Teach Me
By: Trinity Angel
Rated: PG-13

Curiously, Rain peeked around the door frame into the garage where she knew Domon was training. She glued her eyes to his form, unconsciously tracing the contours of his back through the damp material of his forest green shirt. It was moments like these when she caught her mind desiring a chance to trace those same curves with her fingers.

Closing her cerulean eyes, she attuned her ears to the sound of her namesake falling against the large glass windows that surrounded the warehouse that they occupied for the moment. Usually he trained outside, but due to the fact that it was pouring he had decided against it this time. It couldn't be said for all times though. Apparently he'd learned his lesson about training in the rain. Rain lifted a hand to stifle a giggle at the thought of Mr. Domon 'I'm invincible' Kasshu in bed for a week after that, living off of canned soup and toast (the only things he trusted her to cook). However her movement wasn't quick enough and somehow, Domon had heard her.

"You shouldn't bother me when I'm training. I hate it when you do that, you know."

Rain blinked a few times and dropped her hand from her mouth, her other hand clutching the towel and the water bottle. This time she'd brought a back up plan. Disenchanted by his abrasive words, Rain's blue eyes fell to the floor. For a second, her shoulders drooping in defeat. Nothing ever changed with him. He didn't even bother with a greeting, he never did. Sighing dismissible, she stepped into the room and held up the water bottle and fluffy white towel, quickly hiding her crestfallen expression behind a placid smile.

"You've been training for five hours, Domon. I just thought..."

She paused. It wasn't like her thought mattered to him...better take a different approach.

"You really need to drink some water to replenish the fluids you've expended. "

Glancing over his shoulder, Domon looked toward the door, a small giggle interrupting his calm state of mind. Lowering his arms to his side he started to scold Rain again, but the sight of her standing there, looking so disconsolate, halted any further words. Maybe he had been a little harsh. Turning forward, Domon lowered his head slightly, bewildered at the pang in his heart. It was always the same. He never really meant to make her sad, but by the time he realized he had, the damage was already done. Shaking his head, Domon crossed his arms and turned around, trying to hide his puzzlement with an annoyed expression. Sighing, he reasoned it was absolutely futile to argue with Rain when she'd taken on her 'doctor' tone of voice. Rolling his eyes he turned on his heel and walked to a wooden crate, still pondering over the sudden rise of emotions. Placing one hand flat on the crate's surface, Domon hopped on top of it with ease. Huffing like a reprimanded child, he sat down and crossed his legs together.

Rain smiled triumphantly, knowing she had won the battle and walked over to where he was seated. Standing next to the crate, Rain set the water bottle down and threw the towel at Domon's face. Resting her elbows against the top of the crate, she leaned back casually, turning her head in time to see Domon snatch the towel out of the air with ease.

"Having fun?"

Rain raised an eyebrow and tried to initiate a feeble conversation. A conversation, that was abruptly adjourned when Domon answered with his usual silence. Sighing heavily, Rain's shoulders fell again as she lowered her head to stare at her shoes. Things between them were becoming so predictable. It was as though nothing had changed. Dejected, Rain lowered her eyes and stood in what was becoming a tedious silence. She should have known this was how it was going to be. Domon wasn't exactly eloquent when it came to speaking to her. To be honest, he wasn't eloquent period. But somewhere deep inside of her head, she held the hope that maybe, just maybe he'd open up to her. What a laughable idea that had been. If he wouldn't open up to their friends, then what in the world made her think that he'd open up to her? Maybe it was the tiny part of her that assumed that since they'd shared everything as children, the bond that took place almost ten years ago would still be fully intact. Well, whatever part it was, Rain was convinced it was wrong. All those words he'd said to get her back were exactly what she called them. Words. And that was all they were ever going to be.


Disappointed, and on the verge of tears, Rain started to push away from the crates when she felt something holding on to a good chunk of her hair. Letting out a little yelp of pain, she turned her head and shifted her eyes to see just what it was that was keeping her to this spot when all she wanted to do was run away.

Domon stared wide-eyed at his fist, which was closed around a piece of Rain's cinnamon tresses. Why he had grabbed her hair, he wasn't exactly sure. Part of it was that he really didn't want her to go, and maybe the rest of it was just him being childish. All he knew was that he had to do something when he saw her mood change like it did before. A portion of him admitted that he had never noticed just how much of an effect he had on her emotions. As she turned around, his fingers loosened quickly, a slight blush tinting his usually stoic face. Dropping his hand back to his lap, he adverted his nervous gaze from her questioning one, frowning at himself as soon as he was out of her her line of sight.

Rain tilted her head and lifted a small hand to brush her hair behind her ear. Her fingers lingered, toying with the strands she had been neglecting. Lately she'd thought about cutting it, annoyed with it's current, right above her shoulders, length. Either it would be short or it would be long, she hated the way it was now.

"Is that a sign that you don't like my hair?"

Lifting her eyebrow slightly, Rain lowered her hand back to her side and with a surprising amount of ease, hoisted herself up onto the crate next to Domon. She wasn't sure what he meant by his little action, but she decided to take it as a sign that he didn't exactly abhor her as she'd thought lately. Crossing her ankles, Rain settled into what she was sure was going to be another annoying silence. However, this time she was mistaken.

"I never said that..."

Rain blinked, before shrugging her shoulders.

"You didn't say anything, so I just assumed-"

"You really shouldn't assume."

