shocked beyond belief. A pin drop could be heard, and it was all anyone could do to even move an inch as they all tried to register what Syaoran had just said.

It was absolutely crazy. No one in the history of the Li clan had ever...said anything similar to what Syaoran had just said. People didn't know what to think and most were wondering if this moment in time was actually real or not.

An elder finally was able to overcome the frozen state that had captured everyone in the room and hurried up to Syaroan's side. The previously calm and aloof elder looked haggled and shocked out of his wits, but his need to save the clan's reputation showed through his ragged state. " I am sure you aren't serious, Xiao-Lang. Quite the funny joke! But I'm sure you realize that this isn't the time for such jokes and pranks. Wouldn't you like to...reconsider?" The elder asked, hastily with a dangerous tone underlying his words. His demeanour seemed to convey that if Syaoran didn't say the answer he was looking for, there would be consequences to pay.

Syaoran gave the elder a smouldering look that seemed to express the answer for everyone in the room. The elder's were flabbergasted, and more than one looked as if they would rather die on the spot than live through this moment.

Syaoran however, kept his amber eyes straight ahead and his fierce expression fixed on his face. He looked around the room and started to talk, his voice commanding and powerful. Reminiscent of his father's days, it calmed the entire room and they all began to listen to his words. " I am sure you all want to know who Sakura Kinomoto is. She's my tutor. A girl who gave me sight and told me how to use it. She showed me what life was about...and finally, I was able to understand what being a leader was," Syaoran said, his words betraying the cold tone he said it in. " It's not about being able to protect and serve your clan. It's about being able to understand each person in it. Where they come from and their needs and wants. It's Companionship. Love"

Syaroan's fingers clenched and he gave another icy glare to the room's occupants. " And if anyone's got anything to say abut that, they better as hell say it now"

A little gasp went around the room at Syaroan's crudity but still, stillness was all that Syaoran received in response. The room's occupants remained still and utterly frozen, all of them staring at their new leader as if deciding what to think of. The teenage boy of almost seventeen years stood infront of the most important clan in Hong Kong and announced what he felt was the most suitable thing he could say at the moment. And that was completely shocking to take in.

Finally, Syaoran bowed to the room's occupants and to the elder's but before he turned to leave, a man at the very back cried, " To the New Leader of the Li Clan, Li Xiao-Lang."

Syaoran slowly turned around, his eyes wide.

And in response, the entire room echoed back, " To the New Leader of the Li Clan, Li Xiao-Lnag!" The room immediately broke into applause and the Elder's stood, anger etched into the deep lines of their face. Syaoran felt a hint of a smile tug at his lips as he rose his hand in acknowledgment, before turning away and walking off the stage.

The new leader of the Li clan...Li Xiao-Lang, he thought. Hope you're proud of me , Dad. I hope you're proud.

" I'm home!" Sakura called out as she bustled into the house, suitcases gripped tightly in her hands. She heard footsteps running towards her and she turned around to meet a bundle of excitement who threw themselves haphazardly against her.

Laughing even as she caught her breath, she set down her bags by the door and held up her nephew. " Hey, cutie," Sakura grinned, her eyes twinkling. " Missed me?"

The little child nodded emphatically, his eyes wide with happiness. " 'kura leave for soooo long!" He stretched his arms out to indicate the amount of time she had been gone for and Sakura smiled.

" But I'm back," Sakura whispered and the child grinned again.

" Sakura?" A voice asked and she turned around to see her older brother standing at the doorway, his dark eyes smiling at her.

" Touya!" Sakura squealed and ran to her older brother much like the way Tihn had ran towards her. Wrapping her arms around her older brother, Sakura sunk her face into his shoulder and felt the stress she had been feeling for so long melt out of her body. He hugged her back just as tightly and she felt warm tears of happiness rise to her eyes.

" It feels good to be home," Sakura mumbled as she pulled back from her brother.

Touya grinned. " It's good to have you back, kaijuu. How was it"

Sakura looked down before quickly raising her eyes to meet his and give him a tentative smile. " It was...alright"

" I...I love you.." She finally whispered and twisted on her heel, turning away from him. Then she ran out of the temple, running and running, ignoring his shouts, and ran to the car that was waiting out front. Opening the door and climbing in, she cried, breathlessly, " Go, go, go"
The car began to move and she saw, with tear filled eyes, Syaoran running out of the temple and his head whipping about wildly but knowing, he couldn't see...couldn't see her leaving him.

