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I Do

(18 months later)

Chapter 24

It was a beautiful warm August evening; Buffy was dashing around their apartment making sure everything was ready for the big occasion, her mother's wedding day. Aimee sat on the sofa watching her mother rush around.

Spike came out of the bedroom, looking very sexy in his new suit; Buffy just stared at him open mouthed.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I always did think you'd look great in Armani," she said.

"Well we can certainly afford it now," Spike smiled and preened himself.

Buffy looked at her watch.

"Calm down Buffy, we have plenty of time to get to the church, although you know how much I don't love churches, only an occasion like this would get me anywhere near one," said Spike.

"I can't help it, I just want everything to be okay, mom deserves some happiness," said Buffy.

Buffy looked down as Aimee tugged at her dress.

"Mommy purty," gabbled Aimee.

Aimee looked at her daddy, a huge smile appeared on her little face; Spike couldn't help, but melt inside every time his little daughter looked at him. He picked her up and kissed her, Aimee put her hands in Spike's hair.

"Hey not the hair, never the hair," he grinned at her.

Aimee giggled at her father, not understanding him, but responding to his smile. Buffy looked at her watch again, Spike sighed and handed Aimee to Buffy.

"I'll go bring the car around," said Spike exiting the apartment.

Buffy and Aimee joined him in the car a few moments later.

"You have got the rings right?" asked Buffy anxiously.

Spike patted his breast pocket.

"Safe and sound, you know Rupes wouldn't have asked me to be best man if he didn't think I could do the job," he replied.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy and Spike pulled up at the chapel in good time, there were several guests milling around outside, Giles was standing near the entrance, looking very nervous, he removed his glasses several times and gave them a vigorous cleaning.

Spike chuckled.

"What?" asked Buffy.

"Don't think I've ever seen Giles look like that," said Spike.

"Like what?" asked Buffy.

"Like he's about to become reacquainted with his breakfast," grinned Spike.

"Don't! Behave yourself, you are supposed to be supporting him, that's what the best man does," she replied with mock severity.

"Well I suppose I'd better get out there and do my job," said Spike unenthusiastically.

Buffy smiled to herself, she had originally intended to wait until after the wedding reception to impart her news to Spike, but seeing him look so smug at Giles's discomfort, brought the devil out in her.

"You know that pendant I gave you on our wedding night?" asked Buffy.

"Yeah, I haven't taken it off since you gave it to me," said Spike.

"Maybe you'd better revise that idea in the future, unless we want to end up like the 'Brady Bunch' she replied.

"I don't get your meaning," said Spike

Buffy continued to look at him.

"Bloody hell! How did that happen? Well obviously I know the how, but when?" he asked.

"I only did the test this morning, so I'd say at a guess about 4 weeks ago, but let's keep it to ourselves, it's mom and Giles's day today, plenty of time to tell the others," she smiled.

"God, we're having another baby, Buffy you are incredible," he kissed her soundly.

A loud tap on the windscreen made them both start.

"Hey! Other's want to get parked up you know!" grinned Xander.

Spike smiled and got out of the car and opened up Buffy's door and she got out and hugged Xander.

"I'm really happy for you Buffy, this is a great day, it's so sweet when two old people like your mom and Giles can find love like that," said Xander.

Giles came up behind Xander and put a hand on his shoulder,

"Yes, it's amazing, I don't need a wheelchair to get me up the aisle," said Giles sarcastically.

"Hi Giles," said Buffy giving him a big hug.

"How was your mother?" asked Giles.

"Don't sweat it, she's fine, even an apocalypse couldn't keep her away," said Buffy.

"Xander honey can we hurry up and get this over with so we can go home and have orgasms, people always get lots of sex at weddings especially if they are flower girls," said Anya loudly, adjusting her outfit.

Xander blushed fiery red.

"Note to self, teach Anya the basic rules of human behaviour," said Xander.

"Oh, you know you love her just as she is," said Willow as she walked up to the group, arm in arm with Oz.

Aimee started to get restless in her car seat, Buffy got her out of the backseat and came to stand back with the others.

"Here let me take her, you shouldn't be carrying anything too heavy," said Spike.

"Why has Buffy hurt herself?" asked Willow.

"I am the slayer, holding a small child isn't going to kill me," she sighed.

Willow looked at her.

"Anything you want to tell us Buff?" she joked.

"Maybe," said Buffy quietly.

"Oh my God," said Willow.

"Sshhh, I am saving it for later," said Buffy.

"Time we were in the chapel, Spike," said Giles.

"Do I have to? Putting aside my allergy to crucifixes here," said Spike.

"Yes I know, and everyone appreciates it baby, now get your ass in that church," Buffy said blowing a kiss at him.

