A Fight That Turns Into A Lot More

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Chapter 26:

When they separated, Kefla asked Goku a question that had been on her mind for a while. Ever since Goku had told her the revaluation of Chi-Chi's pregnancy and all that had transpired afterword.

"Did you really love her?", a simple and straightforward question sure, but when she watched Goku's form tighten up, she was starting to regret having asked it.

Of course, it was definitely too early to ask a question that got so straight to the point, Kefla knew. However, it was something she desperately wanted to get out and equally get an answer for.

This change of thinking was quick, but plausible. Despite what Goku suspected, Kefla had her own chance to reflect on all this. Actually waking up before him, she participated in a inner conflict, herself splitting into two sides that had their own viewpoint on this matter.

Before, at that time she was in a mad hysteria, the hodgepodge of negative emotions that had plagued her ever since the Tournament of Power were once again overwhelming her, causing her to lash out. Goku initially stood by and let her go on, seemingly not wanting to get involved due to the fear of causing something even more horrible to occur. Usually he would offer some sort of comfort at the end once either the smothering stopped, or Goku simply had enough of just watching it occur to someone he had become personally attached to.

The latter of which he had done on a few occasions, but it was different this time around.

He had steeped in, probably not knowing what he was going to accomplish or even more likely know what he was going to do. Only hoping he could get her to calm down which was what Kefla thought he was going to do. Though Goku did do something it was something completely beyond what she had come to expect out of him.

Kefla still felt echos of that first kiss they shared. Most likely due to how shattering it had been for her. There was a mix there, she was still overwhelmed with emotion that for him to abruptly and without warning do that to her was so unexpected that she at first wanted to beat the absolute hell out of him. That also probably had to do with the Caulifla side of her too, the other certainly did not prefer having anything like that happen without being aware of it first.

She struggled with him but if you take into account the other half, the time that lasted was laughable.

At the beginning, when she had been granted existence, her feelings on Goku were largely in the negative. Sure, her Saiyan nature was there, the urge to fight someone so strong like him after already discovering the large well filled power she immediately had within herself was very strong. Though it came in between because in reality she largely held nothing but pure hatred for Goku. Again, due to certain circumstances, the anger she had for him existed because of the part of her made by Kale as well.

However, the anger shifted the longer her and Goku's interaction kept going. She grew to despise how carefree he was, how willing he was to let everything seem like a fun game when in reality his own universe's entire existence was hanging in the balance. If she had to be honest, the way he acted kinda drove her mad to the point where she would have been fine with killing him despite it being against the rules of the tournament. It just seemed so wrong to her.

Things changed once she finally beaten him down to the point where he was at her mercy.

During the moments where they weren't fighting, Kefla inquired about that sudden source he had unlocked. It was nothing like what she had already seen or even knew about.

He explained to her what it was and little by little Kefla although she was fascinated. She also was fearful over the fact that she had faced something like that. Goku always expressed the great potential she had but that did not mean anything right now and especially them. There was still a big difference between them in areas and it made the constant reminders and dreams of their fight all the more horrifying to look back on then they already were.

She had it in her mind the urge to actually kill Goku, and for a little bit she really wanted to strongly. But, she was able to pull herself together.

He on the other hand, after obtaining this "Ultra Instinct," had gained this same urge though he ran with it and then some.

Goku completely changed, like the flip of a coin.

When he had turn the tied and she was now at his mercy, Kefla could no longer recognize this warrior from the one she had been fighting before. He held nothing back once he had the chance to overwhelm her. By some point, Goku had Kefla beaten to where she could no longer fight back. The agonizing pain had just been to much for her.

Kefla was terrified, all she could do was hope that he didn't kill her.

Her hopes were answered because he didn't...

Instead he actually, carried her within his arms and dropped her off the edge to where she was eliminated.

Cabba told her that Goku had asked him to catch her torn form once she came to them.

The younger Saiyan had done so and watched over Kefla once Goku return to battle.

Soon after, Kefla and the rest of her universe where erased once the last member of their group was eliminated. Every single one of them where devastated about the situation they faced. Though Kefla was not so.

Because the promise that Son Goku had made to her before he dropped her off had filled her with great hope that everything would be okay.

Flashback line: ""I promise, with ever fiber in my being that I will bring you all back after the tournament, I promise."

And he did, just not in the way she had thought before the time came that she would be erased.

In the time since there had not been a moment where the guilt and shame consumed her soul and Kefla wanted to very dearly to just give up her own existence just so all those who did not deserve such a fate could come back.

