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Whose Line Is It Anyways?

Episode 2

Chapter 8-Scenes From A Hat

Christina: Welcome back everyone! To the place where the points don't matter....at all. Anyways, our next game tonight is Scene's From A Hat. Christina pulls out a three cornered hat,from under her desk. Now, at the beginning of the show we asked the audience for suggestions, and we put the best ones in here. Alright now, the first one is...What do you think the audience is thinking right now?

Hermione: Is it just me, or is it FREEZING in here?

Harry: Dang it, I knew I should've gone before the show.

Draco gasps. Oh that sexy Malfoy boy just looked at me.

Ron: These people are fun-ny!

Christina presses the buzzer. Things you wouldn't say to your boss?

Hermione: I am too lazy to come to work today, so have fun finding someone else.

Ron: So when do I get promoted?

Draco: Do you always smell like that?

Harry: How do you do it again? I totally forgot.

Christina presses her buzzer. Ok, Newspaper Headlines

Draco: Harry Potter Commited! Exclusive on page 2.

Harry: Draco Malfoy IS Actually A White Ferret!

Ron: Extra, extra, read all about it! Gryffindor Won the Quiditch Cup for the 100th time!

Hermione: S.P.E.W. Has Now Helped Over a 100.000 elves find their freedom!

Christina presses the buzzer. What not to say on a first date.

Draco: You know, you really have no sense of humor.

Harry: And...and...then Dudley stole my teddy bear!

Hermione: Thanks for taking me out tonight Bryan...wait...you're name is Carl, right?

Ron: Would you like a Weasley sweater?

Christina presses the buzzer. That was terrific, good job all of you! A thousand points each!

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