Touya looked at her, as if knowing what had happened and Sakura looked away to gather her emotions once more. Fingers unclenching, she breathed out and held out an arm for Tihn. Hugging her nephew as if he was a lifeline, she looked at Touya and asked, " Is Father here?"

Touya nodded and motioned towards the stairs. Sakura kissed her nephew and turned to walk up the stairs. Touya grabbed her wrist before she left and whispered, "It's alright now. You're home."

Sakura gazed back at her older brother. She had left to tutor in a program organized by her school. That was all he knew about it yet the look in his eyes told Sakura that he knew so much more. She was barely able to nod before she turned back and walked up the stairs, letting a few tears drop down her cheeks.

Syaoran...his name echoed in her body as a shout would echo in a cave. It was hell, getting back to Japan and leaving Hong Kong, but she had done it. It was hard, seeing everything so familiar and unchanging back in her homeland...while in Hong Kong, there was never a day when something didn't change...and a day never passed where there wasn't something new to learn.

She had made it up the stairs and quietly opened her father's door. He was lying in bed and a blast of happiness shot through Sakura's body. The last time she had seen his father, he was sickly and pale in the hospital. She had left Japan feeling torn, her heart breaking at her father's condition. After that mysterious benefactor, suddenly things began to look up. A ray of sunshine had broke through the dark haziness that had surrounded her for so long and her father...her father looked healthy. At home, his colour was returning and he was

" Daddy..." She whispered, her voice breaking in the silent peacefulness that wrapped around the room in a comforting atmosphere.

Her father turned and when he recognized her at the doorway, his arms instantly went up and he cried, " Sakura!" Sakura ran towards her father, enveloping herself in his arms. " I missed you, Daddy.." Sakura trailed off as her father stroked her hair.

" I missed you too, daughter. There wasn't a day that didn't go past where I didn't remember you. But it was quite the educational experience, wasn't it, Sakura?" Her father asked, smiling. " Tutoring off in a foreign land. Must've gained a lot of knowledge from living there for so long."

Sakura gave him a weary smile. It was rather weird to hear someone say her trip in such a casual manner. It felt like so much more to her. "Oh and dear! I found out who had paid for my operation," Fujitaka said, adjusting his glasses as he moved to get up from the bed. Sakura looked up curiously.

" Who?"

" It's actually someone from Hong Kong, I'm pretty sure related to the family you tutored from. A young man named...LI Syaoran, was it? Yes I am quite sure that was his name," Fujitaka said, a cheerful smile on his face. " I told you now because it's quite ironic. I would like to know why he decided to do such a kind deed and extend a hand of gratitude...Sakura? Are you quite alright?"

" Do you not realize how STUPID you were?" Yelan said quietly, pacing around the room restlessly. " That was idiotic and foolish. How could you have said such a thing?"

Syaoran dropped the shirt he was holding and hissed, " Mother, stop."

"No, Xiao-Lang. There were other things we could've done to stop the Elder's decision. There were other options!"

" Like what, Mother?" Syaoran shouted, his voice frustrated and angry. " Like what?"

When there was just silence that met his question, Syaoran went back to throwing clothes chaotically on his bed. " Xiao-Lang..." His mother sighed and sat on the corner of his bed, folding her hands into themselves. The last two weeks was the most frenzied time she had ever experienced. From her son's changes, to the Elder's decisions, to the championships and Sakura leaving...Yelan could hardly keep up and it was hard for her to keep a straight head on her shoulders...and carry on the responsibility of supporting her family.

"Mother, please. I'm now the leader of the clan. I make decisions which I believe are right," Syaoran stated, firmly, and set down a pair of socks before sitting on the bed next to his mother.

Yelan sighed before turning to her son. Whenever she had thought about her son becoming the leader of the Li clan, she never imagined it this way. With so many problems and so many expectations...Her son looked as if he had aged ten years. He was so desperate to prove that he was mature enough, that he was capable enough despite his disability to lead the most respected clan in Hong Kong.

She didn't want his dreams to be crushed. She didn't want to see him defeated.

" People see you as an immature man. As a man who is young and idealistic, and who does not realize what a good chance he had given up in order to pursue his own selfish desires. Xiao-Lang, please tell me you understand," Yelan pleaded, her hand reaching out to stroke his hair the way she used to when he was a child and needed comforting.

