Hey guys, now I know that I have other stories I should be concerned on updating but this hit me like a freight train and I had to get it written down. Whether it'll be good or bad is to be determined but I hope you guys like it. I was watching a one piece clip on Youtube of Luffy vs Katakuri and the idea just hit me. The premise should be obvious by the title but incase you didn't catch it Deku will have a devil fruit. I know there's some out there already but I haven't seen one with this fruit. Anyways I hope you guys like it.

A young four year old green haired boy was feeling worse than he ever had in his short life. He and his mother had just returned home from the doctors office where he had been told that he was quirkless. 80% of the world was born with some sort of power or another but the unlucky 20% were born regular humans. Safe to say all men were not created equal. That same day at home his mother had made his favorite foods in an attempt to cheer him up.

The poor boy faked a smile and ate his food in silence. Inko knew her son was heartbroken but didn't want to say anything else. She was barely holding it together as it was, she felt like she failed as a mother. She watched sadly as Izuku thanked her for the food with a forced smile and headed to his room.

Like he had done since he could remember the young boy played a video of the number one hero 'All Might' saving civilians from a burning building with a smile on his face. The sound of his room door opening forced him to turn to see his mom standing at the doorway.

"Look mom. All Might saved everyone with a smile on his face." He told her, his small eyes glazing over with tears. The boy quickly found himself being enveloped in a hug by his mother who kept repeating 'I'm so sorry'. In her embrace he finally let the waterworks flow and cried his little heart out. He cried so long and so hard that he never realized when he fell asleep.

Two days later Izuku was walking hand in hand with his mom to the grocery store. The word had somehow gotten out that he was diagnosed quirkless. Those who knew the family sent him and his mom pitying looks as they knew how the minority was treated this day and age. Seeing those looks directed at them only made the young boy feel even worse. It took them about an hour but they had bought everything to make food for the next few days.

On the way back his mom stopped by a small stand selling a variety of sweets. He watched as his mom tried a free sample of mochi. Her eyes lit up and ordered a couple cakes. She turned to him with a small piece and offered it to him. He shook his head no and the pair continued home.

The next six years of his life were monotonous as he'd found himself in the same cycle. Go to school where he'd be bullied by some of the kids for being quirkless, go home and do his homework, go buy food from the grocery store, and pass by the small stand with his mom.

He would never tell his mom this but the owner of the sweets stand scared him slightly. She was an old lady, very old actually. His ten year old mind didn't know how it was possible for her to still be alive. He never voiced his thoughts though as he knew his mother would reprimand him. That and although she was scary looking she was actually very nice to him. She would always let him have a small donut for free and tell his mom how adorable he was. The first time he'd seen her his eyes had been drawn to three things.

Her longer than average red nose, her white hair that had traces of purple in it, and the diagonal scar that ran from the right side of her forehead to the left side of her mouth. He had expected her to be a mean old witch but she was surprisingly kind.

"Izuku" His mom called him, breaking his thoughts. "We're out of vegetables, we're going to have to run down to the supermarket real quick." She tells him. He nodded and went to his room to put his shoes on. When he made it back to the living room she was checking her purse and motioned for him to exit.

As they walked to the store Izuku was having a strange feeling. Something was coming. He'd get brief flashes of color in his sight. Those colors seemed to be moving left to right before stopping. Something was going to happen. Moments later he was proven right as from the corner in front of them a man in a black mask with blades for hands ran to them.

Izuku felt the wind leave his body as the man kicked him and proceeded to take his mother hostage. The young boy watched as cops and some pro heroes proceeded to surround the man but didn't get any closer as he put a blade to her throat.

"Mom!" He yelled and tried to get up only to feel his body get constricted and pulled away by some branches.

"Sorry kid but it's too dangerous to let you get close." Kamui woods, and up and coming hero, told him. "The man is high on some sort of drug and is completely unstable. We don't wanna risk anything setting him off even more." He explained as the cops had their guns pointed at the man.

"Villain!" One of the cops yelled through a microphone "Leave the woman alone and give yourself up. You're completely surrounded. Don't make things worse on yourself."

The man answered by pressing the blade closer to her throat. "Shut up! If you don't get out of my way I'll kill her you hear me?!" He said in crazy manner. The cops stood still not wanting to risk him following through with the threat but kept their guns pointed at him.

Suddenly everyone noticed as his blades seemed to shrink in size rapidly. "Shit!" He yelled realizing that the drug effect was running out. "If I'm going to be put away I might as well make it worth it!" He yelled before he stabbed Inko in her lower back.

