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The day following the UA sports festival was calm at the Midoriya household. While he was definitely glad that he'd won, the level of competition wasn't something that would keep him celebrating long. He and his mom had a nice dinner at home for a job well done containing his favorite food and that was that. The woman definitely wanted to make it a bigger deal but respected his desire to keep it simple.

All celebrations had concluded, on his end at least. If the group text that he'd been added to by the rest of the class was any indication, many were still enjoying the bliss that came with being noticed. Since there was no class today, he had no reason to be out just yet, but those that did found that their names had gotten out there. The most vocal about this had been Mina who was enjoying the attention.

"Good morning sweetie." Midoriya turned his attention away from the inside of the fridge to look at his mom who was patting down the business suit she was wearing. She quickly fixed the lapel and made her way over to him and proceeded to pull him into a tight embrace, bringing him down to her chair's level.

"I'm so proud of you. My baby won the UA sports festival, it's all over tv." She said with tears threatening to escape her.

Despite not feeling as thrilled about it as she did, the green haired student still smiled brightly and hugged her back.

"Would you believe me if I said it wasn't that hard?" He asked.

Inko let him go and carefully wiped her eyes with a napkin, careful not to ruin the small bit of makeup she had on. Tossing it aside, she looked over her son who was already dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark green t-shirt.

"Are you heading out to work already?" Midoriya asked with mild confusion, checking the time on the stove.

"Yeah I'm leaving a little early. I have to fill out some documents for tax and employment purposes. Then I have to fill out a disability form and I should be all set." She replied happily.

It brought him joy to see her so excited about something as menial as a job. He'd known for a while that being home all the time was bad for her. Sure she took time out of the day to clean the house and make sure everything was attended to, but with him at school and the events over the past month, she was surely getting too anxious. He could only imagine what it was like seeing your child fighting on TV or being involved in a villain attack on top of already being partially disabled.

While he was busy with school, she had spent time looking for a part time job, something to keep her occupied. They received enough money monthly to get by well enough thanks to special programs in place for villain attack survivors, but it wasn't enough to live comfortably. Delightfully she had found an office nearby that was in search of someone with a skillset she had studied in.

It was a single story building, he'd checked, and didn't mind her health condition. Plus the payment she would be receiving would make sure she had a bit more money every month.

"Will you be ok by yourself? I should be back sometime around ten." She asked with a bit of worry in her tone.

It seemed like no matter how much he proved that he could take care of himself, she would never worry any less.

"I'll be fine. Will you be alright?" Midoriya replied, emphasizing the word you.

His mother huffed and rolled out of the kitchen. "I can stand just fine, you know?" She shot back. "It's just a couple of hours and I can sit whenever the strain becomes too much. They won't have me carrying any heavy boxes or any of that kind of thing."


Carefully putting her heels on, his mother turned to look at him as he was setting his plate on the dinner table.

"What will you be doing today? Resting, I hope." She added quickly.

Midoriya smiled and shook his head. "No. I'm actually not going to be here all that long. I have plans today…" He trailed off.

The green haired woman's curiosity was instantly piqued. She knew her son and he wasn't the most social boy in the world. Perhaps prior to her incident when he was younger he was more outgoing but over the past few years he had grown more reserved. Things for him had changed drastically after eating what he had called a 'devil fruit'.

Hours spent on the computer watching videos of All Might saving people from a burning building turned into hours of him out training. She had caught him plenty of times in his room, turning his hand into various different weapons with a timer in the other, working on switching out faster. The pride she felt for her boy only increased when she saw him in action.

The way he was able to manipulate something as simple as mochi and use it in an advantageous way demonstrated incredible creativity. In that regard, he was still the same as when he was younger.

"What kind of plans?" Inko asked. She all but expected him to stay home all day, perhaps train a little bit, but going out? That didn't sound like her boy at all. "Please tell me you're not going to do anything dangerous. I don't need to be worried sick at work."

Midoriya sighed. "I'm going to be with…" He paused. How would he describe Momo? They spoke a few times, she created his trident for him without asking for anything in return. Then she opened up to him about how she felt regarding her loss against Tokoyami during the finals. "A friend from school." He finished.

His words caused a bright smile to illuminate his mothers face.

"You're making friends? That's fantastic." She cheered. "Which one is it? Is it the boy who dresses like a grape?" She asked, referring to Mineta. It wasn't a bad guess based on the information she had. He was the only one she had seen him interact with during the festival, so it was the only logical choice she could conclude.