" I don't believe that," Syaoran said, coldly, moving out of reach of her hand. Yelan dropped her hand back into her lap and looked down as he continued. " I believe people see me as someone who will always stand up to the plate and make decisions. Who won't be influenced by what others say and is independent and leading. People will see me as someone who will take issues into his own hands and will take his job seriously."

Yelan stared at him and got up to her feet, shaking her head. " I know you love the girl, Syaoran-"

Syaoran rose to his feet as well and grabbed his mother's wrist, turning her gently back to face him. " She's my life, Mother. And I won't let her go."

It was said so grimly and matter of fact, Yelan stared at her son in shock as he turned back and continued to pack his clothes. Feeling a bit light headed, Yelan whispered, " What are you going to do?"

Finally zipping up his duffel bag, Syaoran slung it around his shoulder and stood up. Putting out his hands to orient himself, he blinked and shook his head as if to clear it.

" I don't know, Mother. I have no clue..." With those final words, Syaoran walked out of the room and down the stairs. In a few seconds, Yelan heard the door open and close shut and Yelan had to lean against the wall to calm herself down.

When did this happen, Yelan thought. When was I no longer the one to make decisions for my son. When was I no longer the one to tell him from right and wrong.

When did my son...grow up.

Sakura gripped Tomoyo's hand as she laughed heartily. The movie was blasting at full volume, and the lights in Sakura's living room were dimmed as the two friends sat splayed on the couch, an empty tub of popcorn between them.

" He couldn't be any funnier," Tomoyo gasped, her hands clutching her stomach. " How do they write these things?"

" I think it's more on the way the actors act it out rather than their dialogue," Sakura answered, her face hurting from all the laughing. " They're absolutely awesome!"

Tomoyo giggled and got up from the couch they were both lying on. " I'm going to get some more popcorn. Do you want a drink?"

Sakura nodded, her eyes glued to the screen. Tomoyo walked towards the kitchen and Sakura stretched out on the couch. It was great being distracted like this. It had been a couple of days since she had landed in Japan and one of the first things she had done was to seek Tomoyo out. Strangely enough, Tomoyo lived quite close to Sakura, only a few blocks away and they had laughed over the coincidence of it all. Tomoyo attended a private school most of her life, however which accounted for much of the reason why Tomoyo and Sakura had never met until the fateful plane ride.

Sakura had received an A minus on the tutoring job which had made her father and brother extremely proud. It seemed that Yelan had written Sakura an excellent report which helped Sakura raise up her average considerably. Her father was getting healthier by the day and was now seen walking around the house, sometimes only walking for the sake of walking since he had remained strapped in a hospital bed for such a long time. Touya was living with his own family quite close to their house with his wife and son, but he came over so often it felt as if he had never left.

There was never a moment, however, that Sakura didn't remember Hong Kong. Yelan, Eriol and Meiling...Wei and the Elders...Yen and Sairah...the championships...and.

" Here you go," Tomoyo handed Sakura a soda before flopping onto the couch beside Sakura, munching on the popcorn.

" Thanks," Sakura grinned at her, taking a large gulp out of the drink. Tomoyo turned to Sakura, popping another kernel into her mouth as she studied Sakura.

" What?" Sakura asked, self consciously rubbing her mouth. Tomoyo giggled and shook her head. " I was just wondering what actually happened in Hong Kong...after I left, of course."

Sakura shrugged, uncomfortably. She shifted on the couch, and stared at the screen even though it was quite obvious she wasn't paying attention to the scenes flashing across the TV. " I told you already."

" I know about the elders and Yen and everything. but you never told me about Syaoran. What had happened...between you two. What had happened when he had come and gotten you from the airport?" Tomoyo asked, curiously.

" Not much, Tomoyo..." Sakura said, awkwardly.

" And you're asking me to believe you," Tomoyo said, amusedly.

Sakura played with the edge of the sofa, keeping her eyes away from Tomoyo's. " A lot of things happened, Tomoyo," Sakura whispered, her voice's tone wrapped with emotions from the memories flashing through her mind. " So much that I can't-"

" Tell me," Tomoyo demanded quietly. Placing an arm comfortingly on Sakura's, she said, reassuringly, " Just tell me. Maybe I can help you."

Sakura finally looked at Tomoyo and nodded. Sitting up against the sofa arm, she let out a breath and let her mind retract back to the memories of the days before.

