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Summary: When, one night Inuyasha of the future turns up in Sengoku Jidai beaten and bloody, Inu-gumi are surprised-except for Kagome, who rushes to his side without hesitation. Secrets are revealed & an untold future comes to light, but will Inuyasha accept his newfound responsibility?

Rated: PG-13 / R for mild to moderate sexual content and Inuyasha's potty mouth.
My reply to a challenge fic set by Ranko-chan (cousin, author, and Inuyasha fan girl)
1) Chaptered or one-shot 2) Romance between Inuyasha and Kagome 3) Has to follow the animé series, no AU plots 4) Needs to be based around the Inu/Kago/Kikyo story

A/N:I hope you all enjoy and not get to confused and/or upset… angsty beginnings, but happy endings, bring on the Kleenex tissues (I HIGHLY recommend them being handy!)  Ok, just to let you ALL know, this is a Kagome/Inuyasha fic, Kikyo does appear at first, but I think you'll all like how this turns out. (Even tho you'll all kill me for putting Inuyasha through hell)

Shout out: Highly inspired by Sandrock's A Tale of Two Hanyous (if you haven't read it, then do! Its sugoi!)

by: *Angelstars

Untold Secrets


Book One: 0.1 - Unforgiven

**Begin Flashback**

Thunderclouds clapped high above the over growth, sending blinding flashes of light all around the darkened forest of Inuyasha. Under its path lay a still hanyou, panting as the rain and wind hissed all around him, his wounds left bloody and torn along his arms and face. His golden eyes wide and unfocussed as he stared at the pile of soil and bone in front of him.


His mind cold and blank as his stare, his body shook as his bloodied claw lowered to his side.


Once again, the undead miko left hating him. Cursing him. Branding him. His eyes grew wider as he thrashed his head back and allowed an anguished howl of hurt leave his mouth, echoing over the crashes of thunder and the thrusting of wind and rain against his face.

**End Flashback**

Late evening (11pm) Sengoku Jidai

Kagome woke with a start; her breathing lay heavy upon her chest as she brought a shaky hand to her heart. Something had stirred her senses and awoken her from her troubled sleep; she shivered slightly and focused her eyes. She looked around the small hut, searching out her companions one by one, but instantly panicking at the loss of one in particular.

"Inuyasha…" she whispered, her voice raspy and coarse. Just as she was about to take leave of her sleeping bag her legs gave way, finding herself back on the floor, she tried once more to move, but found no avail. "Nani?" she questioned, her voice still low and panicked.

Suddenly, without warning, a seared pain jabbed at her heart causing the girl to squeeze her eyes tightly shut as she grabbed for her chest, her breathing coming to a deathly siren.

"Kagome!" she heard her friend's worried shouts as all sense and responses slowly blackened.

**Dream begin**

Kagome could hear voices; they sounded angry, but hurt at the same time. She picked herself up from the ground and followed the shouts. As she neared the hostile screams of anger she started to recognise the voices as they echoed one another.



She continued on and rummaged through the bushes, pulling a branch away as her eyes focused upon the image of Inuyasha and Kikyo together. She gasped slightly, seeing her hanyou's condition, bleeding from his arms and slashes of fresh scratches across his face. Her eyes wondered over to the undead miko, she too had gashes and torn clothing, but no blood could be seen coming from her.

Well, of course there would be none, she is dead… her thoughts absently came to mind.

"Kikyo, please! Listen to me!" she heard Inuyasha beg from his position on the ground below the floating priestess.

"NO! I will not listen to your pathetic lies, Inuyasha!" she growled back, bringing her hand up to focus a blast of miko energy.

"Kikyo!" he roared, blocking the powered ki with his shredded arms.

Kagome gasped once again, readying herself to defend the hanyou before Kikyo did any more damage to him. She got up to fast and was brought back down by a heaving hiss of pain to her chest, she gripped at her heart and panted slightly, stunned at the sudden twitch.