Midoriya took a bite of his food, chewing slowly to gather his thoughts.

"No it isn't Mineta. It's Momo."

Inko blinked owlishly, her mind going over all the names she'd heard while watching TV. It took a second but the image of a young woman with a ponytail flashed through her mind.

"That's a girl." She replied slowly, her mind still trying to process the information.


"I know you know better but I feel as your mother I need to tell you anyway. Whatever you get up to, be safe and don't do anything that will have lasting consequences." She advised.

The green haired man stopped chewing to stare back at his mother who somehow believed that he was meeting up with a girl to do something else. Swallowing quickly, he shook his head no.

"She asked for help with some basic training because of how things turned out for her. Not for whatever you're thinking." He clarified. "It'll be fine."

"It better be. Now, I need to get going. I'll see you later tonight. Love you." She said, making her way out of the door.

Once the front door closed, Midoriya let out a sigh of relief. His mothers words had brought up some rather, inappropriate images of his classmate to appear in his mom. He would be the first to admit Momo was definitely a good looking woman. The way she had smiled at him after he agreed to teach her had him feeling warm inside. Just like the man who'd had the fruit before him, he prided himself on his emotional control.

Still, even though she definitely made him feel strangely happy by smiling at him, that didn't mean he wanted to continuously see her in a lewd manner in his mind. He was better than that.

"Damn, they won't go away." He muttered to himself before taking another bite of his meal. Looks like he would have to meditate for a bit to get himself under control. He had to meet with her later and he'd rather not get flashes of the face he was seeing whenever he looked at her.

An hour and half later after letting his meal digest, he had changed into a black tracksuit he owned consisting of a lightweight jacket and sweats. Grabbing his phone, he sent a quick message to Momo making sure everything was still in order. Before the young man had a chance to put the phone in his pocket, a message came through assuring him everything was good.

Glancing at the clock, he knew he would need to head out now in order to make it to her house on time. Making sure the stove was off and all the light switches were off, he made his way out, locking the door behind him as he did so. The trip back to Momo's house was uneventful with the exception of a handful of people wanting to take a picture with him.

They seemed nervous, probably because of his stoic face but in reality, he was more than willing to meet a few people. Being a hero was something that he'd wanted since he was a child, and the small act of people wanting his picture or autograph in one case, proved he was well on his way.

He arrived at the Yaoyorozu household with a few minutes to spare. Walking up to the front door, he was greeted by one of the many workers who kept up the maintenance of day to day affairs.

"Good afternoon." Midoriya greeted respectfully with a small bow.

"Good afternoon. Yaoyorozu is waiting for you in the training room, if you would follow me." The man replied calmly. Stepping inside, he silently followed along the familiar corridor until they arrived at the training site.

Opening the door, the man ushered him in and made himself scarce. Momo stood across from him, standing on a dark blue mat, bending down as far as she could to touch her toes over her sneakers. Like him, she was also dressed in a tracksuit with the only difference being the color which was a combination of light pink and white.

"Oh, Midoriya you're here." She said with a smile. He looked away as the memories of what his mother had said began to bubble up in his mind.

"Yeah, I hope you're ready." He replied easily. "I was thinking we can begin with basic hand to hand combat and then move on. Against Tokoyami, you lost because he kept you at a distance, but even if you'd gotten close you would still need to be able to control the battle."

She nodded having already come to the same conclusion.

"Do you have any experience when it comes to fighting?" He asked curiously. She didn't seem like a front line fighter but with her background it wouldn't be too surprising if she had some basic training.

"I don't." She denied with a bit of sadness. "Like you told me the day of the festival, I've relied on my quirk too much."

Stretching his left arm across his chest, he shook his head. "That's not a problem, that means we have a starting point. Do you still have those training dummies?" He asked, looking around the area.

"Yes, give me a second. We used to have some laid out all the time but they were destroyed not too long ago by a large trident." She teased. Even he couldn't help but make a face as the memory played in his mind. He had been a bit too excited that he'd managed to get his hands on a trident that he didn't think how easy it would cut through the dummies.

"Sorry about that." He replied with a bit of embarrassment. "I'll get that trident back by the way. Your work won't go to waste. In any case the dummies can be used some other time for distance attacks."