As soon as she released a scream of pain the cops opened fire on the man and Kamui Woods dashed down to subdue the man on the off chance that he survived. Izuku watched as a small pool of blood began growing around the downed form of his mother. His screams were overshadowed by the screams of civilians who caught the whole thing and the sounds of the paramedics arriving on the scene. His throat hurt from yelling but he didn't stop. He was angry, distressed, and sad all at once.

If he was stronger he could've stopped him mom from getting hurt. If he'd had a quirk this could've been avoided. Those were the thoughts that plagued his head as he was being lead to the hospital by Kamui Woods and some police officers.

A week later

Izuku sat in the same chair that he'd been sitting in for the past seven days next to his bedridden mother. The doctors had said it was a miracle but she wouldn't be paralyzed. She'd eventually be able to walk again but there'd be some complications. She'd never be able to run or walk for more than a few hours a day. She'd have a wheelchair assigned to her for when she needed it but she wouldn't be losing feeling in her lower half.

He sniffed trying to stop the tears that wanted to come out.

"Izuku" Her soft voice called out to him. "Honey it's ok. I'm alive." She assured him with a smile.

"But… You got hurt…. because of me." He said in between sniffles. "Because I was born quirkless. The kids at school were right. I am a Deku" He said angrily.

"No you're not." She told him calmly.

"I was useless. You got hurt because I couldn't do anything. I was powerless and you were hurt because of it. I'm weak. I couldn't protect you." He cried.

His mom smiled at him. "Sweetie. You're ten years old. Even if you had a quirk the chances of this happened were high. The man was on some sort of drug from what the cops told me. If you'd tried to stop him you would've died." Seeing that he'd stopped crying she continued.

"Don't blame yourself. Besides the doctors said I'll recover. We'll be able to go home soon." She patted his head softly.

"Can you do me a favor Izuku?" He looked up at her. "I've only had this terrible hospital food for the past week. Can you run down to the sweets stand and get me some mochi?" He nodded and took the money out of her purse before promising to be back quickly. His mother smiled at him and told him she'd be waiting for him.

He made sure to wipe his eyes with his sleeve as he exited the hospital. It only took him a few minutes to reach the stand. Luckily, or unluckily depending on who you asked there was no other customers at the stand.

The only person there was the owner. "Good afternoon ma'am." He greeted. She might scare him but he was still polite.

The old woman looked down at him with a small smile. "Hello young man. Buying sweets for your mom? Mochi?" She asked as she recognized him. He didn't answer verbally but nodded in confirmation.

"Excuse me for a moment and I'll get your order." She told him before walking deeper into the building that the stand was extruding from. A few minutes later the woman came back holding two baskets in her hands. One was filled to the brim with mochi and other sweets, while the other one he didn't see anything in.

"Um.. how much will it be?" He asked hoping he'd grabbed enough money.

"It's on the house. Consider it a get well soon gift to your mom. I heard about what happened the other week. I'm so sorry young one." She gave her condolence. The memory of what happened came back full force and he looked down taking deep breaths not wanting to make a scene in front of the old woman.

"Are you ok?" She asked in a grandmotherly voice. He nodded but still didn't look up.

"You blame yourself don't you?" His head snapped up surprise clear in his eyes. "You believe your mom got hurt because of you don't you?" She continued.

"How did you know?" He asked wiping his nose with his sleeve.

"The look in your eyes when I saw you. You remind me of my late brother." She told him. She pointed at the scar on her face.

"See this? I got this when I was a little girl. A bully got mad that my brother beat him up and in retaliation he cut my face. My older brother blamed himself and thought that it was all his fault." She said with a laugh at the end. She looked up into the sky with a wistful look on her face as she took a trip down memory lane. "From that day on he vowed that he'd never be weak again to be able to protect his family." She finished.

Izuku could see the similarities between the woman's brother and himself from how she described him. Everything he was feeling was exactly as she had said. Just like her brother he too felt responsible for what happened to his mom.

"You're the one I've been looking for." She said looking right at him. His face scrunched up in confusion.

"I'm sorry?" He asked not understanding.

She grabbed the second basket and handed it to him, motioning him to look inside. Doing so he came face to face with a large green fruit with strange swirl like patterns on it. Seeing the young boys confusion grow she spoke again.

"That right there is a devil fruit young man." He frowned. A devil fruit? He'd never heard of such a thing.

"It's a special type of fruit that when consumed gives the eater special abilities. The abilities gained vary depending on the type of fruit you eat. All at the expense of losing the ability to swim."