"Inuyasha, you promised to leave with me. You promised to walk with me in hell. You said I belonged only to you. You said I was the only one." Kikyo's voice snapped.

"Kikyo, I meant what I said, but… but things have changed! I have changed. I can't leave with you, don't you understand?" Inuyasha pleaded with her as he rose off the ground.

Kagome's eyes widened as she continued to listen through panted breaths.

"Kikyo… I can't leave. I want to live. Please, let this go!" he started, walking up to her as his eyes fixated onto her frozen lifeless eyes.  "If you care anything for me, please allow me to live-I have a life now! Damnit! I don't want to do this!" he shook his head, baring fangs as his fists clenched deeper into his palms.

Kikyo's eyes narrowed as she stared down at the grovelling demi-demon, her contorted façade jarring an evil glint as her lips grew into a sly smile. "You think I will allow you to live? That you can easily break your promise and beg me to reconsider?" she snorted back a laugh before continuing. "Stupid, pathetic half-breed, you make me a promise and go back on your word and expect me to agree to YOUR uncertain terms?!" her eyes flashed with anger and her hand lashed out for yet another plunge at the dog-demon.

Inuyasha held his breath as the coursing miko power ripped at his skin and burned at his eyes and face. "Kikyo, please!" he tried once again, gaining his footing once more as he grabbed her legs and pulled her down into his chest.

The miko thrashed in his hold, screaming at him to let her go. Inuyasha held onto her tighter and shook her violently keeping a stern face as he snarled at her to stop moving.

"Listen!" he growled, shaking her slightly in order to get her attention. "Kikyo, we died together in the past. We both got brought back by some strange twist of fate." He shook his head, uncertain of her reaction, but choosing to continue with his speech. "But this has to stop, you can't continue to walk this earth, driven only by your hatred for me. It kills me to see you like this! It fucking aches when ever you look at me with those half empty eyes, to see the hurt and betrayal I caused you… its punishment enough that I have to live with these memories and feelings," his voice now lowered that Kagome hard a job to hear. "I don't want you to have to continue to walk this earth, hunting me with your hatred. You don't deserve to feel this pain any longer. I want to help you, Kikyo. Set you free. Help you find peace!" he looked her in the eye. "Let me help you"

Her icy cold stare sent a shiver down his spin as her hand slowly rose to caress his face and cheek, her unearthly pale face held no emotion as she clearly made her answer known.

Inuyasha's small hope was shattered as Kikyo unleashed another painful jolt of electrical miko power, this time aimed directly for his eyes. He clenched his teeth hard, and closed his stinging eyes as he let her go and stumbled back form the undead female.

Kagome's eyes widened as she cried out Inuyasha's name and leaped to her feet, ignoring the searing pain in her chest. Kikyo's smile grew as Kagome made her way toward the fallen hanyou, "This is the reason you wish to live, Inuyasha?" her voice echoed hauntingly over the claps of thunder.

"Then, if she dies, there is no need for you to live anymore, now is there?" she coolly pondered before turning on the frantic girl. Inuyasha paled upon hearing Kagome's scream followed by Kikyo's hiss of a threat. He yelled for Kagome to get away, growling as she shouted her retort of disobedience.

"Baka!" he snarled and snapped open his eyes to glare at her instead, but… he couldn't see anything. There was just darkness. He blinked once more, rubbing his arm over his eyes in order to make them water under the pressure. "Kuso," he mumbled under his breath, as the same black picture looked back at him.

"Inuyasha!" he heard Kagome cry once more.

"Shit!" he cursed out loud stumbling to his feet. "Kagome, you stupid bitch! Get out of here!"  

She heard his growl and forewarning to late as Kikyo appeared in front of her, causing Kagome to fall back. Kikyo's eyes framed her pale face as her hair flew above her, her miko robes thrashing about in the wind as another cackle of lightning hit near them, forking out in all directions before hitting the dead miko square on. The undead woman began to chant, slowly at first as her eyes focused upon Kagome's terrified face.

