Inhaling the warm morning air, Rain squinted her eyes, annoyed by the incoming sunlight peeking through the windows. It was much, much, much, too early for her to be awake. Groaning softly, she started to move, only to have her movements inhibited by something heavy and...fleshy? Fluttering her thick lashes slightly, she slowly opened her eyes and looked down at the arm draped over her stomach. She tried to shift again but found it useless. This bed was nothing but a mass of tangled limbs. Smiling warmly to herself, she shifted her hand under an arm and reached up to move a strand of hair from her sleep blue eyes.

It wasn't like she minded or anything.

The light that drifted in through the slightly parted curtains, bathed the lovers with gentle shades of tangerine and gold, setting the walls and the white sheets on fire. Ironically, it was almost as though the light was putting their recently liberated passions into color. Rain sighed softly and turned her head to look at the pilot peacefully asleep next to her. His face was a mask of serenity, shaded only by the shadow of his ebony hair instead of a shadow of pain, or worry. For once his intense brown eyes were lidded peacefully, and his firm lips rested in a relaxed line. Her blue eyes drooped slightly, filled to the brim with adoration, enchantment, devotion, and tenderness. Her chest tightened slightly as she felt something in her heart finally exhale. It was like she could feel everything falling into place, the way she had always dreamed they would be; the way they were supposed to be.

Arching her back, Rain pushed away from the mattress, turning her upper body to face Domon Kasshu. Her movement caused a chain reaction from the Neo-Japanese pilot. Pulling air deep into his lungs, Domon followed Rain's example and turned on to his side, shifting his arm from where it had once been over her stomach, to the curve in her side that came right before her hips. Unconsciously, he pulled her small body tighter against him before he fell back into the deep rhythm of sleep.

He was exhausted.

His body was tired from responding for the first time to each and every one of her incendiary touches. His mind ached from taking in each and every intimate detail of her beautiful body. All the while, his soul was drained from giving her every bit of love and endearment she craved for, not to mention the feeling of his own undying passion for her.

He deserved this sleep, and Rain was going to let him have it.

Extending her lithe digits, she lightly traced the back of her fingernails against the side of his face. At the tip of his chin, she turned her hand over, and continued back up the opposite side, this time with her fingertips. Slipping her fingers under his midnight hair, she smiled gently at it's rough, dry feeling. Pushing the dry strands back away from his face, she grinned at how his hair sat the same, with or with out that crimson bandana. But she also couldn't help grinning about where that bandana was now.


Domon knelt between Rain's long legs, a smirk playing along the lines of his lips. She smiled this oddly secret smile at him, mischief dancing in her azure eyes. He was entranced, and intoxicated by nothing but the vision of her lying back on her elbows wearing nothing but her white undergarments. Lifting one leg, she bent her knee and placed the sole of her perfectly arched foot against the middle of his bare chest.

Grinning, Domon reached out and caught her foot. Pushing it away from his chest, he lazily slid a finger along the gentle arch of her foot. His actions were rewarded with a squeal from the now squirming woman in front of him. Desperately, she sat up as far as she could and grabbed his hand.

"Don't! I'm ticklish..."

Domon grinned and traced another path from her heel to the tip of her toes earning another yelp from the still squirming Rain.

"I'm beginning to notice."

Laughing, Domon finally gave in to the pleading look Rain gave him.

"Alright alright."

Letting go of her foot, he slid his hands down the top of her foot, and over the gentle curve of her ankle. He couldn't help but marvel at just how smooth her legs were, the thought that she shaved never really occurring to him before. Grinning like a child in a candy story, he lifted her leg to his bare shoulder and rested it there, slightly amazed at how the lines of her leg seemed to fit perfectly against his shoulder. But that's how things were with her; she fit him perfectly. Turning his head, he planted a trail of kisses along her leg, his fingertips caressing her, memorizing each inch of skin. Gazing up at her for a moment, he smiled and removed his hands. Reaching to the back of his head, he untied his red bandana with nimble fingers. Pulling the ribbon from around his face, he tosses his head to the left, in an attempt to get the hair from his eyes. Still smiling, he pulled the bandana back to her leg, and with that silly smile still on his face, he tied it around her thigh...


Shifting her foot, Rain noticed the feeling of something loose around her ankle. After all that moving, it was only natural that it would have moved. As the light changed to a brighter shade of yellow and moved higher in the sky, Rain allowed her thoughts to wander where they would, her hand continuing to toy with his hair.

