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She pulled back slightly, keeping her eyes closed as she spoke. "Inuyasha, I was so scared. I tried protecting them from him, really I did! But, but he was so strong and I-"

"Kagome, take your time. Protect them from who?"

She opened her eyes, her blue orbs shinning with fresh tears.


"Nani?!" He shook his head, gripping her closer to his chest. "Kagome, where are the pups?"

"They've gone! He took them!" Her sobbing grew in volume.

Inuyasha stared at the ground, keeping a tight hold of his mate as his growl increased with volume and rage.

The mere thought of Naraku holding his pups… The bastard would pay and dearly.


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Untold Secrets

20 – Memories: part one

The wind user flew freely through the skies, enjoying the feel of breeze through her hair. Her vibrant red eyes searched the ground; her senses open to all that flew past her. She was searching for him again, for the only person she truly believed would be able to bring down her master.

She passed over a large river, following it down stream until she spotted her target. The great demon was resting, his retainer not far from him along side a small girl, who was brushing the mane of the two-headed beast she called, An'un.

She landed with a whisk of wind, announcing her presence. The silver-haired beauty made no care of her presence and merely continued to bask. The retainer was soon at her feet, demanding what she wanted with his lord and master.

"Jaken!" Came the only word from his master's mouth, but he knew what that tone meant.

"Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama," the toad-like demon bowed, and returned to his duty and babysitting the brat, his master had taken as his.

"Naraku. Naraku is still alive?" The silver-haired demon lord idly asked, even if he knew the answer.

"Yes," She answered, her red eyes never leaving his face.


Naraku smiled as he watched Kagura and Sesshoumaru, her betrayal not un-noticed.

"He has come," Came a small child-like voice.

He turned to the small girl holding the mirror up in front of him, and his smile only grew wider.

"Send him in, Kanna."

The emotionless child, bowed and left her masters side. Naraku turned toward the child that slept, unharmed, nestled in an alter-like table. Flames protected him from either side, but Naraku was unfazed by its heat as he reached for the small hanyou pup.

His pup.


Sengoku Jidai, Warring States.


It was the first thing that stabbed at his chest as he slowly began to stir, and with a small yip and loud gasp his small body jerked upright, his eyes still unfocused and muffled sounds plaguing his senses.

"KAG-OME!" His small raspy voice bellowed aloud, causing a stir within the room.

"Shh, Shippo-chan," Kagome's softly spoken response lulled him. "Okaa-san is here."

"Kagome? What? I-It hurts," the Kitsune replied with a small whine. "Gomen, Okaa"

"Don't cry, Shippo-chan" Kagome soothed his broken sobs, holding him in her arms tightly. "Please.. don't"

Inuyasha paced back and fourth, clutching the tama close to his chest. It had been on him the entire time Naraku attacked, yet he went after Kagome… it was confusing, and what more was the fact the pups had gone missing.

After some reassurement, Kagome opened up and told him the entire thing, beginning to end. He at first was seething with anger, but as soon as she started to tear up his focus and temper dimmed.

"Inuyasha?" Kaede approached him. "Ye have been pacing for the last hour, go join ye family."

"Keh, I can't. My pack has been split, and my bitch probably hates me!" He replied, not really believing what he just said.

"Do not be so quick to judge, Inuyasha. Kagome does not hate ye, and ye family will be reunited." Kaede answered the brash hanyou.

He sighed and flopped to the ground, arms crossed over his chest and ears slightly lowered in submission.

"Babaa, that bastard harmed Kagome and my pups! And I didn't do anything about it!"

The elder looked up at the boy and pondered her thoughts out loud. "Ye said that the well may have taken the children to safety? Have ye tried that theory?"

The hanyou's eyes widened.

"Babaa! Don't let Kagome know where I have gone! If there is this chance, and the well did allow the pups passage, then they must be there! I have to get my pups back!"

With that, he was off.


Miroku hit the ground with a loud thud, as the void died down to a steady whirlpool. The winds dropping their attack suddenly causing the taijiya to lose balance.