Izuku held onto every word, completely enthralled by the story. His heart was pounding in his chest as his mind raced with the possibilities. "Where I come from there's thousands of these, but the time of devil fruits has long since passed."

Hearing that last bit of information he stopped his train of thoughts as a new thought entered. "not to be rude but how old are you?" He asked.

The woman stopped and grabbed her chin, closing her eyes in concentration. "I forgot hahahah" She laughed in amusement. Izuku sweat dropped as the old woman composed herself.

"Now where was I? Oh yes. This is my dear brothers devil fruit. The Mochi Mochi no Mi. It granted him the ability to create, control, and transform into mochi. At first it might sound lame or even useless but with this he became one of the strongest men I ever knew. So powerful it was said that his back never touched the floor in battle." She told him with pride. She added the last bit as she knew he liked to lounge around on his back and eat donuts. The thought brought a smile to her face.

Izuku though young could tell by how she spoke how much her brother must have meant to her. That itself brought up another question.

"Why me?"

She didn't miss a beat in answering. "Because you remind me of him. I've been looking for someone like him to pass his fruit to so that his spirit may live on. I can tell I don't have much time left. So Izuku." She said surprising him that she knew his name. Though it shouldn't be that much of a surprise as she knew his mom kinda well. "Will you take the fruit and carry on his legacy?" She asked.

Izuku grabbed the fruit and held it up to eye level. "I'm quirkless. If she's telling the truth and it really can grant me power I can protect my mom. She'll never get hurt again." He thought. "I will." He said with conviction and took it down in one bite.

Only to hold his throat in disgust as it goes down. The old lady meanwhile laughs to herself as she watches him pass the fruit down. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, devil fruits taste horrible." She tells him amused.

He glares lightly at her but wipes his mouth and spits to the side, trying to get the foul taste out of his mouth. He looks down at his body before looking at his arms. He didn't feel any different.

"I'm sure you'll figure out how to use it soon enough. Now shouldn't you be taking those sweets to your mom?" She asks making his eyes widen.

"Oh man you're right." He says panicking as he grabs the basket and heads out, though he stops right before the exit. He put the basket down, turned around and bowed deeply. "Thank you very much ma'am! I promise I'll use the fruit to do good by my family like your brother did. In his memory I promise my back will never touch the ground!" He finished before grabbing the basket and running out.

The old woman watches him run in the direction of the hospital with a determined look on his face. She smiled before beginning to pack everything up and closing up shop. She waved at a few young people who knew her from the area before walking into an alley and pulling out a mirror.

The mirror glowed slightly before removing her reflection and showing a colorful world on the other side. She grabbed a rock before stepping into it. On the other side she looked back and threw the rock at the mirror shattering it. She smiled and laid down on the ground as he breathing became heavier. "Katakuri-nii-san. I finally found someone like you to give the fruit to. I'll tell you all about him soon." She said before the light in her eyes faded.

Next day Midoriya household.

Izuku woke up earlier than usual, a frown on his face. He'd had the strangest dream. He was watching a battle between a man in a straw hat and a giant man with a scarf around the lower half of his face. The strange thing was the abilities the larger man was using were oddly familiar. He stopped as he remembered the previous day with the old woman.

"That was her brother." he said to himself. "He was using the Mochi Mochi no Mi powers." He added. He brought his hand up and remembered how the large man had changed the shape of his arm.

To his amazement his arm turned almost white as it turned into mochi. Then to his horror it began to seemingly melt. He panicked and shook his hand in an attempt to stop it from falling off. "Stop stop stop stop" He screamed in his mind. And just like that the mochi turned back into the familiar form of his arm.

He let out a deep breath and laid back down. He closed his eyes and replayed the parts of the battle he had seen. The man turned his arms into a mace and somehow coated it in a black substance to add power to it. He was able to stretch his arms and mold the size of them as well. Thought the most amazing in his mind was how he was able to somehow create holes in his body to dodge attacks. He wondered if that's the level he'd be able to get to.

"Well I promised the old woman I'd carry on his legacy so I guess it's time to start training. No one will never get hurt because of me again." He said before spending the rest of the day training his new powers.

So that's the first chapter. In case you didn't know who the old woman was it was Brulee. As I said earlier I wanted to use a fruit that hadn't been done before and to my knowledge it hasn't. As for the pairing I'm actually thinking of using Momo in this one. But anyways tell me what you guys think, what you guys would like to see. Leave it in a review or feel free to PM me. Later.