Inuyasha's heart stopped as he recognised the curse Kikyo was about to put on Kagome. Without a second thought to his condition or lack of eyesight, he blindly leaped in between the two miko's just as Kikyo's final chant stopped and a crash of lightning hit once again, this time crashing into Inuyasha's body. He felt the energy surge through his veins, his eyes wide and blank as the miko's curse swirled and tugged at his youki pulling at his heart as it snaked and contaminated his being, spreading itself within him.

Kagome screamed once again, tears welling in her eyes as she watched helplessly as Inuyasha took the brunt of the explosion. The lightening attack ceased just as Inuyasha fell to his knees, his long silver bangs hid his face from view as Kikyo, wide-eyed, watched as the hanyou rose a bloodied looking claw in front of him. The undead miko took a step back upon hearing the rumbling growls filtering through Inuyasha's chest, his face slowly making its way up to greet her. Once again, she flinched a few inches back as blood red eyes stationed upon her; Inuyasha's face was wrenched with blood as two sets of elongated fangs grew in front of the dead miko's eyes. The bloodied claw was now raised to his eye level, but his eyes never left her face as he flexed them, sharp claws stretching and clicking of knuckles making its way to her ears.

"Inuyasha?" she swallowed, shaking her head slightly. "You stupid boy! What have you done!?" she yelled, frowning down at him angrily.

Inuyasha's eyes never left her face as she continued to shout at him, though her words seemed distant and somewhat whispers under the other voice that commanded the dog-demon to attack.


Inuyasha let loose a low, feral snarl as he leaped to his feet effortlessly. He could smell the fear coming from Kagome, who now sat frozen to the spot behind the full-demon dog, it only clashed with his protective responses, not recognising Kikyo as his to protect when like this, he attacked. One other thought echoing in his minds-eye.

Protect his mate.

Kagome heard Inuyasha's snarl as he brought Kikyo down, unable to do anything but sit there and watch with wide eyes, mouth a gape as the full-blooded demon's claws slid through the body of the undead priestess. Blood, bone and clay shattered into pieces, turning Kagome's gut as she pulled herself away to throw up the stomach retching giddiness her insides felt as Inuyasha collided with her rivalled foe.

The full-blooded demon crouched down to watch in interest as the remains of the clay-clad female dropped to the ground in front of him.

Kagome moaned as the last of the food she ate that day was brought back up. She closed her eyes tightly in effort to stop the dizzy spell she was experiencing. Oh gods, what has he done? Her mind cried with panic, as she gulped back another heave of acid.

Inuyasha twisted around as his nose twitched and ears perked up to catch Kagome's scent and conditioned retching, his head limped slowly to the side as he walked cautiously toward the heavily sick human. Kagome opened her eyes to find Inuyasha's blood red one's staring at her, she yelped and fell back on to hands. "Inu-Inuyasha?" she squeaked, her breathing coming short and raspy.

The dog-demon twitched his ears forward at her voice and responded by picking the girl up along with him to stand. Kagome freaked out just as the boy's claws pierced her skin ever so lightly.

"SIT!" came the command as Inuyasha was sent face down into the dirt. He stayed still for a few minutes, Kagome could see his back and chest rise and fall with heavy panting as he rested face down on the ground below her. "Inuyasha?" she whispered, crouching down to touch the hanyou's shoulder.

He heard her worried whisper and felt her touch upon his back, but kept quiet. His own mind whirled with emotion and distorted images as he felt a slight pang of pain in the back of his head and a thread of convulsing twitches pulling upon his heartstrings. What had just happened?

"Inuyasha, are you okay?" he heard Kagome's worried question.

 She sat back allowing Inuyasha to lift himself up onto his knees, his head hung low as he spoke quietly, "Aa, Kagome, arigatou"

Kagome sat with her head rested upon his shoulder and an arm settled around his shoulders. "Inuyasha, gomen ne" she breathed, swallowing back tears as she closed her eyes and squeezed his shoulder slightly.