Goku did his best to explain, and Kefla had to accept it. Though this did not keep the hate and resentment for him out of the equation. It just sat within her buried, and would only come out when things became to much.

She had nothing except him once she was brought back and the only thing Kefla felt she could do by then was try and move on but that as it only seemed to grow impossible to do so her negative feelings towards him only intensified. Although he did not try to be anything of the sort, Goku was always a constant reminder of her failure and how what her creation only led to in the end.

Despite all of this, there was the other part of the spectrum that harbored other feelings. Ones that only continued to grow the more she interacted and connected with Goku.

Through these interactions she saw more than what Kefla initially thought she would believe. And the more she got to know him, the more her feelings for him grew and became much more personal.

It was all just a jarring mess, and all Kefla wanted to do in that moment when she had finally had enough was end the suffering.

But Goku was having none of that and after he kissed her, he beat her to the punch. Describing how he felt about her, expressing how he in a similar fashion began to develop feelings for her that extended beyond just being friends.

When he did that Kefla felt everything change in an instant. Obviously she would still deal with the pain, but now she understood that she was nowhere near alone in that journey.

Now here she was questioning the whole thing and setting up the possibility of having it all come crumbling down before it even had a chance to start properly.

Time was moving by, but to her and most likely Goku as well, it seemed to slow and an air of tension appeared to grow in the air.

However, this was abruptly broken up when Goku actually began chuckling.

Confused by this, Kefla asked him what was so funny.

She heard him suddenly stop, take a deep breath, and then turn his head to look over at her.

He was smiling, but Kefla noted a bit of sadness in his eyes.

"I don't think I've ever just sat down and actually talked with someone about anything serious before," Goku turned his head back around and looked down, "you know, everything when I look back was all too quick."

He was looked at his hands, "call it what you like, our Saiyan nature or something, but somewhere along the line I changed from what I once was. The aspect of fighting, and through that the ability to grow began to overtake me. It wasn't like that before, but I guess it was meant to be when I found out that I wasn't actually a human raised from here."

He began to shudder, "It's so complicated. I love those close to my heart, but I feel like I'm not loving them the way that I should have been. Especially my wife...well former wife now that I think about it now."

Kefla didn't know what to say, and Goku knew this which is why he stood up and turned to face her.

Wiping a hand across his eyes he stated, "yes, I did love her. Just not in the way you, or even her would expect for someone to properly love someone else."

He continued, "She may have done that horrible thing to me, but now that I've gotten time to reflect, I can understand why. She loved me, genuinely loved me, but she wanted the same in return and when I didn't give any in return she finally had enough."

A streak of silence was known for quite a while between them before Kefla could only say, "I'm sorry."

Goku shook his head and told her it was okay, then telling her that he was going to get ready and that she should follow suit.

He smiled at her, "I don't think we have much time left and if so then I think we should use what is remaining to the fullest."

Kefla at first didn't like how fast he was trying to change the subject but then again it felt like the best thing to do. There was of course, not much time left and it was best they use it in the way they needed to.

"I think it's time for me to raise the bar a bit," Goku thought. Kefla had him on the defensive for the majority of this training session. Not letting up one bit with her relentless assault.

However, this dynamic was going to change real quick.

Looking for the best possible opening, Goku got it when seemingly, Kefla let up with one last KI energy ball that was quite slower than her previous ones. It was so slow, that Goku simple smacked it away with no effort at all.

For a few brief seconds, Goku was able to breath properly to which he welcomed the opportunity.

Still though, his guard was far from down. His awareness only spiked when, as he lowered his arms from their x-locked postilion, he found that Kefla was no longer in his sites.

No problem though, not for a seasoned veteran like Goku. Eyes were one sense that could quickly become your enemy if you only relied on them alone to get you through a fight.

Letting his other senses take over, Goku reacted quickly, maneuvering his body away and reaching out with his hand.

At that moment, Kefla was within his sights and Goku was fast in his reaction to her attempt at an attack, grabbing the leg that was aiming right for his ribs.

Maintaining a tight grip, Goku stopped Kefla right then and there and simple held her upside down.

"Hey!?", Kefla cried out in frustration, "let me go."

She tried to punch him in the face, but to her surprise, Goku caught her fist and shook his head.

"Nice try Kefla," Goku said impressed, "You're getting much better, however you still got a long way to go."

Kefla growled and shouted, "you-"

Using her free hand, Kefla tried hitting him with another energy attack.

Goku surprised again with a few quick moves.

Kefla soon found herself in a world of pain as Goku had her pinned down, twisting the arm he had locked in his hand around her back.