Then with a yell, Syaoran broke free of the body guards, grabbed her arm and pulled her through the massive crowds who were crowding to board the next flight, and they could hear the shouts of the body guards behind them but they kept running and running.
And all Sakura could feel was Syaoran's hand on hers, his expression when he realized she was there and the heat that traveled around her heart and body.
She loved him. She loved him. Gods, she loved Syaoran Li.

" Sakura...what had happened?" Tomoyo asked gently. Sakura clenched her hands.

" I told him...about my feelings," Sakura answered, carefully.

You're blind, Syaoran, she thought to herself. That's something we have in common.
I'm blindly in love with you.
Then, astonishment ran through her body as he kissed her forehead, so softly it was painful.
" Lips," He said, the corners of his mouth quirking slightly in amusement.
Sakura couldn't take it anymore. She took hold of her courage and breathed in hard. She could do it. She can do it. She will.
She whispered, her voice low and her eyes to the ground, " If you want...I'll stay at home. I'll be quiet. I'll be dutiful, dependant, cook and clean and I'll do whatever you want. I'll pick out your clothes and I'll stay out of your way." Her eyes looked up, almost fearfully. "Only if I don't have to leave before you do."

" Did he feel the same way?" Tomoyo asked, her amethyst coloured eyes shining.

" I guess," Sakura whispered.

" So why aren't you two together? Was it Yen? Did she come in between you tow again?" Tomoyo asked, a little angrily.

" Not exactly," Sakura answered, gathering her legs into her arms and leaning her head against her knees. " Instead...responsibilities came in the way.."

Syaoran looked up, in shock. The elder shrugged his shoulders. " We will compromise then," The elder said, quietly. He walked up to Syaoran, his hands folded in the sleeve of the opposite arm, his eyes trained solely on Syaoran. " If you are willing to never come in contact with that lower class tutor of yours ever again, then we agree to cancel your engagement to Yen."
" WHAT?" Syaoran roared, and the Elder gave him a look that shut the chestnut haired boy instantly. The elder continued, " However it will not be that easy. If you do choose to see your class tutor, we will still have your engagement to Yen, however, we will renounce your position as heir to the Li clan. Right now, we have no leader for the Li clan...and we are fully able to demand these terms."
With those ominous words ringing in the air, he unfolded his arms and sat back within the circle of the elders once more. They all looked up at him, their expressions one of utmost attentiveness, identical in appearance.
" It's all up to you."

Tomoyo nodded, slowly as if understanding. " And you came it wouldn't be difficult for him to choose. So he wouldn't have to give up his dreams, in order to be with you."

" So he wouldn't disappoint his father. So he would be who he's always wanted to be. I couldn't take that way from him, Tomoyo, I couldn't! And must hate me," Sakura said, so softly that Tomoyo barely heard her.

Tomoyo leaned over and wrapped her arms around the auburn haired girl. " Don't say that," Tomoyo said. " Don't say that."

" But it's true!" Sakura cried, standing up in anguish. Her feelings poured out of her like a waterfall, for it was the first time she had ever voiced it all. " Do you know something? Syaoran paid for my father's operation. He saved my father's life and he didn't whisper a word of it! He had done so much for me! I had to do this little thing for him! I'm so stupid, why did I even tell him that I liked him! It had caused so many problems for him. If I had just kept my freaking mouth shut."

Tomoyo got up as well and hugged Sakura again. " It'll all work out, Sakura. Don't worry, alright?"

Sakura nodded and they both sat back down on the sofa. Sakura stopped the movie playing, tired. " I don't feel like watching this," Sakura said. As the VCR switched back to TV, Sakura rose the remote to shut the TV off, but something caught her eye.

" ...and in overseas news, quite the unusual event occurred in Hong Kong. At a clan ceremony where a new leader was elected, it seems as if the new leader had quite the original goals in mind when asked where he would be taking the clan in the future."

A scene cut to Syaroan's face, cold and fierce and Sakura felt the blood in her veins stop. Everything seemed to shut off around her and her eyes focused on the TV screen, on the image of Syaoran. She was faintly aware of Tomoyo grabbing the remote and raising the volume, but she could concentrate on anything else besides Syaoran.

" As our leader...what will your first venture be?" An elder asked on the television screen and Sakura remembered him from the Temple incident where Syaoran was faced with the choices that led to Sakura running back home.