Momo waved it off nonchalantly. "Don't worry about it too much. We can get it back some other time, for now let's start training." She said, bringing a fist up to chest level.

"Very well, we'll start with a spar. Before we start though you have to understand that you will be getting hit. You won't improve if you don't feel any sort of danger." Midoriya explained.

The black haired young woman swallowed the lump in her throat but steeled her resolve. "I'm prepared to get some bruises, when we become heroes we'll no doubt sustain some sort of injuries. Whatever it takes to get stronger."

The green haired hero in training cracked his fingers and stood across from her, his arms firmly set across his chest. "Your task will be to land a clean hit on me, you can use your quirk if you'd like but don't think I'll give you enough time to create something."

"Just one hit? In the face?" Momo questioned.

"Anywhere, so long as it's not a blocked attack." Midoriya replied calmly. "Whenever you're ready we can begin."

Momo turned her body slightly to the right, putting herself in a slightly off orthodox boxing stance. She seemed to have some decent grasp on the style, her hands were up in front of her face but a bit too far apart. Her body was relatively stiff meaning it wouldn't be too difficult to read her attacks as they came.

The young woman closed the distance between them quickly and opened the spar with a left jab that was easily batted aside. Not letting up, she followed it up with a strong straight right hand, only for her opponent to easily weave out of the way.

Midoriya's hands came up and caught the following jab and pulled towards him. Momo's balance was thrown off and she found herself stumbling forward. To his surprise, just as he launched a very underpowered kick towards her stomach, her left leg quickly raised up in time to absorb most of the blow.

Her small victory was short lived however as a fist soon connected itself with her left cheek. The force behind the punch was also dialed back, with nowhere near the amount of power he used against Shinso or Bakugo. Having decided against using any type of future sight, however little he had access to, he was surprised at the movements the woman took.

Her head spun with the punch and her body followed. Using the momentum gathered, Momo extended her right leg to deliver a spinning kick aimed directly at his head. His right arm came up and took the blow. There was decent power behind it but not enough to move him from his spot.

Letting her take a step back, he put his arm back down and wondered what she would do next. Getting back in position, Momo wiped her mouth with the back of her hand to get rid of the small amount of blood that spilled from the small cut she'd received.

"That was a good attack. I didn't expect it but it was too slow and gave me time to react." He explained. Momo nodded at his words and he could see that she was making mental note of them. She was an intelligent woman, he had no doubt that she would retain information quickly, it was mostly her body and technique that they would need to work on.

"Try again." Midoriya ordered firmly. Once again, Momo rushed in throwing a combination of jabs, punches, spinning elbows, and a few roundhouse kicks. She did a good job at switching up her combinations but her movements were still too stiff.

The way she moved was linear, giving him easy reads and allowing him to move well before the attacks were let off. Ignoring her jabs, he made sure to make her pay for every straight right that wasn't thought through. She had a tendency to over stretch, making it easy to pary and retaliate.

Half an hour later, Momo was panting deeply. Her jacket had been discarded leaving her in a black tank top similar to the one Uraraka had used in her battle against Bakugo. Her face was bruised around the cheek area but it wasn't anything too bad. She would definitely feel it tomorrow but by the following day it would likely be healed.

Despite the beating she was taking, her resolve hadn't dwindled at all. Rushing forward, she threw another straight right. Tilting his head to avoid the punch, Midoriya was about to chastise her for the attack only for his eyes to widen as an image flashed through his mind subconsciously.

The moment her wrist was next to his cheek, her skin began to glow and he was forced to duck under a large nail that she had created. He felt it pass through his hair harmlessly but he wasn't out of the woods yet.

In a typical display of brilliance, Momo's left hand had been placed strategically low, knowing he would have to duck the attack. His face was illuminated by the glow of her quirk activating once more, and he saw a large metallic pipe quickly making its way toward his face.

'She's learning' Midoriya thought, pleased with her developments. Up until now she had tried to face him with nothing but her limited technique, but it seemed now she'd studied him enough to implement her quirk. That brought a small smile to his face.

To surprise him even further, the light began to spread across her arm and multiple different metal and wooden objects began to form. Each of them came out of her arm aimed in a separate direction but all facing forward.

She was trapping him in such a way that no matter which way he moved, he would encounter one of her creations. Within seconds, the objects were ejected from her body. Momo smiled triumphantly as they approached him, only for the smile to die down a moment later when his body began to morph.