"Houshi-sama!" Sango yelped, reaching his side and replacing the binding beads.

He lay there panting, his eyes wide with fear and shock. "S-sango, the kazaana…"

"Hai, the kazaana has re-opened." She finished his sentence and gently picked his head up and placed it in her lap. She looked down on him, a small reassuring smile adorning her features.

"It can mean only one thing."

"Naraku is alive"


Modern Tokyo, Sunset Shrine.

Higrushi-san hummed happily as she held the bundle of gargles in her arms, her smile had yet to leave her face since the child had opened its eyes.

"Well then," she cooed softly, "I wonder where your mommy and daddy are?"

The small child looked up with golden eyes, and gave a toothless grin.

Mama smiled, and sighed happily, yet the worry of this child's missing parents still clouded her thoughts.

Shippo explored the well house once more, opening his senses entirely.

"Nothing, not even a sound." He whispered to himself, heading for the sliding doors.

That was when he felt it.

His eyes widened as he span on his heal, the well… the well was opening!!

Inuyasha made the journey to the well in four huge leaps; he was that determined to see if the pups were taken to safety to the other side of the well. He hoped and prayed they were.

He reached the well and leaped over the side, allowing the magic to engulf him.

Shippo could not believe what he was witnessing; the well was shinning so bright he had to cover his eyes, but the light that surrounded it was soothing and did not affect him or harm him. Then as quickly as it started to glow, it faded, bringing the familiar scent of forest and earth.


He leaped from the top of the stairwell and landed a top of the well.


The hanyou's head whipped up from where he was searching the corners of the old, damp well.

"Fuck, Shippo! You scared the hell out of me, don't fucking sneak up on someone like that!!" He snarled, leaping out from its depths and landing, effortlessly, next to the older Kitsune.

"Inuyasha, where have you been?! What happened!? Where is Kagome?!" The distort Kitsune began to bombarded him with questions.

"Shippo, did anything appear through the well a short while ago?" Inuyasha ignored all his questions and asked his own.

"Hai," the Kitsune nodded. "A pup. There was a pup!"

Inuyasha's eyes widened, his heart thumping strongly in his chest. "Where is the pup, Shippo?"

"Back at the house with Higrushi-san," he replied. "Come on, I'll show ya!"

Higrushi-san sat with the babe in her arms, her father and Souta crowded around her as the small child thrilled with anticipation of fresh milk.

"Didn't think I would ever need to use these feeding bottles again, but I am so pleased I kept them." Mama explained as she lowered the bottles teat to the baby's mouth.

The child happily took what was on offer and suckled with enthusiasm.

Just as she was just about to ask Jii-chan for some more milk, Shippo and Inuyasha arrived at the door. The hanyou was next to her in a blink of an eye. He moved so fast that Souta and Jii-chan lost their balances.

"Oh! Inuyasha!" Higrushi-san beamed up at the boy, who was now fussing and shaking at the same time.

"Is, is this my grandchild?" She asked with hope.

"Hai, this is Sokai," he replied with a sigh. His ears and eyes alert as he searched the room.

"Mou, where is Ichiru?" he asked, looking directly at Shippo.

The teenage demon looked at his adopted father with confusion. "Ichiru?"

"Hai, Sokai and Ichiru are our twins. That is what Kagome calls them. Where is the other pup?"

Shippo shock his head, "I only found Sokai, Inuyasha…"

The hanyou's eyes widened with sudden realisation.


Naraku had Ichiru. Naraku had his pup!

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It has been awhile, and I am truly sorry for keeping you all waiting, it has been hard getting back into writing, especially as writers block has set in and it is a real pain in the arse to get rid off! I will try and update more regularly, as this is nearing a completion and I do not plan on making a sequel!

I won't promise you it will be a weekly update, but I will be re-reading my notes and catching up with the plot line so I can finish this fic up! I know you all want to see a happy conclusion, and it seems as though there is not going to be one any time soon, but I do have a few surprises in store though!


New Inuyasha character: Hakoudoushi
Inuyasha's new attack: Kongousouha! (Diamond Spear Blast)
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