This came about from a rant at two am where I talked to my friend, Aria, how I would fix Twilight to make it...well, better. I read the series back in high school and have had all these years to think about the series' many flaws. And I've come to realize that one change can make all the difference in this story and that's just letting Bella stay in Arizona and letting Angela Weber take her place in the story. If you're asking, why Angela? If you think about it, Angela was who Stephenie Meyer thought Bella was - a selfless, kind girl who had the dilemma of losing her soul if she became a vampire. It's well-known that Bella had no personality, interests, or real friends. How different would the story really be if we had a protagonist that had everything to lose if she died?

Some events will be changed or sped up deliberately for plot reasons. Also, Angela thinks and acts differently than Bella and that affects events and interactions. I'm not going to rewrite a four-part series. I will be taking inspiration from both the movies and books. Heavier emphasis on the books as I did not combine Laura and Jessica into one character or Ben and Eric into one character. Bella barely payed attention to the human teens so their personalities and histories I have free reign to write as I like. Angela's appearance is based on the books so she's a 6 foot tall girl with brown hair and eyes and doesn't wear any glasses.

Twilight was published in 2005 so I am taking into the account the time period and I'm trying my best to not include things that won't be around for another 10 years in the story (social media, smart phones, tide pod challenges).

And Dusk fans, if you clicked on this thinking it was the sequel I promised you long ago, I apologize. I reused the title because i like it but Dusk's sequel will never be. I have moved on from it and I don't see myself ever returning.

If Angela Weber was asked when was the pivotal moment that started the events that would irrevocably change her life, she wouldn't think to answer the school parking lot on a Tuesday morning. The day started off as ordinary as can be. Lauren picked her up and drove them to school. Jessica was stressing about an upcoming Chemistry exam. And Angela quietly mused to herself how she could get Ben Chenney to go with her to Homecoming.

Lauren was looking for a parking space and silently cursed as the Cullens' shiny Volvo cut her off and slid into the last available spot. The blonde loudly cursed and even threw her middle finger up as Edward exited the car with his siblings and nonchalantly walked past them.

"God, he's such an asshole," Lauren declared. "No wonder he's single."

"Aside from the fact he thinks he's better than everyone," Jessica added. She still wasn't over being rejected by him in Freshman Year after Lauren dared her to ask him out as a joke. "Why doesn't he just move to L.A. where the stupidly beautiful people he could mate with are?"

"He'd probably burst into flames with how pale his ass," Lauren was now reversing the car so she could find another parking spot elsewhere. "His entire family look like a pack of albinos."

"Or maybe they're just vampires," Angela suggested, still remembering binge-watching From Dusk Till Dawn movies on Lauren's birthday last month. "It would explain why they don't eat that much."

They were driving past the school entrance where Edward was standing right outside the doors, still as a statue and glaring at them as they passed by. His eyes were dark and penetrating and Angela shivered. He reminded her of the predators she'd find on National Geographic when she was babysitting her brothers and wanted them to watch something more educational. Dark, beady eyes like a shark or a falcon, Edward Cullen could be truly unnerving. It made him appear inhuman.

Angela worked on shaking off any thoughts about Edward Cullen as Lauren finally found a parking spot and they left the car to make their way to their class. Edward was no longer at the doors and had probably already gone to his first class of the day. They had the dreaded Chemistry test and with Ben Chenney sitting a few seats away from her, she had other things to think about. It wasn't like Edward Cullen knew she existed anyway.

Lauren was on a new diet where she didn't eat anything with gluten or sugar which meant her unhappily and slowly eating a salad and pretending like she wasn't envious of their cheeseburgers. Jessica was polishing off her fruit cup as she discussed their answers to the Chem test. Angela dutifully listened until Eric and Tyler came over to join them. Eric was carrying a camcorder.

"No, Yorkie," Lauren glared at him. "I'm not gonna be in your nerdy videos."

"Someday, Lauren Mallory, FLOSH is going to make us internet millionaires and you'll be sorry you turned down being in our videos," Eric replied as he turned on the camera. "We're doing a new series. Some slice of life goodness about life at Forks High."

He turned the camera to Jessica who covered her face with her hand. "Meet Jessica Stanley. Running for class valedictorian and hoping to get into Stanford to study science stuff."

"Biomedical engineering," She corrected, still trying to get away from the camera. "Eric, quit it!"

He turned the camera to Angela. "And this is Angela Weber, the girl next door, the pastor's daughter, and everyone's friend, who plans on becoming a Nurse someday."

Angela smiled patiently and tried to force herself not to be self-conscious. She turned her head as Edward passed by and made his way to the Cullens' usual table in the middle of the cafeteria. None of them were eating anything that day or at least their food sat untouched on the table. Maybe they were on the same diet as Lauren.

"And there is Edward Cullen. Mysterious, aloof, and not looking for love," Eric was zooming his camera at the Cullens' table. Edward had looked up and was glaring with his predator gaze. "What dark secrets does he hide behind that disturbingly intense gaze?"

"Eric, leave him alone," Angela chided him, gently. "I don't think he wants to be filmed."

Eric turned the camera back to her. "You have a little crush on Eddie Cullen, Ang?"

"No," She resisted the blush she knew was coming. She always went fully red in the face when she was embarrassed and resembled a freckled tomato. "It's just not really nice to film someone without their consent."

"She's got a point, dude," Tyler conceded. "Consent is everything."

"Fine. We'll cut him out during the edit," Eric flipped the camera to face Tyler and himself. "Hey, what's up, you guys? Yes. Today is another Tuesday at Forks High…."