Multiple different holes sprouted over his body, letting all of her creations pass through him.

"That's not fair." She whined in an almost childish manner.

Midoriya couldn't help but smile at her. "No but you still pass."

"Wait, but I thought I had to hit you in order to pass." She asked, confused.

"You did, and you forced me into a position where I had no choice but to use my quirk. Otherwise you would've definitely hit me. So yes, you pass."

Momo exhaled deeply and allowed herself to fall into a sitting position into the mat below them. Now that the exercise was over, the fatigue finally began to catch up to her, revealing just how out of shape she was.

"Take a moment to catch your breath, next we'll work on your reflexes. For that…I'll need you to create a few rubber balls." He told her.

Her head tilted slightly in confusion, of all the things she thought she'd need to make, rubber balls just seemed out of the ordinary. Midoriya tossed them a few inches into the air and caught them just as quickly. Seeing the dark blue bits of rubber reminded him of his own training with them.

"Alright, the next part of training will be to improve your reflexes and reaction time. You're going to stand in front of that wall over there." He said, pointing at the furthest wall of the training room.

Momo looked confused as to why he would ask that of her but complied nonetheless. Standing with her legs spread reasonably apart, Momo shifted her weight from side to side, her eyes staying glued on her green haired classmate.

Midoriya's body began to melt into mochi, gathering at his feet before spreading around a wide area. The small puddle of mochi began to shift and rise up, taking the form of her classmate. First one, then three more followed, almost perfect copies of him only without color. They looked like figurines before they were painted.

Each one held a rubber ball in their hand and began tossing it into the air like the original.

"All you have to do…is not get hit." Midoriya said with an amused tone present in his voice.

Once all four Midoriya's cocked their arms back, Momo realized what was about to happen. One by one the rubber balls were thrown at her, some flying higher than others. For twenty excruciating minutes, Momo was forced to duck, dodge, and roll out of the way without moving past a certain border.

The sound of rubber colliding with the wall and occasionally flesh rang out for the next forty minutes. In that time, the light sweat she had built up had turned into waterworks. Her top had been darkened and wet drops on the ground from when she had to evade were proof of it.

"Alright, I think we can stop for today." He called out. Momo exhaled and dropped to the ground, uncaring that she laid on the bare floor. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she tried to catch her breath.

"Thank god." Momo muttered to herself.

Midoriya smiled at the sight and helped her up once she felt like there was enough air in her lungs.

"It was a good first day." He said. "I saw what we need to work on, I'll draw up a schedule for you and give it to you the day after tomorrow at school." He finished.

The rich girl nodded but winced as the damage she'd taken during their exercises finally caught up to her. Holding her ribs in discomfort, she tried to stand up as well as she could.

"Thank you for helping me today. When can we do this again?" She asked.

"Whenever we have a chance. You have my number, as long as school doesn't leave too much work we can probably meet during the week." He replied.

"That works for me. Well, I better shower and get some cream on these bruises, should I walk you out?" She asked politely.

He shook his head. "I know the way. Good work today."

Momo preened at the compliment and bowed to him slightly out of gratitude. "Thank you. I won't let you down."

"I hope not because it's only going to get harder from here."


Two days later, Midoriya found himself back at UA. Classes weren't set to start for another ten minutes so some of his classmates had yet to arrive. Those who were here already, however, were chatting excitedly about the outcome of the sports festival.

Like him, most had been recognized and even asked to have their pictures taken on occasion. It really gave them a sense of what pro life would be like, perhaps not to the same degree but it was a small taste nonetheless. He briefly wondered what they would be focusing on now that the festival had concluded.

He didn't have to wonder long as their homeroom teacher walked through the door a few minutes later, now free of the bandages that once covered his entire body. His face still looked as bored and uninterested as ever but there was now something different behind those eyes.

Aizawa glanced at everyone and without needing to say a word, the class settled down.

"Sensei, your bandages are gone. How are you feeling?" Mina asked in her usual chipper tone.

"Better." Came the single word reply. "Anyway, we'll be having a special hero informatics class today." He announced getting straight to business.

The class collectively leaned forward in anticipation of what could be in store for them. After what they'd gone through, it could be anything.

Aizawa opened his mouth and spoke two words. "Code names."

