Um, hi? This is my first G Gundam chapter story. ^^ I hope it's at least decent, and I hope that u all like it. ^-~ This is definitely not my first fic, just my second G Gundam fic. ^-~ I'm already thinking of doing a partner fic, but I'm not sure yet. I apologize in advance for any misconceptions in the story-line and such. I don't know a lot about the show yet. ^^;;

Pairings are:: Domon/Rain, Sai Saici/Cecil, Chibodee/Shirley(or Bunny, it depends on what I end up writing, lol) George/Marie Louise, Allenby/Hans, (Hans is so cute, don't you agree girls?) and a little Argo/Natasha. They're hard to write cause they never talk. ^^


A Kitten For Rain: Part One:: A Furry Friend

By: Kitten Kisses


Dedication:: To Flitter. I miss you, and I hope that you're having fun flitting through the rainbows in the sky with God.

Part One:: Chapter One


Rain Mikamura walked through the downtown streets of Neo Japan. Domon was visiting Chibodee, who'd come to visit with his girls, and she was off to pick some fruit. Dr. Kasshu owned some nice gardens and orchards, and Rain was determined to take full advantage of them.

Even though Rain and Domon weren't together, Dr. Kasshu had given Rain a place in his home. Domon had never admitted that he loved her- or even liked her- but that was okay, because she was happy to just be around him.

She carried a medium-sized wicker basket to put the fruit in with her, and her gaze shifted to the sun in the sky. It was a bright day, sunny and warm with the warm rays of gold washing away any chill in the air.

She loved fruit. All kinds, and the Neo-Japan colony had the temperature ability to keep almost every kind of fruit tree alive. She dragged a ladder out of the tidy shed at the front of the orchard and set it against a peach tree. She climbed the ladder unsteadily. She didn't really like ladders- they were never very steady.

Reaching the top rung, she picked a few of the sun-ripened fruits and placed them in her basket. They were so warm, she had to retrain herself from eating them herself right then and there.

"You know," a voice called from below. "You can eat them straight off the tree too."

Rain looked down at Dr. Kasshu. "Well, I just didn't feel right doing that," she told him. "Besides, I'd just get all sticky and stuff."

"Well, throw me down one then, cause I can't resist!"

Rain grinned and threw the Dr. down his peach. "I'm done with this tree anyway," she told him.

She climbed back down the ladder and dragged it over to a pear tree. The pear tree was short, and she could reach a few of the yellow-green fruits without a ladder. That desire satisfied, she picked a few apples, and then a few apricots. She draped a cloth over the top of the basket and climbed down the ladder propped against the tree with an apricot in her hand.

Dr. Kasshu grinned at her from the garden bench he sat at. "Why don't you come over here and join me?" he asked. "I knew you couldn't resist at least one fruit."

"Yeah, you're right," Rain admitted, smiling slightly. She had one more tree to get fruit off of-plums- but she was too tired to climb the ladder again without eating something first.

She bit into the fuzzy fruit, juices dribbling down her face, and she licked her fingers and wiped the juice away. The tangy-sweet warm flavor tasted nice. It had been a long time since she'd had an apricot. She'd forgotten how much she liked them.

"Where's Domon?" Dr. Kasshu asked her. "Why isn't he here with you?"

"He's visiting Chibodee. He just came for a visit last night."

"You mean he didn't ask you to go along?"

"No, but that's okay because I'd rather be here anyway."

"Are you sure?" he asked her, turning his head slightly. "It's not right for my son to leave you alone."

"I'm sure. I don't mind really. I can take care of myself." She finished the sentence rather stubbornly, but she was sick of always being thought of as someone who constantly needed worried over and watched. She could take care of herself.

"He should still make sure that you'd be okay, and he should have asked you if you wanted to come along."

"It doesn't matter, really. He's always been like that. He doesn't need to change."

"Alright Rain, I believe you." The doctor stood. "I have to leave now, but make sure to take care of yourself."

"Certainly doctor," she answered.

After the doctor left, she finished her apricot and licked her fingers. There was nothing better than eating fruit in the orchard at mid-morning. She walked over to her ladder and scaled the rungs slowly. At the top, she looked down at the basket. A startled "Huh?" flew from her mouth. Inside the basket, on top of the blanket, was a small kitten curled up in a ball.

"How did you get up here?" Rain asked the kitten gently.

"Mew?" Soft green eyes looked up at her from inside the basket.


End part one, chapter one. ^-~ I know it's short, but I had to introduce the kitten. ^0^ I wanted to end it there, so I did. Lol, this story has 5 parts to it. I don't know how many chapters' will be in each part. Maybe up to 10. It's slightly AU because I know I won't have all my facts straight, but that's ok because I can just slap an AU sticker on it and say that I don't know everything. BTW, is Wong dead at the end of the series?

I'll update as soon as I can decide on a name for the kitten. I'm struggling between two names right now. Lol, see you all next chapter.

::Love, pawprints, and a playful swat::

~Kitten Kisses