Finally her thoughts settled at the beginning point of this euphoric moment.



Rain couldn't really recall just how they had managed to get to her room, nor how they ended up on the middle of her bed wearing scarcely nothing. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the blissful kiss that felt like it was supposed to last forever, stopped. Rather abruptly too. Blinking, she tried to focus her eyes.

"Why'd you stop?"

Domon flushed slightly, his hands still loosely intertwined with Rain's. His eyes were glazed, like those of a man who was just barely out of reach of treasures untold. It was obvious that he was hesitant, but he'd never stopped before. Rain pressed her lips together. His kisses were driving her crazy, taking her to unimaginable heights...then out of the blue, he decides to stop.

"What am I supposed to do?"

Sighing softly, she rolled her eyes playfully and released one of his hands. Draping it around his shoulder loosely, she leaned in until her lips were brushing his ear.

"Don't ask. Just do."



"Touch me, Domon."


Dear God...he was really starting to drive her crazy, in a bad way. Yet part of her couldn't help but laugh.

"Anywhere. What's the fun if I have to teach you everything? "

If only she could get him to let go...


And almost as though he heard her, he splayed his hand firmly against her the sensitive curve of her lower back and crushed his lips back against hers...


She couldn't help grinning softly at that thought. It was such a bold move by Domon, one that must not have been thought out very well. Yet, it wasn't like she minded. She had taught him as much as was humanly possible in one night. Not only did she teach him about his basic physical desires, she tried to teach him how what they had done was like opening up to one another. It was, when done in the right situations, the perfect expression of love. The action that fit the word that couldn't be defined. But there was so much that she couldn't teach him. So much that she didn't want to teach him, things she wanted him to find on his own.

With this game, getting there was half the fun...

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't notice the feeling of fingertips tracing small, lazy circles against the small of her back.

"And just what are you smiling about?"

Rain started, and her trance was broken. Fully aware, she focused her eyes and found herself staring into a warm sea of chocolate that threatened to envelope her.

"Good morning."


The silence that followed was slightly awkward, and after a moment Rain averted her eyes. There was so much that could be said, but it just felt odd. What happened wasn't wrong, in fact it was perfect in Rain's opinion, so that wasn't it. It was simply a moment that didn't have any words. Had she not said a word, the entire morning probably would have passed with out either of them moving an inch.

"I guess we should get up."

Rain shattered the moment, and started to gather the sheets up around her but found that Domon didn't move. Instead he just stared at her questioningly.

"What's wrong?"


"Then why are getting up?"


"If you want to get away from me, just say so."

Rain froze in her tracks and lowered herself back down to the pillow. She stared at Domon incredulously. His face had started to flush as he stammered some kind of apology. Removing his arm, he hastily sat up and started to get out of bed, turning his back to her. Rain could have laughed. He thought he'd done something wrong, while she thought he didn't want to be around her that long. On impulse, Rain opened her arms and hugged his waist as tightly as possible. Burying her face into his neck, she remembered that this was his first time. How was he supposed to know what to do? And what appeared to be a hasty retreat on her part, could easily be taken as a negative reaction.


Domon shrugged his shoulder trying to push her away as he nursed his wounded pride, but Rain wouldn't let go. She only shifted one hand from around his waist to drape over his shoulder. Her slender fingertips exploring each contour of his abdomen contentedly, as she tried to rectify her mistake.

"I'm sorry, Domon. You didn't do anything wrong. You were fine, it was perfect. Absolutely perfect."

Domon paused and cautiously turned to face her, for a moment, his face turned into the epitome of vulnerability. After a moment he tried to voice his indifference, but it was too late.


Rain smiled and laughed, before she pressed her lips against his cheek leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down his jaw. Domon closed his eyes and lifted a hand to her arm around his shoulders, finally noticing the feeling of her bare skin resting against his back. He had asked her to teach him the night before, but looking back, he could safely admit he had no idea what he was getting himself into. She had not only taught him where to touch her body, but also how to touch her soul. These intimate moments with her were impressed on his memory, and would be forever.

Letting out what could only be described as a purr, he turned around quickly and seized his prize, filled again with what felt like insatiable lust for her. Pulling her hands from around his waist, he intertwined his fingers with hers and let her sublime kisses fill his once empty heart again with the promise of better days to come.

Again, and again....

~*So go on and try it, do not deny yourself your freedom.*~

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