A Fight That Turns Into A Lot More

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Story Arc: Universal Survival Saga.

Part Three: The Tournament of Power Saga.

Location: The Null Realm.

Age: 780

Chapter One: An Unexpected Introduction

Maneuvering his body into the position he wanted, Goku placed his hands together and brought them backward till they rested at his side.

Opening his mouth he began calling out loudly, "Ka...me...ha...me...!"

Coinciding with these actions, a whitish-blue form of energy began to form between his cupped hands and with each second that passed, the intensity of this energy grew.

In response to what the Saiyan was attempting to do, a portion of Goku's fellow competitors took measures to protect themselves from the outcome they believed was sure to come once Goku performed the attack. Having the same idea in mind where a section of those seated in the attendance rows close by, undertaking the same effort to covered up and protect themselves from the threatening potential of Goku's attack.

On the contrary, those apart of the same groupings that could withstand such ferocity continued to watch him.

There were of course various feelings all around, but everyone still similarly wondered how long it would be until Goku decided to unleashed his next strike. Knowing that there was a great possibility that he would be bringing another battle to its conclusion.

Despite doing so almost involuntarily, Goku had proven numerous times over the course of the tournament that he was a highlight to watch. A large percent of this was due to the many amazing abilities he revealed to all those who witnessed them. However, others where drawn in by the truly remarkable traits of his character which came through as he went through all the competition put in front of him. By this point, he had accumulated quite the audience beside those that he knew personally.

Speaking of which, Goku had heard his own fair share of call outs from those he was associated with while preparing his attack. They would shifted periodically from praise, encouragement, or even certain levels of displeasure depending on how things where going. Exactly like the rest that still remained in this tournament. To some degree he welcomed it, as it had pushed him through some pivotal moments. For the most part however he cut all of it off so that he could focus on what was happening right in front of him. Fame and sideways glory was not what he seeked; stuff like that meant practically nothing to someone like him. And even if he did seek such pointless commodity, where he was now and the circumstances surrounding the environment would make a complete fool out of him and anyone else trying to acquire a selfish boost to their own self-esteem.

"The perfect opportunity for me to end this is now," Goku determined, "and I'm not going to waste it." Time was far from infinite and although he rather enjoyed this particular fight he knew it had already been going on far longer that it should have. He had to move on if he was going to have any chance at winning this thing. The consequences were to high for him to consider wasting any more time.

"I'm sorry," the thought came to Goku as he finished up his attack and saw within his sights the faces of his opponents. Their faces distinctively held a mix of emotions. The largest of the two he could clearly make out was anger, but beneath that he knew there was a bit of terror. Dread and horror at the fate they were going to be subjected to.

Goku frowned, this was certainly not the way he preferred to end this. It related too much to those instances where he faced a dangerous larger than live force hell bent on taking out whoever got in the way to keep it from completing it's goals.

Sure, Goku knew he would not be killing the duo, that had no chance of even happening because killing was against the rules of the tournament. Still, in an eerie sort of way it felt familiar to those past occurrences.

The distaste Goku felt grew slightly at this thought process. The one thing he could point about this whole thing that he hated was what awaited those who had lost entirely. What happened to any of them made Goku feel sick. In a way, it was like ending them himself.

As bad as this sounded, Goku put it to the side. There was next to nothing he or anyone else could do about it at this point.

"No going back now," Goku reminded himself firmly. Besides, if he could make it through this, there was a chance to actually rectify all that.

He just had to keep overcoming the obstacles he was constantly facing in order to do.


With determined purpose Goku shouted, "HA!"

Thrusting his hands forward, the energy he constructed exploded out from his hands in a singular beam which made it's way straight towards his opponents.

It made direct contact and soon after the area lit up with immediate destruction.

Lowering his hands once finished, Goku could only hope his attack did the trick.

During the brief moments where Goku was preparing his Kamehameha...

Kale was with her, the other's attention focused solely on her, and not even for a second was she going to leaving the side of her sis with the condition the latter was in.

On one hand, Caulifla did appreciate the genuine loyalty and love that her comrade was showing. Staying by her, not wanting to let go of the hold she had on her because the thought of what could happen to Caulifla if she were to just the other was too much to bear the thought of for Kale.

However, on other hand Caulifla felt that Kale should have her priorities shift to the bigger picture.

"D-Dammit!", she thought. Due to the pain she was in, Kale had to support her because at this point Caulifla didn't think she could manage to stand properly on her own anymore.

Caulifla snarled and clenched the fist of her free hand, "why is this happening?! This can't be happening!"