" My first venture? It may or may not be a venture but it is surely a promise. I will be engaged to Kinomoto Sakura. And that is my first act as Leader of this clan."

Tomoyo dropped the remote and whipped her head around to face Sakura. Sakura's heart beat madly against her chest and she couldn't breath.



" Sakura, are you-" Tomoyo began to speak but stopped. Sakura felt cold and hot all over and she could do nothing but stare straight ahead in shock. And slowly a bubble of emotion, that she could not define rose in her chest and she got up, slowly.

" I have to go," Sakura said, her voice quiet. She turned watery eyes to her friend and said again, louder, " I have to go!"

" What, Sakura-" Tomoyo tried to say but Sakura yelled, at the top of her lungs, " No, Tomoyo, I HAVE TO GO!"

With that, she twisted on her heels and ran to the door. Tomoyo raced after her, crying out, " Where will you go? Sakura, please, stop and think, what are you going to do?"

Her hand at the doorknob, Sakura halted as Tomoyo's questions sunk in. But she shook her head, her hands trembling. " All I know, Tomoyo, is that I have to go see Syaoran. I have to!"

Tomoyo and Sakura looked at each other and Tomoyo finally nodded, understanding. And with that Sakura opened the door and ran out into the streets, running and running and she felt as if she couldn't if she would never be able to stop.

And it was only when her chest burned and her body felt as if it would collapse that she stopped, standing in the middle of the darkened street, gasping for breath. Supporting herself by putting her hands n her knees, she fought for breath and fought to keep the tears from falling from her eyes.

" ...engaged to Kinomoto Sakura..."

" Syaoran," Sakura whispered, her light whisper echoing in the quietness that surrounded Tomoeda. "Why...?"

" Father, I'm leaving!" Sakura called out as she left the house. Stopping at the doorway, she screeched, " FATHERRR!"

" Okay, okay, I heard you," Fujitaka laughed, as he came down the stairs. Sakura made a face. " I told you, Daddy, you should rest too."

" And I told you, that you worry way too much," Fujitaka grinned, smiling at his daughter as he walked towards the doorway where she stood. Putting his hand on her head, he smiled at her. " You do good, alright?"

Sakura grinned. A week had passed since the incident where she had seen the television episode capping Syaroan's announcement. More than anything, Sakura wanted to go to Hong Kong and see him, see the love of her life...But responsibilities tied her to Japan and she knew, until she completed her duty she would never be able to go.

But nothing stopped her from wishing every night that he was there beside her. His cold gaze softening around the edges when he said her name. Those amber eyes, so full of years of pain and solitude.

Sakura walked briskly towards the bus stop as she shook the thoughts out of her head, but today was different. She couldn't shake those thoughts out of her mind and she thought she was finally going crazy.

The bus pulled up to her stop and she quickly got in. Sitting in a seat close to the window, she leaned her head against the window, staring hazily up at the TV set that was stationed at the corner top ceiling of the bus. It showed random current events of a news channel and it was, with popular opinion, a very boring show.

Suddenly, there was banging on the side of the bus and the door's opened to admit a late straggler. A male voice rasped out a harsh thanks and the bus driver gruffly voiced an acknowledgment. Sakura kept her eyes trained on the TV set and winced a little when the late straggler sat beside her.

Sakura had always been a cheerful and happy individual. She was the kind of person you'd always see with a smile on her face, going through each day as if it was just another adventure. Ever since she had left Hong Kong, she could hardly muster the energy to keep that same persona up and today, with thoughts of Syaoran raging rampant, she could hardly even look at the person who sat next to her.

" Hey," The hooded guy who sat next to her said briefly.

Sakura shrugged her shoulder a little to signify that she heard him and she saw the guy lean back in his seat. Hardly caring, Sakura leaned her head against the glass as the bus rolled on. It took about fifteen minutes to reach her high school and she busied herself with watching the news channel.
But as fate would have it, it was a rerun of last week's show...the same one with Syaoran Li announcing to the clan.

Her fingers clenching and her face freezing, she heard the words that had echoed in her heart ever since she had first heard them on the television set. " My first venture? It may or may not be a venture but it is surely a promise. I will be engaged to Kinomoto Sakura. And that is my first act as Leader of this clan"

" Shut up, shut up, shut up..." She whispered, painfully and she knew the people around her were looking at her now, queerly but Sakura could hardly care.