Domon flinched inwardly as he noticed Rain flinch outwardly. Holding onto his towel, he pressed it to his moist face. Untying his red bandana, he set it over his lap and pushed his hands through his hair. No matter what he tried, he was also so coarse with her. Lifting his head, he looked back to Rain, his eyes unconsciously drawn to the long, pale leg she was hugging. With a sigh he shifted slightly one leg up, and shifted the other until his achilles tendon was pressed against the front of his ankle. Biting down on to his lip, he lowered his eyes and draped his arm over his upraised knee. Pressing his free hand against the crate, he slid it back slightly until it rested next to Rain's hip. Tossing an idea around in his head Domon glanced back toward Rain and let himself move on impulse.

Lifting his hand from his knee, he reached over and cupped her face with one hand, turning her towards him. Leaning in, Domon closed his eyes and flushed as a cherry, placed a quick awkward kiss on Rain's unsuspecting lips. Flustered, Domon quickly turned away, trying to hide his face from what he knew would be a dumbfounded stare. What the hell was he thinking??

Rain stared at Domon, completely dumbstruck. Unknowingly, her hand slowly slithered up to her lips where she pressed her fingertips to where she thought she just received a kiss.

'He didn't...'


His name came out as a breathy whisper, rather than the questioning tone she had heard in her head. Clearing her throat Rain pressed her hand to her neck, feeling that the skin was already starting to flush. Opening her mouth, she closed it again and tried desperately to gather her wits. Finally she figured out what she was trying to say and with another pause, she bypassed his name and simply asked her question all the while staring at him with bewilderment.

"W-what was that for?"

Had she not been staring at him, she might have missed his small shrug to her question. Frowning slightly, Rain tilted her head, puzzled, but it didn't last long. At last, her lips pulled at the corners, forming a complacent smiled. Mimicking Domon's previous action, Rain easily turned him to face her, using only two fingertips. Pulling both legs up onto the crate, Rain kneeled next to the King of Hearts and met his withdrawn gaze with one of certainty. He obviously wasn't as confident as Chibodee, or even as chivalrous as George, but he was her Domon, she'd take him just the way he was. Temper and all.

Domon felt his cheeks heat up with what was obviously a blush, but he couldn't turn away. It was only taking her two fingertips against his chin to make him feel as though his body had been dunked in a vat of dry ice. Oh how he wished he could get away from her incendiary gaze, but she held him fast with the same magic that always made his heart race and made him want to keep her safe from everything. After all, she did mean the world to him, even if he was too stubborn to admit it to anyone else, let alone himself.

"Care to try that again?"


Rain's smile spread into a grin as she caught him off guard and when her meaning finally did soak in, she was rewarded with another few shades of red.

"That kiss?"

Domon mumbled something and had Rain not been kneeling so close to him, she just might have missed it. She had almost forgotten that he'd been away for all of his teenage years which meant that dating was out of the question. Remembering this, it wasn't so hard to see why he would say something like 'I don't know how'. Unlike Rain herself, who had had enough contact with the opposite sex, to consider herself no longer a 'novice' Domon really was uninformed when it came to this aspect of relationships. Raising an eyebrow she still grinned, for once feeling like she could teach him something.

"Let me teach you..."

Domon started to move back, but Rain slipped her hand behind him, pressing her palm flatly against his spine. Arching forward, Domon was caught off guard when he in essence smashed his face against Rain's. Eyes wide, he sat unmoving as Rain's lips teased his mouth. Tentatively, Domon's eyes grew heavy and slid downward until they were closed , leaving him to concentrate on the rest of his senses. The kiss started light, but after a moment or two, it was obvious to see that things were getting heavy. Hesitantly, Domon lifted his hands from the crate and slid them to Rain's waist, his fingertips barely keep hold. Something inside of him that had always remained reticent was surfacing. Pushing and shoving it's way out until Domon's hands had firmly grasped Rain's hips. Driven by the intensity of the moment, Domon leaned further into the kiss, devouring every inch of her mouth, intoxicated by the scent of her perfume mingling with her shampoo. Or maybe it was the taste of her, his tongue every once and a while identifying the slightest hint of peppermint. Whatever it was, it left him as breathless as her when they finally pulled away. Tugging on her hips, he eased her body down until she rested between his crossed legs. Slowly, Domon lifted his deep eyes to meet Rain's dazed aqua ones. It was obvious to anyone, even through his half lidded that this girl reclining comfortably in his lap had awoken something deep within him. Something that until this moment, he hadn't even known existed.

Prying her eyes from his, Rain lowered her gaze to his still parted mouth, focusing on his damp lips. He had never ceased to amaze her. For this being his first kiss, there was no way she should be this breathless, this high. Her feelings of neglect were quickly forgotten, leaving behind only a curiousity as to just how for he would go, and a lusting so strong that she never wanted to release him from her sight...from her touch again. Inching forward again, Rain loomed over his lips, allowing them to barely make contact with his.


Her breathy whisper earned her a smirk, his lips twitching as he tried to hide his smile. But perhaps, the best moment was the rasping demand he whispered in return.

"Teach me more...now."

~*Actions always speak louder than words*~

I dunno where this one came from, Lol. I had started it a few days back and figured, 'what the hell, finish it! SO AH DID MWAHAHA. Yeah this really doesn't have a point to it except that I felt like writing something. Cackle^^ So I hope you enjoyed more pointless fluff, and please, look for more soon! Why? Because fluff is what I do.
Oh, no worries, I haven't forgotten about This Time Around, it's just that we're having s'more creative differences, but I think we've got them worked out now, so there will be a chapter out soon^^ In fact I'm going to work on it today =p

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