Unfortunately, the unthinkable reality had come true and as more corresponding thoughts flooded Caulifla's mind it brought her so close to the point of tears though she quickly swiped at her eyes. She hated the idea of crying in general that showed automatic weakness in her eyes. To show it in public was not only embarrassing, but horrible enough as to want to never show your face anywhere again.

Looking up, she stared hatefully at the one who was the cause of all this: Son Goku. Her anger boiled over into pure ferocious rage for the male Saiyan. In all honesty she had to admit it, he had beaten them into submission. The man seemed to pride himself on that, fighting evenly. He gave them one and now it was all coming to an end. They were going to be mowed down just like all those who fell before Goku's might. Well, she wasn't so sure about Kale. The other female Saiyan looked as if she could go another round with their male salient. Though just like she considered before, there was no chance that Kale would leave her side; no matter how hard Caulifla would try to beg and plead with the other to convince otherwise. Kale cared for her too much and would surely put her own well being on the line in order to preserve that of the one she cared most for.

Caulifla felt her heart clench as it struck her and this time she could not stop the tears from coming. They flowed down her face which was heating up in both embarrassment and disgust.

Noticing this, Kale asked with concern, "sis, what's wrong?"

Covering her face with one hand, Caulifla spoke with strain, her throat burning which added to the difficulty in speaking. "I'm sorry Kale, for getting us into this position. I've failed as a mentor and as sister to you."

Yes, it took her until now to realize that her lover for Kale did match that of the other's.

Although it could be argued that it was in her race's nature to want to fight someone like Goku. His power was one thing, but what had made it even more exciting at the time was that he was also apart of the same race. It was a strong impulse, and after being introduced to what seemed like an ever increasing well of promise, Caulifla could make the argument that it had been too much for her to resist.

However plausible that case could be, Caulifla knew she should have known better. And now she and Kale were facing the results of former's desperation for electrifying thrill.

Not caring for herself at that moment, Caulifla only felt ashamed for having Kale become apart of this.

On the other hand, Kale sent a hateful glare at Goku before quickly reaching downward with her free hand to go downward and search her pockets. Deeply touched she may be by what Caulifla told her, Kale did not take the time to take that in for long. A new determination was filling her heart, they were not going to go out like this.

"Kale, what are you doing?", Caulifla asked. Curious as to what Kale was hiding once the other had found what she was searching for.

For once, Kale favored the other with a surprising smirk that was filled with confidence.

Taking out what she had contained Kale boasted, "things may look bad right now sis, but get ready to quiet those fears."

Caulifla wanted to ask what Kale meant by that, but before the words could come out she was stopped by what Kale showed her.

"Tho-those are?", she couldn't believe it. How did Kale even...?

"Can you stand?", Kale asked her instead of answering the question. They had no time for anymore conversation. Having originally been knelling down, Kale began to stand while still supporting Caulifla.

Taking a deep breath Caulifla told Kale, "I'll try."

It was hard, but because her spirits had lifted tremendously, Caulifla fought through the pain that was shooting through her legs.

"I knew how much you didn't like the idea when Champa presented it to us," Kale was putting her's on, "so I put it off until now, thinking you and I could win this without even needing to do this..."

Taking her own from Kale's outstretched hand, Caulifla finished, "you probably right. But don't worry, I'm willing to try anything at this point." She had to laugh, not thinking Kale would do something so devious like that to someone such a God of Destruction. Guess she taught her sis too well.

Once her's was on, Kale looked over and smiled, "together?"

Matching the other's smile, Caulifla took it a step father and grasped Kale's hand. Intertwining it with her own once the Potara was on, "I love you too Kale."

The earrings lit up as they hung from each of the girl's respected ears and soon, it pulled the two together much more than they could have ever imagined.

Before this though, both Kale and Caulifla had a similar though process going through their minds.

Son Goku had better be ready, because this whole ordeal was far from over.

As it appeared to be over, Goku took the time to get some much welcomed air into his lungs after having little chances to breath during the height of his fight with those two younger Saiyans.

Everything was begging to settle once more, and Goku could sense that the shock of everyone that had witnessed this was begging to wine down now.

Flat faced he stood straight, "okay, time to go. Maybe I should go and see if Vegeta needs any help."

The chances of the Saiyan Prince actually needing, better yet wanting his help, was very unlikely. Still, it wouldn't hurt to try.

However, something happened before Goku could even make any getaway movement.

"What-impossible?", Goku could not believe it. What happened in front of him was nowhere near what he had ever expected to occur in the tournament.

Just as the attack he had believed had done the trick began to clear, something else replaced it. A presage that had him in complete shock.

The feeling of being stupefied was not alone, it spread around to everyone who bared witness like Goku. His and all other eyes watched as a bright green light shined brightly; surrounding the area that Caulifla and Kale once stood. Soon after there was an explosion of power that erupted from within the now spherical shaped source of energy.