"The bride's here, everyone move it," said Xander.

"Spoken like a true usher," said Oz, sarcastically.

Every one was herded into the chapel; Buffy waited, Aimee at her side, as her mother's car drew up. Joyce got out of the car, Buffy smiled at her mother; she had never seen her look more happy or beautiful. Buffy totally understood what her mother was feeling.

"Mom, you look lovely, hope Giles knows what a lucky guy he is," said Buffy.

"Oh he knows it, who'd ever have thought both Summer's women would have found 'love on the Hellmouth', sounds like a title for a trashy novel," said Joyce laughing.

"Yeah we have been pretty lucky, I love you mom, and Spike loves you too, I think he still needs a mom even at his age," said Buffy.

"And even a grown up daughter needs a father," said Joyce.

"You couldn't have picked a better one for me," said Buffy smiling fondly at the thought of Giles.

"Let's go complete our family then," said Joyce as she linked arms with her daughter, with little Aimee at their side, they walked toward the church.

"There's always room for expansion," said Buffy enigmatically.

Her mother frowned at her in confusion.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy and her mother entered the chapel, Willow and Anya, acting as flower girls took Aimee, so that Buffy could lead her mother down the aisle. The bridal march started up.

Buffy felt a little self-conscious walking her mom down the aisle, but was reassured by the beams and smiles on every one's faces. It was well known that the Summers family and conventionality didn't exactly go hand in hand. Buffy led her mother towards Giles and handed her confidently into Giles's keeping.

"Take care of her," Buffy said quietly to Giles.

"I intend to," he whispered back, "All my life,"

Buffy sat down on her seat and watched the ceremony, tears welled up in her eyes, her heart swelled with pride at the figure of her husband, as he carried out his duties as best man. It was all Buffy's dreams coming true at last, she felt really happy about the coming baby, it was her dearest wish that Aimee didn't experience the loneliness, that both her and William had had, both of them being an only child. The music started up to signal the end of the ceremony, even the sight of Giles and her mom kissing, brought a smile to her face for a change.

Buffy was in a happy warm place, a dreamy expression on her face.

"Buffy love," said Spike.

"What?" she asked as he jolted her out of her trance.

"Every one else has left the building," he smiled.

Buffy looked around her in surprise, at the empty wedding chapel

"Where's Aimee?" she asked in concern.

"She's fine, Xander and Anya have her, I'd say it was about time we collected on the babysitting debt Xander owes us, I am sure he thinks we have forgotten," said Spike

"Yes it will be good practise for them, we'd better be getting to the reception," sighed Buffy.

"What's the sigh for?" asked Spike.

"I am just scared, life has never been this good for me, what if..." Buffy was cut off as Spike placed a finger across her lips.

"Don't tempt fate baby, that's something I have learned in my 100+ years, life on the hell mouth is never gonna be full of certainties, but at least we can face it together," said Spike kissing her tenderly.

The couple walked up the aisle together, hand in hand to join the others at the wedding reception.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The wedding reception was a surprising success, considering Anya had taken over the planning of it, although Buffy had kept looking at the doors of the hall nervously for the first couple of hours, expecting some strippers or other catastrophe to arrive at any moment. She watched her mother dance with Spike, he'd really become a son to her mom, she could see the mutual affection on both of their faces as they danced and laughed together. A hand was held out in front of her as she smiled up into the face of Giles, she took it and went onto the dance floor with him.

"So, how's things with you? We haven't had much time to talk these last few weeks, what with the wedding planning and all," said Giles regretfully.

"Oh, been busy with this and that," said Buffy looking at Spike.

Spike caught her glance and smiled a heart-breaking smile at her, which caused the breath to catch in her body. She focused her attention back on Giles.

"Yes, I can see what the this and that is, I know how you feel," said Giles looking over at Joyce.

Buffy leaned over to kiss her mentor on the cheek.

"Welcome to the family...Dad," she said voice breaking on the last word.

Giles's eyes misted over slightly at her words and he hugged her.

"A man couldn't wish for a finer daughter to be proud of," he said, still holding her in the circle of his arms.

Giles looked down as he felt a tugging at his trouser leg. He looked into the angelic face of Aimee, he scooped her up so all three of them were dancing together.

"Or a lovelier granddaughter," he finished.

The music finished and Spike came over to claim his family.

"Guess I can really call you grand dad now and you can't get mad at me anymore," said Spike, shaking Giles's hand.

"Ever thought you're the real senior citizen around here William?" asked Giles.

"Ooh, the watcher has fangs, won't get a rise out of me," said Spike good- naturedly.

"No that's my job," said Buffy, smiling innocently at Spike.