Suddenly she heard a part that she had never heard before. Syaoran continued on, after an elder asked him if he was sure. " I am sure you all want to know who Sakura Kinomoto is. She's my tutor. A girl who gave me sight and told me how to use it"

Everything seemed to stop. Shock spread through Sakura's body as she rose her head, her eyes filling with immediate tears. What? She had never heard this part, so wrapped up in Syaroan's announcement...Her heart banged against her chest and she felt as if her breath had been knocked out of her.

Syaoran, don't ruin your dreams for me. I'm not worth it, she thought as the Syaoran on screen continued.

"She showed me what life was about...and finally, I was able to understand what being a leader was.."

The Syaoran on the screen was talking but it felt as if it was being echoed. Suddenly, she realized the man beside her was saying the words, right along with the Syaoran on TV. Astonishment made her turn away from the screen and watch the hooded man speak, his voice quiet and reserved.

" It's not about being able to protect and serve your clan," The man next to her said right along with TV Syaoran. " It's about being able to understand each person in it. Where they come from and their needs and wants. It's Companionship. Love."

And with that, he turned and faced Sakura, his hood falling off his head as he did so. And Sakura saw the one thing that made her heart break and mend, fill with warmth and drip with ice.

A pair of jagged, amber eyes.

Syaoran Li.

Sakura suddenly stood, straight up in the bus so overcome with astonishment and emotion she could do nothing but stare. And suddenly her body was aware.

Suddenly, she could feel.

Suddenly, she felt like crying and laughing at the same time and suddenly...suddenly, a yearning so strong and so deep ripped through her and she could not breath.

" So..." The amber eyed man said, awkwardly. " I heard a Kinomoto Sakura gets on this bus"
Silence echoed in his response and he fumbled with the strap of his duffel bag, he whispered, " I heard she rides this bus, everyday..."

" Syaoran..." she breathed, finally able to speak.

" Sakura," He said and his voice was so soft, so emotion filled that Sakura felt like crying. They stood staring at each other, oblivious of everything around them and Sakura could not believe it. She could not believe that he was standing there, in front of her, staring at her...and she could not believe that he was here.

The bus driver was shouting at them to sit down, but she could not move. People around them were talking madly, gossiping whispers flying across the bus's occupants but Sakura could do nothing but drown in those amber eyes.

" Oh, god Syaoran...why are you here, why did you come?" Sakura said, her voice broken with tears.

Syaroan's hand made their way up to Sakura's face and cupped her cheek He stroked her skin and it was as if he was memorizing her face, putting it into his memory through the pads of his fingers. And it was then that he began to speak, his voice low. " You came and I frickin hated your guts. You talked and I wanted you gone. You spoke such beautiful ass things and it was l almost as if I could see whatever the shit you talked about. And now I know I can see it. I can hear your beauty, I can feel your love, I can taste your emotions and I can smell your tears. I know you...and I don't damn well need to see you."

Sakura could not breathe. She stood there, in the bus, focused on only Syaoran. His strong jaw, his messy chestnut hair, those deep amber eyes. Those hands touching her face and drowning her into a sea of ecstasy she had never experienced before. He was dressed in baggy clothes, a duffel bag wrapped around his shoulders and he leaned into her, cornering her against the bus's windows.

" One thing, Sakura," He whispered, his breath tickling her cheeks. " Don't fucking leave before I do." His eyes glinted with humour and she let out a small chuckle and reached up, stroking his cheek. She saw him lean into the touch and she felt her heart give out a great sigh.

" Never," She answered, her voice wrought with emotion.

" Damn straight," He grinned, and she laughed, loudly. He was still the same Syaoran. Still the same man who stole her heart away.

And with that, she wrapped her arms around her blind man and kissed him hard. So deep and so hard that everything seemed to melt out of the atmosphere and all that was left were them two. Her school passed by, and she kept on kissing him. The bus driver had given up on trying to talk to them and instead, people came on and off the bus, staring at the couple with strange looks. But they were lost, the two of them, n their world of feelings and touches, away from the world that shunned them.

There was once a little boy, who in a fatal car crash lost his eyesight and became a broken shell that no one was able to help.

But soon, one girl was going to get past that cold outer layer. One girl would do what no other could do...go under all that toughness and cold exterior and reach for the inner boy within.

Her name?

Sakura Kinomoto.



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