The forlorn hanyou didn't blink an eye in the girls direction or attempt to allow her to console him as he shuffled away, expressing he wished to be alone. The young girl sighed and nodded her head understandably and turned to leave Inuyasha to himself.

**End Dream**


It was dark by the time Inuyasha had gotten back to the village and to Kaede's hut. He had been brooding in his favourite place in the Goshinboku all afternoon since his argument with Kagome. She had gotten all upset over some stupid comment he made about the weird clothing she wore, she usually returned to Sengoku Jidai in her freaky green and white school uniform and when he noticed the baggy tank top and semi-tight pants she wore instead, he simply commented on her appearance.

"Keh! Stupid wench, crying over a mere passing judgement." He huffed under his breath, wincing at the memory of the ten sits she had given him in a row, but also feeling guilty over the tears that faltered in her eyes at the time.

What had he said? He pointed out the change and told her the truth!! What in all the nine hells was wrong with telling the girl she looked better in her usual attire that this made her look… chunky? Oblivious to the passing comment, and not expecting Kagome to get all huffy over it, he was left eating dirt over and over till she eventually ran off crying.

He'd never understand women, but Kagome was a bloody nightmare to figure out. The girl had more mood swings than any other demon bitch on fucking heat! Inuyasha would never admit it, but Kagome scared him shitless on occasions. For the past month he had noticed her edginess toward him, her attitude was changing and she lashed out and sulked more often than not these days.

What the hell was going on with her?!

Hopefully, everyone would be asleep and he'd get away without the wrath of Kagome till morning. He sighed and trudged on to the small-darkened hut, mumbling and cursing every so often when a sudden crack of leaves under foot came from behind him, instantly catching his attentive hearing. His ears swivelled a top of his head in the direction of the sound and his eyes soon followed.

"Kikyo…" he breathed, staring at her with apprehensive, but downcast eyes.

In the shadows of the moonlight, there stood said priestess. Her eyes darkly lay upon his own as she beckoned him closer.

He knew why she was here…


Daybreak set over the small travelling party, Inuyasha had yet to return and Kagome was still unconscious from the night's unexpected attack. Sango kneeled at the fallen girls side, her face heavily set with worry and unshed tears branded her tired eyes, "Kagome-chan," she gently pushed, padding away the beads of sweat from her forehead with a dampened cloth. "Please wake up…" she continued, watching the future-school girl's fevered features curl and wither with pain.

Kaede pulled the weaved door shutter across and made her way over to Sango and Kagome's side, carrying yet more medical herbs in her hands as she turned her attention on the meditating monk. "Houshi-dono, will ye help with thin mixture?" she asked, awakening the monk instantly.

Miroku nodded and followed the old-miko into another room, eyeing the taijiya and young miko mournfully. "Kaede-sama, what might you think is wrong with Kagome-sama?" he asked, picking up on the elder's need to talk to him alone.

As if expected, the priestess lowered her head and gave off a disgruntled sigh. "Tis hard to make head nor tale of what has happened, but I do believe it has something to do with Inuyasha's disappearance." 

Miroku agreed, placing his hand upon his temples to rub the aching pains that hissed at his head. "If that is the case, we need to find Inuyasha as soon as possible. Kagome-sama, has yet to awaken and is still calling his name constantly, perhaps it would be wise for me to search him out."

With that decided he left without another word, leaving Kaede to ponder on the situation and worry over the strong aura circling the young miko's body.


Miroku sighed, panting under the intense heat from the warm summer sun, he held a hand to shade his eyes as he lifted his gaze into the high branches of the God-Tree, Goshinboku. "Inuyasha, are you up there?" he called up.

The small breeze against leaves and silent stillness was his only answer. Sighing, the monk closed his eyes and let loose a grumbled curse. Where could that pain-in-the-ass dog-demon gone off to? Kagome-sama needed the boy, now more than anything and this wasn't the time for the hanyou to go off brooding some place. Another curse and a second later, Miroku set off in search for the trail the demon may have possibly gone of in.