Goku at this point felt unable to move his body, due to the shock of what was taking place before. Words could not express how he felt once he got a read on the power signature of what was contained in that sphere.

It was so very different, but yet so familiar at the same time if that made sense. Though one key difference was that this one was immediately proving to be much more dangerous.

Thinking on the best course of action he should take, Goku transformed into the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and eased himself back into a combat stance.

He had suspicions for what he was about to face, but couldn't determine for certain.

Though he knew he was about to find out rather quickly as the sphere came right toward him.

The green sphere moved in close enough to where it was in contact distance with Goku but stopped from there and proceeded to lower to the ground that Goku stood on.

Goku felt his his guard strengthen with each heartbeat. He was ready for anything to happen, and he had no doubt about it being more than what he could have anticipated.

He tensed up once the sphere began to vanish...

During this process, it became more clear to Goku what he was about to face.

Within the dying sphere of light came the outline of a person.

And once the sphere was completely gone. She moved with grace to the ground. Her gold cooler boots touching the ground with an all to well remembered fancy that Goku associated with Frieza.

Once this woman was on the ground she lowered her head and opened her eyes.

It must have been reflexive, but Goku felt his mouth drop open a couple of centimetres.

For a few seconds, the woman paid him no mind. Instead she took a moment to inspect herself.

Goku did the same.

Despite being significantly shorter than him, Goku guessed she didn't even reach 5'0, there was something instantly striking about her. She sported a purple belly shirt with similar fitting pants. Along with that she had the previously mentioned gold colored boots. with the only cut being a section of black located where the heels of her feet where. On her wrist were golden armbands, that were also familiar in a sense but had their own separate complexity like the rest of her clothing.

The majority would guess it had something to do with the ridiculously large power she was giving off even though she wasn't even showing signs of increase through self-doing. It was intoxicating in a way Goku had to concede, though this was probably due to more obvious reasons.

No, Goku knew very well there was something else at play. He couldn't quite figure it out but it was there. Her appearance gave him a few clues though. Her hair was a dead giveaway that she was a Saiyan but like all other pieces to her there was a familiarity to it. The way it stood up, the bangs that framed her exotic face, and what held it all together was a ponytail.

The ultimate flick of the switch came what Goku saw when he went from her hair to what was hanging from her ears. And what should have been the explanation to hit him in the face abruptly did.

The new female Saiyan warrior finished her observation and looked up to see Goku, who was currently looking at her with a dumbfounded expression.

Seeing this made her lips form into a malicious smirk and with in second she took the opportunity to walk right up to him with full confidence.

Crossing her arms, she stood perfectly erect in front of Goku.

"Don't you know it's rude to just ogle at a woman?", Kefla jokingly asked.

That comment snapped Goku out of it, stuttering he asked, "wh-wh-who?"

Kefla could not hold back her laughter and before Goku could anticipate it, she gave him a nice slap across the face.

Of course she had to put a good amount of force into it for it to have the affect she wanted and she took great satisfaction in watching his head snap back. This feeling grew once she saw him look back in her in shock of such a disrespectful action.

Though she was sure that his shock didn't extend to only that.

Deciding to give the old man what he wanted, Kefla spun and with surprising speed to the elder Saiyan, kicked him in his lower abdomen so hard that he went flying backwards.

Feeling all the air rush out of him, Goku was slow in his attempt to stop himself and had to drive a fist right into the ground so that his movement could be halted.

Once he had stopped completely Goku's hands automatically attached directly to the spot where he had been kicked, groaning at the increasing pain he was feeling. That kicked appeared to have come out of nowhere, catching him by surprise and could very well have caused his elimination had he not made the effort to prevent that from happening.

Though it was not entirely a struggle to get to his feet, Goku did have to put some effort towards getting back up.

Seeing this, the fusion who had done that to him called out mockingly, "now you know it feels to be hurt there Son Goku."

Growling, Goku lifted his head to lock eyes with her.

Her stare matched his and more. Goku could see the hate in them, for him alone was this hate directed.

"How did you-?", he began to question before he was cut off sharply when she appeared before him suddenly.

Cracking her knuckles, she told him, "let's not ask pointless questions old man. This isn't a lecture, this is a tournament."

Still, she humored him, "though I will give you the one piece of information you're most likely wanting right now."

Clenching both fists now, she threw her head back and powered up.

Goku felt the whole ground shake beneath him, but just as quickly as it started, it just as quickly died down.

"Have a good sense of what your facing huh?", she asked. Though his face already said it all.

She cocked her fist back, "I am Kefla, the fusion of Kale and Caulifla. Prepare Son Goku because your end is here!"

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