Even Midoriya perked up at that. This was it, they would be choosing the names they would go by for their professional careers. He was sure most of his class had thought about it in the past and were likely to decide or had a few names in mind. He himself had a name ready as well.

After forcing the class to calm their excitement, the man continued.

"This is related to the pro hero draft picks I mentioned the other day. The drafts begin in earnest in the second and third years, after students have gained experience and can become immediate assets to the pro's." He explained. His eyes glanced around the room and seeing he had everyone's attention, continued.

"In other words, for them to extend offers to first years like you shows that they are interested in your future potential. Do keep in mind those offers are often canceled if their interest in you dies before graduation. And here are the totals for those with offers." He said, clicking a button on a remote.

The electronic screen at the front of the classroom came to life and displayed a chart reading 'Class A No. of offers.'

Unsurprisingly, Midoriya's name was first on the list with an extended bar with a number at the end that read 6004. Below him was Todoroki with 4123, then Bakugo with 3556, and Tokoyami with 360. The gap between the three of them was insanely large, and the class took notice.

"In other years, it's been more spread out, but all eyes were on these three this year." Aizawa explained.

"Those pro's don't know a good thing when they see one." Aoyama said dramatically.

Momo turned to Midoriya with surprise clear on her face. "That's incredible. You almost have more than 2000 more offers than Todoroki."

"Thank you. Though I wonder if any of the top ten took an interest." He replied.

"Keeping these results in mind, whether or not anyone asked for you, you will all be participating in an internship with pro's." Aizawa lectured. "You have experience with real villains, but it will still be meaningful to see pro's at work first hand."

"So that's why we're picking hero names." One of his classmates yelled out.

"Well, those hero names are still temporary, but if you're not serious about it…" Aizawa's sentence was cut off by the abrupt opening of the classroom door.

"You'll have hell to pay later!" A feminine voice rang out. All eyes turned to the 18+ only hero Midnight as she swayed into the classroom.

"Because a lot of hero names used by students become recognized by society, and they end up becoming professional hero names." She finished.

Temporary or not, Midoriya already knew the name he would be taking. There was no real reason he could think of for it to get denied, and he would do everything in his power to make sure society knew it. He wanted the people to feel completely at ease when they heard his name. For them to know he was the strongest, and that everything was under control the moment he arrived. There was only one name that would be fitting for that.

"Midnight will be making sure your names are ok." Aizawa muttered as he took out his yellow sleeping bag. "I can't do stuff like that."

Whiteboards were passed out and everyone was instructed to write the name they had chosen. Some began writing right away, eager to present, while others seemed conflicted. Mineta was tapping his head with the marker and muttering to himself. Bakugo up front was furiously scribbling away and others were calmly writing and shortly after erasing.

Midnight watched the students carefully for five minutes with an excited look on her face. Once more than half the class put their markers down, she clapped her hands and moved herself away from the podium.

"Okay. Let's start presenting names, beginning with those who are ready." She called out.

Unsurprisingly, Aoyama was the first to volunteer and took his position behind the podium. Midoriya raised an eyebrow as the boy cleared his throat. He knew Aoyama was an eccentric individual, and for that reason, he couldn't think of what the boy would have chosen as his name. Whatever it was though, it would be something completely out of left field.

"Here I go." The blond muttered. "The shining hero: I can't stop twinkling." He announced.

Midoriya exhaled, he should have expected something like that.

'He chose a sentence as his name' He thought to himself with amusement. Fortunately, Midnight took the board from him and began editing his name to something a little less terrible.

Mina had been the next to present, choosing to name herself after the alien from the movie. That too had been shut down. Luckily, after her, the names became somewhat normal and creative. Uraraka had chosen the name 'Uravity' which was a clever way to relate it to her quirk.

One by one the students went up, proudly calling out their names. It usually started with 'something hero' followed by their actual name. A good idea in his opinion, the last thing you wanted was for the people to give you an epithet.

Todoroki had chosen his given name as his hero name, and Bakugo used his family name. Momo had gone with 'the everything hero: Creati'.

Finally, all eyes turned to him. Taking the whiteboard, he held it in a way that would hide the contents of the board and made his way to the front of the class. He could hear some people trying to guess under their breath what his name would be. They figured it would be something mochi related, and for the first part they would be right.

Standing behind the podium, he grabbed the whiteboard and flipped it over for everyone to see the katakana written down.

"The Mochi Hero: Katakuri"