Angela looked over again to the Cullens' table and Edward was talking to his siblings. As if sensing her gaze, Edward turned back and their gazes locked. She resisted the urge to start blushing again. He inclined his head in acknowledgement and mouthed "Thanks". Her face resembling aforementioned tomato, she sent him a quick smile. Maybe he knew she existed after all.

Angela always felt that puberty blessed her too much vertically. At six feet, she was a tall, gangly weed that hovered over most of her classmates. She'd been pushed towards sports as a result and gave in to joining the volleyball team because Jessica and Lauren were both on it. Jessica, despite being a foot shorter than her, made up for it by sheer determination and speed. Lauren played with the wrathful hatred of losing and was merciless on the court.

Angela was mid-serving the ball when she fell down and landed hard on her ankle. She nearly bit her tongue as she landed on her face. Coach blew the whistle as Lauren and Jessica immediately ran to her, helping her sit up. She tried to get to her feet and the weight on her ankle almost made her yelp. She hissed at the pain. It was definitely sprained.

The school nurse had gone home and Coach suggested she get checked up at the hospital.

"It's just a sprain," Angela countered. "There's no need."

Coach would have none of it and Lauren helped Angela limp to Lauren's car and accompanied her to the hospital. Still in their P.E. uniform of a grey shirt and black shorts, Angela was rather cold in the white emergency room. Dr. Carlisle Cullen greeted them with a smile. With having little brothers that got into far too much trouble, she semi-regularly saw the kind doctor who was always affable and patient with her brothers no matter how unruly they could be. He examined her sprain and gave instructions to ice the injury and to keep it elevated which she already knew but dutifully listened.

"It's getting late," Dr. Cullen said. "Do you two girls have a ride home?"

"I have my car," Lauren answered. "We have to go back to the school and pick-up Jessica though."

"Actually, my son is going to come and pick me up," The emergency room doors swished open as Edward walked into the room. "And my shift doesn't end for another hour. He could drive you home, Angela."

Angela looked over to Edward who had stopped a few feet from them, his face impassive. She looked at Lauren who was giving Edward a suspicious stare. Turning back to Dr. Cullen, she tried to respectfully decline.

"That's really nice of you, Dr. Cullen, but I really don't want to be a bother…"

"It's no bother at all," The good doctor insisted. "Edward would be glad to help out a classmate. Right, Edward?"

"Of course," Edward's face still betrayed nothing. "It would be no bother, Angela."

She stared at him. It might've been the first time he ever said her name and it felt odd to hear her name in his deep, husky voice. Her name had always been old-fashioned (as she was named after her Italian grandmother) and common but he made it sound nice. Unable to really find any reason to say no to his offer, she conceded.

"Thank you," She returned. "Edward."

His name sounded odd on her tongue too but she liked it.

Edward helped transfer her stuff from Lauren's car to his while Angela sheepishly sat in the backseat of his Volvo with her foot elevated on the seat. Lauren opened the car door and handed her the pink whistle she usually wore on her neck and hidden under her clothes.

"He tries anything you blow as hard as you can," She whispered. "I don't care who he thinks he is. I won't hesitate to destroy him."

Angela gingerly tucked the whistle over her head. She really didn't think she had need for it but understood her friend's worries. Smiling, she pulled Lauren into a one-armed hug.

"Love you."

"I love you too, Ang," Lauren pulled away from her and closed the car door. Edward was there behind her and she glared at him. "If anything happens to her, I will hold you fully responsible."

"Noted," He almost looked amused. "I will handle Angela with the utmost care."

With one frostier glare, Lauren left. Edward got into the driver's seat and turned to Angela who gave him her most beseeching look.

"Sorry about Lauren," She said. "She just cares."

"I know," He turned on the car engine and started driving the car out of the hospital parking lot. "She's a good friend."

"She is."

"I didn't understand it at first," He continued. "Why the two of you were friends. Lauren can be so…difficult."

"I don't think she's difficult," She responded. "She's defensive and can be brutally honest but she has a good heart. And…and sometimes I wish I was more like her."

Unlike the rest of her friends who'd been born in Forks, Lauren had moved there in middle school from Seattle. The new girl, she had trouble making friends as she came off as abrasive and mean. Angela knew there had to be more to her and she invited Lauren to have lunch with them one day and although Jessica had disagreed with her choice, it'd been worth it. Lauren was one of them and was the bravest and most honest.

Edward asked, "Why would you want to be like her?"

"She always speaks her mind," She answered. "And wouldn't life just be easier if we just said what we really thought?"

Edward was quiet for a moment, his eyes on the road before he started chuckling. She didn't think she'd heard him laugh before. Tonight seemed to be a night of firsts with Edward Cullen. He shook his head and his gaze met hers on the rear-view mirror.

"Not really, Angela."

I replaced almost getting hit by a van with a sports injury.

1. 'FLOSH' is a parody of the early days of the Youtube channel 'SMOSH'. Youtube was born the same year as Twilight so in this universe Eric and Tyler are OG Creators.
2. Eric's greeting "What's up you guys? Yes" is from Youtuber Shane Dawson.
3. 'From Dusk Till Dawn' is a 90's vampire movie franchise starring George Clooney and Salma Hayek.
4. Jessica, like in the movies, is still going to be valedictorian and go to Stanford for college.
5. In case you didn't read the books, Ben Chenney was Angela's boyfriend in the novels and Katie Marshall was Eric's girlfriend.