Epilogue!! ^.^

Enjoy it minna-san!


What?! Why me?! Hmph.

Hi, my name is Wong, and I'll be your tour guide today. No candy, except for my pocky, and NO, you can't have any.

This sucks. Why can't someone else do this?!

Anyway, I will be your guide to what happened to Rain and Domon after everything ended.

Oh boy.

Don't get excited. It's nothing to squeal over you insignificant brats.

Oh right. I guess I'm just LESS insignificant because I'm dead.

Well, I hate you too.

Anyway, all you have to do is peek into that window RIGHTTT there. No! Get closer!! Like THISSSS!


Now, do ya see em'?

See that cat?

That's KissĂș.

And the dog?

His name is.......Dog. Domon's not good with coming up with original names, you see.

And the two year old?

Her name is Deanna.

Don't Rain and Domon look OLD?!

Okay, well, five years ago, they got married.

KissĂș grew up and had kittens [a year ago]. I don't know [and I don't care] who the daddy kitty was. See those eight furballs running around? That's them. They're about a year old now.

Deanna was born two years ago.

And do you see that infant? He was born four DAYS ago.

Isn't that CUTE?!


His name is Harry.

Just kidding.

His name's Chibodee George Kasshu.

Isn't that......crappy?

He named his son after two of his friends.

Argo feels left out.

Not that I care, of course.

I HATE MY JOB! I mean, I hate this. Every freakin' day, I have to show people this stupid scene. Like anyone cares.

The highlight of my day is lunch break.

It's really cool.

I meet up with Naraku, Shishio, Majin Buu, and ol' Darth Vader to chat and eat bologna sandwiches.

What a waste.

But I still get my pocky.

And if you steal some......

HEY! You took a piece!

Now you will pay. I am as possessive as Naraku about my favorite thing.

Lay off.

HEY! That's another!




I hate my job.

Did I say that yet?

Whatever. HEYYYY! Now I will destroy you!

Oh yeah. I'm dead. Man, being dead really sucks.


OWARI! For real.

Isn't it cool? Wong is neat. Him and his pocky. I WANT POCKY!!! WAHHHH!

Where's MY pocky!?

I've never had it before.

Is it good?

Anyways, I'll see ya'll in another story another time.

I have written a 'In the Bedroom' fic for G Gundam, but I hafta type it up. I wrote it a few months ago. Lol! It will be my LAST G Gundam fic. But I might see you in another anime fic! ^.^ Like Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin! ^___^

Goodbye minna-san!

~~Okashira Misao