"Inuyasha, are you up there?" the hanyou awoke to the sound of Miroku's calls from below. He growled, his head hurt, his eyes were all sticky and he felt like shit. He was more than pissed and not in any mood to shout his answer or spit out any badly mouthed obscenities to the fucking annoying bozu.

Inuyasha's encounter with the undead priestess was less than a kiss in the moonlight and a romantic stroll under the stars scenario… no it was far from nice. In fact it was a nightmare, the hanyou's worst encounter to date! He sighed, and rubbed his throbbing temples, how the hell was he going to get through this day? Knowing everyone would be wondering why his eyes were all puffy and half his haori was missing-then of course there would be the suspecting eyes of Kagome, he could just imagine her watchful glare, her menacing, but to the point sort eyes as he guiltily attempted to cover up yet another hell bound experience with his dead lover.

Oh great…  that little annoying voice that always seemed to never shut up, picked up on the hanyou's dilemma.  You just try and work your way out of this one; I bet she won't fall for it. She knows that look; YOU always look that way after you've seen Kikyo. Kagome won't go easy on you, and with the way she's been acting, I would run for cover or beg like a good pup and grovel at her feet. It gleefully continued, sarcastically jabbing his already shaken nerves.

"Urasi!" he bit back, regretting the notion instantly as his head began to spin once again.

Mid afternoon arrived, somewhat painfully slow, as the worried eye/eyes of Kaede and Sango looked upon the still slumbering girl on the floor. Shippo had been asked to help Miroku find Inuyasha, Sango felt his unwillingness to leave Kagome's side and told him that his little nose would be of benefit to the houshi, thus the little kit jumped at the chance to help and find Inuyasha before night fall. Kirara had returned not long before, shaking her head as to answer the questioning gazes from both females. 

"Where is Inuyasha?" Sango sighed, asking the same question over. Kaede took another sip of her herbal tea before replying to the taijiya, "Tis a worry Inuyasha has not returned and that of young Kagome's unconscious like state."

Said girl soon began to thrash slightly, mumbling in her feverish sleep as her eyes suddenly snapped wide open. "Inuyasha!" she yelped, bringing her hands up to her head in order to gain some kind of balance.

"Kagome-chan!" she heard Sango gasp and run to her side, offering her a hand to lean on.

"Sango-chan, where is Inuyasha?" Kagome managed to ask, her voice quivering under her worried tone.

"He hasn't been seen all day, Kagome-chan. Miroku-sama and Shippo are out searching for him as we speak."

Perfect! She thought before looking up to her best-female friend. "Sango-chan, will you help me to the well?" the girl from the future beseeched holding her with a longing gaze.

The demon exterminator looked back at her with worry, but gave her a nod in reply as she held her hand out to pull the trembling miko to her feet.


Inuyasha, once again, grumbled to himself as he perched in the highest branches of the ancient sacred tree, he rolled his eyes and sighed once again when his nose caught sent of Kagome's. His insides flipped and his head starting chanting what ya gonna do dog-boy?  Over and over, making it harder for him to breath and keep his cool. Oh gods, here she comes…she's going to sit me when she finds out! Shit!

He closed his eyes tightly shut and lifted his hands over his dog-ears, keeping as quiet and still as possible. He waited… and waited… and waited some more, but nothing came. Hold on, Kagome's scent had now gone from being strong to a passing lingering. What the fuck?! His mind puzzled as he brought himself into a crouch to search the grounds below. There was no sign of her.


Sango helped lower Kagome from Kirara, bringing the weakened girl to the well before reaching back to haul the large rucksack down the well. "Is there anything wrong, Kagome-chan?" Sango asked with concern evident in her eyes once more.