"Ahem, yes well, would you look at the time, think it's way past time Joyce and I were leaving for our honeymoon," said Giles

Giles went over to collect his bride from a group of well wishers.

"Have fun in merry old London Rupes, will have to take Buffy there one day myself, to visit the old haunts," said Spike wistfully.

"You guys are so lucky, going to England, I am so envious," said Willow.

"Oh, I've been there loads of times when I was a vengeance demon, the great fire of London in 1666 was all my own work," said Anya proudly.

"That was you?" asked Giles, in surprise.

"Don't get her started," said Xander desperately.

"Talking of starting things, you still owe me four hours babysitting Xander Harris," said Buffy, in mock sternness.

"Oh, I er had forgotten all about that," he said uncomfortably.

Spike kissed Aimee and handed her over to Xander and Anya along with the baby care bag.

"More like, you hoped we had," said Spike sarcastically.

"Yes, every time we were going to see you, he panicked that you'd remember," said Anya.

"Thanks for the support sweetie," said Xander in resignation.

"Well, let's get you two to the airport, wouldn't want you to miss your honeymoon," said Buffy.

Buffy, Spike and Joyce and Giles, left the reception in a hail of confetti.

"What do you wanna bet that your baby sitting gig turns into an all night thing?" asked Oz

"Oh it is, Buffy and Spike already asked me if it would be okay to keep Aimee overnight," said Anya.

"Thanks for keeping me in the loop," grumbled Xander.

"Well we have to be going, Oz and I have a favour to do for a friend," said Willow.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spike and Buffy watched her mom's flight leave.

"Hope they have a great time," said Buffy.

"They will, stop fretting Buffy, wonder if they will join the mile high club like us," he leered.

"Are you trying to totally gross me out?" shuddered Buffy.

Spike traced a pattern on the bare skin of her shoulder.

"Quite the opposite actually, come on let's get out of here," he said taking her in his arms.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll see," said Spike.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy and Spike walked through the graveyard together.

"We're going to the crypt, aren't we?" she asked.

"Yes, but there's been a few changes since our last visit," he said mysteriously.

"Hang on a moment," said Buffy as she removed a stake from her pocket.

Spike raised his eye brow in surprise.

"If you'd rather go somewhere else," he said slightly alarmed.

Buffy threw the stake, it sailed past Spike's head, and he turned just in time to see a fellow vampire explode into a cloud of dust.

"You were saying honey?" she smiled as they continued towards their former home.

They stood outside the front door of their previous abode.

"Now close your eyes," he ordered.

"Oooh, sounds naughty," she said, unable to resist grabbing his ass.

Spike opened the door and ked her in.

"You can look now," he said.

She opened her eyes, the room was bathed in soft candle light, rose petals were strewn everywhere, gone was the shabby old furniture of before, and there was a proper kitchen. He was warmed by the look of delight on her face.

"You should see what's been done on the lower level," he grinned.

"You didn't get rid of the chains, did you?" she asked anxiously.

"Of course I didn't what kind of vampire do you take me for?" he asked in mock horror.

"The horney kind, thank God," Buffy smiled in response.

"Willow and Oz set up the flowers and candle light, but Harris did all the improvements, for which I paid him handsomely of course," explained Spike.

Buffy stood at the top of the stair case.

"Can I go have a look?" she asked.

Spike nodded and she disappeared below stairs. Ten minutes passed and still no Buffy, not being a patient kind of man, he went below to find his missing spouse.

"Buffy?" he asked the semi dark room.

"Over here," she answered.

He followed her voice to their bathroom, he turned the corner to see his very naked wife relaxing in the newly installed Jacuzzi.

"Wondered when you were going to come and find me, it was getting very lonely in this big tub by all by myself," she pouted

Spike started to remove his clothes, slowly and deliberately. By the time he had finished, Buffy was breathing hard.

"You beat Anya's strippers anytime, I'm sure that's what made my waters break that day, when they were dancing around the room, all I could think of was you doing that and then suddenly I went pop," she grinned as he lowered himself into the water next to her.

Spike pulled her onto his lap in the warm water.

"I intend to make you go pop again, but in a good way this time," he said suggestively as he moved his lower body against hers.

"Do you promise?" she asked breathily.

"I promise, and believe me, I always keep my promise to a lady," he said lowering his head towards hers.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A/N Just a little recap for anyone who didn't read the first Strange Bedfellows, the pendant Buffy mentioned was a fertility pendant of the Goddess Frigg, she made a man fertile and protected his marriage. Guess they underestimated its powers LOL.

Anyone who does not know what the mile high club is, probably means you're too young to know (just kidding)

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