She struggled but could not get out of his grip, "let me go!"

There was a sudden explosion of power and when Kefla could catch a glimpse she was shocked to see that Goku had transformed into Super Saiyan 3.

In a gruff voice he told her, "make me."

More pressure was applied and Kefla screamed out in pain. Her vision was becoming spotty and she was afraid what would happen if he didn't stop.

Kefla struggled tremendously now, but she could not maneuver Goku off her.

"Please," her voice was a whisper and Goku surely did not here it. However, it wasn't for him.

It was all to familiar, this situation and Kefla felt the tears start to roll down her cheeks. It was all coming back again and possibly the worst it has ever been up till now and it was becoming too much for her to handle.

"I'm sorry," Kefla thought as she began to stop her struggle. There was nothing she could do but once again hope that Goku would not end her.

"It's not your fault Kefla."

Those words, they were suddenly creeping into her mind. Through the shadow they were a small speckle of light that only seemed to grow.

"All we can ever hope to do is our best and you did all that you could do and it was more than admirable. I love you, it's time to move on."

Something within Kefla snapped.

"Come on Kefla," Goku thought.

Abruptly, he felt Kefla's form shake uncontrollably and once again she screamed.

However, this wasn't a scream like before, this was one of pure primal.

Not expected the force, Goku was shocked when Kefla removed her arm from his grip and quickly turned to face him.

"Kef-", he never got to finish as he was caught with a surprise kick right under his chin that sent him flying back.

Landing, he skidded across the ground for a couple of seconds before stopping.

Shocked, Goku looked up.

Kefla was back on her feet now, head lowered, and fist clenched.

Goku was speechless as he could see her aurora start to grow and even more surprising was her hair. It was starting to grow.

Enough was enough, this was the thought raging through Kefla's mind as she continued to scream in a mix of pain and rage.

It hurt so bad, but she was done with being thrown to her knees and held there.

It was time for all of that to change.

Throwing her head back she let out one large cry.

Goku put his hands up as the energy coming from Kefla was incredible.

It didn't seem like it would end but eventually it did.

When it did, Goku lowered his hands and when he did his eyes widened at what was before him.


Breathing hard, Kefla lowered herself back to the ground.

It was unbelievable, this feeling, this power.

When she looked up to see Goku, she took note of the great surprise as he stared at her.

That reaction soon became hers when she reached behind her to feel her hair. It felt wired, like suddenly it had grown without her prior knowledge.

The hand she had used began to shake and it was not long before her whole body began to follow suit.

"G-Goku," Kefla looked back up to him.

He rushed over to her and she wrapped her arms around him once he was within contact distance.

"Have I...?", she could not believe it.

One of Goku's hands titled her chin up, and when she saw his face the one word that came out of his mouth made it full for her.

"Yes," with that one word Goku felt Kefla's bury her head into his chest.

No more words were spoken from either as they just held each other close.


He heard a sniffle and looked down to see Kefla looking back up at him, "yes?"

Kefla looked away for a second, Goku saw that she was hesitating to ask but in the end she did.

"What about me?"

Goku was confused, "what?"

Kefla looked away.

Goku was still confused but as Kefla continued to wait for a response, that was when it hit him.

Stunned, Goku backed up a bit, shaking his head while stuttering, "no, it was never like that."

Yeah, he admitted to her that he loved her, but then again he had a previous life with someone else for so long. Even managing a family in the process. Having to deal with that would cause anyone some stress; especially when one's responsibilities were so conflicted as his. And now he had admitted to her just how much it wasn't Kefla just wanted to know the truth. And he was going to give it to her.

"I truly love you Kefla you must believe me," Goku explained to her.

Kefla returned her gaze to him and he continued.

"I didn't really did not know what these feelings where but the more I'm around you the more I understand them."

His hands lowered to her waist and pulled her in close.

"For the first time in my life I know this for certain that I truly love someone and now that I know I promise you that I will do my hardest to give you the all the universes if I could."

Kefla wiped her eyes and smiled, "thank you."

She grasped his face with both hands and pulled him in, "but I don't need anything like that, all I need...all I want...is you."

To her surprise, tears started to come from Goku as he smiled to, "and all I want in my world is you."

He sealed this with a heated, and passionate kiss.

Some time later,

Once the doors to the chamber eventually opened, Goku offered his hand and Kefla took it without hesitation.

Locked together, they exited hand in hand.

Leaving behind the past they had entered with, they exited the chamber with the determination of starting a new begging.

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