Kagome looked up at the girl and smiled, "Arigato, Sango-chan. There is nothing wrong, I just felt a need to go home, but I needed to make sure Inuyasha wouldn't stop me," a small blush appeared on the young girls face as she lowered her head from gaze.

"Inuyasha won't be happy with this, but I'll try and keep him away for at least tonight… if that would help you any?" the demon-exterminator added.

Smiling once again, she gave her friend a hug and leaped upon the lip of the well.  "I should be back by tomorrow, arigato!" she waved jumping down its depths.

Sango looked up from the well to her demon-fire cat, "What was all that about?" she mumbled, idly scratching the ear and fur around Kirara's head.

Kagome reached the other side of the well with a soft thud, but lost her footing and landed awkwardly on to her knees. "Klutz!" she massaged her aching forehead when she heard someone from above.


Her head shot up as she sighed and let off a lopsided sigh, "Could you help me out?" she meekly asked, blushing a deep red.

"Keh! You really can't look after yourself, wench!" came the arrogant reply as a soft blur of silver and gold landed stealthily in front of her.

"Well excuse me for worrying about you!" she retorted, clenching her fists into her palm. 

"Feh!" came another snort as she was hauled into strong arms and pulled up into his embrace.

"Okay?" Kagome asked, her voice soft and soothing as she reached out to push back a loose lock of silver hair.

"Hai, I'm feeling better now,"

"Demo…" she started, just as she was thrown over a shoulder and carried to the top of the well and out of the temple building.


Inuyasha was thrown off guard as a small pink balloon shaped blob scared living shit out of him, "Shippo! You little bastard, don't do that!" the hanyou lashed out, taking a swipe at the transformed Kitsune cub.

"Inuyasha! Why have you been hiding!?" the little voice bounced back as Shippo transformed into his usual appearance and landed on the branch beside the dog-demon.

"What's it to you, brat?" he snorted and folded his arms over his chest while glaring at the boy-cub in front of him.

"Kagome has been ill, we've been looking for you all day!" he retorted evenly, copying the hanyou's pose.

"Nani?!" Inuyasha face-faulted, "Kagome's sick?" he whispered, lowering his head to divert his gaze.

So, maybe that's why she came past here, she must have been so sick she had to go back to her world!

Now was no time to panic, he had to go check on her. Shippo's scolded the hanyou once more just as the said demon leaped from the branch in to the trees over head.
"Inuyasha no baka!" the small kit yelled as the momentum of Inuyasha's leap flicked the fox-cub high in to the air and up over the highest peak of the god-tree. His little feet dangled in the air as he kicked and screeched desperately trying to grip onto something.


Sango sat on the edge of the well holding the now small kitten, Kirara to her chest. "Sango!" she heard Inuyasha's voice call from where he skid across the ground to a halt in front of her.

"Inuyasha, where have you been?" she asked, watching the hanyou's face scowl down at her.

"Nowhere!" he snapped, "Where's Kagome? Is she all right? Did she go down the well?" he quickly added, reaching the wells side to look down into its darkened pits.

"Kagome-chan needed to go home to her own time. She fell ill last night and asked to leave when she woke from her fevered sleep." Sango evenly answered, watching the hanyou's every move like a hawk ready to pounce at a moments notice.

The demi-demon's scowl deepened as he snorted back a Keh. "Stupid wench," he mumbled before readying himself to take the ritual plunge. Sango allowed the demon-neko jump from her chest and transform over the well just as Inuyasha halted his attempted disappearance.

"Nani?" came his confused reply as Kirara sprang onto him and landed on top of the now ragging hanyou, purring happily as she settled down.

Sango's disturbingly bright smile looked down at him, "Inuyasha, I was told not to let you go through the well," she leaned down and gave him one of her don't-even-try-it glares as she continued to smile innocently.

He swallowed back, wide-eyed and for once speechless as both Sango and Kirara gave him not-so innocent looks, before sighing once again, and rolling his eyes back. Now this is scary… Shit, and after the night I had too!

Could his life get any worse?


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